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Milk Buttons - Some Impression     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 26/10/2018
Spin out with the new single from Milk Buttons featuring gloomy, psychedelic tones and mind-bending layering of melodies and rhythms - running from time signatures of 4/4, 7/4 and 7/8.
In their alt/ psych-rock way, ‘Some Impression’ makes the simple seem technical and the technical seem simple with their head spinning riff on repeat. Milk Buttons meld together thrashing drums and big riffs with the dulcet yet pensive vocals of Cameron Bower in the sparse verses that follow the guitar lines harmoniously.

Milk Buttons - Penguin     Rock, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
In full bloom, Milk Buttons are following up their highly acclaimed debut EP with six explosive, golden yellow alt/ psych-rock tracks in this sophomore EP, ‘Daffodil’ (out March 22)
In black and white, ‘Penguin’ marches forward in a snowstorm of fuzz and melancholic sentiments.

Other tracks by Milk Buttons:  Bright Lights and Strange Bouquets
Milk Buttons - Flowers     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 02/05/2017
Slotting into its very own place inside the spectrum of Australian independent psych rock, Milk Buttons is Jackson Muir (of Mosman Alder) and Cameron Bower (of Big Dead).
Shimmeringly ominous analogue synths, lush string arrangements and layers of bold psych rock guitar. Piecing it together Milk Buttons got help from friends, Nick Broomham (Big Bad Echo) on Bass and Alex L’Estrange (Mid Ayr, Emma Louise) on drums and co-engineer.

Online Premiere via Music Feeds (2nd May)


Milk Buttons - Cosmic Garbage     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 16/07/2018
Wearing their influences such as The War On Drugs on their sleeve, Milk Buttons caught the attention of Rolling Stone and many others media outlets with their debut EP (2017).
‘Cosmic Garbage’, as the title may suggest, has Milk Buttons staying true to their love of alt-rock, however, they have formulated something much more comprehensive.

Bursting with exulting sentiments such as “Tell me something, anything, I’m happy to be here, talking with you” and “It’s true, there’s no one like you”, ‘Cosmic Garbage’ stirs an elating mood.

Miles and The Goodbye Men - I Never Saw It Coming     Rock, Pop 06/10/2017
One of Melbourne’s newest Indie/ Alt-Rockers Miles and The Goodbye Men instil a bittersweet vibe as they blend the rock formula with dreamy shoe-gaze tones.
Showing the eclectic flavour of the band, ‘I Never Saw It Coming’ finds itself bittersweet in mood as they blend the rock formula with dreamy shoe-gaze tones; using big chorus-effect guitars over foreboding lyrics that offer an enlightening and propelling pick-me-up hook in the chorus.

Maja - Wake Up And Find     Pop, Soul, Folk, Blues 30/06/2017
Bringing her own modern, stripped-backed spin on the 60's soul/ R&B, Maja is set to release her sophomore EP, 'Still Bleeding' in August 2017 with intimate shows across Australia (September).
Her newest release ‘Wake Up And Find’ (recorded at Airlock Studios by Konstantin Kersting) is an eloquently timeless, stripped-back spin on the late 60’s soul/R&B sound for the modern listener. This track is an upbeat, feel good tune packed into a three minute bundle of joy.

L. Flora - Bigger It Gets     Soul, R&B 18/10/2019
L. Flora blend dreamy keys and luscious guitar tones, dragging drum beats and honeyed vocals that jump from the smooth and enchanting melodies of neo-soul to RnB-inspired lyrical flows.
This bursts with colour and complexity while remaining laid-back and composed. Keeping things grounded, the band ride the dragging beat broken up with full-band hits and snare rolls as Millie Khalu drops sassy, tongue-twisting alliteration.

This gets swept up and floats away as they open up in their dreamy chorus with smooth waves of keys, guitar and Khalu's sweetened melodies.

Kurilpa Reach - Rat Race     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Roots, Psychedelic 27/09/2018
Bringing together a slew of influences, this Brisbane-based roots/reggae/psych-rock five-piece that stir up suave grooves and upbeat goods are releasing another single ahead of their debut EP.
Stirring good vibes and uplifting souls, ‘Rat Race’ is a “kicking back track” that you can just coast along with. Melding sweet melodies on the sax with harmonized guitar lines and gentle upstrokes with the rhythmic flow of lyrics that jump out of the gates with passion and pride.

Kurilpa Reach - Bilson     Blues/Roots, Rock, Reggae, Psychedelic 10/08/2018
Bringing together a slew of influences, this Brisbane-based roots/ reggae/ psych-rock five-piece that stir up suave grooves and upbeat goods are releasing the eclectic new track, ‘Bilson’.
In the roots/ reggae/ rock fashion, this track demands attention from the start, with big upstrokes on guitar, stabs on the keys, wailing wah guitar licks and cries from the saxophone - all of which amalgamate into one hell of a skank.

