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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Andrea Keller Quartet with Phil Slater - The Rain Outside     Jazz, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 Andrea Keller Quartet performs with Phil Slater at 505 in Sydney.
The band toured nationally in 2009, collaborating local musicians in each port of call. This night at 505 (11/3/2009), they were joined by Phil Slater.

Tim Stevens & Mark Lau - Prologue- like     Jazz, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 Recorded live at 8 O'Clock Sharp, Sydney, on 30/7/2009. Tim Stevens (piano), Mark Lau (double bass).
Tim’s latest CD, Mickets, featuring this tune is available through Rufus Records.

Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky - Rum Rhumba     Jazz, Acoustic, Folk 22/11/2010
"Redemption" by Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky effortlessly combines jazz, lounge, samba, motown and swing. Margot Leighton shines on this magnificently produced, all-original, fantastic collection of 14 originals.
This gently swaying tune with a Latin beat is about falling in love while dancing on a warm tropic evening. Features a great solo on the clarinet by Adrian Whitehead.

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Other tracks by Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky:  What's It All About  -  Redemption
James Sherlock Trio - Domestic Arts & Sciences     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing, Jazz 17/11/2010
James began playing guitar at age 7. He attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, and has since won several awards and worked with many well known local and international musicians.
This piece is a great opener for the album, lulling the listener into an andante groove with a subtle walking bassline and swung drum rhythms throughout. The solos are subtly restrained, making the transition seem seamless and part of the overall song, rather than a variation on a theme.

Other tracks by James Sherlock Trio:  Celia  -  Golden Brown
Sean Mackenzie - A Little Piece     Jazz, Acoustic, World, Instrumental 01/11/2010
Multi instrumentalist, composer and producer Sean Mackenzie is an eccentric wizard on a worldwide journey through music. He explores indigenous sounds the piano, thumb piano, berimbau and pandeiro.
A Little Piece was composed during my son's early childhood. I composed a few tunes for him & this tune was a play on words, a little peace. The elements of the piece are inspired by the African thumb piano.

Other tracks by Sean Mackenzie:  Postcard  -  Brasil
Monique diMattina - Lunar Lady     Jazz, Pop, Acoustic, Folk 15/10/2010
Reflecting influences spanning Bach through early New Orleans Jazz, Blues/Roots, Singer-Songwriters, French Impressionism and silence, Monique diMattina's music has been heard at Jazz clubs and festivals all over the world.
The song is based around a standard blues chart but the piano gives the song a lighter, airy, folk feel, and the inclusion of the triangle later on reminds you of the stars twinkling in the sky. Lyrically, the piece is an ode to the moon, it's beauty and purpose.

Other tracks by Monique diMattina:  Get Happy  -  A Girl and a Dog
Howard Cairns Quintet - Newell Waltz     Jazz, Acoustic, Downbeat, Soundscapes 14/10/2010
The Howard Cairns Quintet's music is chordless, melody based, and pulse orientated. The music is in turn reflective, tongue in cheek, good humored , dark, even hopeful!
The artist was inspired to write this piece after a long drive down the Newell Highway and the music depicts just that, reminding the listener of long lost memories. Starting off with solo bass, the muted horns that join in suit the feeling of nostalgia of the piece.

Other tracks by Howard Cairns Quintet:  500,000  -  While No One Was Looking
ATM15 - What Ya Doin'     Jazz, Soul, Roots 06/10/2010
ATM15 are Melbourne's hippest original band, combining the sophistication of jazz harmony, form, and orchestration with the passion of soul music; presented with the driving energy of a 15-piece band
Inspired by the music of Ray Charles, this infectious boogaloo features ensemble shout chous', band chants, and solos from the keyboard and tenor saxophone.

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Other tracks by ATM15:  Dance With Me  -  Waapa's Favourite Son
Hamish Stuart - You Folks     Jazz, Instrumental, Experimental 28/09/2010
In between collaborations with Lucie Thorne, Tina Harrod and more, Australia's acclaimed Drummer Hamish Stuart has been working on his own solo project... the brand new album Someone Else's Child.
Track No. 3 YOU FOLKS features Drums (Hamish Stuart) Bass (Dave Symes) and Piano (Chris Abrahams. It's a thought provoking, light instrumental track which boasts the talents of its acclaimed trio.

Java Quartet - Wedding Song     Jazz, Pop, Roots 24/09/2010
“The Java Quartet is schooled in jazz tradition and has built on those concepts in presenting music with dash and a contemporary flair.” – Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine (New York).
‘Rejavanation’ built and blossomed through the emphasis of weaving acoustic improvisers into digital landscapes. Michael teamed up with sound engineer extraordinaire Jonathan Palmer to realise this new vision/version of The Java Quartet. The band’s sonic palate was expanded through the deployment of some gifted guest virtuosos

Misinterprotato - Chase     Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic, Soundscapes 03/09/2010
Misinterprotato are one of Australia’s most inventive ensembles. More than a traditional jazz trio, this group expands the capacities of the classic piano/bass/drums combination with elements of the avant-garde.
Solo piano starts this piece off lightheartedly, evoking images of children playing tag in a playground. Drums and bass join, and the playful mood takes on a more focused feel for the lead, steering the piece towards a furious solo section, exhausted and tumbling in a heap at the end.

