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Little Giant

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Deena - Black Cat     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 07/02/2015
Brisbane based artist, Deena, releases her sophomore album of indie blues rock in February 2015 after her return from touring Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and USA.
Black Cat is the second single from the album. The song isa cheeky venture into the actions of a Casanova character, 'Black Cat'. He prowls through the city finding his next lady to lure, we learn that through his heartbreak, his mischievous behaviour was only a manifestation of his past.

Five Mile Sniper - Amazing     Rock, Pop, Garage, Pop 07/02/2015
Five Mile Sniper are a five piece from Melbourne, members of the band from previous outfits such as Motor Ace, Ice Cream hands and Prettymess.
The standout new single ‘Amazing’ is about the moving personal experience of fatherhood and the miraculous birth of twins where struggle to find meaning in life is transcended through childbirth. The video shot entirely on location in London is uplifting and inspiring capturing the true essence of the songs theme.

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Sweet Jean - I See Stars     Folk, Rock 04/02/2015
Sweet Jean is Sime Nugent & Alice Keath. Their music ranges from stark and gothic, to hazy and melodic.
A-side single ‘I See Stars’ sets Sime & Alice’s trademark harmonies against loose guitar, languid drums, bent whirling synths and a hazy, 60s-inspired backing choir. It’s a catchy and wistful song about the end of the summer, or maybe just the end of a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Emma Donovan & The PutBacks - Dawn     Funk/Soul, Pop, Australian Indigenous, Soul 22/11/2014
Emma Donovan is a passionate singer, songwriter and collaborative vocal artist whose musical expression is a fusion of roots, reggae and soul.
2015 MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nichol ‘Making Tracks’, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Smooth and jazzy with the light funk style of Roy Ayers, ‘Dawn’ is a brilliant grab bag of the best parts of ‘70s groove.

Forbes - Swim Better     Hip Hop 22/11/2014
Young Gold Coast rapper, Forbes teams up with Mind Over Matter emcee Smiles Again on 'Swim Better'. Forbes has toured with Pez and 360.
‘Swim Better’ is the first single to be released from Forbes’ forthcoming debut album. The track features a stellar verse from renowned Sydney emcee Smiles Again (Mind Over Matter).

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The VANNS - Operator     Rock, Blues, Easy Listening 25/10/2014
Hailing from the NSW town Kiama, The VANNS burst from the shadows of their rusty farm shed two years ago to deliver an infectious mash of blues and indie rock.
The VANNS have honed in on a truly unique sound, playing from their own instincts and creativity to produce ‘Operator’, a seriously fun track about living a reckless youth and doing what you love. It’s about breaking free and not living your life how other people think you should.

Five Mile Sniper - Gone     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Atmospheric 09/10/2014
From the remnants of Motor Ace, Prettymess, Icecream Hands and P76 comes new five-piece Melbourne rock outfit Five Mile Sniper.
Gone was recorded on a 1972 Teac mixing console at Mountain Sound Studio at Hanging Rock on a wintery evening. Built around the beautiful tones of a Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, FMS were able to encapsulate the melancholic sense of loss, including the sound of rain on the studio roof.

Deena - Cupid     Rock, Roots, Blues 01/10/2014
Self-styled and self-taught, independence sets Deena apart from the rest. Deena has dived head first into an indie blues-rock direction. Her sound is bigger, grittier and darker than ever.
‘Cupid’ is about knowing full well the danger of falling for a certain person but giving in to temptation anyway. Her voice beguiles listeners into an almost lullaby until demanding focus when the song breaks into a wail of high notes and grungy guitar. A song with cheek and soul.

Darcy Fox - Options     Pop, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 30/09/2014
Darcy Fox is a delightful country/pop singer-songwriter who has been musically likened to Ed Sheeran, with her acoustic guitar tunes and fast paced lyrics adding flair to her melodic performances.
'Options' is usually the first track Darcy plays live, an upbeat song about choosing someone and putting them first, only to come to the realisation that to them you are merely an option.

Emma Donovan and The PutBacks - Daddy     Funk/Soul, Australian Indigenous, Blues, Soul 27/09/2014
Emma Donovan is a passionate singer, songwriter and collaborative vocal artist whose musical expression is a fusion of roots, reggae and soul.
The songwriting is in turns optimistic, angry, melancholic and on occasions bruisingly honest. The music is fluid, live and raw, recorded in one room on eight channels of analog tape. The electric connection between Emma and the band comes through in every beat.

