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JayCee - The Iconic     Hip Hop, RnB 20/08/2015
JayCee, is Brisbane’s newest independent Hip-Hop artist to shoot up into the scene. Working with laid back beats, smooth keys and crystallising female vocals, the lyric-smith showcases his intricate rhymes.
Naomi Rigby puts out a saucy duo with JayCee who conveys his bitterness over societal norms and yearning for deviation from such structure. Just wait for JayCee’s cosmic hook to drop in, “Sometimes I think about how many times theworld have spun and it spins me out”.

Other tracks by JayCee:  Vibe feat. Naomi Rigby
Velcro Raptor - Dreams (ft Rohin Jones)     Hip Hop, Electronic 09/10/2015
Wired with ecstatic synths, beats and explicit content - this is not for the chaste. With their modern twist on "boom-bap", this hip-hop duo are melting away Brisbane's innocence.
'Dreams ft. Rohin Jones' (The Middle East), showcases as the title suggests, the deeper emotional ties that these musicians have that keep them working towards their dreams. Working across his main genre focus, Rohin Jones and Velcro Raptor have pieced together an upbeat, crowd-chanting track.

Other tracks by Velcro Raptor:  Salute  -  Hands High
The Con & The Liar - Drummers & Lovers     Rock, Blues 25/02/2016
The Con & The Liar are setting off on their first interstate tour with their 5 piece bluesy, gritty and hook laden sound that has fallen into a niche groove.
‘Drummers and Lovers’, weaved together from low-high dynamics with space for the fuzz bass and forced guitar stabs to riff along with the vocal melody to then unload with a huge sound of chord slides and bends in the chorus’ backing the hook “Everyone will let you down!”.

Sunhaus - Realignment     Rock, Pop, Folk 04/04/2016
Sunhaus is Brisbane’s four piece alt rock outfit who are charmingly awkward and bear stories about frustrating young love, foolish behaviour and the life through rose coloured glasses.
‘Realignment’ with its uplifting yet melancholic vibes, pedaled piano notes, echoey synth and vocal solos expresses the speechlessness one feels in the situation of absolute awe and drunkenness. The chorus, “I've got time to realign to anything you might now need,” was written whilst in this exact moment.

Dead Wild - Lady Luck     Metal/Punk, Rock, Metal 25/05/2016
Comprising of only two members, their gutsy and zealous nature has lead them to their debut release.
'Lady Luck' is intrinsically tied to the serious gambling problem that Dale has confronted and beaten in the past few years. It is about looking back on these times, the thoughts and the feelings while he continued to dig the hole deeper and deeper into the gambling world.

Cheesy Crust - Renovate This Town     Pop, Punk 21/06/2016
These three high-schoolers have formed Cheesy Crust, bringing aggressive guitars, pumping drums and dynamic vocals to their pop punk performances, with their debut single 'Renovate This Town.'
Cheesy Crust are bringing the party alive with their debut single 'Renovate This Town,' inspired by a party in their neighbourhood. With energy and attitude, the song is filled with metaphors expressing their passion for live music at parties rather than just “jumping up and down to the stereo.”

Sing Say - Human Touch     Rock, Garage, Roots, Easy Listening 23/06/2016
Comic Book Rock is now coined by Sing Say, a three piece Brisbane based multi media band who have self illustrated their own comic to go with their debut release.
"This is a good time!" - Max Quinn, TripleJ.

These unlikely heroes are stranded in the middle of the ocean, hoping to find dry land somewhere. Using guitars to paddle and riding dolphins, they find themselves arriving in a dystopian world controlled by the BugLord.

Other tracks by Sing Say:  Hero Artist  -  Gone Too Far
Faux Bandit - Flex     Blues/Roots, Rock, Garage, Blues 28/06/2016
Faux Bandit are a Brisbane two piece with heavy-riffin and thumping garage drum work with a delicate mix of obnoxious bravado and self loathing.
‘Flex’ delves into the subject of masculinity and the unhealthy way it manifests itself in the modern man – with guttural vocals singing of the bravado of a desperate ego trying to hide the massive insecurities that men often struggle to address.

Other tracks by Faux Bandit:  Kill The Comedown Bug
Big Dead - Shell     Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Experimental 30/06/2016
6 years in with two EP’s already under their belt, Big Dead, Brisbane's alternative rock/ art rock five piece are releasing a more ambitious and musically comprehensive sound.
[Instrumental] Big Dead compose a lot of instrumental tracks and they have formed into a large part of what they do. Until now, Big Dead have not released much instrumental music, but intend to do so after the release of 'Shell'.

Other tracks by Big Dead:  Letterbombs  -  Sad Machine
Soupy LaRue - Teeth     Blues/Roots, Punk, Country, Rockabilly 22/07/2016
The Brisbane punktry (punk/country) 5-piece are inspired by the tales of their namesake, Soupy LaRue – a man thousand's of years old, living outside of time, wandering about the universe.
Mixing husky vocals, ska-like, upbeat feels and wild-western guitar riffs ‘Teeth’ was inspired by the tale of when Soupy LaRue stumbled across a tribe of cannibals in South America, prompting the band to write about the ritualistic aspect of the consumption of human flesh.

