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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Niels Rosendahl and Friends - Israel     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound tecording from Canberra Saxophonist Niels Rosendahl's farewell concert. Niels Rosendahl - Tenor Sax, Luke Sweeting - Organ, Gary France - Drums
Recording from Canberra Saxophonist Niels Rosendahl's farewell concert before leaving to start further studies in the USA. Niels Rosendahl - Tenor Sax, Luke Sweeting - Organ, Gary France - Drums

Other tracks by Niels Rosendahl and Friends:  Moon River
Rasrufus - Turbanic Plague     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound's recording of Rasrufus.Henry Rasmussen - Drums, Victor Rufus - Guitar, Jared Plane - Bass, Thomas Sly - Trumpet, Andy Butler - Piano
Recorded at 'Jazz at the Gallery' featuring emerging artists from the ANU School of Music. Miles O'Connell - Tenor Sax, Daniel Kim - Guitar, Luke Keanan-Brown - Drums, Max Alduca - Bass.

Other tracks by Rasrufus:  Wing Man
Miles O'Connell Quartet - Prism City     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
Miles O'Connell Quartet recorded live at 'Jazz at the Gallery' for ArtSound
Recorded at 'Jazz at the Gallery' featuring emerging artists from the ANU School of Music. Miles O'Connell - Tenor Sax, Daniel Kim - Guitar, Luke Keanan-Brown - Drums, Max Alduca - Bass.

Other tracks by Miles O'Connell Quartet:  Zen Sickness
Daimon Brunton Quintet - You don't know what Love is     Jazz, Classical, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound's live concert recording of the Daimon Brunton Quintet at the Gods Cafe in Canberra.
Live concert recorded at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Daimon Brunton - Trumpet, Adam Orlando - Guitar, Andrew Boyle - Keyboard, Adam Donaldson - Drums and Nick Delaney - Bass.

Other tracks by Daimon Brunton Quintet:  Madeline
Andrew Dickeson Quintet - Byrdlike     Jazz 04/01/2013
ArtSound's recording of Andrew Dickeson Quintet live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra.
Recorded live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Andrew Dickeson - Drums, Steve Barry - Piano, James Muller - Guitar, Alex Bonham - Bass and Warwick Alder - Trumpet

Other tracks by Andrew Dickeson Quintet:  Embraceable you
Corey Stewart - Seeing Stars     Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Soul 20/12/2012
I am a singer/songwriter, Musician and blogger from Adelaide, South Australia
This song attempts to encapsulate the feeling of loving someone so much that it physically hurts (in a good way).

Other tracks by Corey Stewart:  Don't Turn To Me Now  -  Half Hearted Man
Leonie Cohen Trio - Seventy     Jazz 18/12/2012
ArtSound's recording of Leonie Cohen.Written by Leonie Cohen, recorded live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Leonie Cohen - Keyboard, Hugh Fraser - Bass and Toby Hall - Drums.
Written by Leonie Cohen and recorded live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Leonie Cohen - Keyboard, Hugh Fraser - Bass and Toby Hall - Drums.

Other tracks by Leonie Cohen Trio:  Twenty One
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Joy     Pop, Instrumental, Easy Listening, World 07/12/2012
Pianist/Composer/Singer Fiona Joy Hawkins is best described as Celtic New/Age and is hailed as a mixture between Enya and George Winston.
Piano pop/instrumental,ethereal celtic, happy, includes didgeridoo and vocals, uptempo

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Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins:  Gliding on Air  -  Song Phonique
Adam Dunning - Glass Bottom Boat (Into the Sea)     Pop, Jazz, World 30/11/2012
“The unrivalled voice of summer” MUSIC MAGAZINE, JAPAN “Summery, sexy, playful, romantic” ABC RADIO, AUSTRALIADunning’s new album is his trademark old-school Bossa jazz mixed with authentic melodic surf sounds.
The title track off Adam Dunning's new "Glass Bottom Boat" album, the song appeals to humanity's conscience to imagine a world beneath the oceans, and our impact on its life and freedom. A start in humanity's empathy with the incredible lives we share the planet with.

Other tracks by Adam Dunning:  Is It Me  -  Never Really Know
Daramad - Dashti     Ethnic Multicultural, Jazz, Instrumental, World 23/11/2012
Daramad explores the confluence of the music of the middle east and improvised jazz, drawing on their diverse cultural backgrounds and improvisational skills to perform predominantly original repertoire.
Composed by Reza Mirzaei

Other tracks by Daramad:  Isfahan  -  Galactica
Mojo Juju - Train Along The Hawkesbury     Jazz 12/11/2012
A pinch of Bessie Smith, a sniff of Cab Calloway mixed, shots of Tom Waits and a side eye from Jack White makes the perfect cocktail of sultry Mojo swagger.
Train Along The Hawkesbury is the second single from Mojo Juju’s debut solo album.

