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Laughing Outlaw

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Mark Lucas - Little Town Blues     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 12/05/2015
Mark’s second solo album, this time with Brendan Gallagher (Karma County, Jimmy Little) producing. An Americana, country/folk/roots feel prevails, Mark’s songwriting truly captures a spirit of place (Aussiecana anyone?)
”Little Town Blues”, the title track of Mark’s new release is a loose, slide guitar-driven (from album co-producer, Brendan Gallagher), Stonesy take on a dysfunctional relationship set against a backdrop of urban decay.

Other tracks by Mark Lucas:  Please Tell the DJ
Perry Keyes - Raymond John Denning     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 12/05/2015
Keyes sings about growing up in the Sydney neighbourhoods of Redfern and Waterloo, of embracing the working class culture that dominated the inner-city in those long-lost days, and of family.
Sunset on Silverwater
It’s a Saturday drive dream
Raymond John Denning, Jack the Hat and me
My father swerving us home
Angry drunk and stoned
The man I never wanted to be

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Other tracks by Perry Keyes:  Sh*tville  -  Sunnyholt
Bill Jackson - Somebody's Darlin'     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 05/05/2015
Albury-born and Gippsland-reared, Bill Jackson is one of Australia’s finest songwriters within the country folk rock genre. ‘The Wayside Ballads Vol 1’ is Bill’s fifth solo album.
I guess everybody wants to be somebody’s darlin’ – we live in insecure times and more than ever people are lost in a search for self worth, where self image is challenged at every turn – ‘ lookin’ at that misty rainbow wonderin’ where it hides it’s soul’.

Other tracks by Bill Jackson:  Try
James Thomson - Can't Go Home This Way     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Alternative Country, Blues 17/04/2015
The 12 striking songs which make up this new record blend blues, folk, country and soul with elements not so easily defined, moving Cold Moon well beyond standard singer/songwriter fare.
A stark, picked banjo and the eerie hum of harmonium are driven by the stunning slide guitar of Hank Green and an even thump of Double Bass. The air of restlessness and isolation is further echoed in the lyrics. Australian Chanteuse De’May lends sublime backing vocals to the track.


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Other tracks by James Thomson:  Heartless  -  Cold Moon
Sam Shinazzi - Bones     Blues/Roots, Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 10/01/2015
It’s Sam’s fifth album: Songs of endings and beginnings, hope lost and found, and the stories along the way. “Understated, confessional writings, he makes his melodies sparkle” Sydney Morning Herald
This song is about realisation; it involved something ending which was incredibly special therefore there is a sadness attached. Of course with an ending comes a new beginning, but it's hard to completely move forward in that instance. Musically, it is potentially the loudest song on the album.

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Other tracks by Sam Shinazzi:  Keep It  -  The Day We Met
Emma Swift - Seasons     Folk, Alternative Country 04/09/2014
A lonesome-voiced singer and award-winning radio broadcaster in her hometown Sydney, a move away from Australia to Nashville, Tennessee inspired Emma to write and record her solo debut.
Short and sweet and oh-so-sad, where there’s hope there’s despair, where there’s love there’s the lack of it. Vintage transistor radios, mariachi static, classic Nashville.

Other tracks by Emma Swift:  Woodland Street  -  Bittersweet
Wilding - Missing Her     Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic 02/09/2014
Wilding is the solo project of Melbourne songwriter Justin Wilding Stokes whose music is a melodic blast of whimsical beat-pop 'n' bedroom-psych.
‘Missing Her’ is an infectious toe-tapping pop gem with a harmonious dollop of giddy vocals, a punchy horn section and a swinging rhythm.

'... I miss your style, I miss the gracious way you tried to change my behaviour. I’ll never love the same again, I’m missing her'

Perry Keyes - NYE (New Years Eve)     Blues/Roots, Roots 26/08/2014
Sydney songwriter Perry Keyes has had this song covered by Missy Higgins’ on her new album 'OZ'. NYE (New Year's Eve) is from his debut release 'Meter'.
All the girls are drunk
Maybe so am I
Here beneath the old expressway
I watch 'em walk on by.

All the harbour's hummin'
Gonna light the crackers soon
I just wanna kiss you
Beneath the new year moon

Mindy Sotiri - You and Your Own     Folk, Alternative Country 05/08/2014
With four solo albums over the last twelve years, hundreds of shows and festivals, Mindy has developed a reputation for being very, very good at making drunk, tired women cry.
In 2012 I attended a memorial service at Redfern town hall for a woman I had worked with for many years. The room was filled with disability activists remembering this incredible woman who had spent her childhood in institutions, and then her whole adult life trying to shut them down.