Cosmo Thundercat - Warning Bell     Folk, Rock, Roots, Pop 13/09/2016
Cosmo Thundercat are a folk-rock trio who present their raw and honest Aussie personalities, creating music with a captivating and emotive landscape progressing through soulful, garage-pop to darker, acoustic rhythms.
‘Warning Bell’ is an introspective, bittersweet journey that embeds the question, what if there was a warning bell before the plight of falling completely vulnerable?

“A rousing number” - (Dom Alessio, Triple J)

"The soothing soundscape has been attributed with some beautiful yet unsettling visuals" (Music Feeds)

2017 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MUSIC AWARD FINALIST: Best Music Video (Aaron Schuppan – Cosmo Thundercat’s ‘Warning Bell), Best Group, Rock Award

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Other tracks by Cosmo Thundercat:  I Could Never (Fall In Love Again)  -  Never Let Me Go
JayCee - Revolution     Hip Hop, Rap 23/09/2016
The spacious, minimalistic sounds with melodically spat Aussie cheek that ornate the childish nature of the relentlessly driven Jaycee, is returning after leaving serious impressions with his debut in 2015.
Remaining true to his style and form of spacious, minimalistic beats with the focus bound around his formidable lyricism, JayCee expresses his journey about coming to terms with the artificial elements of life including computers and social media for building a career.

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Sunhaus - Bobby     Rock, Folk, Roots 04/11/2016
Sunhaus is Brisbane’s four piece alt rock outfit who are charmingly awkward and bear stories about frustrating young love, foolish behaviour and the life through rose coloured glasses.
Sunhaus have packed joy and pain into the emotive track 'Bobby', inspired and named after the loss of Adela's (Drums) dog.

“Glad to have discovered you today!” (Triple J)
"Once vocalist Aidan Geraghty opens his mouth, you’ll be affixed until the gig is over!” (AAA Backstage)

Faux Bandit - Kill The Comedown Bug     Rock, Garage, Punk 08/12/2016
Faux Bandit are a Brisbane two piece with heavy-riffin and thumping garage drum work with a delicate mix of obnoxious bravado and self loathing.
‘Kill The Comedown Bug’ is an angry piece that spills all about a connection in a past relationship through the metaphor of, “He’s on LSD and she’s on ecstasy”. Getting in and out like real bandits, they pack a heap of variation into two minutes.

Other tracks by Faux Bandit:  Flex
Hana & Jessie-Lee - Maryses     Country, Soul, Alternative Country 24/01/2017
Adelaide Alt-Country duo Hana & Jessie-Lee bring melodic hooks and twangy guitars that can transport you to a dive bar in Nashville while making you thirst for that next whiskey.
Maryses’ is a big dose of Americana that features their band (Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits) including, double-bass, fiddle, drums and keys. With an upbeat tempo and wailing fiddle, the track allows Hana to tip her cowboy hat and sing with her slight twang while Jessie-Lee boasts her lead guitar.

Jordan Merrick - Untitled #1     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 09/02/2017
The humble sounds of Jordan Merrick and his Bush Ballads will bring about a peace that seems to settle the birds and that evening storm.
The song is about humankind - its kindness and its ruthlessness. Whilst Jordan slowly finger picks away gracefully at the acoustic guitar, his vocals and lyrics entice a sense of aspiration to achieve and to be better despite the demons that can be found in anyone.

Captain Dreamboat - Modern Love     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Soul 10/03/2017
The soul/R&B/jazz-inspired quintet, Captain Dreamboat are a formidably tight force able to achieve complex sonic concepts in the studio as well as ad lib impromptu creations on the live stage.
‘Modern Love’ is textually intricate with fragile smooth keys and fingerpicking on the guitar that are reminiscent of wind chimes and a harp. It grooves with an afro-cuban drum pattern and cool bursts of smooth horns in between Fanaika's unmistakable vibrato and crooning tone.

JayCee - Dreams Are [A BNE Thing] (prod. tomtom)     Hip Hop, Jazz, Breaks 28/03/2017
Debuted in 2015, this Brisbane based rapper has developed as a song-writer, musician and lyricist that displays intricate instrumentation, chord patterns, melodies and structures influenced by his love for jazz.
As an ultimate salute to home town Brisbane, the single features diverse breakbeat patterns and varying tempos, intricate layers of instrumentation (synths, piano, semi-hollow electric jazz guitar) and a highly energised and upbeat jazz-funk infused chorus hook.

Hana & Jessie-Lee - Eight Tonne Shackles     Country, Alternative Country, Soul, Swing 31/03/2017
Adelaide Alt-Country duo Hana & Jessie-Lee bring melodic hooks and twangy guitars that can transport you to a dive bar in Nashville while making you thirst for that next whiskey.
Much like the weight of these shackles is the weight of the story embedded in the track that reflects on someone being used by someone who already has a partner.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (SA Awards) - Häna Brenecki

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Graham Moes & The Petrichor - The Helm     Funk/Soul, Roots, Rock, Soul 13/04/2017
Big Band Soulful Rock/Roots: Graham Moes & The Petrichor is the seven piece incarnation of Graham’s soul-driven sound, featuring a live blend of horns and a heavy-duty engine-room rhythm section.
Accompanying Graham's soulful and rootsy vibe throughout the song are distorted electric guitar licks played to the three piece horn section who belt out attributing bopping melodies and long held chords, all which lead up to a huge final chorus where Moes pleads that it’s "time we take the helm!”