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Colour Machine - Laughing Last     Rock 13/09/2018
Envision vivid riffs, exotic drum-fills and then, to top it all off, wailing vocals from none other than the drummer himself - that's Colour Machine and their hybrid of alt-rock.
‘Laughing Last’ is patently an adrenaline rushing track, however, Donato explores and propagates with his celestial tone his constant struggle to do right - to do right for the right reasons, not just for implicit gains. This is exemplified in the epic opening line that has Donato asking, “What’s the good of kindness if my head is up my arse?”.

Cold Words - Outcasts     Rock, Metal 31/10/2019
With an easily accessible sound that toes the line between alt and hard-rock, Cold Words delve into themes around the complexities of depression, anxiety and confronting life-threatening illness.
'Outcasts', is a slow-burning alt-rock track that pushes and pulls, from soft spacious moments to very controlled heavier sections. In an ordered fashion, the band move through calming verses with clean and overdriven guitar tones and restrained drum work.

With more momentum, dynamics build and in an anthemic style Hughes belts out chilling, raspy cries, harmonised by a wailing guitar.

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CKNU - Plus One     Reggae/Dub, RnB, Funk, Soul 14/09/2017
Sliding effortlessly across the genre map, Brisbane’s CKNU make music that when stripped back, exists to make you have a good time. This is soul with a sly grin.
‘Plus One’ is a feel good track that is all about holding onto one’s lover and that they will always be the other half. Moving away from the full-band recordings, the track is heavily electronically produced, from the grooving tropical-like drums to the big synth stabs and electronic-sitar like sounds.


Cheesy Crust - Renovate This Town     Pop, Punk 21/06/2016
These three high-schoolers have formed Cheesy Crust, bringing aggressive guitars, pumping drums and dynamic vocals to their pop punk performances, with their debut single 'Renovate This Town.'
Cheesy Crust are bringing the party alive with their debut single 'Renovate This Town,' inspired by a party in their neighbourhood. With energy and attitude, the song is filled with metaphors expressing their passion for live music at parties rather than just “jumping up and down to the stereo.”

Cedarsmoke - Pure Heroin     Rock, Alternative, Punk 13/11/2019
Making light of dejected, self-defeating and despairingly tragic stories, Cedarsmoke's (Brisbane's alt-rock 5-piece) new single mixes Rom-Coms and Punk-Rock to re-tell the tragic life and death of Sid Vicious.
Littered with historical and pop-cultural references, 'Pure Heroin' poetically sums up the gloomy romantic tragedy of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

This punk-rock-ballad opens with keys and the husky vocals of Cloumassis before diving into the almost comical, contrasting chorus with bright synths, big band hits and the catchy lyrics such as, "Love hurts, yeah that's what I heard".

Cedarsmoke - Let The Wind Blow     Rock, Garage, Grunge 19/11/2018
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
‘Let The Wind Blow’ has the band aptly highlight the relatable mundane, circadian way of life. Imbued with a tender sense of despair, it cuts to the core about being tied down, trying to break away from “Invisible chains” and to ultimately to just let it blow and let it take you where it wants to.

Cedarsmoke - F*&king Up     Rock, Garage, Grunge 12/03/2019
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
In their self-proclaimed drab and despairing world, this one is about trying not to f*&k up.

Other tracks by Cedarsmoke:  Downer
Captain Dreamboat - Modern Love     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Soul 10/03/2017
The soul/R&B/jazz-inspired quintet, Captain Dreamboat are a formidably tight force able to achieve complex sonic concepts in the studio as well as ad lib impromptu creations on the live stage.
‘Modern Love’ is textually intricate with fragile smooth keys and fingerpicking on the guitar that are reminiscent of wind chimes and a harp. It grooves with an afro-cuban drum pattern and cool bursts of smooth horns in between Fanaika's unmistakable vibrato and crooning tone.

Big Dead - Shell     Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Experimental 30/06/2016
6 years in with two EP’s already under their belt, Big Dead, Brisbane's alternative rock/ art rock five piece are releasing a more ambitious and musically comprehensive sound.
[Instrumental] Big Dead compose a lot of instrumental tracks and they have formed into a large part of what they do. Until now, Big Dead have not released much instrumental music, but intend to do so after the release of 'Shell'.

Other tracks by Big Dead:  Letterbombs  -  Sad Machine
Ben Camden - Last Night     Rock, Blues, Roots 26/04/2018
Riddled with attitude, Ben Camden, is stirring big grins on bright faces with his deep, ominous and looming vocal tone over this strutting blues-rock beat that bolsters this new single.
‘Last Night’ is ultimately a culmination of Ben’s influences and is a showcase of his wide range of song-writing capabilities. Touching on blues, rock, folk and even country, this new single is one that pertains a bit of grit, confidence and swagger that is easily imbibed and revigorating.

Belle Harvey - Crescent City     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 03/08/2017
Over the past decade, Country singer-songwriter Belle Harvey has performed under a handful of acts and she is finally releasing her own solo debut album (produced Bill Chambers).
‘Crescent City’ was co-written and produced with Country great, Bill Chambers. It's a sly, country/ blues track fore-fronting some Tom Waits-esque Trumpet, smooth overdriven guitar twang with some mellow tremolo, brushes on the kit, and of course Belle’s cunning vocal chants.

Atticus Chimps - Lead, Pretend     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 16/07/2018
It was only May when Atticus Chimps released their single ‘Bee Stung Lips’ and now they are following it up with their faster-paced, 90’s pop-punk inspired heavy-hitter, ‘Lead, Pretend’.
In 'Lead, Pretend', frontman Sam Bray asks an unrequited love to see things his way - as sung in the chorus - as they explore how sometimes chasing someone just pushes them away. Seamlessly, the band transition from their sharp, pop-punk riffs into the welcomed and all-consuming chorus lines.

Atticus Chimps - Illusion     Rock, Grunge, Garage 20/09/2018
Gold Coast alt-rock/ grunge trio, Atticus Chimps have continued to pump out veracious, heavy-hitters one after another this year. Now ahead of their EP, they're dropping their next number, ‘Illusion’.
‘Illusion’ explores the nature of growing old, becoming self-aware, and watching time slip by as relationships change and sometimes disappear.

In the Atticus Chimps alt-rock style, there are melancholic verses with clean picked guitar parts with heavy chorus effects – that’s so familiar to anyone from the 90’s grunge rock era – that has Sam Bray pensively singing over.