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Little Giant

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Kingswood - Ohio     Rock, Garage 06/03/2013
Four piece indie rock band out of Melbourne, Kingswood have been gracing the airwaves with recent singles 'She's My Baby', 'Yeah Go Die' and 'Medusa'.
‘Ohio’ is a tale of lost opportunities, a tale of 'the one that got away', a tale of a Mexican intervention and above all, a tale of deep burning love. Delivered with the subtleties of highly electrified guitars, distorting bass and drums of doom.

Kingswood - Medusa     Rock, Garage 05/07/2012
Kingswood are a four-piece slab of classic indie rock from Melbourne consisting of Fergus Linacre (lead vocals), Alex Laska (lead guitar), Jeremy Hunter (bass) and Justin Debrincat (drums).
Kingswood offer 'Medusa' as the follow up single to 'Yeah Go Die', which has been shown huge support with high rotation at triple j and rave reviews.

Kid Radio - The Tower     Electronic, Soul, Dance, Pop 25/06/2015
Melbourne's Kid Radio are musical brothers Dylan Smith and Marcus Ross, who have been writing together for over a decade, drummer Chad Blaster and synth/double bass player Thom Butt.
"I grew up in a religious family, and the Tower of Babel was always that story that stuck with me about man trying to reach God. As it crumbles, we lose the ability to be able to relate to each other, speak the same language." -singer/songwriter Dylan Smith

Other tracks by Kid Radio:  Far East
Josh Rennie-Hynes - Picture Frame     Country, Acoustic, Blues, Roots 30/06/2016
Garnering praise as one of Australia’s finest Singer-Songwriters. He has seen his reputation as a profound performer continue to grow alongside his fan base, fellow peers and the industry.
‘Picture Frame’ is a hauntingly beautiful song with a driving Drum beat, crunchy Electric guitars, weeping Pedal steel and Rennie-Hynes’ distinct vocal at the centre of it all.

Other tracks by Josh Rennie-Hynes:  Rosie
Josh Cashman - Patience     Electronic, Folk, Rock, Pop 13/04/2016
From Country to City, Josh Cashman is making his mark as an artist. Sharing his indie, pop, rock tunes Cashman has played the likes of Queenscliff and Nannup Music Festivals.
‘Patience’ is the first single for 2016 from Josh Cashman, a tale of a change in a relationship, hard honest reflection and a decision to move forward alone.

Josh Cashman - Overflow     Folk, Acoustic 12/08/2017
Undeniably infectious Melbourne indie artist Josh Cashman has offered up a new sweet sounding single ‘Overflow’.
'Overflow' was written about the cause of problems that didn't exist in the first place – Overthinking and the importance of clearing the mind. “I chose to act and feel - rather than think too much about it all.” – Josh Cashman

Josh Cashman - Beauty In Grey     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/06/2017
Undeniably infectious Melbourne indie artist Josh Cashman is back from 3 months of touring the US, returning with a stunning new single ‘Beauty in Grey.
‘Beauty in Grey’ opens up with a beautiful melodic acoustic guitar riff accompanied by striking touches of electric guitar. The humble and heart heartfelt lyrics sung throughout touch on finding the beauty in mistakes.

Josh Cashman - All About You     Folk, Electronic, Roots, Easy Listening 19/09/2015
Josh has cemented his reputation as one of Melbourne's most exciting up and coming artists. Get ready to watch Josh's humble creative journey grow.
We've all been in that relationship where selfishness is portrayed and it becomes “all about YOU, all the time." Josh Cashman swells you through the experience with a captivating vocal movement in his uplifting folk/electronic textural release, 'All About You'.

James Teague - Heaven     Folk, Psychedelic, Jazz, Blues 25/06/2015
James Teague is a Perth-born poet and singer-songwriter who is undeniably unique from other artists in the Australian music scene, existing in a world of his own.
‘Heaven’ is a delicate, acoustic dirge woven with ethereal pedal steel guitar and an enchanting vocal performance. The track’s dynamic range, coupled with Teague’s lyrical prowess distinguishes him from his folky counterparts and presents him as one of Australia’s most intriguing songwriters.

Jamatar - Reflect     Electronic, Pop 04/05/2017
Melbourne based electronic producer Jamatar has earned the title of an electronic enigma, using Gameboys to make dreamy ambient-come-pounding electro beats.
Swooning listeners with Natalie Foster’s angelic voice over dreamy electronic production, ‘Reflect' takes us through wielding ambient-come-pounding electro beats on an uplifting music experience that both celebrates and transcends the classic 8-bit genre.

