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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Chicago Dime - Big City Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues, Jazz, Rock 28/10/2017
We are a Melbourne blues groove band bringing to life the sounds of Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Trombone Shorty as well as many of the greats in between.
A late night easy listening blues tune about a person from a small town walking around the big city and reminiscing about their journey. This song represents what happened to us one night last year.

Other tracks by Chicago Dime:  Own Groove  -  Everyday I Have The Blues
The Omnific - Objets De Vertu     Rock, Metal, Jazz, Instrumental 25/10/2017
The Omnific are a progressive experimental band from Melbourne, Australia.
Bassist for the band, Matthew Fackrell said that "'Kismet' is an incredibly personal release for me, as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February of this year. Having these tracks to work on helped me to not get overwhelmed from the life-changing issues I was facing.

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Chris Frangou - Espresso     Jazz, Instrumental 18/10/2017
Chris Frangou is a bass player, composer and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his work with Mulatu Astatke and Ethio-jazz hip-hop collective Black Jesus Experience.
A modern jazz odyssey. 'Espresso' is a energetic, playful, progressive instrumental with multiple layered melodies and intricacies which builds to an explosive short drum solo near the conclusion of the piece. A very fun adventure.

Other tracks by Chris Frangou:  Motion  -  Smith Street
Le Fleur - Shakedown     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz, RnB 13/10/2017
Le Fleur are a brand new Melbourne Funk outfit with all the nastiness you need. Le Fleur's grooves range from extremely to ultra funky.
High energy funk with a big groove, and a chorus hook that'll get you singing.

Other tracks by Le Fleur:  Deep Heat  -  I'm Gonna (Let You Go)
Fleur Green And The Keepers - Pretty Bird     Classical, Jazz, Pop 12/10/2017
Fleur Green and The Keepers are an alt-pop sensation born in the inner west of Adelaide. Famed for sweet and heavy pop melodies, headed by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fleur Green.
A ballad about beautiful creatures that fly into your life and fly out. It's about appreciating what is happening right now and the fact that the Pretty Bird has flown away is a beautiful and sad thing. Not attaching yourself to a feeling of grief when beautiful things leave.

Crump Cake Orchestra - Pink Will Never Go Away     Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk 06/10/2017
Make Jazz Fun Again. A 20 Piece Jazz Orchestra influenced by modern music styles such as Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronica.
Heavy Horn, Funk Hip Hop Inspired Track

Other tracks by Crump Cake Orchestra:  Copy Copy  -  Come With Me To Singapore
Aurelia - Are We Losing (Sensible J Remix)     Pop, Jazz, Atmospheric 03/10/2017
Grammy nominated, wide-screen, dream pop artist.
Sensible J’s smokey new remix of Aurelia’s ‘Are We Losing’ is Lounge inspired and Jazz tingled. Very cool and very chilled

Jazz Party - Drowning     Jazz, Soul, RnB, Instrumental 29/09/2017
Late nights, flickering neon and beer fueled dance freak-outs over a gravely wailing saxophone - think New Orleans meets Twin Peaks. This is Jazz Party. Melbourne’s Monday night secret society.
‘Drowning’ plunges deep into a wild dash of careering percussion, epic horn sections and manic keys, making for a gospel take on retro swing and jump blues. Commanding vocalist Loretta Miller spills her woes of drowning sorrows and burning love with the deep baritones of the rest of the band.

Ben Iota - Do Dat     Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap 27/09/2017
Ben Iota: Emcee and vocalist of the personal, political and laid back variety. Member of Adroit Effusive, contributor of the Butterthief collective, formerly of Common Cause.
Fun call-and-response Hip Hop music, displaying verbal gymnastics and speaking volumes. Inspired by Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest.

Vocals written and performed by Ben Iota
Beat produced by Dan the Underdog

Other tracks by Ben Iota:  By the Fear  -  Beautiful Thing
Godtet - Take Off     Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 27/09/2017
Sydney Jazz aficionado, producer & beat-maker Godriguez (Sampa the Great) brings GODTET. The debut album and band pushing the boundaries of sound into the unknown.
Furious instrumental.

Other tracks by Godtet:  Ensueño
Blended Generations - Rely On Love     Jazz, Soul, Pop 23/09/2017
An inspired fusion of Roger Price’s lyrics and Ola Milena’s music have created the soulful Hope Sweet. An ensemble of local musicians back Ola’s beautiful vocals in their first EP.
Appropriately, Hope Sweet climaxes with an upbeat melody and lyrics. Hope and joy collide to create an explosion of love - which is “what real life is made of”.

