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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Sam Anning/Allan Browne/Marc Hannaford - Duke Looking Up     Jazz 28/09/2009
Sam Anning, Allan Browne and Marc Hannaford were initially drawn together through their respect of early jazz composers. The aptly named 'Homage' album appropriates some of their favourites.
“Browne is steeped in playing the music of Ellington, Armstrong and Morton in the 1920s style; Hannaford is one of the most forward thinking Australian jazz musicians and Annings warmth ensures the results never seem like a musicological exercise. Exceptional trio.”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Other tracks by Sam Anning/Allan Browne/Marc Hannaford:  Hotter Than That  -  Nicholas, Nicholas
The Rooftops - Lest We Forget     Jazz, Roots, Reggae 28/09/2009
Euan Gray fronts the Rooftops, a Jazz- folk inspired 5-piece noted for their soulful lyricism and feet-friendly grooves.
"Horn assisted, feet-friendly, infectious groove that is guaranteed to encourage smiles" Rave Magazine. Drawing from the ambitious subject of Cambodian history, this track combines soulful lyrics with rootsy grooves; a funky and uplifting meditation of war and collective memory.

Other tracks by The Rooftops:  Clean Dirt  -  The Sound of Leaves
Fallingwater Trio - Bells     Jazz 25/09/2009
The drum-less Fallingwater Trio create lush romanticism with uncanny melodic interplay and seductive soundscapes. This is music of profound beauty, with stark intimate minimalism.
"The style is ambient, but not of the meaningless. Like its namesake's architecture, the music is thoughtfully structured and designed to produce a harmonious, peaceful effect. Bywater's tenor sax flows along with Elliott Folvig's guitar and Dale Lindrea's electric bass as naturally as quiet waters over river stones." John McBeath

Other tracks by Fallingwater Trio:  After Nalma  -  Faith
Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson - Taipan     Jazz 25/09/2009
Award winning Jazz musicians Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson present 'Kaleidoscopic', a new jazz classic.
Kaleidoscopic takes to the wide screen with this collaboration from Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson.

Other tracks by Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson:  Bismillah  -  The Show
Keller Murphy Browne - The Days Of Wine And Roses     Jazz, Instrumental 25/09/2009
Each piece on 'Carried By The Sun' unfolds like a three-way conversation, the focus shifting subtly from player to player without the need for bombast or empty technical displays.
The ballad Days of Wine and Roses is played slightly faster than usual after a rippling, rhythmless piano opening. These experienced players stress that no one is leader: it's a genuinely collaborative exercise. That is demonstrated in the compositions, with contributions from each member. Review from The Weekend Australian

Other tracks by Keller Murphy Browne:  Carried By The Sun
Sam Keevers Nonet - Accidentally Pissed     Jazz, Ethnic, Instrumental, Live Performance 25/09/2009
Sam Keevers brought together his 'Nonet' (a stellar lineup of selected jazz musicians) to record a 2 hour session at Bennetts Lane. The result? Albums 'No Conditions' and 'No Exceptions'.
The Latin energy carries through the recording from the percussive Latin rhythms (the title track here is a Cha Cha Cha is 7/4 time) to the more contemporary pieces. The live atmosphere enhances their vibrant performance.

Other tracks by Sam Keevers Nonet:  Livro
Sam Keevers Nonet - No Conditons No Exceptions     Jazz, Instrumental, Ethnic 25/09/2009
Sam Keevers brought together his 'Nonet' (a stellar lineup of selected jazz musicians) to record a 2 hour session at Bennetts Lane. The result? Albums 'No Conditions' and 'No Exceptions'.
Keever's compositions consistently explore elements of Latin-jazz and this is apparent in the title track on No Conditions, with the solid pulse of the ‘ostinato’ which allows the (Cuban) ‘Cascara’ to build and emerge. This dynamic energy continues throughout the album with its unique rhythm and timing.

Other tracks by Sam Keevers Nonet:  Pachyderm Picasso
Zac Hurren Trio - Johphrow     Jazz 25/09/2009
The Zac Hurren Trio explores a contemporary Australian jazz sound inspired by the likes of Scott Tinkler, Dale Barlow, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.
Exordium's opening track, Johphrow is an appealing post-bop composition which features unison accents from the trio in the short opening exposition. Hurren's tenor growls and snarls its way through his improvisation as the rhythm section swings melodic and refined before Hurren takes the tune out. Review Music Forum Feb-Apr 2009

Other tracks by Zac Hurren Trio:  Tune No. 1 (of one of the first days of the rest of my life)  -  Birthday Suit