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Bad French - Within You     Pop, Retro, Electronic 27/07/2016
Bad French are a brand new project put together by Daniel Lee Kendall and Michael Carney. It is stellar songwriting with a twist of french kooky.
Within You highlights the band's ability to write catchy hooks, showcasing their natural talent for melody. Daniel Lee Kendall's vocal shines on this track and will leave you singing along for days.

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Bad French - Erroll's Forest     Pop 02/09/2016
Bad French is the new project from Daniel Lee Kendall who has teamed up with Michael Carney, to write songs in various home studios around Sydney and the Central Coast
Bad French have just dropped an absolute banger called “Erroll’s Forest”. Moving from strength to strength the song-writing duo have been busy in their home studio creating this sexy new track.

Anna O - Wish I Said     Pop, Electronic 15/09/2015
Beats, style and a voice that will take your breath away!
Anna O recently locked herself away with acclaimed producer Jan Skubiszewski (Dan Sultan, The Cat Empire, BONJAH) to produce her latest single Wish I Said.

The new single highlights Anna’s powerful vocals with Jan’s master production developing new grooves and hooks.


Anna O - Whisper     Pop, Electronic 16/07/2015
Buzz is building around this young Perth artist who's consistently releasing world-class music. “This is a real beauty. Warm build, lots of heart in those vocals. Perfect harmonising.” Zan Rowe
‘Whisper’ delivers an intimate and spine tingling vocal performance accompanied by the sonically captivating production of Angus Dawson.

Anna O - Reckoning     Electronic, Pop 27/02/2017
Beats, style and a voice that will take your breath away - if you haven’t heard of Anna O, you soon will.
that your struggle is something that refines you. A collaborative effort; written
with friends in the burbs of Melbourne and self-produced by her band in their
home-studio, it features her dad playing saxophone recorded on Anna’s iPhone
via Garage Band!

Anna O - Fast Forward     Pop, Electronic 27/11/2015
Meet Anna O. In 2013 after studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Anna put together a 3-piece band and began refining her sound.
This synth heavy track is what dreams are made of. 'Fast Forward' slowly builds up to an incredible song filled with emotion.

Other tracks by Anna O:  Close My Eyes
Anna O - Earthquake     Electronic, Easy Listening, Downbeat, Pop 29/04/2016
Anna O releases brand new song "Earthquake". Written in an afternoon over two cups of tea, Anna got to work with her band in their home studio refining the production.
Working with long time collaborator Angus Dawson, “Earthquake” highlights Anna’s impressive vocal ability, showcasing a delicate side to her voice. Accompanied by minimalist production, her voice glides through the music & builds into a powerful hook laden crescendo.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)