Other tracks by Mindy Sotiri:  Twelve Kinds of Brave  -  Out Loud to You
Handasyd Williams - Joe Fallacy     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Folk 02/07/2014
A potent blend of folk and alternative country, politically charged anthems and poignant, heartfelt ballads, Handasyd's voice is an instrument itself: Unique, empassioned with a lilt that literally bleeds words.
HW & the BP’s most ambitious take on the contemporary alt-country sound. "Joe Fallacy" blurs the line between a country/folk song and a progressive punk rock anthem. Working class frustration painfully audible in the vocal delivery. The perfect “lies and deceit” anthem to rock out to!

Other tracks by Handasyd Williams:  Stick  -  Dupes
Dusty Ravens - Hollywood Hotel     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 01/05/2014
Formed in 2012 their debut album gives a nod to a few things mainly orbiting close to, or South of, the border: Mexican mariachi, alt country, folk, snippets of flamenco.
Another song with three part harmonies that will kill you, and French horn seemingly mourning or longing for something more simple in life. This is a lovers song set in famed Sydney bar the Hollywood Hotel, and maybe something that Paul Kelly should be singing.

Other tracks by Dusty Ravens:  Ranchero Valeroso  -  La Marcha
De'May - Secrets and Sins     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 01/05/2014
Some may say that there’s something in the water in the steel city streets of Newcastle. With notable Novacastrian singer-songwriters on the rise comes the entrancing indie-folk songstress De’May.
This song was a late edition to the album and my favourite to perform live. When it was recorded we kept the accompaniment raw and stripped back, I had Nick Drake’s album Pink Moon in mind. It’s all about forgiveness and trying not to take too much to heart.

Other tracks by De'May:  Like You Talked  -  The City Sea
Bryan Estepa - Brilliant Disguise     Rock, Cover Version, Pop 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by Bryan Estepa are 'Vessels' and 'Heart Vs Mind' Compilation contribution is "Brilliant Disguise"
Performer: Bryan Estepa (SYD)
Bryan Estepa - Electric Guitar & Vocals; Paul McDonald - Electric Guitars; Produced by Paul McDonald/Bryan Estepa; Mixed by Paul McDonald; Recorded at Red Room Studios

Edward Deer & Miss Little - Paradise     Rock, Cover Version, Pop 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by Edward Deers is 'About Monsters' Miss Little's is 'When Things Fall Apart and Into Place' Compilation contribution is "Paradise"
Performer: Edward Deer / Miss Little
All sounds performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Edward Deer and Miss Little in Ed's home studio.

James Thomson - Dry Lightning     Rock, Cover Version 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by James Thomson is 'James Thomson' Compilation contribution is "Dry Lightning"
Performer: James Thomson
James Thomson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion; Steph Miller - Accordion, Mandolin; Grant Shanahan - Bass Guitar

Mark Moldre - Jesus Was An Only Son     Rock, Cover Version 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by Mark Moldre is 'An Ear To The Earth' Compilation contribution is "Jesus Was An Oly Son"
Performer: Mark Moldre
Mark Moldre - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Banjo; Jamie Hutchings - Acoustic Guitar, Feedback and Percussion; Produced by Jamie Hutchings and Mark Moldre; Recorded direct to cassette on Tascam 4 Track Portastudio; Engineered and mixed by Jamie Hutchings

Mikelangelo & The Tin Star - Secret Garden     Rock, Cover Version, Alternative Country 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by Mikelangelo and the Tin Star is 'The Surf N' Western Sounds of...' Compilation contribution is "Secret Garden"
Performer: Mikelangelo & The Tin Star
Mikelangelo - Vocals, Accordion, Clarinet; Fiete Geier - Guitars, Bass; Pete Olsen - Drums; Produced and Recorded at Ebden Studios by Fiete Geier

The Glorious - Long Time Comin'     Rock, Cover Version, Alternative Country 31/01/2014
The Laughing Outlaw CD release by The Glorious is 'Sweetwater' Compilation contribution is "Long Time Comin'"
Performed: The Glorious
Produced by Paul Ruske and David Mather; Engineered by Paul Ruske at Final Sound; Additional Engineering by David Mather; Mixed by Paul Ruske; Performed by The Glorious; Pedal Steel - Chris Altmann; Backing Vocals - Marilyn Mather, SJ Mather

Jolan - Animation     Pop, Rock 29/01/2014
The sound of Jolan is a contemporary and modern one, drawing soundscape and production influences from the likes of U2, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Radiohead and even Sigur Ros.
The title track of the debut album from Jolan released through Laughing Outlaw Records. This piano driven pop/rock song is the anthem for those who are unsure about life, love, religion and the universe, but who are also open to change, new ideas and endless possibility…

Other tracks by Jolan:  Falling Apart  -  Footprints in the Sand
Mark Moldre - Nowhere At All     Folk, Blues, Roots 07/05/2013
With a swag of releases behind him Mark has pooled the musical genres that have shaped and inspired him to make a diverse, eclectic album that is filled with contrasts.
Written after a late night session reading up on the life story of Hermann Hesse. I’ve always loved his book “Wandering” and I knew that eventually it would inspire a song.

Other tracks by Mark Moldre:  Where Will I Be?  -  Killer Anxiety