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Krosswerdz Recordings

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Wizdm - Shoulder to Shoulder     Hip Hop 06/05/2018
With his trademark 'shoot from the hip' honesty, Sydney-based Wizdm returns with his first full-length album since 2009. His unique flows and beats make this a must-listen release of 2018.
Shoulder to Shoulder is about brotherhood, standing alongside your brethren as times get tough. The punchy beat steps, twists and turns throughout the track. Featuring mistery and Oakbridge, the lyrics are varied and flows coalesce with each other, leaving the listener with food for thought and a head-bobbing neckache.

Other tracks by Wizdm:  The Journal
Shelly.H - Coping Mechanism     Hip Hop, Electronic 24/02/2018
Wagga local Shelly.H is back with a unique hip-hop twist. Trees & Volcanos merges elements of hip-hop with synth, indie rock and trip-hop. A clever take on a popular genre.
Coping Mechanism is the love of hip-hop and music as a way of managing life's stresses. The synth-inspired beat has been given a retro twist as Shelly.H delivers a smooth flow with clever lyrical punches.

Manziere - The Manthem     Hip Hop, Funk 02/12/2017
If you’ve never heard of the term “bro-hop,” then look no further than the tongue-in-cheek group Manziere. Consisting of Jabs and Wizdm, the duo are here to educate.
A funk-inspired trip into the world of friendship. Manziere's Manthem is dedicated to all men out there doing it tough. Fighting off "the black dog" is hard enough as it is, so get some support from Manziere. All proceeds from this track are donated to the Movember foundation.

Izzy - West Sydney     Hip Hop, Rap 07/08/2017
One half of Izzy N The Profit - Izzy is a powerful MC, with smart lyrics, catchy beats and head-nodding hooks.
West Sydney is a homage to Izzy's home community. Giving credit to the people that keep West Sydney a community instead of a suburb, this track is as straight hip-hop as it gets. West Sydney showcases Izzy's talents as he turns them to credit the community that helped form him.

Other tracks by Izzy:  Pain of Regret (feat. Zeadala)
Krosswerdz Crew - Belief Over Beats     Hip Hop, Rap 30/05/2017
Krosswerdz Crew is the premiere collaboration between Krosswerdz Recordings' most prolific MC's.
Belief Over Beats is the debut track from Krosswerdz Crew. The lyrics are powerful and intelligent with each of the MC's using their best skills to tag-team in and out of the track. Dsipl has produced the track with infectious beats and will leave heads nodding throughout.

mistery + Werd - Family Matters     Hip Hop, Rap, Ethnic 03/10/2016
Sydney based MC mistery is one of the godfathers of Australian hip-hop. From his involvement with Brethren to his graffiti work, his music is straight and true to the elements.
Family Matters is an assertion of hip-hop music with respect for your heritage. mistery and Werd deliver a track that has a positive energy and beat, with conviction in their voices.

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Oakbridge - Who Is He?     Hip Hop, Rap 03/10/2016
Sydney based Oakbridge is known for his dulcet tones and rapid-fire hip-hop. Using traditional 80s inspired beats with an Australian twist, these are tracks that will keep your head nodding.
Who Is He is part-funk, part-ambient track. With a funk inspired beat and retro-styled chorus asking "Who is he and what does he mean to you?" this is one that sticks in the audiences head and poses some serious thoughts for introspection

The BRB - Talkin' Everyday     Hip Hop, Christian 16/03/2016
Canberra based hip hop artist, BRB, hits hard with relevant and spontaneous freestyles and inspirational lyrics delivered with a distinctively smooth flow.
Talkin' Everyday is a day in the life of BRB. Describing spending a day with his mates over a simple head-nodding beat, BRB talks about some of the deeper issues in life, and that there is more to life than just gaming and eating burgers.

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The Poet and The Profit - Forgotten Roads     Hip Hop, Acappella 15/02/2016
Worlds meet when The Poet and The Profit get together. Renowned Sydney spoken word artist The Poet lends his imagination to the hip-hop flow of The Profit.
Forgotten Roads brings the listener on a journey to cross the boundaries between hip-hop and spoken word. An intelligent mix of hip-hop flow with artistic poetry makes The Poet and The Profit's debut release one to be remembered.

Apollo Creed - Soul     Hip Hop, Funk, Soul 26/11/2015
Apollo Creed are a three-piece funk/hip-hop group based in Sydney. Formed with members of Brethren plus Oakbridge, their style free-flowing and funk-filled.
Soul is a light and upbeat track with a strong addictive hook. Suitable to be played alongside De La Soul, Lauryn Hill and jazz/ska based music.

Manziere - Day Off     Hip Hop 26/11/2015
Made up of Wizdm and Jabs from the Bayside Wreckers crew, Manziere is a light-hearted hip-hop crew from Sydney. Seriously funny, seriously good, never serious.
Day Off is all about what to do on those golden days. When there's no work and no demands. What do you do? Party and take it easy!

The Profit - Late Nights     Hip Hop 17/08/2015
One half of popular group Izzy N The Profit, the second solo album from The Profit brings original hip-hop with a strong Australian edge.
Late Nights is a song that keeps the listener feeling the creative vibe of hard work an fatigue, capturing feelings of frustrations and strength that comes from hard endeavours.

Other tracks by The Profit:  Bite Ya Tongue  -  Take Control
BRB - New Kinda Human     Hip Hop, Rap, Ambience, Christian 04/05/2015
BRB is a thought provoking and vibrant hip-hop artist. A witty story-teller who connects with his audience in a contagious and powerful way.A born performer with great depth.
New Kinda Human is a musical experience of self-discovery. What were you born to do? Atmospheric music stimulates the imagination while lyrics inspire and provoke contemplation. BRB brings a soothing delivery of a message of motivation. Do you want to impact eternity?

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BRB - Devil's Playground     Hip Hop, Rap, Christian 28/07/2014
Canberra based hip hop artist BRB hits hard with relevant and spontaneous freestyles and inspirational lyrics delivered with a distinctively smooth flow.
'Devil's Playground' is a pensive thriller, dark and foreboding. A contemplative track that ushers a word of warning on the darker side of life, bad choices, haunting memories, temptation and trickery. Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots means business, using his strong gravelly tones. BRB heralds a battle for truth.

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Other tracks by BRB:  Shook  -  I Am Thunder, I Am War
BRB - Hard Times     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap, Pop 02/04/2014
BRB is a thought provoking and vibrant hip-hop artist. A witty story-teller who connects with his audience in a contagious and powerful way. A born performer with great depth.
Hard Times was written in the beginnings of BRB's long battle with cancer where faith brought reassurance and consolation.
In this time BRB realised just how much having someone next to him could make an impact and difference in his well-being. The song is dedicated to his wife and children.

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