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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Allan Browne Quintet - Lost In The Furious Lashing Of Tides     Jazz 21/10/2009
The quintet, formed in 2002, includes Geoff Hughes (guitar), Eugene Ball (trumpet), David Rex (alto sax), Nick Haywood (bass) and Allan Browne (drums) with guest vocals from Stella Browne.
“…the glistening sheen of Hughes's guitar notes, the warmth of Nick Haywood's bass, the slicing shards of Ball's trumpet, David Rex's dreamy alto, Browne's ever-engaging drumming and, for the final verse, Stella Browne's dulcet singing. Inspired.”
John Shand (SMH)
John Shand, SMH

Other tracks by Allan Browne Quintet:  Unbelievable Floridas  -  Je Ne Puis Plus...
Ben Winkelman Trio - The More Complex Needs Of The Northern Soul     Jazz 21/10/2009
Winkelman’s piano style, although obviously influenced by stride, isn't forceful or overbearing. Rather his pellucid touch is just right to accommodate the shifting rhythms and time signatures of his compositions.
"Jazz with a gumbo essence"
More than 60 years after the death of Jelly Roll Morton - New Orleans pianist and self-proclaimed inventor of jazz - the "Spanish tinge" he described as essential to jazz is alive and well in the hands of Ben Winkelman.
Jessica Nicholas (The Age)

Other tracks by Ben Winkelman Trio:  The Spanish Tinge  -  Aguantando La Zozobra Crepuscular
Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group - Hat In The Cat     Jazz 21/10/2009
JAMIE OEHLERS Winner of 2007 Jazz Artist of the Year Australian Jazz Bell Awards JAMIE OEHLERS DOUBLE DRUMMER GROUP Winner of 2007 Best Contemporary Jazz Group Australian Jazz Bell Awards
The spirit is taken up by new generations, but rarely with such energy as here. Powered by drummers Simon Barker and Ben Vanderwal and buoyed by Rodrigo Aravena's bass, the themes and improvisations come at you with exhilarating force.

John Clare

Other tracks by Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group:  You R Here  -  Don't Look Back
Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group - Just Out Of Reach     Jazz 21/10/2009
Winner of the 2006 Bell Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Release, saxophonist Jamie Oehlers, together with his highly acclaimed double drummer ensemble, recorded over two nights at Bennetts Lane.
“There is so much white-hot talent packed into this album… Multi-award winning tenor saxophonist Jamie Oehlers has assembled a sextet of top Australian players… Twin drummers Simon Barker and Ben Vanderwal guarantee a high standard of rhythmic grunt with no suggestion of percussive overkill, intergrating beautifully…”
John McBeath, The Australian

Other tracks by Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group:  Side Car  -  Wayne's World
Peter Knight - Peppercorns     Jazz 21/10/2009
Australian trumpeter-composer Peter Knight is a multidisciplinary musician who has gained wide acclaim for his eclectic approach, which integrates jazz, world music, and experimental traditions.
:Moody, elegiac and free-flowing, this is the most ambitious project yet undertaken by the Melbourne trumpeter. The class shines right through in this repertoire of originals. This is due in part to the strength in the collective work of the line-up"
Leon Gettler (The Age)

Other tracks by Peter Knight:  All The Gravitation Of Silence  -  Frankie D
Anita Spring - Stars     Jazz, Swing, Pop, World 29/09/2009
Anita Spring started writing her own signature brand of Jazz at the age of 17 and was signed to Universal Music at 20. "Let Them Talk" is her debut album.
"Stars" is an original composition by Anita Spring and Darren Heinrich (the pianist on Spring's album "Let Them Talk") an elegant latin tune that displays Spring's strong writing capabilities.

Other tracks by Anita Spring:  Paranoia  -  Let Them Talk
Andrea Keller Quartet - Lady Geri     Jazz 28/09/2009
Composer, pianist and improviser Andrea Keller is a leading light in Australian Contemporary music. Her quartet's 'Little Claps' album demonstrates great skill.
‘Little Claps’ the Andrea Keller Quartet – received an ARIA nomination for Best Jazz
Album 2007 and won the Bell Award for Best Australian Contemporary Jazz Album 2008.

Other tracks by Andrea Keller Quartet:  Moment In Parallel  -  Broken
Kristin Berardi - Live Rite     Jazz 28/09/2009
Kristin Berardi’s stunning voice leads the charge on this exciting collaboration. Featuring Beradi’s original compositions performed by award winning jazz musicians ‘Kristin Berardi Band’ the album is a unique project.
It's not everyday you hear a vocalist with a warm beautiful tone, extensive jazz vocabulary, pop appeal and magical stage presence. Well....Kristin Berardi has all these elements and so much more. She takes you on a musical journey with every syllable and note. Chris Walker, Nov 2007

Other tracks by Kristin Berardi:  Murphy's Law  -  Far From My Love
Misinterprotato - Branching Out     Jazz 28/09/2009
Misinterprotato skillfully blend dense, exciting improvisations and delicate atmospherics, conjuring up sounds of modern jazz, ambient music, avant garde rock, free improvisation and contemporary classical music.
"This release from the Brisbane piano trio with and intriguing name sounds even more classically influenced than their 2005 album “In is In”. Pianist and leader Sean Foran has composed most of the pieces , with another three by drummer John Parker."
John McBeath - The Australian

Other tracks by Misinterprotato:  Ascent  -  Variations On A Bad Day
Way Out West - Postcard From Footscray     Jazz, World 28/09/2009
Way Out West are an award winning, cross-cultural musical ensemble who blend Vietnamese and African influences with jazz. Their sound is refreshingly original!
“Vietnamese, African and a dash of the Middle East, all melded into Knight's original grooves, aided by Pereira's percussion and Beck's inspired drumming. Multi-instrumentalist Nguyen is a mainstay, also contributing some fine guitar work. Knight's inventive trumpet is beautifully restrained in a lyrical Aqua Profonda.”
John McBeath, The Australian ****½