Tully on Tully - Two Birds     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock, Electronic 04/09/2014
Tully On Tully are Melbourne based five piece delivering raw, honest alt pop. Fronted by Natalie Foster, Tully on Tully are a new distinctive flavour to the pallet of indie-pop.
Tully on Tully have gone back to basics with their new single ‘Two Birds’. With floating synthesisers as a foundation, the simple melodies are complimented by an interesting rhythmic structure calling back to yesteryear.

The Smith Street Band - Surrender     Rock, Punk, Funk, Pop 28/08/2014
They've won hearts around the world with their honest songwriting, passionate live shows and two brilliant albums. 'Throw Me In The River' is their third offering, out October 31st.
“Surrender is a song about not wanting to force your vices or negative aspects of your personality onto someone else. It's about finding hope and meaning in little aspects of existence and day-to-day life, instead of just coasting through and being numb.” - Wil Wagner, singer/songwriter

Cosmo Black - FOMO     Electronic, Dance 26/08/2014
Melbourne producer Cosmo Black brings super smooth indie-pop vibes that makes you want to get up and dance.
‘FOMO’ brings vintage synths, looping recorded percussion and pumping sub bass combined with the soaring falsetto vocals of Nick Du Bois. Think French house polish and melodies - Philipe Zdar and Fred Falke combined with the scrappy catchiness of LCD Soundsystem.

Five Mile Sniper - Can't Go On     Rock, Grunge 13/08/2014
Five Mile Sniper is the newly launched Melbourne outfit featuring members from acclaimed Australian bands Motor Ace, Prettymess, Icecream Hands and P76.
Written from personal experience, the song explores the subject of youth suicide, supported by an unsettling video clip shot in Poland by the brilliantly dark Lukasz Pytlik. All proceeds from the sale of ‘Can't Go On’ will be donated to ReachOut for the prevention of youth suicide and depression.

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The Genes - The Morning Sun     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Pop, Chill 07/08/2014
The Genes blend together seamlessly to create a distinctive and organic sound. All of a sudden The Genes’ effortless sound makes perfect sense.
The beguiling 'Morning Sun' could be the soundtrack to summer beers on your verandah when the north easterlies kick in – ‘I’ll go on, ‘til the morning sun comes out to get me.’ It’s only later that you suddenly realise the song is about a half-dead homeless man.

Pierce Brothers - Tallest Teepee in Town     Folk, Blues, Roots, World 14/06/2014
It's been a whirlwind 12 months for Pierce Brothers. Having played sold out Australian shows, toured England and Scotland, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and releasing EP The Night Tree.
Tallest Teepee in Town is a boy meets girl story that throws back to old sea shanty tunes, with overdriven guitar hooks and a western driven whistle. Tallest Teepee stands out as a happy sog celebrating that time you fell in love travelling, if only for one fleeting second.

Bonjah - Other Side     Rock, Blues, Folk, Roots 06/06/2014
New Zealand-bred Melbourne-based Bonjah returned to the fold early this year with the groove-heavy 'Evolution' then dropped follow-up single 'Black Tone Black Heart'.Honey is the third single to be released.
Explosive live band Bonjah have been active since 2006, when the childhood friends booked a one-way ticket from New Zealand to their adopted home in Melbourne, Australia.

Other tracks by Bonjah:  Honey
Major Tom & The Atoms - Boom Boom Boom     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Garage 15/04/2014
Building on their bedrock of toe-tapping rhythm and blues, Major Tom & The Atoms have constructed a towering and lasting monument to the fallen angels of rock!
A toe-tapping, swaggering rhythm and blues romp which name checks all the respectable late greats: "We've passed the age of Jim Morrison, so we just paint his face. Cobain, Hendrix, Jones, Joplin..."

N'Fa Jones - Confidence     Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Blues 04/04/2014
N’fa Jones, the guy from Oz's ol-school beloved multi genre band, 1200 Techniques, is delivering a full LP of new collaborative music.
N'fa Jones new single is about having the confidence to stick to you guns and believe in yourself, to recognise when people, situations, or ones own self are keeping you in a choker hold that you need to break free from in order to find the opulence within.

Susy Blue - Fell From A Wall     Folk, Rockabilly, Jazz, Pop 04/04/2014
Divinely vintage vocals, honeyed harmonies and charming tales are what make up Susy Blue. Inspired by Susy’s love of 60’s pop, early rock n roll, nouveau-folk and everything in between.
A haunting gospel groove that swirls through a summer storm. 40 kitsch glasses were harmed in the making of this song, with Susy smashing the glasses into a wheelie bin to produce the sample to feature in the track. Recorded with Shane O'Mara (Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers, The Audrey’s).