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Keller Murphy Browne - Queen for Tea     Jazz 22/07/2017
A precious combination that grew from Al Browne's Monday night residency at Bennetts Lane.
Queen for Tea

Other tracks by Keller Murphy Browne:  Travellers  -  Cyclosporin
Monique diMattina - All I Really Want To Do     Jazz, Pop 22/10/2015
Off the back of her sellout show 'An Affair to Dismember' diMattina releases 'Everybody Loves Somebody' - songs on fast lust, French fantasy, platonic pacts, parasitic attachments and more.
A beautiful take on Bob Dylan's "All I Want to Do" is reaharmonised by diMattina's in surprising ways. diMattina's beautiful vocals and the sympathetic musical accompaniment make this a real treat.

Grey Wing Trio - Guardian     Jazz, Instrumental, Atmospheric 12/08/2015
Forged in Sydney's suburban hustle and bustle, Grey Wing Trio draw from diverse influences; jazz with heavy interests from twentieth century and early classical, folk traditions and texture-based improvisational music.
Jazz, Medium paced instrumental song. Melodic and folky aesthetic that later develops into a strong groove and and improvised drum textures. Trumpet, piano and drums. Tells the story of the people in life who are are really great at looking out for others - especially when they need fighting for.

Allan Browne Quintet - Peace at Last     Jazz 29/06/2015
The Allan Browne Quintet features Allan Browne, Eugene Ball, Geoff Howard, Phil Noy and Nick Haywood. Ithaca Bound, their fifth release, celebrates Browne's favourite poem.
The closing track from the Allan Browne's fifth release features spoken word from Browne.

Robert Burke - Mercurochrome     Jazz, Instrumental 11/06/2015
This recording is based on free jazz with compositional context informing free improvisation; hence the title 'Power of the idea'. Burke and Melbourne colleagues are joined by New York luminaries.
Excellent opener from Burke's 2015 release Power of the Idea.

Omelette - One For Four     Jazz, Instrumental 27/09/2014
Omelette play an eclectic mix of music – from African folk, to reggae and jazz influenced grooves and original compositions that serve as vehicles for collectively improvised explorations.
Mark was straight in with driving bass and lots of attitude, Ronny joined quickly with a broken groove around the toms and Steve's lusciously dissonant guitar chords added to the mystery. Guttural plunger mute tones of trombone plunge the tune into world lost between skanking reggae and New Orleans dirge.

Vince Jones: The Monash Sessions - Union Man     Jazz 01/07/2014
Vince Jones' joins the esteemed artists who have recorded with the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University. An Australian musical icon who has influenced legions of singers.
This Vince Jones fan favourite has been arranged by Jordan Murray and includes a performance by the talented Monash University Vocal Ensemble (Directed by Jacqueline Gawler).

Jex Saarelaht Trio - Closing     Jazz, Instrumental 27/06/2014
Pianist-composer Saarelaht, best known as leader of long-running trio, debuted his quartet with saxophonist Julien Wilson at Wangaratta Jazz 2007. Personnel has settled to include Philip Rex and Niko Schäuble.
Closing (commissioned by a Sydney cardio-thoracic surgeon for use during operations)

Anton Delecca Quartet - The Ark     Jazz, World 20/11/2013
The Anton Delecca Quartet soar to magnificent heights with their 3rd album, The Healer, making music that is compelling and absorbing. The journey will inspire you!
The scale and time signature of this piece reflect the Middle Eastern influence of some of the music I have played and recorded recently. The title refers to the group of people who have carried me through some challenging times in my personal recent history.

Other tracks by Anton Delecca Quartet:  Hokusai Says  -  The Healer (For Glen)
Paul Williamson - Piece For Peace     Jazz, Atmospheric 18/10/2013
Connect Four is the 8th release by jazz trumpeter Paul Williamson. Featuring a series of duets with iconic Australian jazz pianists. Tony Gould, Paul Grabowsky, Andrea Keller and Marc Hannaford.
The opening track of the CD, Piece for Peace, features iconic Australian pianist, composer and educator Tony Gould, winner of the prestigious Don Banks Award and an Order of Australia (AM). This is their first recording together but their rapport is evident in the flowing, expressive, and evocative musical dialogue.

Other tracks by Paul Williamson:  Buzzby  -  Drift
Allan Browne Trio - Leo (Mary Lou Williams)     Jazz, Acoustic 28/08/2013
Lost In The Stars, an album inspired by American Jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams and compelling German composer Karl Stockhausen affiliated here by their Zodiac Suites.
This is the Mary Lou Williams version.
"Sonically, it has an immediacy that erupts from the speakers as though Browne (drums), Marc Hannaford (piano) and new member Sam Pankhurst (bass) have just set up in your living room." John Shand

Other tracks by Allan Browne Trio:  Taurus (Mary Lou Williams)  -  Leo (Karlheinz Stockhausen)
Andrea Keller - Golden Strawberries     Jazz, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Classical 24/08/2013
Jazz pianist and composer Andrea Keller has established herself as an important contributor to Australian jazz and contemporary music. In recent years solo piano has become more prominently featured.
‘Golden Strawberries’ fondly recollects my first meetings with my paternal grandmother, ‘Babička’ in her tiny bedsit flat in Prague when I lived there with my son Jim in 2002. She always grew a pot of strawberries on her small balcony and would send Jim to pick those that had ripened.

