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Dave Graney - Night Of The Wolverine 4     Rock, Retro 06/04/2011
Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist live and work out of Melbourne and played with the Moodists from 78 - 86, and the White Buffaloes/Coral Snakes 87 - 97.
Taken from Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide is a collection of electric rock ‘n’ roll re-recordings of a dozen Graney classics.

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Other tracks by Dave Graney:  Pianola Roll  -  I'm Gonna Release Your Soul
Mark Seymour - Castlemaine     Rock 02/05/2011
Mark Seymour has a new album, Undertow. Eleven songs from a four-piece-matter-of-fact-guitar band playing what has been described as the Australian coastal sound. Touring in May/June 2011.
Dreaming of Gurus, false gods, cults and peddlers of fear. Some people will say anything to win friends. The search for comfort, happiness and escape.

Other tracks by Mark Seymour:  Little Bridges  -  Cry In The Rain
Kate Alexa - X Rated     Pop, Rock 05/05/2011
Kate Alexa has been a singer/songwriter for as long as she can remember, and with four top 30 singles, she continues to prove she's a force to be reckoned with.
With ‘X Rated’ Alexa takes a sassy approach to songwriting with lyrics that are sure to get you hot and bothered and wanting more! The track was co-written with Alexa, Tom Nichols and Steve Young, and the result is a playful song that will stick in your head for days.

Liam Finn - Cold Feet     Rock, Folk 05/05/2011
Liam Finn is back with FOMO, the follow up to acclaimed, I’ll Be Lightning. Liam returns to Australia in July for Splendour In The Grass and hopefully some sideshows too!
Liam Finn is back with Cold Feet, taken from his highly anticipated forthcoming album, FOMO out June 17. Cold Feet is not only the most assured and concise pop moment of the new album, but a prelude to what can only be described as his most accomplished work to date.

Other tracks by Liam Finn:  Jump Your Bones
The Dead Leaves - If The Shoe Fits     Rock, Pop, Country 06/07/2011
The Dead Leaves are a four-piece from Melbourne, their music has been described as a raw and passionate collision of the dark brooding sonics of Joy Division and Grizzly Bear.
This is a slow burning track that creeps up on the listener until it's melodious climax. Lead vocalist Matt Joe Gow's deep baritone is reminiscent of The National's front-man, Matt Berninger. The genre-bending track infuses elements of rock, country and pop and is an absolute beauty.

Kasey Chambers - Luka     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 17/08/2011
One of Australia’s most beloved singer-songwriters, Kasey Chambers may have won countless awards but she seems so down to earth most Australians feel like they know her.
Suzanne Vega’s ‘Luka’ is the first single from ‘Storybook’ and has been a personal favourite of Kasey’s since she first heard it on release in 1987.

This is a pop classic reworked to Kasey's own alt-country styling. It's a soft-sounding beautiful song with a hard-hitting theme.

Other tracks by Kasey Chambers:  I'm so Lonesome I could cry (with Paul Kelly)  -  Happy Woman Blues (Lucinda Williams)
The Dead Leaves - In My Surrender     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop 07/11/2011
Cities On The Sea was crafted within the walls of BJB Studios in Sydney after intense writing sessions in The Dead Leaves' hometown of Melbourne.
In My Surrender has been lifted from the forthcoming album, Cities On The Sea, which has been produced by Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Birds of Tokyo, The Panics) and Eric J Dubowsky (Art vs Science, Weezer).

In My Surrender has been the crowds’ favourite at their recent shows.

The Dead Leaves - Changing     Rock, Alternative Country 05/12/2011
The Dead Leaves have been impressing audiences across the East Coast recently touring in support of their single If The Shoe Fits. They’re ready to do it again with 'Changing'.
Changing featuring Brisbane 's Emma Louise, has been lifted from the forthcoming album, Cities On The Sea, which has been produced by Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Birds of Tokyo, The Panics) and Eric J Dubowsky (Art vs Science, Weezer).

Any Questions For Ben? movie soundtrack - Long Time Coming - Ryan Meeking     Pop, Rock 09/02/2012
Any Questions For Ben? is the latest movie from Working Dog. Music has always played an integral part of Working Dog movies and Any Questions For Ben? is no exception.
Taken from the 2CD movie soundtrack - Any Questions For Ben?

Other tracks by Any Questions For Ben? movie soundtrack:  Baby, I'm Getting Better - Gyroscope  -  Always A Winner - Pete Murray
Mick Thomas - Gallipoli Rosemary     Folk, Country 17/04/2012
Boasting an ear for warmly-weathered folk and a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to clichés, Mick Thomas' potent reflections have revealed quiet revelations for decades.
A Rosemary bush called the Gallipoli Rosemary came back from Gallipoli with a friend's great-grandfather. The last thing he did when he left the battlefield was rip it from the ground. It’s about what connects you to the past and generations of cuttings and of men.

