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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Zen Panda - Cute Hand Touch In The Nutbowl     Rock, Psychedelic, Jazz, Pop 25/01/2017
Formed along South Australia's Fleurieu coast, Zen Panda have created their own signature blend of psychedelic jazz that has earned them a strong reputation after starting up in 2015.
"Cute Hand Touch In The Nutbowl" is the debut release from Zen Panda. Originally stemmed from a situation shared between band members, this song explores and exploits many possible outcomes that may occur when caressing anothers' hand at such a time of need.

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Other tracks by Zen Panda:  Prior Arrangement  -  Waiting For You / Console - Recorded Live @ Fat Controller
Melinda Schneider - Young At Heart     Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtrack (Film Related), Cover Version 20/01/2017
Melinda Schneider continues her heartfelt homage to Hollywood movie legend, the wonderful Doris Day with her new album Melinda Does Doris… Again - The Movie Songs - out now.
The first single 'Young At Heart' features Australian actor and singer Tom Burlinson. 'Young At Heart' was originally sung by Frank Sinatra in 1955 for the movie Young At Heart in which he and Doris co-starred.

Other tracks by Melinda Schneider:  Just Blew In From The Windy City  -  The Very Thought Of You
New Venusians - Get Along     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz 20/01/2017
New Venusians unique sound draws influences from the lush sounds of synthesisers, to gritty washed out guitar sounds, hip hop inspired grooves and delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
'Get Along' is dedicated to those frustrated and confused by the intimate relationships. The song divulges this theme throughout; encapsulating listeners with an ironically easy hook ‘Get Along’, provided calmly by vocalist Meklit Kibret, providing an honest and soothing motif built on the healing nature of the group’s lyrical makeup.

Trichotomy - Five     Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic, Experimental 20/01/2017
Trichotomy are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles. Using piano, bass, drums they conjure up sounds of modern jazz, ambient music, avant-garde rock, free improvisation and contemporary classical.
Upbeat and lively, this catchy track is the album opener and features solos from piano, bass and drums with captivating rhythmic interplay.

Other tracks by Trichotomy:  Reverie of Lack
Baldwins - Goldbrick     Funk/Soul, Rock, Jazz 19/01/2017
Baldwins are an eight-piece progressive-soul band hailing from Sydney, Australia. Taking from the rhythmic groove of neo-soul/hip-hop, the textures of electronica, lush jazz-tinged harmony, and rock sonorities.
"Baldwins have crafted something wonderful with Goldbrick, a menagerie of delicious connections to musical delicacies old and new, and a fantastically unique, distinct and expressive debut." - Happy Mag

Amir Farid - Portrait and Blue Hymn     Classical, Jazz, Instrumental 23/12/2016
Pianist Amir Farid is a highly creative musician - a pianist of great intelligence and integrity bringing strong musical substance to all that he does.
Uplifting and mellow, punchy and calm at the same time - this piece, composed by Stuart Greenbaum, was written to celebrate the birth of actor, Morna Sers, who Stuart was working with on Stephen Sewell's play, Sisters. Beautiful!

Other tracks by Amir Farid:  First Light  -  Four Thoughts - I. The End Of Winter
Tony Gould - The Second Time Around     Jazz, Instrumental 23/12/2016
Pianist and composer Tony Gould is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. His career has embraced many styles of music, not least jazz, improvisatory, traditional and contemporary classical musics.
Features the captivating vocals of Melbourne jazz singer, Michelle Nicole. Nicole re-imagines this song interpretation in her own sensitive way. Gould says: 'All music making is all creative … they (the musicians) are bringing new life to the music on the page'.

Other tracks by Tony Gould:  The First Day of Spring  -  Schindler's List
Ism - Moods of the Sun     Jazz, Instrumental, Soundscapes, Live Performance 22/12/2016
Melbourne-based contemporary piano trio pushing boundaries of improvised sounds with lyrical tunes, crazy rhythms and explosive interaction.
Composed by pianist, Selene Messinis, ‘Moods of the Sun’ is a fiery journey through the sun's different emotions, with driving ostinatos, soaring melodies and fast, energetic improvised solos.

Other tracks by Ism:  Banter  -  Fragments
Brenton Foster - Heller va Feller     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing 17/12/2016
Brenton Foster is a Melbourne based vocalist, pianist and composer. His debut record, Two Cities was nominated for Best Jazz Album in the 2016 The Age Music Victoria Awards.
'Heller va Feller' captures the heartbeat of New York City - the hustling traffic, frenetic energy and wildness at street level. Later, Gideon Brazil's saxophone solo reflects on the stillness of the city from atop the Rockefeller Centre, mirroring the pulsating flow of the of city lights below.

