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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

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The Ironing Maidens - Party Like A Housewife     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative, House 11/02/2020
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, gender equality and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their freshly pressed house beats.
Fresh pressed house beats meet old school electro trash. Using samples from 1950's advertisements, lusciously layered vocals and a decadent build up of synthesisers, The Ironing Maidens are sure to get you partying like a housewife.

Aerborn - Show Me     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 30/11/2019
Destined to become an Aussie triple threat, electro pop singer, songwriter and producer, Aerborn is creating a blend of pop that has listeners and industry influencers intrigued.
Perfect for your summer playlist, Show Me is a sweet, dreamy electro-pop tune featuring Aerborn’s signature airy vocals, syrupy synth-laden beats and quirky glockenspiel hooks. Show Me is about being with and supporting the people around you to achieve their dreams.

Hussy Hicks - Take A Look Over     Soul, Roots, Blues 24/09/2019
Hussy Hicks are an award-winning tour de force featuring Leesa Gentz’s powerhouse vocals and Julz Parker’s revered guitar skills with six studio albums under their belts.
A soulful Annie Lennox-inspired break-up song to end all break-up songs, Take A Look Over is a lyrical emotional rollercoaster harnessing traditional blues with a retro throwback of lush guitar behind power-house soul vocals. This is the second single from the band’s 2020 album, the first of seven to be fully recorded, engineered and produced by the all-femme force themselves.

BLIGH - Nissan Patrol     Pop, Rock, Pop 19/04/2019
Buckle in for a fun ride with alt pop outfit BLIGH, already touted as “one of Australia's most exciting indie bands” for their hook-heavy, synth-driven POPera energetic live shows.
Hook-heavy, synth-driven POPera, Nissan Patrol is a coming-of-age track taking you on a journey to those dizzying formative heights of finding your feet in life and falling in love. Just like penniless P-platers on the highway, BLIGH are putting the pedal to the metal, speeding towards shiny, pop Nirvana, stereo on full blast.

Hussy Hicks - Get Ready     Blues/Roots, Rock 18/04/2019
Hussy Hicks are a tour de force featuring Leesa Gentz’s powerhouse vocals and Julz Parker’s revered guitar skills with six studio albums and multiple industry awards under their belts.
Channel your inner Mavis Staples and get ready for powerful social change! With a soul-drenched sound that captivates from the outset, ‘Get Ready’ combines Leesa Gentz’s powerhouse vocals and Julz Parker’s critically acclaimed guitar shreds for an empowering, joyous and uplifting effect.

The Ironing Maidens - Lighten My Load     Electronic, House, Dance, Pop 01/03/2019
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, gender equality and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their freshly pressed house beats.
Old school electro trash meets electro house-wife in The Ironing Maidens hot new single, Lighten My Load. An unapologetic mix of in-your-face lyrics, humour and iron-y, this track challenges gender norms and tackles the 'C', that is! Not enough has changed since the 50s. Sure, woman can have it all, but why are we still DOING IT ALL too?

Tiarne - Lights     Pop, Electronic 03/10/2018
Tiarne is an Australian indie-pop darling with captivating vocals and sentimental storytelling told in a bed of organic musical elements and subtle electronic production.
A coming-of-age story, Lights is an upbeat, electro-pop song about moving away from friends and family to fully embrace a new city as home. Produced by Clawmachine's Dylan Lindquist, Lights features Tiarne's captivating vocals building into waves of electric energy with pulsing bass, synths and industrial guitar licks for a textured and totally danceable tune.

Phil Barlow - In My Heart     Folk, Soul, Roots 25/07/2018
Australian singer/songwriter, Phil Barlow pairs the power of simplicity with dynamic modern production to create a heartfelt blend of neo-folk and soul full of authenticity and presence.
Capturing a deep shift to let go of the over-active mind, trust in life and live from your authentic self, 'In My Heart' emphasises the power of simplicity. A dynamic, spacious yet full-bodied sound that weaves a modern soundscape around a soulful song that inspires openness, strength and inner peace.

Innessa - Golden Wreath     Folk, Ethnic, World 27/04/2018
A magical doorway between East and West opens when Innessa infuses modern alternative Australian folk with her Eastern European heritage to create spellbinding soundscapes and whimsical tales.
Alternative folk infused with Eastern-European influences, Golden Wreath is a spellbinding song inspired by an old Russian Folk custom with a modern twist to follow your dreams.

Jess Spahr - Betray Me     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric 02/04/2018
Ethereal vibes with a modern production, Sydney musician Jess Spahr inspires a quiet confidence with her contemporary dreamy pop dancing around darker themes of betrayal and deception.
A sonic seduction of ethereal vocals, meditative piano and laid-back reverb, Betray Me delivers a definitive contrast with lyrics that dance on darker themes of betrayal and deception.