Other tracks by Andrea Keller:  Belonging  -  Without Voice
Monique diMattina - Dig A Hole     Jazz, Blues 05/07/2013
Singer/songwriter, pianist Monique diMattina is back, this time with Nola’s Ark. Recorded in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, accompanied by an incredible all star ensemble of musicians.
This song was written after a huge storm flooded outer suburban Melbourne the 3RRR listener wanted a song to bemoan the Saturday morning loving he missed out on because he had to get up out of bed and dig trenches.

Watch video

Other tracks by Monique diMattina:  Bring On The Rain  -  Numb Fumblin'
Trichotomy - Strom     Jazz, Instrumental 20/03/2013
Musically assured with bold music vision, Fact Finding Mission places the Trio at the forefront of modern creative jazz. The trio sound is inventive and exciting with spirited group creativity.
Meaning stream, current or flow. It's upbeat and joyful - which sums up the album as a whole and was an easy choice as an album opener. I'd been listening to a bit of Avishai Cohen at the time and was inspired by the sense of energy in his group.

Watch video

Other tracks by Trichotomy:  The Blank Canvas Pt 1 (Featuring James Muller)  -  Song For EV
Barney McAll - Jazz Epidural     Jazz, Electronic, Soundscapes, Experimental 21/09/2012
Barney McAll’s innovation and talent, now as a New York based artist, has continued to evolve, never stagnant and never without purpose, as this truly stunning new recording will attest.
Composed by Barney McAll and Sia. Lead vocal and Invenio choir arrangements by Gian Slater. A travelling uptempo style, that changes a little more than half way in to a slow tempo. McAll's piano is dynamic throughout.

Other tracks by Barney McAll:  Firefly  -  Catch A Falling
Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig - Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today     Jazz 21/08/2012
Australian Jazz Musician of the Year at the 2007 Bell Awards, and is now coordinator of Jazz Studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
The tracks recorded here come with a specific image in mind, a recollection of a time past, or a hope for the future. The beauty of this art form is that the listening process is subjective. I truly hope you enjoy it and find a connection to it.
–Jamie Oehlers

Other tracks by Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig:  Innocent Dreamer  -  Angle
Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra - Mr Jackson     Jazz, Swing 25/08/2011
An exciting new collaboration represented by many fine, dynamic, young Australian improvisers. Compositions and vocals by Krisin Berardi who, with The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra are jazz orchestral at its finest.
This groovy, hard swinging arrangement by Ross Irwin (Cat Empire). Features solos by wonderkind pianist, Steven Barry, and trombone legend Dave Panichi and some tough ensemble playing.

Other tracks by Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra:  Ode To Oli  -  Old Fashioned Way
Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet - Nailing     Jazz, Swing, Instrumental 20/05/2011
Lauded as one of the most swinging, insightful pianists Australia has produced, legendary pianist and composer Mark Fitzgibbon’s breadth of experience and talent is now documented in his irrepressible debut.
A medium swinger with a quirky melody heralds blistering solos from Rex and Fitzgibbon over cool chord changes and great swinging drumming from Craig Simon drives this along like crazy

Other tracks by Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet:  So Yesterday  -  Closer
Inside Out - Green Land, Grey Skies     Jazz, Acoustic, Instrumental 25/03/2011
Inside Out is Trumpet-man Paul Williamson’s new Quartet. Formed on his return from a 2year stint in Dublin. Entrancing piano interludes and fiery ensemble interactions ignite their exciting, contemporary sound.
This composition was written on reflection of the many journeys travelling around the countryside of Ireland whilst residing there in 2006-2008. The Green Lands and Grey Skies seem to have an intangible effect of pervading facets of daily life.

Other tracks by Inside Out:  Shop And Gargle  -  The Stoop
Howard Cairns Quintet - Newell Waltz     Jazz, Acoustic, Downbeat, Soundscapes 14/10/2010
The Howard Cairns Quintet's music is chordless, melody based, and pulse orientated. The music is in turn reflective, tongue in cheek, good humored , dark, even hopeful!
The artist was inspired to write this piece after a long drive down the Newell Highway and the music depicts just that, reminding the listener of long lost memories. Starting off with solo bass, the muted horns that join in suit the feeling of nostalgia of the piece.

Other tracks by Howard Cairns Quintet:  500,000  -  While No One Was Looking