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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Topology - Ghandi's Spiritual Message     Classical, Jazz, Experimental 22/08/2011
Topology, Australia’s most surprising band, creates original work across many genres. Artist-in-residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Topology brings out the full potential of 5 musicians comprising saxophone, strings and piano.
Gandhi (introduced by Nehru at Gandhi's funeral) talks about his spiritual views, accompanied by tanpura, tabla and slide guitar to emphasise the melody in his voice.

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Other tracks by Topology:  MLK  -  Gough Whitlam: Well May We Say
Matt Keegan Trio - Panchan Kat     Jazz, Instrumental 26/07/2011
This album is a musical meeting between two generations of Australian jazz saxophonists - Ades a master craftsman, and Keegan an emerging voice, sharing a deep musical affinity.
Panchan Kat is taken from 'Matt Keegan Trio Meets Dave Ades' out now thru Vitamin Records.
It is a musical meeting between two generations of Australian jazz saxophonists - Ades an established master craftsman, and Keegan an emerging voice on the national scene.

Daniel Gassin Trio - 78     Jazz, Acoustic, Instrumental 18/07/2011
The Daniel Gassin Sextet's debut CD has a freshness and drive usually reserved for a live performance. The tight ensemble playing giving voice to Gassin's compositional and pianistic skills.
Named after its 7/8 time signature, this was initially written and performed in 2009 as a trio piece, and later arranged for the Sextet prior to recording the album. Featuring Mike Story on bass with some dynamic variation from the horns between stating the theme and backing the piano solo.

Other tracks by Daniel Gassin:  Banff Song  -  San Jose
Kafka Pony - Waltz Schmaltz     Jazz, Instrumental 13/07/2011
Guitarist & composer Mastaneh Nazarian creates original pieces for contemporary jazz trio, exploring new forms and textures. Beware of the twisted, the unusual and the quirky!
This piece was composed as a vehicle for trio improvisation in a relaxed swing setting.  It is a jazz waltz with lots of unexpected turns and spins.  The introduction and ending contrast the mood of the rest of the piece and create a frame for viewing the cyclical inner portion.

Other tracks by Kafka Pony:  Day's Work  -  Samba a la Warsaw
Visions of a Nomad - Mirabooka     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Jazz, Live Performance 06/07/2011
Visions of a Nomad plays an eclectic fusion of jazz world groove music sometimes accompanied by the didgeridoo and Aboriginal singer Shannon Ruska.
Mirabooka or the formation of the southern cross, sang in traditional Aboriginal language . The haunting and powerful voice of Shannon Ruska in collaboration with eclectic fusion ensemble Visions of a Nomad makes for an unusual overtone of jazz mixed with Classical influences, Indigenous chants and rhythms

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Other tracks by Visions of a Nomad:  Zindzi  -  Return
Baker Suite - The Fugitive Kind     Jazz, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Gypsy duo, The Baker Suite, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Straight from the heart and reminiscent of a smoky, French café, The Baker Suite perform their tune "The Fugitive Kind" live during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.

Limbo - Yowie     Jazz, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Adelaide trio hailing from Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium of Music, Limbo, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
LIMBO is - Logan Watt: Piano (2009 Director's Award winner) Marty Holoubek: Bass (Mr Goodnight, Cactus) Stephen Neville: Drums (2010 Billy Hyde Jazz Award winner)

Mr Goodnight - Look Around     Jazz, Chill, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Original and soulful six-piece, Mr Goodnight , recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Cool, original and soulful six-piece, Mr Goodnight's performance of their track "Look Around," recorded live during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.

Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet - Nailing     Jazz, Swing, Instrumental 20/05/2011
Lauded as one of the most swinging, insightful pianists Australia has produced, legendary pianist and composer Mark Fitzgibbon’s breadth of experience and talent is now documented in his irrepressible debut.
A medium swinger with a quirky melody heralds blistering solos from Rex and Fitzgibbon over cool chord changes and great swinging drumming from Craig Simon drives this along like crazy

Other tracks by Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet:  So Yesterday  -  Closer
Lily and King - Thirteen Minutes     Jazz, Roots, Acoustic, Blues 20/04/2011
Lily (Lisa Baird) sings and plays a curious assortment of dusty wares including trombone, toy piano, melodica and percussion and King (Tony King) plays guitar and foot drums.
Thirteen Minutes is a swinging toe-tapper with breathy, velvety vocals and some 'wicked' trombone lines backed by a gypsy style acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Other tracks by Lily and King:  Mermaid's Last Chord  -  Storyville
Tom Vincent - Jazz Lives!     Jazz, Instrumental, Acoustic, Swing 19/04/2011
These guys make music with a sense of full-on joy and creativity, which is not encountered often, even in the jazz world. Peter Donnelly - Mercury January 2011

Adam Dunning - Sunset Monkeys     Jazz, Pop, Acoustic 12/04/2011
Adam Dunning is an Australian singer and composer of summer jazz / Bossa Nova music. Described as “sexy, summery, and authentic”, his album "Sunset Monkeys" was recorded in Rio.
Light, happy, powerful, and addictive, Sunset Monkeys is the sound of summer. Laced with environmental undertones (some say animal welfare), it includes the voice of renowned world environmentalist David Suzuki and a choir of Brazilians singing to the vibe of Rio de Janeiro. An uplifting track to start your day.

