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Kamikaze Katz

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Placid - Plunge     Metal/Punk, Grunge, Rock, Pop 07/10/2017
Hailing from the Perth W.A. hills, Placid is a grunge, controlled punk rock/rock group writing and playing only original material. The band is currently enjoying international success & awards.
Plunge is about the discovery of grunge music then the dismay of realising all of your grunge idols have either faded or died. The track originaltes from Kurt Cobain "I'm hooked on this stuff called grunge as I watch all my heroes plunge". Jeff Buckleys drowning death influences this song.

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Other tracks by Placid:  Evergreen  -  Roses & Clementines
Brandon Poletti - Waiting To Be Found     Pop, Blues, Folk, Rock 13/05/2017
Brilliantly organised original melodies and music that captivate and indeed mesmerise. All underpinned with stories of everyday life rich with honesty and emotion that leave you with simply wanting more.
Evokes how it feels to be unwanted by someone who you gave your love and time to. The song is not a love letter to win someone back. The song is actually saying that you can have these words because I’m over caring for someone who doesn’t return the emotion.

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