Other tracks by Way Out West:  Old Grooves For New Streets 1  -  Old Grooves For New Streets 2
Barlow/Coleman/Fitzgibbon/Anning - Amsterdam After Dark     Jazz 28/09/2009
'Treat Me Gently', is the collaborative jazz recording from talented musicians George Coleman Jr. (US), Dale Barlow, Mark Fitzgibbon and Sam Anning.
Memorable melody and catchy groove (the kind first popularized during the 60s and walks the line between boogaloo, r&b, Afro-Caribbean and Latin feels). Written by saxophonist George Coleman Sr., it was the title track of a recording by Coleman Sr. back in 1977 for the Dutch jazz label Timeless.

Other tracks by Barlow/Coleman/Fitzgibbon/Anning:  Glasshouse  -  Fight Or Flight Response Blues
Fogg - Key To The Door     Jazz, Psychedelic, Pop 28/09/2009
The psychedelic tripped out jazz sounds of Fogg are back with their second CD release, Key 2 The Door.
'nu-soul-pop' with a killer chorus.

Other tracks by Fogg:  Blue Diamond  -  Summer Hideout
Joe Chindamo - Another Story     Jazz 28/09/2009
Immensely talented pianist and composer Joe Chindamo presents 'Duende- The Romantic Project', a musical journey through the human condition.
“… the 11 tunes mix an undeniable jazz undertone with more cinematic selections. Touches of Chick Corea and Bill Evans sprout up, as well as a liberal use of other influences; Bach, folk music from Chindamo’s Italian ancestors and even Irish music.”

Laurence Donohue-Green All About Jazz New York

Other tracks by Joe Chindamo:  Moments And Eternities  -  Something Will Come To Light
Mike Nock - The Six Virtues     Jazz 28/09/2009
Highly respected Sydney-based international pianist/composer Mike Nock presents his most recent album 'The Meeting of Waters'. The release is inspired by Nock's most recent collaborative work.
“Mike Nock's diversity as a composer and his careful selection of collaborators shine through this marvellous nonet comprising both Sydney and Melbourne players.”
John Shand, SMH

Other tracks by Mike Nock:  Patience  -  Meeting Of The Waters
Oehlers/Grabowsky/Beck - Evolution Part II     Jazz 28/09/2009
Lost and Found is a collaboration between three of Australia's finest improvisers, multi award-winning saxophonist Jamie Oehlers, acclaimed pianist Paul Grabowsky and the supremely talented drummer, David Beck.
The Sunday Herald Sun 4-stars ****
“... leaving the listener wanting more... Oehlers, Paul Grabowsky on piano and Dave Beck on drums, prize their freedom yet do not compete for attention, each superbly attuned to every change of mood and pace.
It’s eclectic: This music grabs you and hangs on.”

Other tracks by Oehlers/Grabowsky/Beck:  Ulysses
Sam Anning/Allan Browne/Marc Hannaford - Duke Looking Up     Jazz 28/09/2009
Sam Anning, Allan Browne and Marc Hannaford were initially drawn together through their respect of early jazz composers. The aptly named 'Homage' album appropriates some of their favourites.
“Browne is steeped in playing the music of Ellington, Armstrong and Morton in the 1920s style; Hannaford is one of the most forward thinking Australian jazz musicians and Annings warmth ensures the results never seem like a musicological exercise. Exceptional trio.”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Other tracks by Sam Anning/Allan Browne/Marc Hannaford:  Hotter Than That  -  Nicholas, Nicholas
The Rooftops - Lest We Forget     Jazz, Roots, Reggae 28/09/2009
Euan Gray fronts the Rooftops, a Jazz- folk inspired 5-piece noted for their soulful lyricism and feet-friendly grooves.
"Horn assisted, feet-friendly, infectious groove that is guaranteed to encourage smiles" Rave Magazine. Drawing from the ambitious subject of Cambodian history, this track combines soulful lyrics with rootsy grooves; a funky and uplifting meditation of war and collective memory.

Other tracks by The Rooftops:  Clean Dirt  -  The Sound of Leaves
Fallingwater Trio - Bells     Jazz 25/09/2009
The drum-less Fallingwater Trio create lush romanticism with uncanny melodic interplay and seductive soundscapes. This is music of profound beauty, with stark intimate minimalism.
"The style is ambient, but not of the meaningless. Like its namesake's architecture, the music is thoughtfully structured and designed to produce a harmonious, peaceful effect. Bywater's tenor sax flows along with Elliott Folvig's guitar and Dale Lindrea's electric bass as naturally as quiet waters over river stones." John McBeath

Other tracks by Fallingwater Trio:  After Nalma  -  Faith
Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson - Taipan     Jazz 25/09/2009
Award winning Jazz musicians Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson present 'Kaleidoscopic', a new jazz classic.
Kaleidoscopic takes to the wide screen with this collaboration from Julien Wilson and Stephen Magnusson.

Other tracks by Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson:  Bismillah  -  The Show
Keller Murphy Browne - The Days Of Wine And Roses     Jazz, Instrumental 25/09/2009
Each piece on 'Carried By The Sun' unfolds like a three-way conversation, the focus shifting subtly from player to player without the need for bombast or empty technical displays.
The ballad Days of Wine and Roses is played slightly faster than usual after a rippling, rhythmless piano opening. These experienced players stress that no one is leader: it's a genuinely collaborative exercise. That is demonstrated in the compositions, with contributions from each member. Review from The Weekend Australian

Other tracks by Keller Murphy Browne:  Carried By The Sun