Other tracks by Adam Dunning:  Leblon  -  Green
Inside Out - Green Land, Grey Skies     Jazz, Acoustic, Instrumental 25/03/2011
Inside Out is Trumpet-man Paul Williamson’s new Quartet. Formed on his return from a 2year stint in Dublin. Entrancing piano interludes and fiery ensemble interactions ignite their exciting, contemporary sound.
This composition was written on reflection of the many journeys travelling around the countryside of Ireland whilst residing there in 2006-2008. The Green Lands and Grey Skies seem to have an intangible effect of pervading facets of daily life.

Other tracks by Inside Out:  Shop And Gargle  -  The Stoop
Sandy Evans Trio - Dance of the Tree Frog (B.Hirst)     Jazz, Live Performance 21/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 The Sandy Evans Trio comprises Sandy Evans(soprano sax), Toby Hall (drums) and Brett Hirst (double bass.) Live at The Sound Lounge
Sandy Evans is recognised as one of the leading saxophonists (tenor and soprano) and composers in contemporary jazz in Australia.

Other tracks by Sandy Evans Trio:  Reflections on Saraswati (S.Evans)  -  Bhairavi Tillana(S. Sriranganathan)
Andrea Keller Quartet with Phil Slater - The Rain Outside     Jazz, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 Andrea Keller Quartet performs with Phil Slater at 505 in Sydney.
The band toured nationally in 2009, collaborating local musicians in each port of call. This night at 505 (11/3/2009), they were joined by Phil Slater.

Tim Stevens & Mark Lau - Prologue- like     Jazz, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_2SER_On The Corner- Live in '09 Recorded live at 8 O'Clock Sharp, Sydney, on 30/7/2009. Tim Stevens (piano), Mark Lau (double bass).
Tim’s latest CD, Mickets, featuring this tune is available through Rufus Records.

Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky - Rum Rhumba     Jazz, Acoustic, Folk 22/11/2010
"Redemption" by Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky effortlessly combines jazz, lounge, samba, motown and swing. Margot Leighton shines on this magnificently produced, all-original, fantastic collection of 14 originals.
This gently swaying tune with a Latin beat is about falling in love while dancing on a warm tropic evening. Features a great solo on the clarinet by Adrian Whitehead.

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Other tracks by Margot Leighton & Tim Nikolsky:  What's It All About  -  Redemption
James Sherlock Trio - Domestic Arts & Sciences     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing, Jazz 17/11/2010
James began playing guitar at age 7. He attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, and has since won several awards and worked with many well known local and international musicians.
This piece is a great opener for the album, lulling the listener into an andante groove with a subtle walking bassline and swung drum rhythms throughout. The solos are subtly restrained, making the transition seem seamless and part of the overall song, rather than a variation on a theme.

Other tracks by James Sherlock Trio:  Celia  -  Golden Brown
Sean Mackenzie - A Little Piece     Jazz, Acoustic, World, Instrumental 01/11/2010
Multi instrumentalist, composer and producer Sean Mackenzie is an eccentric wizard on a worldwide journey through music. He explores indigenous sounds the piano, thumb piano, berimbau and pandeiro.
A Little Piece was composed during my son's early childhood. I composed a few tunes for him & this tune was a play on words, a little peace. The elements of the piece are inspired by the African thumb piano.

Other tracks by Sean Mackenzie:  Postcard  -  Brasil
Monique diMattina - Lunar Lady     Jazz, Pop, Acoustic, Folk 15/10/2010
Reflecting influences spanning Bach through early New Orleans Jazz, Blues/Roots, Singer-Songwriters, French Impressionism and silence, Monique diMattina's music has been heard at Jazz clubs and festivals all over the world.
The song is based around a standard blues chart but the piano gives the song a lighter, airy, folk feel, and the inclusion of the triangle later on reminds you of the stars twinkling in the sky. Lyrically, the piece is an ode to the moon, it's beauty and purpose.

Other tracks by Monique diMattina:  Get Happy  -  A Girl and a Dog