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La Sape

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On-Ly - What's The Weather?     Jazz, Instrumental, Psych, Soul 28/02/2020
ROTH is the new brainchild of Australian producer and pianist/instrumentalist On-Ly; an 11-track EP of modern 1970s/vintage 2020s psychedelic-groove-fusion.
'What's The Weather' featured on La Sape Records Australian Compilation 'downundaground' played by the likes of Gilles Peterson on BBC radio and support from DJs across the globe.

Other tracks by On-Ly:  Corner House  -  Smo'
Horatio Luna - Luna Landing     House, Instrumental, Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 07/02/2020
Horatio Luna is a Melbourne based improviser, composer, bassist and producer. A founding member of hip-hop/soul community "30/70 collective", he is an active member of the Australian music scene.
Horatio Luna continues to push the boundaries and sound of 'house music' further into obscurity with his heavy fusion of Jazz, Bruk & Funk.

Other tracks by Horatio Luna:  Bubbly  -  Brunswick Massive Pt. 2
Antiphon - Fawkner Hustle     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, House 06/11/2019
In this unconventional age, Antiphon have blended the lines between the old, new, and yet to come under a cacophony of creative rhetoric, abolishing the expectations of a jazz trio.
Fresh instrumental sounds of the Melbourne underground crossed with UK Club scene.

Other tracks by Antiphon:  Spartan  -  Chelsea Smile
GODTET - Enumerating     Jazz, Atmospheric, World, Experimental 19/06/2019
Godtet is the brainchild of Australian Instrumentalist and producer Godriguez.
GODTET himself on lead track ‘Enumerating’

“Enumerating is instantly disarming to me. The melody so simple yet despite it being the longest melody and chord progression of the entire album, the song still remains so pretty and upbeat. We made sure to keep it a ballad by not letting the production get too intense or over the top”

Other tracks by GODTET:  Alice
Horatio Luna - Work It Out     Funk/Soul, House, Electronic, Instrumental 12/04/2018
One of 30/70s Founding Fathers, Melbourne bassist, composer and producer Horatio Luna. The left-leaning jazz musician known for boldly experimental compositions moves towards a soulful house sound on Cultural Warriors.
Each track has Horatio Luna’s signature organic, lo-fi, loose sound characteristic to a warm personality; chopped and stretched into four grimy, soulful house jams.

Godriguez - Make this Magic     Hip Hop, Breaks, Jazz 15/02/2018
Vol.1 ’14-’18 is the debut LP from Godriguez; A 35 minute selection collected from 7 beat-tapes of over 6 hours worth of beats; Created over 4 years from Godriguez.
Fine production and sampling with Dilla-esque traits.


Other tracks by Godriguez:  Max Lush Carlos  -  Blue Bossa
Godtet - Take Off     Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 27/09/2017
Sydney Jazz aficionado, producer & beat-maker Godriguez (Sampa the Great) brings GODTET. The debut album and band pushing the boundaries of sound into the unknown.
Furious instrumental.

Other tracks by Godtet:  Ensueño