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Jordan Merrick - You Gotta Go     Folk, Blues, Roots, Acoustic 25/04/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
‘You Gotta Go’ is a liberating tale where Merrick again lends a hand to feeling in touch with a completely different time in todays modern, fast paced world.

Relevant in another time, relevant today, this song is “The road we all walk”, as stated by Merrick.

Milk Buttons - Flowers     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 02/05/2017
Slotting into its very own place inside the spectrum of Australian independent psych rock, Milk Buttons is Jackson Muir (of Mosman Alder) and Cameron Bower (of Big Dead).
Shimmeringly ominous analogue synths, lush string arrangements and layers of bold psych rock guitar. Piecing it together Milk Buttons got help from friends, Nick Broomham (Big Bad Echo) on Bass and Alex L’Estrange (Mid Ayr, Emma Louise) on drums and co-engineer.

Online Premiere via Music Feeds (2nd May)


Maja - Wake Up And Find     Pop, Soul, Folk, Blues 30/06/2017
Bringing her own modern, stripped-backed spin on the 60's soul/ R&B, Maja is set to release her sophomore EP, 'Still Bleeding' in August 2017 with intimate shows across Australia (September).
Her newest release ‘Wake Up And Find’ (recorded at Airlock Studios by Konstantin Kersting) is an eloquently timeless, stripped-back spin on the late 60’s soul/R&B sound for the modern listener. This track is an upbeat, feel good tune packed into a three minute bundle of joy.

Graham Moes & The Petrichor - Heartwork     Funk/Soul, Roots, Soul, Rock 12/07/2017
Big Band Soulful Rock/Roots: Graham Moes & The Petrichor is the seven piece incarnation of Graham’s soul-driven sound, featuring a live blend of horns and a heavy-duty engine-room rhythm section.
'Heartwork' comes through with the grooving, upbeat goods that helps shed the negative for the positive. It would not be The Petrichor without the three-piece horn section and their intricate lines playing a leading role in the dynamics of the track.

Jordan Merrick - Travellin'     Folk, Blues, Roots 01/08/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
Littered with references to iconic Australian attractions from the city to the country, to nursery rhymes and fairy tales that we all know and love, ’Travellin’ is a story about the nomadic nature of life and love - perfect for the speeds reached on the A1 or Hume highway.

Belle Harvey - Crescent City     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 03/08/2017
Over the past decade, Country singer-songwriter Belle Harvey has performed under a handful of acts and she is finally releasing her own solo debut album (produced Bill Chambers).
‘Crescent City’ was co-written and produced with Country great, Bill Chambers. It's a sly, country/ blues track fore-fronting some Tom Waits-esque Trumpet, smooth overdriven guitar twang with some mellow tremolo, brushes on the kit, and of course Belle’s cunning vocal chants.

Great Aunt - My Last Dime     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Easy Listening 16/08/2017
With their deliberate and minimalist performance of vocal chants, acoustic guitar and bass, hand claps and foot stomps, this Melbourne duo share their story of gratitude and purpose-finding.
‘My Last Dime’ is at once simple, elegant and old-fashioned: with just archtop guitar, double bass, and Bird’s and Allen's captivating harmonies. As the song builds, listeners are drawn into a haunting, gospel-like chant over gritty slide guitar, bass, and hypnotic stomping and clapping.


Tiarne - Golden     Electronic, Pop 22/08/2017
Tiarne, with her captivating and honest sound that gets underneath the skin and ignites a sentimental, heart palpitating feeling, is a 20 years young Electronic/ Indie/ Pop artist from Brisbane.
‘Golden’ is a soft, sparse and freeing track that showcases Tiarne’s honeyed vocals. Starting off with an intro on guitar and keys that ascends into a pulsing electronic beat with synths and guitar that lay underneath her catchy chorus melodies.

CKNU - Plus One     Reggae/Dub, RnB, Funk, Soul 14/09/2017
Sliding effortlessly across the genre map, Brisbane’s CKNU make music that when stripped back, exists to make you have a good time. This is soul with a sly grin.
‘Plus One’ is a feel good track that is all about holding onto one’s lover and that they will always be the other half. Moving away from the full-band recordings, the track is heavily electronically produced, from the grooving tropical-like drums to the big synth stabs and electronic-sitar like sounds.


Jordan Merrick - Gypsy Diver     Folk, Blues, Roots, Alternative Country 26/09/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
Showing a completely different side to his previous releases reminiscent of The Tallest Man On Earth, ‘Gypsy Diver’ is a downtempoed, swinging blues/ folk/ rock track, boasting Merricks demanding cries, spacious slide guitar, trembling blues piano and tom-heavy drums. The use of the full band makes this a yielding listen.


