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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Ngarukuruwala - Murli murli la     Indigenous, World, Jazz 08/12/2016
Since 2007, Ngarukuruwala (we sing songs), have shared musical ideas to create new versions of old Tiwi songs.
'Murli murli la' tells the story of a girl and a boy who are in love but can't be together. Murli la translates roughly as 'Let's go away together'. Like the old love songs, it's lighthearted entertainment with a deeper (unspoken) understanding of the complications of love and desire.

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Other tracks by Ngarukuruwala:  Yamparriparri  -  Healing Song For CM
Pow! Negro - Hidle Ho     Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock 08/12/2016
Pow! Negro is a six piece consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes. They're live show is electric and eclectic.
'Hidle Ho' sees the band merging jazz and hip-hop elements with an aggressive vocal style that falls somewhere between the energetic bounces of Zac De La Rocha and the funk come street verses of Mos Def all coming together in the bedroom-recorded sophomore track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Klara Zubonja - Stuck Between     Pop, Britpop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 30/11/2016
Klara Zubonja is a progressive indie-pop singer/songwriter who’s music is driven by spontaneous and energetic passion. Her voice conveys both sweetness and strength within the same breath.
The single and title from Klara Zubonja's debut album, Stuck Between. One would never guess the high-spirited and indie-pop song was written after a disagreement with some friends. The song expresses all the feelings of being stuck between, and simultaneously sheds a different perspective and light on things.

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Other tracks by Klara Zubonja:  Maybe Lying Is Preferred  -  Slightly Damaged
New Venusians - Keep Running...And Running     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz 22/11/2016
“New Venusians have a passionate following in Sydney with hypnotic live shows, infectious beats and smooth brand of electronica. Get to know these guys before they blow up.” - ToneDeaf
Keep Running...And Running is the extended version of the band's debut single from their forthcoming self titled debut album. It mixes heavy synth leaden grooves with psychedelic guitar and pristine vocals.

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Bullhorn - Uphill     Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB, Roots 18/11/2016
New wave brass band, Bullhorn, are an acoustic force of nature with a line up including 7 horn players, 1 drummer and 1 monster MC.
Uphill, lands with a new sound as Roman MC spins a lyrical blend of autobiographical flashback and mystic narration. Uphill is about the life struggle. As the old saying goes, you either 'get busy living or get busy dying' and this fiery new single captures these dramatic elements.

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Other tracks by Bullhorn:  Deep End
Lofty Heights - Lilly (feat. Trent-Jean)     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB, Rock 09/11/2016
Lofty Heights is the inquisitive cat looking into the world of music and finding an unlimited amount of string to play with.
Lilly is about that one person who is like a drug, they're toxic but you can't leave them.

Other tracks by Lofty Heights:  Follow (feat. Edde)  -  It’s Time (Feat. T.Soko & Soloman Pitt)
Caprice Quinn - Red     Pop, RnB, Jazz, Soul 04/11/2016
Seductively alluring, Caprice Quinn is an imaginative urban artist who loves to draw her listeners away from their reality to revel in the fantasies she creates through music.
Never has drowning your sorrows in a glass of "Red" been so sexy. Let the smooth, jazzy tones seduce your ears whist Caprice's sultry vocal delivery wisps you into this forlorn story.

Other tracks by Caprice Quinn:  Luv Pack A Punch  -  Be
Slum Sociable - Name Call     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 03/11/2016
Slum Sociable are Edward Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals/percussion). A Melbourne-based duo steeped in groove, that glide through the intersection of soul, hip-hop and electronica.
‘Name Call’ is the first cut from the subversive duo’s awaited debut album and adds to their already impressive repertoire, which includes single ‘Anyway’, and ‘Apartment’ from debut EP, TQ. It takes a firm hold on the hips and guides left to right to left in a hypnotic sway.

Anna Salleh - Noites Cariocas     World, Jazz, Acoustic 02/11/2016
From honey-smooth bossa nova and ballads, and irrepressible samba, to playful swing, cool jazz and enchanting choro, singer/guitarist Anna Salleh channels songs of beauty, sorrow, irreverence and joy.
Noites Cariocas (pronounced 'noichez kah-ree-oh-cahs') means 'Rio Nights' and is in the choro style. This form of music from Rio de Janeiro was originally instrumental but this song is set to almost untranslatable Portuguese lyrics that touch on themes of sleepless nights from a vexed relationship. Call it 'Brazilian vocalese'!

Other tracks by Anna Salleh:  Caravan  -  Manhã de Carnaval/Black Orpheus
Cameron Holmes & The Blues Dudes - War Horse     Blues/Roots, Rock, Jazz, Blues 02/11/2016
Cameron Holmes & The Blues Dudes (CHBD) is a five-piece original blues outfit with a distinctive “blues with a Melbourne twist”.
"War Horse", put simply is about the disappointment that a deity would have surrounding humanity’s inconceivable decision to want to wipe each other out, with the added confusion of said deity’s want to wipe us out. “Make peace with your maker, he’s the one that’s got the blues”

Other tracks by Cameron Holmes & The Blues Dudes:  Hell
Orphans - The Consequence of Following     Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental, Soundscapes 26/10/2016
Orphans improvise, seamlessly flowing from sparse, atonal soundscapes to lucid, melodic structures.
The Consequence of Following develops from a subdued, frenzied landscape. Chasing a melody that eventually errupts into an explosive cacophony of drums, trumpet and guitar. Never in tempo but always with momentum, the tune chronicles the beginning of a journey.

