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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Anton Delecca Quartet - Catalyst     Jazz 09/02/2010
Ranging from complex harmonic and rhythmic explorations to simple folk inspired pieces, these 9 original tracks highlight the unity of the ensemble and the breadth of their musical interests.
'Lost City' was recorded in March 2009 and features much of the band's current repertoire that has been developed playing in Melbourne jazz clubs over the last two years.

Other tracks by Anton Delecca Quartet:  The Beautiful Corner  -  Regulated
Theak-tet - Dust Mite     Jazz 17/11/2009
Founded in 1997 to provide a platform for improvised music compositions, Theak-tet create a synergy which allows a freedom and communication rarely possible with thrown together groups.
"Listen to the sinuous cohesion of the rhythm section on Dust Mite, the slippery guitar of James Muller on Paul Bley and the disquieting mood of Gamla Stan, with David Theak's saxophone in a flux between pastel-hued lines and sudden flurries of sharper colour."
John Shand (SMH)

Other tracks by Theak-tet:  Jade Parade  -  Routine
Red Fish Blue - Elegua     Jazz 17/11/2009
Red Fish Blue became a permanent group after what was expected to be a one night only gig at the Side On Cafe in Sydney in 2000.
In the Santeria religion, Elegua is the guardian of entrances, roads and paths. He is the first Orisha (Guardian Spirit) to be invoked in a ceremony and the last one to be bid farewell. He has to be first in anything, just like a spoiled child.

Other tracks by Red Fish Blue:  Song For Ria  -  Deeper
Australian Jewish Music Ensemble - Lech Lamidbar V'hitpalel     Jazz 16/11/2009
Jewish music tells an incredible story of a journey; both into the soul of man and throughout the physical world.
"Celebrates the kaleidoscopic history of not only Jewish musical traditions, but also the diverse geographies that have shaped them .... all through the prism of an earnest jazz exploration that resists the temptation to segue into kitschy lounge pastiche." Review by Adrian Elton

Other tracks by Australian Jewish Music Ensemble:  Ma Testahalchi  -  Erev Shel Shoshanim
James Sherlock - The Stretch     Jazz 16/11/2009
“Sherlockʼs highly developed rhythmic & melodic sense gives the material bite & lifts it out of the predictable” Peter Jordan - Rolling Stone Magazine, July 1999
In 1995 Sherlock formed the James Sherlock Trio, a musical structure he believed best expressed the guitar and what his music has to say. The trio completed work on the disc at Melbourne’s Woodstock Studio with Joe Camilleri in April 98.

Other tracks by James Sherlock:  What Theme  -  It Must Have Been
Dodge - Freedom Jazz Dance     Jazz, Rock 16/11/2009
Dodge's jazz/groove ethos sees our intrepid explorers acoustically travel the more funky, soul side of jazz. Offline, the band's CD debut, holds the door open for serious improvisation.
The members of DODGE originally came together as four friends to record a track for a Jazzhead compilation, ‘Javabubbaboogaloo’. With the success of the sessions (radio airplay) and the insistence of Joe Camilleri, DODGE finally agreed to come together again to record ‘OFFLINE’.

Other tracks by Dodge:  The Bird  -  It's Your Thing
Festa - Stolen     Jazz 16/11/2009
Julien Wilson blasted onto the jazz scene and literally blew everybody away. Winner of 1994‚ National Jazz Award (Saxophone), Wilson continues as a giant on the scene.
‘a punchy combination of uncommon ability and feisty intent. Tight, competent and combative, this jam band is audacious and as sharp as a switchblade.’

The Weekend Fin, AFR, 16 Dec 2000

Other tracks by Festa:  Wandering Song  -  Hymm For Her
Sarah Collyer - The Rhine     Jazz, Acoustic, Blues, Folk 16/11/2009
Capturing a uniquely hypnotic blend of jazz, blues and Rnb and dripping with rich emotion, Sarah’s debut EP "This Way" is sure to tantalize the taste buds.
The piano's flowing and repetitive riff depicts the rolling of the river Rhine. The voice floats over the top describing a scene and an emotion. Double Bass and Light Drums add depth to the soundscape.

Dale Barlow - Bunyip     Jazz, Live Performance 16/11/2009
This album is a great example of the kind of casual magic that can happen when like-minded musicians get together. Recorded at Bennetts Lane or Dizzy's in Melbourne.
Dale Barlow flies in from Sydney, renews acquaintances with Mark Fitzgibbon and Matt Clohesy, and meets Dave Beck for the first time. Later that night, for their own pleasure, but a pleasure they gladly share with an appreciative audience, they let the music flow. And magic happens.

Other tracks by Dale Barlow:  When I Fall In Love  -  The Way You Look Tonght
Barney Mcall/Badal Roy/Rufus Cappadocia - Ali Gordum Taksim     Jazz, World 13/11/2009
Vivid is the collaborative trio CD from Barney McAll, one of Australia's finest jazz pianists, tabla player and percussionist Badal Roy and cellist Rufus Cappadocia.
Barney McAll's is a singular talent on the world stage. A few months after releasing his outstanding, highly personalised perspective on traditional Cuban music, Mother of Dreams and Secrets, he has expanded his horizons to embrace African and Indian music.

