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Ben Camden - Last Night     Rock, Blues, Roots 26/04/2018
Riddled with attitude, Ben Camden, is stirring big grins on bright faces with his deep, ominous and looming vocal tone over this strutting blues-rock beat that bolsters this new single.
‘Last Night’ is ultimately a culmination of Ben’s influences and is a showcase of his wide range of song-writing capabilities. Touching on blues, rock, folk and even country, this new single is one that pertains a bit of grit, confidence and swagger that is easily imbibed and revigorating.

Vesper Green - Innocent Illiterate     Rock, Grunge, Rock, Garage 27/04/2018
Vesper Green have materialised with loud, tight, raw and technical alt-rock tones that provides that kick-in-the-teeth attitude that Brisbane has needed, to pair with the likes of Violent Soho.
Highly reactive and fuelled by angst, ‘Innocent Illiterate’ is indeed a homage to the bands that have inspired and led the members of Vesper Green into creating music.

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Faux Bandit - Lyrebird Lungs     Rock, Grunge, Garage 15/05/2018
Brisbane’s unconstrained rock duo Faux Bandit are coming out loud, hard and ferocious with this new onslaught of speaker melting, unbridled rage that makes up their single ‘Lyrebird Lungs’.
Toeing the line between passionate animosity and a complete catharsis, ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ grooves throughout the punchy, percussive lyrics in the verses into the heavy outbursts in the choruses and concludes in an erupting rampage. The result is a violent mess that you want to re-live again and again.

Strangely Enough - Graceville     Rock, Electronic, Rock 06/06/2018
Having made a strong impact on debut at the end of 2017, Strangely Enough returns in genre bending, electronic-rock form with the new, synth-heavy single ‘Graceville’ (Out June 15).
Emanating a euphoric sensation, Olley uses ominous synths, bright strings, running bass lines and grounded drums, that coalesce into an ocean of waves, pushing and pulling with polyrhythmic beauty. Falling over this sonic meeting place of instrumental-layering are Olley’s, graciously-sweet vocals that exude passion and peace to heartache and sorrow.

Atticus Chimps - Lead, Pretend     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 16/07/2018
It was only May when Atticus Chimps released their single ‘Bee Stung Lips’ and now they are following it up with their faster-paced, 90’s pop-punk inspired heavy-hitter, ‘Lead, Pretend’.
In 'Lead, Pretend', frontman Sam Bray asks an unrequited love to see things his way - as sung in the chorus - as they explore how sometimes chasing someone just pushes them away. Seamlessly, the band transition from their sharp, pop-punk riffs into the welcomed and all-consuming chorus lines.

Milk Buttons - Cosmic Garbage     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 16/07/2018
Wearing their influences such as The War On Drugs on their sleeve, Milk Buttons caught the attention of Rolling Stone and many others media outlets with their debut EP (2017).
‘Cosmic Garbage’, as the title may suggest, has Milk Buttons staying true to their love of alt-rock, however, they have formulated something much more comprehensive.

Bursting with exulting sentiments such as “Tell me something, anything, I’m happy to be here, talking with you” and “It’s true, there’s no one like you”, ‘Cosmic Garbage’ stirs an elating mood.

Vesper Green - What Will I Wear     Rock, Grunge, Garage 20/07/2018
Vesper Green have materialised with loud alt-rock. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve brought back Seattle grunge in a big way with this particular track.“ (Jane Gazzo, Triple M)
‘What Will I Wear’ show the band blending their influences between the 90’s rock of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, to sounds of 2000’s from Seether, but it all amalgamates to something new, exciting but reminiscently familiar. Setting the tone for this brash number, the opening lyrics are, “What will I wear, when Jesus comes to take my mugshot?”

Kurilpa Reach - Bilson     Blues/Roots, Rock, Reggae, Psychedelic 10/08/2018
Bringing together a slew of influences, this Brisbane-based roots/ reggae/ psych-rock five-piece that stir up suave grooves and upbeat goods are releasing the eclectic new track, ‘Bilson’.
In the roots/ reggae/ rock fashion, this track demands attention from the start, with big upstrokes on guitar, stabs on the keys, wailing wah guitar licks and cries from the saxophone - all of which amalgamate into one hell of a skank.

The Long Johns - Hound Dog     Country, Roots, Alternative Country, Folk 25/08/2018
With the pluck of the banjo, the blast of the sousaphone and the racket of pots ‘n’ pans, topped by the sultry howl and growl of Sian Evans.
The new single driven by the pluck of the banjo, the blast of the sousaphone and the racket of pots ‘n’ pans, topped by the sultry howl and growl of Sian Evans. Making use of the literary technique assonance, the fast-paced repetition of vowel and consonants slurred together draw you in as those lyrics rhythmically roll off the banshee’s tongue.

Other tracks by The Long Johns:  Womble East
Colour Machine - Laughing Last     Rock 13/09/2018
Envision vivid riffs, exotic drum-fills and then, to top it all off, wailing vocals from none other than the drummer himself - that's Colour Machine and their hybrid of alt-rock.
‘Laughing Last’ is patently an adrenaline rushing track, however, Donato explores and propagates with his celestial tone his constant struggle to do right - to do right for the right reasons, not just for implicit gains. This is exemplified in the epic opening line that has Donato asking, “What’s the good of kindness if my head is up my arse?”.