Jye Whiteman - Do Ya Wanna?     Electronic, Acoustic, Pop, Hip Hop 14/02/2018
With an enthralling falsetto range, ethereal tone and his wild, go-getter nature, Jye Whiteman is an electro-acoustic singer-songwriter who has lived and performed across the UK, Europe and Australia.
Wearing his heart on his sleeve and showcasing his eclectic taste and electro-pop-folk sensibilities, ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ explores the integrity of a relationship, one that isn’t just surface layer attraction. Jye incorporates the heart-throbbing beat of an electro-pop track with an indie-rock-funk vibe that's sweetened with his ethereal vocal range.

Jordan Merrick - You Gotta Go     Folk, Blues, Roots, Acoustic 25/04/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
‘You Gotta Go’ is a liberating tale where Merrick again lends a hand to feeling in touch with a completely different time in todays modern, fast paced world.

Relevant in another time, relevant today, this song is “The road we all walk”, as stated by Merrick.

Jordan Merrick - Untitled #1     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 09/02/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
The song is about humankind - its kindness and its ruthlessness. Whilst Jordan slowly finger picks away gracefully at the acoustic guitar, his vocals and lyrics entice a sense of aspiration to achieve and to be better despite the demons that can be found in anyone.

Jordan Merrick - Travellin'     Folk, Blues, Roots 01/08/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
Littered with references to iconic Australian attractions from the city to the country, to nursery rhymes and fairy tales that we all know and love, ’Travellin’ is a story about the nomadic nature of life and love - perfect for the speeds reached on the A1 or Hume highway.

Jordan Merrick - Low Country     Folk, Soul, Rock, Alternative Country 23/05/2019
This Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter and poet, Jordan Merrick, is starting the next phase of his career with a new single featuring Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) on Keys.
This is one of Merrick's most ambitious tracks featuring Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) on keys and the golden touch of ARIA winning producer Steven Schramm (Paul Kelly, Bob Evans).

Bestrewn with layers of 60's pop-rock tremolo riffs on the electric guitar, piano and an old school organ, Merrick comes out of the shadows with a slow, poetic croon.

Jordan Merrick - I Don't Belong     Blues, Alternative, Folk, Roots 23/09/2019
Jordan Merrick has had countless tracks land in the AMRAP charts and is now – ahead of his debut album – releasing his ominous, slow-stomping new single, 'I Don't Belong'.
Meeting somewhere between the sounds of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, this ominous, slow-stomping single features smooth, overdriven blues guitar; quivering piano lines; a honking sousaphone; and a steady heavy-beat accentuated by timely booms and clangs.

This is all topped off by the deepened growling-croon from Merrick and pieced together by ARIA winning producer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly).

Jordan Merrick - Gypsy Diver     Folk, Blues, Roots, Alternative Country 26/09/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
Showing a completely different side to his previous releases reminiscent of The Tallest Man On Earth, ‘Gypsy Diver’ is a downtempoed, swinging blues/ folk/ rock track, boasting Merricks demanding cries, spacious slide guitar, trembling blues piano and tom-heavy drums. The use of the full band makes this a yielding listen.


Jordan Merrick - Dangerously Sincere     Blues, Country, Folk 23/10/2019
With a unique style of folk, blues-rock, cabaret and vaudeville is Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick, who is set to release his debut album on October 25.
This is a slow-burning laidback soul-blues track. Focussed around the smooth vocal melody and lyrics featuring harmonies and verses from Amela, the track is backed by a 1-bar electric-guitar loop and organ.

As the drums roll in, the draw-bars on the organ get put to work and the gain on the electric guitar gets turned up for a rocking bridge.

Other tracks by Jordan Merrick:  The Toll  -  Record Time
Jimmy Davis - Hold You Down     Rock, Soul 30/07/2019
Jimmy Davis is an electric, emotive and free-spirited singer-songwriter who has already hit some amazing benchmarks in his career and is now releasing a passionate and explosive new alt-rock single.
'Hold You Down' emanate's Jimmy's transition from his indie-folk debut to this powerful, eclectic alt-rock style peppered with pop, blues and even heavy-rock styles.

The track evolves from a solemn and intimate intro verse and chorus that crescendos to an enrapturing vocal performance. Backed by the band, the track opens up and unleashes with over-driven guitar and belting drums.

JayCee - The Iconic     Hip Hop, RnB 20/08/2015
JayCee, is Brisbane’s newest independent Hip-Hop artist to shoot up into the scene. Working with laid back beats, smooth keys and crystallising female vocals, the lyric-smith showcases his intricate rhymes.
Naomi Rigby puts out a saucy duo with JayCee who conveys his bitterness over societal norms and yearning for deviation from such structure. Just wait for JayCee’s cosmic hook to drop in, “Sometimes I think about how many times theworld have spun and it spins me out”.

Other tracks by JayCee:  Vibe feat. Naomi Rigby
JayCee - Revolution     Hip Hop, Rap 23/09/2016
The spacious, minimalistic sounds with melodically spat Aussie cheek that ornate the childish nature of the relentlessly driven Jaycee, is returning after leaving serious impressions with his debut in 2015.
Remaining true to his style and form of spacious, minimalistic beats with the focus bound around his formidable lyricism, JayCee expresses his journey about coming to terms with the artificial elements of life including computers and social media for building a career.

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