Smooth, shiny & loaded with sin. Mojo Juju sings songs that sound just like that night you can't quite remember, in that bar you swear you weren't at, with that girl you promise you've never met.

Julian Curwin - Dancing On My Own Grave     Jazz, Acoustic, World 19/10/2012
Julian Curwin (founding member of three-time ARIA Award winning gypsy/swing outfit Monsieur Camembert) brings us 'The Mango Balloon: Volume 2' a stripped-back version of tango/spaghetti Western 10-piece The Tango Saloon.
Dancing On My Own Grave is the first single from the second installment of Julian Curwin's 'The Mango Balloon' project. A delicate waltz featuring guest vocals and guitar from Brian Campeau (Elana Stone Band, The Green Mohair Suits).

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Other tracks by Julian Curwin:  Grindhouse  -  Bubble Boy
Barney McAll - Jazz Epidural     Jazz, Electronic, Soundscapes, Experimental 21/09/2012
Barney McAll’s innovation and talent, now as a New York based artist, has continued to evolve, never stagnant and never without purpose, as this truly stunning new recording will attest.
Composed by Barney McAll and Sia. Lead vocal and Invenio choir arrangements by Gian Slater. A travelling uptempo style, that changes a little more than half way in to a slow tempo. McAll's piano is dynamic throughout.

Other tracks by Barney McAll:  Firefly  -  Catch A Falling
Dig (Directions in Groove) - Strangers Talking     Jazz, Electronic 20/09/2012
Dig (Directions in Groove) is a multi award winning band from Sydney. They first emerged on Sydney music scene in the '90's and quickly stormed the dance charts.
'Strangers Talking' is unmistakably DIG at their best; their unique blended interpretations of smooth funk, thumping bass, twisting grooves along with the gorgeous tones of guest vocalist Laura Stitt, is an essential chill out track for this century.

Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig - Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today     Jazz 21/08/2012
Australian Jazz Musician of the Year at the 2007 Bell Awards, and is now coordinator of Jazz Studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
The tracks recorded here come with a specific image in mind, a recollection of a time past, or a hope for the future. The beauty of this art form is that the listening process is subjective. I truly hope you enjoy it and find a connection to it.
–Jamie Oehlers

Other tracks by Jamie Oehlers Quartet featuring Ari Hoenig:  Innocent Dreamer  -  Angle
Howard Cairns Quintet - Compression     Jazz 15/08/2012
This is a Jazz quintet / chordless / pulse orientated / with melodic themes / improvised solos . Contemporary with strong associations to swinging small band jazz style.
A simple blues based form with extended horn arrangements involving odd time signature and improvised solos

Steve Sedergreen - Miss Happiness     Jazz, Instrumental 13/08/2012
Points In Time is a 12-song collection of original material, written at various points in Steve Sedergreen's stellar career, all reworked and re-imagined.
Hear this track at

Other tracks by Steve Sedergreen:  Unspoken Responses  -  Future Waltz
James Carter Quartet - Prone To Flights Of Whimsy     Jazz 09/08/2012
Christian Meyer (Adam Katz) guitar, Daniel Sheehan (Infinite Ape, Paul Williamson) piano, Ben Christensen (Chelsea Wilson, Frankie Wants Out) double bass and James Carter on alto saxophone.
Influenced by the melodic grace of European improvised music, this piece employs purposeful melodic contour over a whimsical harmonic structure. The quartet often play 4 independent lines, but manage to meld them together to create a deceptively simple sound.

Other tracks by James Carter Quartet:  Moments  -  After All
Steve Russell - Sambol     Jazz, Instrumental, Live Performance, Soul 25/07/2012
Steve Russell, composer and one of Australia's finest jazz pianists, with guitarist Matt Smith (Thirsty Merc, The Strides) bassist Greg Lyon (Crossfire) and drummer Scott Hills (The Flood, The McClymonts).
A frenetic, high energy composition in 5/4 time, with improvised solos from Matt Smith on guitar and steve Russell on piano.


Other tracks by Steve Russell:  The Walk Of A Sad Man  -  Elsie
Kotet - Watch The River     Jazz, Pop 23/07/2012
Kotet recorded by 3PBS Melbourne
Melbourne singer songwriter breaking genre boundaries and doing her own thing

Other tracks by Kotet:  Same Place  -  Break of Day