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Little Giant

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Endless Heights - Goldleaf     Rock, Punk 13/04/2018
Sydney five piece, Endless Heights have found pure catharsis within their recently released sophomore album Vicious Pleasure.
‘Goldleaf’ is about facing your own demons and not giving in to immediate satisfaction, instead seeking long-term peace or wisdom. The album ‘Vicious Pleasure’ “delves into these themes across a range of different relationships” says Endless Heights Joel Martorana “with myself, my father, with love, lust and my own spirituality.”

Dream on Dreamer - Let It In     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 16/03/2018
Formed in 2009, ARIA award-nominated act Dream on Dreamer have overcome their tribulations and are now ready conquer the heavy music scene with their fourth album 'It Comes and Goes'
‘Let It In’ details guitarist/vocalist Zach Britt’s struggle with a toxic relationship. What he explains felt like a near-death experience, it pushed him to work closer towards his aspirations and rebuild the friendships he’d lost along the way, and reminded him he won’t fall victim to something like that again.

Press Club - Suburbia     Rock, Garage, Punk 24/02/2018
Press Club’s freshman year was by no means small. Racking up 60 notches in their belt in their first 11 months. Now ’18 is guaranteed to be bigger than ’17.
‘Suburbia’ was recorded live in one day during the “Late Teens” sessions at The Aviary Studios in Melbourne. As with all of their work it was completely self-produced by the band and engineered by the band’s guitarist Greg Rietwyk.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Shaun Kirk - Howlin at the Moon     Blues/Roots, Soul 22/02/2018
Independent blues/soul troubadour Shaun Kirk is back with a new single ‘Howlin at the Moon’
Kirk’s new single ‘Howlin at the Moon’ is hook heavy and full of groove; showcasing his impressive vocal range and vintage guitar tones that echo influences both classic and contemporary. Inspired by a vicious cycle, ‘Howlin at the Moon’ is the first taste what’s to come from Kirk’s forthcoming release.

Endless Heights - Paralyse     Rock, Acoustic, Punk 15/02/2018
Sydney's Endless Heights have found pure catharsis within their soon to be released sophomore album Vicious Pleasure
Paralyse is about being lost in the familiarity of someone's touch, and how that can be such a rush and addiction even in the center of a manipulative relationship” says vocalist Joel Martorana “I know its an important one to sing, and also to share with people.”

Drunk Mums - Hot Flush     Rock, Punk, Garage 07/12/2017
Drunk Mums can only be described as raw, unforgiving and free of pretension, with a garage punk rock sound and downright crazy live shows to match.
Drunk Mum’s return true to form with two and a half minutes of carnage in their new track titled ‘Hot Flush’. The track boasts heavy distortion, frenzied riffs yet an oddly hummable chorus in what is becoming the signature Drunk Mum’s sound.

This Way North - Make It Work     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 09/11/2017
This Way North's soul driven vocals, groove based power drumming and crunchy guitar has earned them a famed reputation of being one of Melbourne's finest exports.
This Way North's 'Make It Work' embraces the duo's trademark lo-fi drumming alongside sharp guitar hooks that make for a tantalizing listener experience. The single explores the sweat, tears and hard work that goes into making a passion project while celebrating the optimism that comes with being an independent artist.

Press Club - My Body’s Changing     Rock, Punk, Garage 04/11/2017
Melbourne’s Frenetic and Raw Brunswick natives Press Club are the musical embodiment of the attitude of a generation experiencing impermanence in every way.
Self produced, recorded live and engineered by guitarist, Greg Rietwyk, ‘My Body’s Changing’ was put to tape during the same sweltering sessions Press Clubs’s debut 'Headwreck'. The song features guest vocals from The Sinking Teeth's Nick Manuell.\u2028\u2028

Bec Sandridge - I’ll Never Want A BF     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Gay Alligned 05/10/2017
A nomadic pop/punk logomaniac, Bec Sandridge has a guitar swagger reminiscent of Prince, and the delivery of new wave icons like David Byrne.
The song title says it all. I’ll never want a BF. "Without a doubt this is the most autobiographical song I’ve ever written." Written after Bec's mum gave her number to boy she knew, knowing Bec had a girlfriend. "It was pretty delegitimizing...Sorry Mum (I love you)” Sandridge says

Food Court - Alright Alone     Rock, Punk, Garage 16/09/2017
Sydney based garage punk-rock band Food Court have dropped another punchy single from their long awaited forthcoming album, Good Luck, set for release on the 22nd of September
‘Alright Alone’ was written Food Courts Christians Campano after watching his friends trying to move on from failed relationships “Getting out unscathed isn't easy.” The track is straight up catchy early 80's punk - fast from start to finish.