Jamatar - Interstellar     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 30/09/2016
Electronic, indie musician from Melbourne who makes music with Gameboy's!
The first single off the forthcoming EP 'Journey's', Interstellar soars to dizzying heights like a rocket ship. Created using Gameboy's, this track is sure to have you dancing with a huge smile on your face.

Jakarta Criers - All Been Done     Rock, Britpop, Easy Listening 17/10/2015
Jakarta Criers bring captivating melodies, combined with front man James Walker’s vocals, mould together to deliver hard-hitting, time-honoured rock, rife with contemporary hooks and charismatic arrangements.
‘All Been Done’ is a clear anthem and oozes that quintessential summer feel. The lyrics are frank, honest and relatable with an energy that is undoubtedly catchy. With an air of new beginnings it's an evident step forward, the sound is streamlined and a potent mix of each member’s contribution.

Jack on Fire - Easy Money     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 23/08/2013
Melbourne's Jack on Fire are alt country filled with rambunctious rich, deep and heavy guitar topped with abrasive vocals.
The bands latest single 'Easy Money' is a seething and ominous offering that follows a constant steam-of-consciousness haze through veiny guitar lines, abrasive vocals and scorched bass lines.
'Easy Money' will be released as 7", with b-side 'Suzanne,' on Saturday the 21st of September at The Old Bar.

Infinity Broke - Famine of Words     Rock 07/05/2015
The group formed in 2012, morphing from frontman (and ex Bluebottle Kiss leader) Jamie Hutchings’ intimate solo work into a noisier and altogether more experimental beast.
Despite it’s ragged, punch drunk entry; it’s about being struck dumb and finding oneself miles from where you intended.

The track is given a welcome shower of honey midway point via the vocal contributions of a six piece troupe of young Bathurst based female singers. Then it erupts again.

Other tracks by Infinity Broke:  Only the Desert Grows
Hayden Calnin - For My Help     Folk, Experimental, Electronic, Acoustic 29/06/2012
Hayden Calnin is 22 year old self produced singer songwriter, with music described as progressive folk, comparable to Bon Iver and James Blake.
‘For My Help’ is a carefully woven tapestry of experimental indie/folk partnered with raw and introspective emotion set for release on debut EP City available July 20th.

Hailer - Postcard     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 23/04/2013
For this Australian indie band, stalwarts of the Sydney scene and yet somehow still outsiders, it’s been a twisted unpredictable path from their 2010 debut album to this new record.
Raw and powerful 'Postcard' is the second single taken from Hailer's second album Another Way. A rock / pop track that kicks in from the very opening bar and makes it perfect for radio.

Other tracks by Hailer:  Spooky Clams
Grizzly Jim Lawrie - Midnight Run     Rock, Pop, Roots, Acoustic 05/07/2013
Melbourne six piece Grizzly Jim Lawrie is fronted by former Eagle and the Worm drummer come-singer-songwriter, Jim Lawrie.
Explore Grizzly Jim Lawrie's folklore whimsy on new single 'Midnight Run'. An ambling chilled pop folk track.

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Grand Atlantic - Fresh Ideas In Home Security     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 17/08/2011
Brisbane's Grand Atlantic recorded their latest album 'Constellations' over the space of twelve days in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand.
'Fresh Ideas In Home Security' is the first single taken from album 'Constellations'. Grunge rock track laden with heavy guitars the single lends to the band's UK melodic rock influences.

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Georgia Fields - We're Foolish Things     Pop, Folk, Chill 21/07/2016
Melbourne’s high priestess of disco-pagan pop, Georgia Fields, is being named one of Melbourne’s brightest emerging artists. Fields is set to release her second album this August.
‘We’re Foolish Things’ is a playful ode to the kind of volatile love that sees lovers fighting one moment and making out the next. Filled with retro-futuristic synth-pop gem lifted from Georgia Fields’ latest album Astral Debris, the track buzzes with vintage synths, glam-rock guitar, and an infectious sing-along chorus.

Other tracks by Georgia Fields:  Open Orange (feat. Phia)  -  The Hood and The Hunter
Forbes - Swim Better     Hip Hop 22/11/2014
Young Gold Coast rapper, Forbes teams up with Mind Over Matter emcee Smiles Again on 'Swim Better'. Forbes has toured with Pez and 360.
‘Swim Better’ is the first single to be released from Forbes’ forthcoming debut album. The track features a stellar verse from renowned Sydney emcee Smiles Again (Mind Over Matter).

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