Atticus Chimps - Illusion     Rock, Grunge, Garage 20/09/2018
Gold Coast alt-rock/ grunge trio, Atticus Chimps have continued to pump out veracious, heavy-hitters one after another this year. Now ahead of their EP, they're dropping their next number, ‘Illusion’.
‘Illusion’ explores the nature of growing old, becoming self-aware, and watching time slip by as relationships change and sometimes disappear.

In the Atticus Chimps alt-rock style, there are melancholic verses with clean picked guitar parts with heavy chorus effects – that’s so familiar to anyone from the 90’s grunge rock era – that has Sam Bray pensively singing over.

Kurilpa Reach - Rat Race     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Roots, Psychedelic 27/09/2018
Bringing together a slew of influences, this Brisbane-based roots/reggae/psych-rock five-piece that stir up suave grooves and upbeat goods are releasing another single ahead of their debut EP.
Stirring good vibes and uplifting souls, ‘Rat Race’ is a “kicking back track” that you can just coast along with. Melding sweet melodies on the sax with harmonized guitar lines and gentle upstrokes with the rhythmic flow of lyrics that jump out of the gates with passion and pride.

Tobias Wonderdog - Not Bliss     Country, Rock, Blues, Alternative Country 15/10/2018
Tobias Wonderdog debut with a dynamically rich and emotionally stirring alt-country number that bursts with that timeless Australian country, light-hearted disposition.
‘Not Bliss’ flows from soft and sparse verses into sparking choruses with layers of lush tones from guitars and organs held together with a steady rock beat. It all culminates into a tidy rock ballad about simplicity that lets the imagination run wild across the vast countryside and over the mountaintops.

Milk Buttons - Some Impression     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 26/10/2018
Spin out with the new single from Milk Buttons featuring gloomy, psychedelic tones and mind-bending layering of melodies and rhythms - running from time signatures of 4/4, 7/4 and 7/8.
In their alt/ psych-rock way, ‘Some Impression’ makes the simple seem technical and the technical seem simple with their head spinning riff on repeat. Milk Buttons meld together thrashing drums and big riffs with the dulcet yet pensive vocals of Cameron Bower in the sparse verses that follow the guitar lines harmoniously.

Cedarsmoke - Let The Wind Blow     Rock, Garage, Grunge 19/11/2018
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
‘Let The Wind Blow’ has the band aptly highlight the relatable mundane, circadian way of life. Imbued with a tender sense of despair, it cuts to the core about being tied down, trying to break away from “Invisible chains” and to ultimately to just let it blow and let it take you where it wants to.

Cedarsmoke - F*&king Up     Rock, Garage, Grunge 12/03/2019
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
In their self-proclaimed drab and despairing world, this one is about trying not to f*&k up.

Other tracks by Cedarsmoke:  Downer
Milk Buttons - Penguin     Rock, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
In full bloom, Milk Buttons are following up their highly acclaimed debut EP with six explosive, golden yellow alt/ psych-rock tracks in this sophomore EP, ‘Daffodil’ (out March 22)
In black and white, ‘Penguin’ marches forward in a snowstorm of fuzz and melancholic sentiments.

Other tracks by Milk Buttons:  Bright Lights and Strange Bouquets
Jack Shannon - Liquor Blues     Folk, Rock, Pop, Roots 20/03/2019
With his supple, tender vocal tones accompanied by a matured, dynamic indie/ folk-rock arrangement, Jack Shannon is a 19 year-old Brisbane-based singer-songwriter who's releasing his enthralling new single, ‘Liquor Blues’.
Accompanied by palm-muted guitar, Shannon's intimate vocals kick off the track to tell the tale of, as Jack states, “a girl who’d go out every weekend, ending up in tears to then blame it on everyone else”. Shannon keeps the pulse beating as layers of guitars flow in and out - building towards a stellar crescendo for the outro.

Vesper Green - Sub Solar     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Rock 05/04/2019
Vesper Green have materialised with loud alt-rock. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve brought back Seattle grunge in a big way with this particular track.“ (Jane Gazzo, Triple M)
’Sub Solar’ is an eclectic catharsis of purging rock that lyrically and instrumentally alludes to the fact that time slips through the hands. Upon the realisation that life is passing by quickly, there’s an anxious panic and rush to pick up the pieces to make up for all of the wasted time.

Fletcher Pilon - One More     Folk, Rock 11/04/2019
Fletcher Pilon at only 18-years of age is an incredible young singer-songwriter with thought-provoking lyricism that is matched with his passionate vocals and deep oceanic electric guitar tones.
'One More' is one of Pilon's most powerful releases backed by heart-pounding drums performed by Indy Linzbichler and Grace Labrum on bass. With his compelling songwriting ability, he explores humanity and how one goes on in life writing their own story drawing from their own influences and lessons learnt from their decisions.