Other tracks by Blended Generations:  Channel Of Contentment  -  Hope Sings
SO.Crates - Divide/ 30/70 Replay     Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul 19/09/2017
Hip hop traditionalists, producer Skomes and Californian born Australian resident MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, AKA SO.Crates have already staked their claim as one of Melbourne's most sought after live acts.
SO.Crates have provided an early taste tester of the reissue with the newly reworked version of ‘Divide’, handled by Melbourne’s very own 30/70 Collective featuring the vocals of Allysha Joy showcasing her honest energy of love and light, that is channelled through Soul and Jazz music.

San Lazaro - Ladridos (Cy Gorman Remix)     World, Electronic, Jazz 19/09/2017
For over a decade, San Lazaro have been playing and writing original Latin music in Melbourne. A tribe of lost Latinos, cobbled together from all over the Spanish speaking world.
Blending the futuristic and the classic, Cy Gorman’s remix of San Lazaro’s sultry ballad Ladridos is a mesmerizing meeting of two worlds. A a dark, sparse and completely analogue tango ballad twisted into a deeply bent piece of
symphonic electronica, synthesizing elements of cumbia, deep house and dub.

The Old Married Couple - You're My     Jazz, Swing, Retro, Folk 03/09/2017
THE OLD MARRIED COUPLE are the faces of new vintage, playing Dixieland style music with a 1920's vaudevillian twist featuring Kazoos and witty humour.
This is a fun sing along and dance along tune. Get out your best flapper dress and get ready to the Charleston and the Lindy hop while you party with your favourite dames and guys in a 1920's speakeasy. This song features a really fun kazoo dixieland/trad. Jazz band.

Other tracks by The Old Married Couple:  Me to You  -  Secret Song
Entropy Quartet - Bella     Jazz, Experimental 01/09/2017
Entropy : Noun1. 'Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder'2. 'Original Melbourne based improvising ensemble
Bella is a light guitar driven piece, that takes the listener on through polyrhythmic landscapes.

Other tracks by Entropy Quartet:  Drink in Moderation  -  Ekyatra
Jennifer Salisbury and James Mustafa - Web of Gold     Jazz 01/09/2017
Let go as Jen and her stellar jazz band guide you through a world of vintage soundscapes and bittersweet emotions.
A reflection of shattered illusions in love with reference to the incredible jazz tune 'My Funny Valentine'. The beautiful jazz piano and heart felt vocals make this song a beauty to listen to.

Other tracks by Jennifer Salisbury and James Mustafa:  Mr Fix - it  -  Baby, I'm Sorry
Levingstone - Ritual     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Soul 30/08/2017
Eclectic five-piece Levingstone make indie soul music - rich with narrative, and bathed in lush harmony and deep groove.
Described by the band as a "song about death you could dance to", 'Ritual' is the lead single from Levingstone's EP "Overland". The song features a golden horn section that colours the tight, pulsing rhythm framing the playful vocals, and showcases the band's penchant for rich imagery in their lyrics.


The Cortex Shift - Leaky Scone     Jazz, Rock, Funk, Instrumental 30/08/2017
South Australian jazz-rock band. A unique and visceral blend of jazz-rock and post-rock.
Leaky Scone is a guitar focussed jazz-rock / jazz-funk tune.


Other tracks by The Cortex Shift:  When is the Crumpet?  -  Standing on the Lake (and Eating Lunch)
Odette - Watch Me Read You     Pop, Jazz 19/08/2017
Odette is a singer, songwriter and self-taught pianist hailing from inner-west Sydney
“Watch Me Read You”, the title of her debut single alone hints at this, and her poetic, syncopated, spoken-word verses nail it home.

Slum Sociable - Castle     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 18/08/2017
Slum Sociable are a Melbourne duo consisting of Ed(ward) Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals and percussion).
‘Castle’ takes a darker turn from the lush, synth-heavy ballad, ‘Don’t Come Back Another 100 Times.’ Premiered on triple j Good Nights, the track blurs genre lines and builds an invigorating atmosphere through melancholic vocals and tight percussion

Other tracks by Slum Sociable:  Don't Come Back Another 100 Times