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Other tracks by Brenton Foster:  Schulz  -  Hostelity
New Leaf Band - Lose My Mind     Jazz, Pop, Swing, Blues 16/12/2016
Jazz pop with an old school twist, New Leaf spins a story of reluctant love, friendship, and celebrating the start of something unexpected.
"'Lose My Mind' catches you from the first New Orleans-style drum intro before launching into its catchy cute motif that you’ll whistle for the rest of the day...There’s some great little horn riffs tossed in there for good measure, which is worth listening out for." - missmaestromusic

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Other tracks by New Leaf Band:  Dear Friend  -  The Kindest Thing
Jazz Party - Mountain Goat     Jazz, Soul, Blues, Retro 15/12/2016
Think New Orleans meets Twin Peaks. Led by Darcy McNulty, Jazz Party are an eight-piece powerhouse with a punk attitude and a penchant for jazz, soul and rock n' roll.
It's a sincere nod to McNulty’s drink of choice with lyrics that playfully tease Melbourne’s hipster culture and jazz scene. It's danceable Calypso rhythms and sensual brass makes it the perfect anthem for summer.

James Morrison & the James Morrison Academy Jazz Orchestra - Georgia On My Mind     Jazz 14/12/2016
Performing with his Academy Jazz Orchestra, Morrison presents both the thrill of a live set and the intimacy of a studio session, all released for the first time!
A jazzy upbeat version of 'Georgia On My Mind'.

Other tracks by James Morrison & the James Morrison Academy Jazz Orchestra:  (Back Home Again In) Indiana  -  You're Always Here
Bernie McGann - Sweet Lucy     Jazz, Live Performance, World 13/12/2016
A multiple ARIA Award winner, McGann received the Australia Council Don Banks Music Award in 1998. He continued his performing career until the very end.
Melodious Sax improvisation, great backup band, beautiful jazzy pace. Live performances from the Capitol Theatre Sydney.

Other tracks by Bernie McGann:  Oleo
Ezrato - Noir (Feat. Stellarhymes)     Electronic, Pop, Jazz, House 13/12/2016
Ezrato is a young music producer from Australia. His style shows a melodic blend of various EDM genres with cinematic flair evident in his complex musical structure and tonality.
Noir is an upbeat jazz/house hybrid track from the young Australian producer Ezrato. Incorporating musical elements inspired from the neo-noir film genre, the song revolves around the dangers of having an addiction to a person one admires and the grave consequences that can occur when things don’t work out.

Christopher Young - Enigma     Jazz, Atmospheric, Instrumental 09/12/2016
Christopher Young (soprano sax, flutes and bass clarinet) is best-known for co-leading the Lewis and Young Ensemble in the 1990s with well-known indigenous actor/musician Tom E. Lewis.
"If a boa constrictor could sing it might sound something like Christopher Young's bass clarinet. Often this instrument is moody or demur, but in Young's mouth - and on this reverb-laden recording - it becomes monstrous, boasting an urgency that continually blisters the music's surface." - John Shand, The Shortlist.

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Other tracks by Christopher Young:  A Cold Melbourne Day  -  Etherial Pathways
Ngarukuruwala - Murli murli la     Indigenous, World, Jazz 08/12/2016
Since 2007, Ngarukuruwala (we sing songs), have shared musical ideas to create new versions of old Tiwi songs.
'Murli murli la' tells the story of a girl and a boy who are in love but can't be together. Murli la translates roughly as 'Let's go away together'. Like the old love songs, it's lighthearted entertainment with a deeper (unspoken) understanding of the complications of love and desire.

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Other tracks by Ngarukuruwala:  Yamparriparri  -  Healing Song For CM
Pow! Negro - Hidle Ho     Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock 08/12/2016
Pow! Negro is a six piece consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes. They're live show is electric and eclectic.
'Hidle Ho' sees the band merging jazz and hip-hop elements with an aggressive vocal style that falls somewhere between the energetic bounces of Zac De La Rocha and the funk come street verses of Mos Def all coming together in the bedroom-recorded sophomore track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Klara Zubonja - Stuck Between     Pop, Britpop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 30/11/2016
Klara Zubonja is a progressive indie-pop singer/songwriter who’s music is driven by spontaneous and energetic passion. Her voice conveys both sweetness and strength within the same breath.
The single and title from Klara Zubonja's debut album, Stuck Between. One would never guess the high-spirited and indie-pop song was written after a disagreement with some friends. The song expresses all the feelings of being stuck between, and simultaneously sheds a different perspective and light on things.

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Other tracks by Klara Zubonja:  Maybe Lying Is Preferred  -  Slightly Damaged
New Venusians - Keep Running...And Running     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz 22/11/2016
“New Venusians have a passionate following in Sydney with hypnotic live shows, infectious beats and smooth brand of electronica. Get to know these guys before they blow up.” - ToneDeaf
Keep Running...And Running is the extended version of the band's debut single from their forthcoming self titled debut album. It mixes heavy synth leaden grooves with psychedelic guitar and pristine vocals.

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Bullhorn - Uphill     Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB, Roots 18/11/2016
New wave brass band, Bullhorn, are an acoustic force of nature with a line up including 7 horn players, 1 drummer and 1 monster MC.
Uphill, lands with a new sound as Roman MC spins a lyrical blend of autobiographical flashback and mystic narration. Uphill is about the life struggle. As the old saying goes, you either 'get busy living or get busy dying' and this fiery new single captures these dramatic elements.

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Other tracks by Bullhorn:  Deep End