Miles and The Goodbye Men - I Never Saw It Coming     Rock, Pop 06/10/2017
One of Melbourne’s newest Indie/ Alt-Rockers Miles and The Goodbye Men instil a bittersweet vibe as they blend the rock formula with dreamy shoe-gaze tones.
Showing the eclectic flavour of the band, ‘I Never Saw It Coming’ finds itself bittersweet in mood as they blend the rock formula with dreamy shoe-gaze tones; using big chorus-effect guitars over foreboding lyrics that offer an enlightening and propelling pick-me-up hook in the chorus.

Golden Age of Ballooning - Calling Me     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Blues 13/10/2017
Brisbane’s psychedelic, folk-rockers, Golden Age of Ballooning first debuted in 2013 and are set to release their third and most adventurous EP (Special Edition) yet.
Like a dark dream where the ambiguity pushes the question of origin and one's self in reality, 'Calling Me' is a slow burner that is ominous, melancholic and stunningly evocative.

Watch video

Strangely Enough - Change     Rock, Electronic, Britpop, Dance 20/10/2017
Powerful, dynamic and compelling only scratches the surface when speaking of this comprehensive debut single ‘Change’ from Brisbane-based Alt-Rock/ Electronic band Strangely Enough.
Like a wall of sound with bold, distorted guitar riffs, electronic drums and electric synth, ‘Change’ is intense and lively; culminating into a galnivizing, feel-good rock/ dance track.

Faux Bandit - Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme     Rock, Garage 01/11/2017
Brisbane has a knack for producing high adrenaline, blitzing rock and this duo, Faux Bandit, are giving anyone in their way the stiff arm with ‘Every Man Is Pyramid Scheme’
‘Every Man is A Pyramid Scheme’ delves deeper into these bandits bold psyche, and critical cynicism triggered off by the inept nature of man and well… the idiots who knowingly push their pyramid schemes. If you like to rock out and rage against societal norms this is up your alley.

Golden Age of Ballooning - Long Mover     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk 15/11/2017
Brisbane’s psychedelic, folk-rockers, Golden Age of Ballooning first debuted in 2013 and are set to release their third and most adventurous EP (Special Edition) yet.
A summer-vibing, road-tripping, free-loving and inspiring track. Like a burst of sunshine with a bright wall of boy-girl harmonies, the track speaks of new found love and its ups and downs. If there is a track to the beginning of summer, ‘Long Mover’ ticks those boxes captures those nostalgic feelings.

The Little Lord Street Band - Heartache Moon     Country, Folk, Blues, Rock 01/02/2018
Winners of the Best Country Act at the 2017 WAM Awards, The Little Lord Street Band kick off 2018 with their new single ahead of the release of their EP.
‘Heartache Moon’ is a joyful, upbeat number despite its sadder undertone. James and Natasha’s vocal styles and tones compliment each other as they share the verses, and in beautiful harmony, the band joins in for the short but sweet choruses chanting “heartache moon”.

Jye Whiteman - Do Ya Wanna?     Electronic, Acoustic, Pop, Hip Hop 14/02/2018
With an enthralling falsetto range, ethereal tone and his wild, go-getter nature, Jye Whiteman is an electro-acoustic singer-songwriter who has lived and performed across the UK, Europe and Australia.
Wearing his heart on his sleeve and showcasing his eclectic taste and electro-pop-folk sensibilities, ‘Do Ya Wanna?’ explores the integrity of a relationship, one that isn’t just surface layer attraction. Jye incorporates the heart-throbbing beat of an electro-pop track with an indie-rock-funk vibe that's sweetened with his ethereal vocal range.

Zannah - Twisted and Wild     World, Rock, Ethnic, Classical 14/02/2018
Emerging from Brisbane’s contemporary music scene is the ambrosial vocal talents of Zannah debuting with an explosive and intense number that incorporates high-powered drums, distorted guitar, and a huge string-section.
‘Twisted and Wild’ is an explosive and intense number that showcases Zannah's evocative Persian-style vocals, composition and instrumentation. Much like the rise of dynamics in the track, ‘Twisted and Wild’ is about unleashing anger, seeking truth and finding strength while rising out of a difficult situation.

The Little Lord Street Band - Waking Up Next To You     Country, Blues, Folk, Roots 20/03/2018
Winners of the Best Country Act at the 2017 WAM Awards, The Little Lord Street Band, are going on their first ever national tour with their new EP.
In the fun-loving manner that makes up The Little Lord Street Band, this is a light-hearted, good-humoured take on a long-term relationship that any well-connected couple can relate to and laugh at because we all have our flaws that push the other halves buttons at times.

Fat Picnic - Come And Get Some Good Vibes     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Soul, Roots 21/03/2018
Fat Picnic create an energetic, transcendental atmosphere that have proven to be perfect for late night sets at festivals including Splendour in the Grass and Caloundra Music Festival.
‘Come And Get Some Good Vibes’ has a massive sonic soundscape contributed by the vast spectrum of instrumentation – from fat, fuzzed-out synths to fat and bold horns – caked with a modest amount of echoes, reverbs and panoramic delays that every good dub-track needs.