John Shand (SMH)

Other tracks by Barney Mcall/Badal Roy/Rufus Cappadocia:  Painless  -  Jex
Tess McKenna - Gippsland Train     Country, Alternative Country 13/11/2009
Make Me Wonder is warm, dense and speaks of love and loss, at times so sadly beautiful you can almost taste the tears.
'Her vocal skill is awesome & under appreciated, with purity of tone & an ability to handle technically difficult movements in the melody line with apparent ease…Tess McKenna is a local artist of world-class quality '
Niche Music Guide

Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  Make Me Wonder  -  The One Way
various - Blues and The Abstract Truth     Jazz 13/11/2009
Sound Series 2008 is the first in a series of releases featuring the highly talented students of the Monash University’s Jazz Studies program.
Blues and the Abstract Truth - Oliver Nelson
Solos: Tenor Saxophone - Ron Romero

Other tracks by various:  A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing  -  Bhimp
Chaplin/Tinkler/Rex/Lambie - National Geographic     Jazz 13/11/2009
Winner of the 1998 ARIA Award for 'Best Jazz Album of the Year'.
‘Dig the tell-tale Jazzhead graphics and then... the Chaplin sound. Intense is not quite right. And while you can call him a fast driver, he can also burn slowly... The Future In Today is a worthy document of one of the most expressive forces in Australian jazz’
Rave Magazine (Brisbane)

Other tracks by Chaplin/Tinkler/Rex/Lambie:  Noazark  -  Spinning Topper
The Ian Chaplin Quartet - What's Up     Jazz 13/11/2009
Chaplin, the embodiment of all that's hip in Australian jazz, has been illuminated by fellow band members, Mark Fitzgibbon, Phillip Rex, Scott Lambie and guest Sam Keevers.
“Chaplin plays with imposing authority and harnessed energy, confirming his reputation as one of the country’s hottest saxophone players”
Adrian Jackson, The Age, Melbourne

Other tracks by The Ian Chaplin Quartet:  Vespa  -  Off You Go
Fogg - Rocket To The Moon     Funk / Soul, Pop 04/11/2009
Jeff Raglus and Bruce Haymes present a cool new project 'FOGG' which brings groovy and rhythmic jazz elements together with dreamy trance-pop.
‘The kind of effects-heavy, beaty, jazz groove that sounds like it came from a top studio artist in New York, Berlin or London. Extremely polished in concept and execution. There’s tons to like about this. 8 stars’
Australian Financial Review, National, 28 Mar 04

Other tracks by Fogg:  Trip Me Up  -  Never Say Never
Rob Burke - Edge Of Today     Jazz 04/11/2009
The Edge Of Today aims to identify a sample of the Australian jazz scene by mapping out the differing styles of jazz featuring five of Australia's leading guitarists.
"It is a rare treat to be brought together with fellow guitarists for whom I have not only respect and admiration,
but also a sense of amazement at how we can all play the same instrument and have such diverse approaches."
Doug de Vries

Other tracks by Rob Burke:  A Place In Time  -  Café 1930
Allan Browne Quintet - At Times The Fool     Jazz 04/11/2009
kuklos", cycloa circle and sporum, a fungus, an immuno-suppressant both sinister, regenerative, giving with one hand removing with the other.
“An irresistible momentum, the music is full of feeling
and glorious sounds”

“Bound together by his lithe drumming insouciance
and that unmistakable magnitude of heart.”

Other tracks by Allan Browne Quintet:  Bronchoscopy  -  Cyclosporin
Oehlers & Keevers - Grace     Jazz 04/11/2009
Jamie Oehlers, winner of the 2003 White Foundation World Saxophone Competition at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and Sam Keevers, recognised as one of Australia's finest pianists come together.
"Oehlers has a full command of the horn, a very warm tone, and a fondness for the upper register that recalls Joe Lovano. Keevers’ piano style is somewhat more protean, at times bespeaking the influence of Paul Bley’s elliptical lyricism, elsewhere Chick Corea’s populism"
Jason Bivins (Cadence)

Other tracks by Oehlers & Keevers:  Simple Pleasures  -  Beautiful Freak
Ben Winkelman Trio - Trio Piece In Seconds And Thirds     Jazz 04/11/2009
The Ben Winkelman Trio, featuring Ben Winkelman (piano), Rodrigo Aravena (bass) and Danny Fischer (drums) have come together for their debut Jazzhead release, Stomps Pieces and Variations.
**** “Just when we thought everything possible with jazz piano trios had been done, this Melbourne trio's debut album forces a rethink.”
John McBeath, The Australian

Other tracks by Ben Winkelman Trio:  Bananeiro  -  I Sold You And You Sold Me
Misinterprotato - Ye Olde     Jazz 04/11/2009
Misinterprotato are a Brisbane based piano trio that performs original contemporary improvised music. Formed in 1999 while the members were studying at the Griffith University QLD Conservatorium of Music.
The music of Misinterprotato is composed completely by the trio focusing on space and clarity with surprising contrasts. With Influences ranging from Australian artists (The Necks, Band of Five Names), classic jazz artists (Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans) to contemporary European jazz and Radiohead, the trio have forged their distinct sound.

Other tracks by Misinterprotato:  The Discontent  -  When She Left