Davey Lane - My Apple Lady Cried     Pop, Psychedelic 12/08/2017
Davey Lane new album ‘Im Gonna Burn Out Bright’ reveals a bolder step toward an psych/prog/cosmo-pop sound and is testament to the pop songwriting smarts he’s honed over years.
Contorting shifting sands and seeing apple ladies in the morning dew. Don’t you? ‘My Apple Lady Cried’ is a song that harkened back to all the sounds of Lanes early childhood.

Food Court - I've Been Wrong     Rock, Garage 12/08/2017
Australia's finest exponents of garage rock, FOOD COURT are gearing up to release they debut long-player 'Good Luck'.
‘Ive Been Wrong’ continues with the albums lyrical theme of mistakes, loss and learning. A softer rock number than others heard on the album, ‘Ive Been Wrong’ speaks to accounting for the feelings of others and demonstrates that Food Court can admit it when they’ve ‘been wrong… for too long’.

Josh Cashman - Overflow     Folk, Acoustic 12/08/2017
Undeniably infectious Melbourne indie artist Josh Cashman has offered up a new sweet sounding single ‘Overflow’.
'Overflow' was written about the cause of problems that didn't exist in the first place – Overthinking and the importance of clearing the mind. “I chose to act and feel - rather than think too much about it all.” – Josh Cashman

The Tommyhawks - Summertime     Pop, Rock, Punk, Easy Listening 02/08/2017
Fierce femme-fatale foursome, The Tommyhawks forthcoming EP This Is Not A Desert Island, explodes with quirky, indi-punkin songs. Addressing deep lyrical themes and showing their capacity for a thrilling performance.
The sunny catchy chorus of ‘Summertime’ is surrounded by a deeper lyrical theme addressing the journey from the dark place of depression to the comfort of finding peace within.

Davey Lane - Taurus All Apart     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 19/07/2017
Dave Lane is on a new musical path with solo album I’m Gonna Burn Out Bright, revealing a bold move towards psychedelic cosmo-pop-songwriting, symbolic of his years of experience.
In Davey’s words 'Taurus all Apart' is “a well-worn tale of paranoia, misunderstanding and imaginary subterfuge - and the fallout that comes with it.” Inspired by the dark but framed into the uplifting, sunny euphoric sound which can be heard throughout the album.

Other tracks by Davey Lane:  I'll Forget Yr Name
Drunk Mums - Ode To Death     Rock, Punk, Garage 23/06/2017
Melbourne rock outfit Drunk Mums return with a new single ‘Ode To Death’ The first single of their forthcoming EP Denim.
True to their punk garage sound, this 3-minute banger boasts powerful distorted guitar riffs and an infectious sing-a-long chorus. Following the release of ‘Ode To Death’ Drunk Mums will roll out a small Australian tour with some of their favourite bands in support.

Josh Cashman - Beauty In Grey     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/06/2017
Undeniably infectious Melbourne indie artist Josh Cashman is back from 3 months of touring the US, returning with a stunning new single ‘Beauty in Grey.
‘Beauty in Grey’ opens up with a beautiful melodic acoustic guitar riff accompanied by striking touches of electric guitar. The humble and heart heartfelt lyrics sung throughout touch on finding the beauty in mistakes.

Food Court - Not My Way     Rock, Garage, Punk 10/06/2017
Sydney based garage punk-rock band Food Court are back and touring with a smashing brand new single ‘Not My Way’ from their highly anticipated forthcoming album.
'Not My Way' is a glorious 2 and a half- minute slice of a rock rack showcasing all their inner-city attitude and sharp guitars. The track jumps into strong guitar riffs accompanied by head banging percussion and catchy lyrics to belt out to making it the perfect garage-fuzz anthem.

Press Club - Headwreck     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 09/05/2017
Fronted by the commanding Natalie Foster, Press Club, is a four piece punk band out of Melbourne.
Self produced, ‘Headwreck’ was recorded on a sweltering 40-degree day, the band dripping wet in the studio. It’s about a place we’ve all been. In a relationship with someone that doesn’t treat you right, doesn’t respect you. It’s a call to arms to respect yourself, to demand more.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio (NSW)

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Jamatar - Reflect     Electronic, Pop 04/05/2017
Melbourne based electronic producer Jamatar has earned the title of an electronic enigma, using Gameboys to make dreamy ambient-come-pounding electro beats.
Swooning listeners with Natalie Foster’s angelic voice over dreamy electronic production, ‘Reflect' takes us through wielding ambient-come-pounding electro beats on an uplifting music experience that both celebrates and transcends the classic 8-bit genre.