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Little Giant

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This Way North - Head Above Water     Rock, Folk, Pop, Roots 09/02/2017
Hailing from Melbourne, guitar and drums two-piece This Way North are Leisha Jungalwalla (Jungal) and Cat Leahy (Sal Kimber & the Rollin' Wheel, Miss Quincy, Lisa Miller).
'Head Above Water' is about society’s quest to try and live in the present within the constant crazy pace of the modern day world. The two’s vocals blend beautifully through the hypnotic lyrics and from this, evokes long summer days spent by the water having a break from the world.

My Echo - Meet You There     Rock, Punk, Pop 19/01/2017
Melbourne culturally classic rock-punk band My Echo are back with another fast, loud and catchy tune that both you and your dad will dig.
‘Meet You There’ is about making amends with your significant other after a weekend of disappointment. It is about contradicting yourself by promising to change even when you know you're not ready too.

The Underground Lovers - Unbearable     Pop, Psychedelic, Folk 19/11/2016
Formed in 1989, Melbourne's Underground Lovers have pushed sonic boundaries turning them into cult favourites. The Undies continue to release music that is as vital today as two decades ago.
'Unbearable' is a melancholic song with an unbearable melody. The song is an earworm about the unbearable dilemma of being alive in this time in history. A time of great potential, beauty and horror. “We just like buying, we just like time on the phone, we just like feeling”

Woodlock - Something Broke That Day     Folk, Pop 08/11/2016
Kiwi brothers Zech and Eze Walters on guitar and vocals, and their mate Bowen Purcell on percussion form Woodlock, an alternative folk pop trio based out of Melbourne.
On a recent trip to perform in China, Eze was inspired by a comic book he was reading that involved a love triangle and subsequent murder. Co-written, produced and mixed again by Lindsey Jackson, the single is a massive leap away from their usual uplifting songs.

The Smith Street Band - Death To The Lads     Rock, Pop 04/11/2016
The Smith Street Band might be Australia's hardest working live bands, playing to sell out shows home and overseas. The critically acclaimed band are back with a another killer single.
Penned on the road whilst driving through America, 'Death To The Lads' has crept into their live set and become an instant fan favourite with its call-to-arms chorus. “It’s mainly about growing up and changing,” they say of the song’s themes, “admitting we make mistakes and trying to improve ourselves.”


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Guitarist of the Year (National Awards) Lee Hartney

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Nighthawk - Surely Gettin On     Rock, Pop 21/10/2016
Patrick Robertson and Damian Costin were the founding members of successful 2000s rock band Motor Ace, and now they're back with Nighthawk. Joining them is Flynn Wheeler and Rhys Thompson.
The first single from Nighthawk’s upcoming album is 'Surely Gettin On'. It's a good indication of what’s to come. The Nighthawk sound is a little nostalgic, the guitars are back and the songs are epic rock anthems.

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Jamatar - Interstellar     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 30/09/2016
Electronic, indie musician from Melbourne who makes music with Gameboy's!
The first single off the forthcoming EP 'Journey's', Interstellar soars to dizzying heights like a rocket ship. Created using Gameboy's, this track is sure to have you dancing with a huge smile on your face.

The Barebones - I Feel Fine     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 30/09/2016
The Barebones are an alternative rock band with strong roots in melodic pop rock. They can shift between stripped-back folk to alt-country to rock n roll.
The album’s first single ‘I Feel Fine’ mixes the swagger of the Stones with a twin guitar onslaught reminiscent of the Young brothers, a triumphant rock n roll anthem about casting off self-doubt.

Screamfeeder - Karen Trust Me     Rock, Pop, Grunge 23/09/2016
A 90s 3-piece noisy pop/indie rock band from Brisbane. Lovers of loud and beautiful music since the day they were each conceived. Old school? Shit yeah, and proud of it.
New single Karen Trust Me, a song about that kid at school who got out of trouble by pretending to pass out, and all the girls thought he was kinda weird and cool. The band’s 1996 classic Static can be heard in the melodies of this killer new song.

Dub FX - Fake Paradise     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Rap 26/08/2016
From street performer to worldwide phenomenon, Melbourne's Dub FX explores social, political & spiritual subjects leaving you feeling positive and inspired. Live instrumentation and beat boxing equals a unique sound.
The second track from Dub FX's third album Thinking Clear, Fake Paradise lives up to his reputation for cutting social commentary, suggesting that you should listen to your soul and ignore what society dictates or run the risk of falling slave to what he calls the zombie nation.