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Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  My Mother's Guitar  -  Goodbye Slowly
World's End Press - Second Day Uptown     Pop, Dance 01/05/2012
Lead by John Parkinson on vocals, powered by the elastic funk of Sashi Dharann on bass, the beats of Tom Gould on drums, the kaleidoscopic sounds of Rhys Richards’ keys.
In the words of singer/ guitarist John Parkinson, Second Day Uptown is about ‘living in the city, assimilating and forgetting who you used to be’.

Diesel - Highway Mind     Rock, Blues 04/06/2012
Diesel is an Australian musician who’s been on the scene since the mid 80s. Diesel has previously worked with Jimmy Barnes and recently supported Rod Stewart on his Australian tour.
Diesel has written and recorded the lead song (“Highway Mind” ) and score music to “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms” which is a six-part Australian drama miniseries on Network Ten.

Dead Can Dance - Amnesia     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience, Soundscapes 31/07/2012
Dead Can Dance is back with their first album in 16 years 'Anastasis', an astonishing regeneration of the legendary beauty and spellbinding nature of the duo’s unique sound and vision.
Like a pulsing heartbeat through a quiet morgue, the first notes of 'Amnesia' signal the resurrection of a band that has risen to dance again. The single is about “how the victors always write history, and if we retain the real truth, we won’t keep repeating the same mistakes”.

Husky Gawenda, Emma Louise and the Rockwiz Orchestra - The Sound of Silence     Pop, Live Performance, Folk, Cover Version 06/08/2012
Husky Gawenda and Emma Louise come together for the first time with the RocKwiz orchestra, to create a stirring rendition of the classic Simon and Garfunkel tune.
On July 14 this year, Husky Gawenda and Emma Louise – two of Australia’s premiere singer-songwriter’s – came together for just over three-and-a-half blissful minutes to recreate Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’, on SBS’ RocKwiz. The result is truly exquisite.

Troy Cassar-Daley - Home     Country, Australian Indigenous 13/08/2012
Troy Cassar-Daley is at the top of the Australian Country Music scene with a reputation amongst his peers as being the most loved and respected singer/songwriters in country music.
This song has a special place with me. When I started writing this track I was about to go back to Grafton with my kids for a family catch up so I wrote this song to prepare me for it.

Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Live & Learn  -  Country Is
The Angels - Waiting For The Sun     Rock 13/08/2012
This is The Angels 2012. Brewster ~ Gleeson ~ Brewster ~ Bailey ~ Norton. New singer, new drummer, new songs, but undeniably The Angels
John Brewster: “Dave came in, we talked about the song, he went in & recorded a couple of takes. When we listened back to how we all sounded together, it was a magic moment. Dave owned the song in three takes. Right then, we knew this was going to work.”

Archie Roach - Song To Sing     Indigenous, Roots, Roots, World 08/10/2012
Archie is Australia’s beloved, respected and admired Aboriginal singer/songwriter with a voice and sensibility that is this country’s most important songline.
Taken from the new album; drawing from soul, gospel and rollicking country ‘n’ western.

Other tracks by Archie Roach:  Mulyawongk  -  We Won't Cry (featuring Paul Kelly)
TZU - Nowhere Home     Hip Hop 16/10/2012
Hip-hop outfit TZU have carved out a solid following throughout the years. Over time, they have morphed into something much larger, experimenting with a multitude of sounds along the way.
Thumping, frantic and upbeat, Nowhere Home is the new single from TZU. This song drinks from the blood of tom tom drums and sideways social commentaries. It is a beast of a tune and is a 'weapon' when it comes to live shows and festivals.

Other tracks by TZU:  Beautiful  -  Beginning Of The End
The Temper Trap - This Isn’t Happiness     Pop, Rock 05/11/2012
The Temper Trap return with their much awaited second album. It's the band's first album as a five-piece, after recently welcoming Joseph Greer to the fold as a permanent member.
Resplendent with soaring guitars, shimmering percussion, a killer bassline, and Dougy’s incredible vocal range, This Isn’t Happiness will work its way under your skin and into your pysche. The track is the follow up to the band’s first two singles, ‘Need Your Love’ and ‘Trembling Hands’.

Other tracks by The Temper Trap:  Trembling Hands  -  Need Your Love
Yothu Yindi - Healing Stone     World, Pop, Australian Indigenous 26/11/2012
Yothu Yindi translates from Yolngu matha to English as "child and mother" and is essentially a kinship term referring to the connection that the Yolngu clans have between themselves.
"Healing Stone" is the first new song by Yothu Yindi in 12 years. Co-written by Mandawuy and INXS tunesmith Andrew Farriss, it’s as culturally urgent, profoundly personal and ultimately universal as any song in the world-renowned Arnhem Land band's 27-year history.