Other tracks by Orphans:  Excusing Yourself From The Séance  -  Infiltrating the Cave
Jim Kelly - Rolling With The Punches     Jazz, Blues 15/10/2016
Jim Kelly, ex-Crossfire, is the guitarist's guitarist whose reputation goes way beyond Australian shores. He is also a composer and producer and now runs Tone Ranger Studio near Lismore.
This track is very dreamy and people always mention that it should be used for soundtrack. Drummers featured on this track are Dave Sanders and Scott Hills.

Other tracks by Jim Kelly:  Freddie & The Crusaders  -  The Tone Ranger Rides Again
Liahona - Kiss Your Favourite Part Of Me     Electronic, Ambience, Jazz 12/10/2016
Liahona is the new project by artist Harmony Byrne. Embodying the raw essence of singer-songwriting at its core, the last two years have seen a collaboration with Producer, Joshua Delaney
Liahona is the new project by Melbourne recording artist Harmony Byrne. Embodying the raw essence of singer-songwriting at its core, the last two years have seen a collaboration unfold in Producer Joshua Delaney's (Rat & Co, Smile) Brunswick studio.

Simone Waddell - I Fell     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz 06/10/2016
Soulful, powerful, sweet or funky. The textures and variety in the voice and music of Simone are incredible. A world class singer and songwriter with heart, soul and passion.
All real instruments playing excellent groove with a funk/soul feel. Soulful female lead vocal by Simone Waddell with thick layered backing vocals and harmonies. All Australian musicians and singers. The music video was shot at VIVID in Sydney and has had thousands of views on Facebook with amazing feedback.

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Other tracks by Simone Waddell:  This Too Will Pass  -  Baby I'm Sorry
Lake Minnetonka - Out There Bout There     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental 23/09/2016
Six-piece juggernaut Lake Minnetonka, are super-tight funk on the bottom, and wild punk jazz on top. For fans of New Wave, No Wave and Mutant Disco.
'Out There Bout There' represents an exciting and historic new synthesis. Some of the primary architects of the Minneapolis Sound lending their skills to perform new material in collaboration with Melbourne jazz fusion band Lake Minnetonka. The spirit of Prince lives on in the energy and spontaneity of these jams.

Joel Sena - Be With You (Feat. Phoebe Papatheodorou)     Jazz 19/09/2016
Sax drenched melodies, infectious grooves and emotive songwriting is the heart of Joel Sena's soul music.
A smooth R’n’B jazz offering from newcomer Joel Sena, featuring the sultry female vocals of collaborator Phoebe. This track features full band backing, great guitar, Fender Rhodes and sax top-lines to create a mid-tempo modern radio friendly sound.

Kennedy Snow - Speak Truth     Funk/Soul, Jazz 12/09/2016
A contemporary Soul Jazz group that mesmerises you with infectious melodies and grooves and speaks about life and love - hip R&B to addictive Neo-Soul to a heart stopping ballad.
Speak Truth is a funk / soul upbeat track that has an infectious vibe and groove about it and great vocals. The lyrics share a positive message about trusting your own instincts and searching for what makes you happy, not others.

Other tracks by Kennedy Snow:  Another Time  -  Just Breathe
Sean Foran - Une Fille     Jazz, Classical, Instrumental 02/09/2016
Acclaimed Brisbane pianist/composer Sean Foran moves into deeper lyrical territory with a new group featuring piano, saxophone, guitar, cello and drums evoking sounds of European art music, minimalism, contemporary jazz.
Uptempo, lively and rhythmically intense... this track pushes along with a strong energy throughout. Drums, Guitar, Saxophone and piano all feature, with this highly dynamic and captivating track. Similar to: Joshua Redman, The Bad Plus, Brad Mehldau, E.S.T, Tigran.


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Kev Starkey - Who'd Have Thought     Jazz, Blues, Australian Indigenous, Jazz 25/08/2016
Kev Starkey is an Adnyamathanha and Torres Strait Islander man passionate about caring for Country and singing the blues.
From Kev Starkey’s debut album this is a laid back jazz love song to his teenage sweetheart, who then went on to become his wife of 24 years. Sung in Kev Starkey’s signature smoky voice, this piano-driven blues tune is Australia’s answer to the honky-tonk rhythms of southern USA.

Pickpocket - Junk Trunk     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental 25/08/2016
Pickpocket are a Melbourne band who play deep instrumental funk.Sophisticated yet unpretentious funk that stimulates your brain and activatesyour feet. Funk for everyone.
Junk Trunk is the lead track from the album and features infectiously funky guitar lines and groovy horn melodies that epitomise the upbeat overall feel of the album.

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Other tracks by Pickpocket:  Days Of Wonder  -  Inverse Funk