Leah Flanagan - Old Fashioned     Pop, Easy Listening, Folk 12/08/2016
A songwriter with Venetian, Aboriginal and Irish heritage, Leah draws deep from a fascinating historical, geographical and cultural mix. Her incredible journey as an artist is woven with star-studded collaborations.
The gently devastating Old Fashioned hits at the heart of "the same old mistakes that push us to the break". Old patterns we play out with our loved ones. Vocals were recorded on a rainy day in Sydney with Benny Walker who sings effortlessly along in unison with Leah’s melodies.

Tom Lee-Richards - Madness     Folk, Pop, Roots 10/08/2016
Originally from NZ, now based in Melbourne, Tom Lee-Richards' talent is undeniable. His songs nuanced, nostalgic and uplifting. Tom combines stunning falsetto with sharp beatboxing and an elegant guitar technique.
New single by Tom Lee-Richards is raw and strikingly honest. Themes of beauty and introspection, ‘Madness’ is enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

Featuring fellow New Zealander Monique Shelford’s playful vocal weaving, ‘Madness’ is about the tension of ownership and blame when it comes to relationships.

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Georgia Fields - We're Foolish Things     Pop, Folk, Chill 21/07/2016
Melbourne’s high priestess of disco-pagan pop, Georgia Fields, is being named one of Melbourne’s brightest emerging artists. Fields is set to release her second album this August.
‘We’re Foolish Things’ is a playful ode to the kind of volatile love that sees lovers fighting one moment and making out the next. Filled with retro-futuristic synth-pop gem lifted from Georgia Fields’ latest album Astral Debris, the track buzzes with vintage synths, glam-rock guitar, and an infectious sing-along chorus.

Other tracks by Georgia Fields:  Open Orange (feat. Phia)  -  The Hood and The Hunter
Sweet Jean - Main Street     Pop, Folk, Rock 30/06/2016
Sweet Jean’s live up to their reputation for evocative songwriting and razor-sharp harmonies, balancing deft lyricism and poetic references with crisp pop gems and candid observations.
'Main Street' draws loosely on 80s new wave and William Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'. It's about growing up and realising how fallible our beliefs, memories, and aspirations are in a post-Santa reality, and where to look for that wonder.

Other tracks by Sweet Jean:  Everything Changes
Josh Rennie-Hynes - Picture Frame     Country, Acoustic, Blues, Roots 30/06/2016
Garnering praise as one of Australia’s finest Singer-Songwriters. He has seen his reputation as a profound performer continue to grow alongside his fan base, fellow peers and the industry.
‘Picture Frame’ is a hauntingly beautiful song with a driving Drum beat, crunchy Electric guitars, weeping Pedal steel and Rennie-Hynes’ distinct vocal at the centre of it all.

Other tracks by Josh Rennie-Hynes:  Rosie
The Bennies - Burnout City     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Ska 30/06/2016
With a ruthless touring schedule locally and abroad, psychedelic reggae-ska rock band, The Bennies are selling out shows and sparking conversation across the country following the release of Wisdom Machine
‘Burnout City’ speaks of the band's love for their ruthless touring schedule, filled with upbeat reggae rhythms that will get you dancing and an ending that will have you singing until morning.

Other tracks by The Bennies:  Detroit Rock Ciggies
Liz Stringer - Protecting Myself     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 24/06/2016
Liz Stringer has proven her strength as a songwriter and storyteller with her trademark emotive folk/rock. Liz String’s new album All The Bridges is set for release this July.
Recorded with two different electric rhythm tracks, double solos, and a Nashville acoustic ‘Protecting Myself’ speaks to the hypocrisy of the wealthy, destroying communities and the environment for personal gain while defending their greed.

Dub FX - So Are You     Reggae/Dub, Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dub 18/06/2016
Melbourne born Dub FX lived in a van for 6 years performing on street corners worldwide to build an underground fan base rivalling some of the most successful artists today.
'So Are You' is the first taste of the new album, through which he explored new territory’s of the songwriting process, and with jungle grooves, touches on the social impacts of technology in the digital age.

My Echo - Old and Grey     Rock, Punk, Pop 16/06/2016
My Echo are a hard working and culturally classic rock-punk band from Melbourne, who have been cramming sweaty rooms around the country since their formation in 2011
‘Old and Grey’ is the first taste of My Echo’s debut album, which is comprised of 14 brutally honest, ballsy and dynamic punk rock songs. ‘Old and Grey’ speaks of old friendships, nostalgia, hardships and resilience.

Leah Flanagan - Chills     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Country 07/06/2016
Australian songwriter, singer and sometime saltwater ukulele whisperer Leah Flanagan returns with new album Saudades, an audible release of emotion, tinged with regret and a melancholy kind of pleasure.
Chills’ sets the scene as Leah's beautifully wry voice contemplates the heartache of being close to someone emotionally distant, feeling the wrongness and loving them anyway.


MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio, Sydney (NSW)