Other tracks by Misinterprotato:  The Gentle War  -  Tailgater
Jazzerati - Get Funked     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental, Live Performance 01/09/2010
JAZZERATI is a passionate ensemble of musical brothers who share a deep respect for the rich Jazz traditions whilst exploring new directions in contemporary improvised music and inspired interaction.
This funky, feel-good tune is a fitting opener for JAZZERATI’s debut CD, ‘Live at Pix Records’. Anchored by a groovy, hypnotic bass hook, ‘Get Funked’ features raunchy electric guitar, blistering tenor sax and a climactic drum solo that’ll have you begging for more.

Other tracks by Jazzerati:  Cafe Le Bop  -  Last Chance
Susan Gai-Dowling - Fine and Mellow     Jazz, Live Performance 24/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2RES_Eastside Village Jazz Festival Susan Gai Dowling recorded live by Sydney's Eastside Radio.
"When she unleashes her full voice it stops you in your tracks, not because of the power but because of the emotional weight." - John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald.

Linda Oh - Gunners     Jazz, Live Performance 07/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Linda Ogrecorded by 3PBS as part of the stations weekly flagship live music program "Easey Street Sessions."
Linda Oh possesses the ability to play knotty booming bass that's at once authoritative and free flowing, delivered with momentum and zest. And like the well-noted arcos of Charles Mingus, Dave Holland and Charlie Haden, Oh already has the traits to become a noteworthy player and leader.

Topology and Misinterprotato - That which is not Fleeting     Classical, Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental 30/07/2010
Misinterprotato are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music ensembles. Captivating and engaging they are redefining the possibilities of jazz inspired music with their myriad of sounds and styles.
The work by pianist/composer Sean Foran displaying the incredible virtuosity and diversity of the collaboration between Topology & Misinterprotato. From soft and serene to intense and complex, this piece is instantly compelling. Hear 2 double basses, piano and rhodes plus strings, sax and drum kit !!

Other tracks by Misinterprotato:  Generations  -  Healthy Lifestyle V3
Bob Bertles Quintet - Come Rain, Come Shine     Jazz, Live Performance 30/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2RES_Eastside Village Jazz Festival Bob Bertles Quintet recorded live by Sydney's Eastside Radio.
Bob Bertles Quintet's live performance at the Eastside Village Jazz Festival, March 2010.

Ben Winkelman Trio - The Seven Odyssey     Jazz, Instrumental, Experimental, Soundscapes 29/07/2010
Odysseys’ nine original compositions showcase the breadth of Winkelman’s musical interests, including Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, resulting in a warm and diverse soundscape.
A short punchy intro of descending chords starts this piece that interchanges feel from an upbeat stride to flowing melodies. The piano takes over the main melody sparsely accompanied by the drums, leading into a cat and mouse chase between drums and piano through the solos' sections.

Other tracks by Ben Winkelman Trio:  Symmetry  -  Avian Melancholy
Etype - Not Enough Hours     Jazz, Pop, Live Performance 21/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2009 South Australian Jazz Five Piece, Etype, recorded by Radio Adelaide for their Live Music Fest 2009
Etype are Mike Haynes, Katrina Ryan and Beth Lyon. Accompanied by Brenton Foster and Barnabas Smith or Damien Eldrige, this five piece band perform jazz/pop/soul which conjures images of a late night dinner party jam session with Joss Stone and Michael Bublé.

Jamie Oehlers and Paul Grabowsky - I've Never Been In Love Before     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing 08/07/2010
Two of Australia’s most widely recognized jazz exports, Jamie Oehlers and Paul Grabowsky, bring you their highly anticipated new release, "On A Clear Day." Creative renditions of familiar standards.
A familiar piece given a fresh coat of paint. This standard, a staple from the musical 'Guys and Dolls' is usually played at a much slower pace, but this version keeps that intention whilst lifting the energy. This new burst of life opens the players up for freedom to improvise.

Other tracks by Jamie Oehlers and Paul Grabowsky:  When The Sun Comes Out  -  Soul Eyes
Misinterprotato - Mean     Jazz, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Misinterprotato, one of Australia's most inventive contemporary music ensembles, recorded by 3PBS as part of the station's weekly flagship show "Easey Street Sessions."
Misinterprotato's sound is driven by pianist Sean Foran, teamed with John Parker’s expansive dynamic and timbrel range on percussion and Patrick Marchisella’s visceral touch on the double bass. Three award winning musicians with experience performing and studying around the world.