The Ironing Maidens - Electro House Wife     Electronic, Pop, House 09/03/2018
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, technology and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their contemporary take on the house movement.
A floor happy house style drum beat with a driving 303 style bass pattern reminiscent of early Chicago house with samples from 1950s advertising targeting women to enthusiastically take up domestic duties, this homage to House Music uses real irons and ironing boards adapted to produce fresh pressed electronic beats.

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Other tracks by The Ironing Maidens:  Strike While The Iron's Hot
Banks Of The Beautiful - Joy (Radio Edit)     Pop, Electronic 08/03/2018
Banks Of The Beautiful deliver driving beats and soaring synths over bouncing electronica that could lift even the heaviest of hearts with their moving melodies, lyrics and strong pop sensibility.
An ode to the big things in life that can simultaneously make and break you, Joy delivers driving beats and soaring synths over bouncing electronica that could lift even the heaviest of hearts with its moving melodies, lyrics and strong pop sensibility.

Mason Rack Band - Time Again     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock 01/02/2018
Infamous for their live drum duels, onstage antics and signature stage moves, Gold Coast blues rock powerhouse Mason Rack Band are an Australian festival force to be reckoned with.
A slow, sultry blues beat featuring Mason Rack's signature raspy vocals and hooky rock riffs with honest lyrics that speak of past wrongs and future rights. What would you do differently if you had your time again?

Ant Beard - Beneath The Waves (Radio Edit)     Folk, Soul, Atmospheric, Experimental 03/11/2017
Caravãna Sun's Ant Beard returns to the piano for his powerful new solo project cinematically diving through folk and soul with a modern production and heartfelt performance.
Beneath The Waves uplifts and inspires cinematically diving through folk and soul with deep, moving soundscapes, expansive production, stirring vocals and ample space for the listener to sink into "Ant Beard sings himself into a state of confidence, taking the plunge into the unknown watery depths," - Rolling Stone Magazine.

Johan Danno - Fighting For     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Hip Hop, Roots 06/09/2017
Named one of five top Australian songwriters in 2017, Gold Coast indie pop musician Johan Danno delivers a catchy, conscious cocktail of soul-pop, reggae and hip-hop.
A global citizen and musician on a mission to spread good vibes, Johan Danno teamed with popular Byron Bay producer, Garrett Kato on Fighting for, a conscious cocktail of soul-pop, reggae and hip-hop about making a conscious decision to fight together for a better world, rather than against each other.

The Floating Bridges - Power     Reggae/Dub, Roots 28/07/2017
Australian 8-piece, The Floating Bridges create infectious roots music, blending together big lively ska grooves, thick bottom end bass lines and smooth vocal harmonies – perfect for the dance floor!
Experimenting with deeper sounds, stronger effects and delays to create a lush dub-roots soundscape, Power is a song about the disconnect between government and community giving voice to the disadvantaged individuals whose basic rights are being dictated by government agendas and the overarching emphasis placed on money rather than people.

Van Larkins - Cinder Moon     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience, Experimental 23/06/2017
Van Larkins is a leading fingerstyle guitarist inventing ground-breaking techniques and complex compositions earning him a coveted spot on the CandyRat Records roster, endorsements and praise from the genre's best..
Cinder Moon is the ambient, experimental title track from Van Larkins' 4th fingertsyle album featuring his energetic melodies, harmonies, percussion and bass crafted on acoustic guitar.

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Luka Lesson - Living Artefact feat. Kahl Wallis     Hip Hop, World 20/06/2017
Luka Lesson is a best-selling author, Australian Poetry Slam champion, spoken word and hip-hop artist with two EPs and tours with Nahko Medicine for the People, Akala and Tiki Taane.
“Luka Lesson shines on Living Artefact, sharing with us a much-needed dose of culture, ancestry and heritage. His flow is hypnotic and his delivery radiates strength. Kahl Wallis’ voice uplifts. The two together make this song truly hit home.”
— L-Fresh the Lion

Caprice Quinn - No More Silhouettes (feat. Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra)     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 22/02/2017
Hailed as the 'urban siren call 2016 was waiting for', Caprice Quinn's debut release Le Femme showcases her slow-burn R'n'B style, reminiscent of 90s, yet undeniably relevant to now.
Thought provoking and inspiring, 'No More Silhouettes' is the sonic spark of a revolution; Urban siren Caprice Quinn features Aussie rap queen, Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra, in an all-women collaboration that celebrates and supports International Women's Day in its call to be #BeBoldForChange on March 8.

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Byron Short - Young Man's Dream     Rock, Blues, Roots 01/02/2017
Byron Short & The Sunset Junkies are one of the country's most dynamic and hardest working rock bands. Catch them out on the road, online and on air.
'Young Man's Dream' is a catchy, blues/rock offering, complete with stellar female backing vocals, subtle slide guitar licks, pounding drums and a powerful lead vocal.


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Other tracks by Byron Short:  Revelations