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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Peter Knight - Unknowness 1     Jazz, Experimental, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 20/12/2011
Inspired by the poetry of E.E Cummings, this is music that sits somewhere between new jazz, contemporary classical, minimalism and electro-acoustic music.
Hypnotic prepared piano with floating trumpet and bass clarinet over a pulsing acoustic bass, percussion and light drums.

Recommended by Eastside Radio, Sydney

Other tracks by Peter Knight:  Fish Boast of Fishing  -  Unknowness 2
Rafael Jerjen - Happy Ahmad     Jazz, Instrumental, Funk 15/12/2011
Rafael Jerjen is one of Australia's leading young bassists and composers within the Jazz genre.
After hearing Ahmad Jamal play a concert at the Sydney Opera house, I was compelled to write this piece. Ahmad and his band emphasized the importance of joy and happiness in playing and performing music. Thank you Ahmad for your inspiration and reassurance that music needs to be enjoyed!

Other tracks by Rafael Jerjen:  Two of a Kind-Part 1  -  Inevitably Possible
Christa Hughes and The Honky Tonk Shonks - Aces of Spades     Jazz, Pop, Rockabilly 09/12/2011
Christa Hughes is known for her wild on-stage antics and powerful voice. Daughter of the jazz pianist and journalist Dick Hughes she was once a member of Machine Gun Fellatio.
Christa Hughes and the Honky Tonk Shonks give us their version of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades”

Other tracks by Christa Hughes and The Honky Tonk Shonks:  Toxic  -  Price Tag
Adam Dunning - Happy New Year     Pop, World, Jazz 07/12/2011
International singer / songwriter Adam Dunning is back home in Australia after a year of touring and recording overseas, to launch his new song for the new year.
"Happy New Year" is a feel-good song of letting go the past and opening the new year, but with the energy of a flamenco backdrop and the soul of the festive season. A song for friends to sing with. Great to play anytime during the year!

Flap! - Rock in Space     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 25/11/2011
Flap! A fiery yet charming ensemble featuring brass, guts, words and skins, Flap! formed during an informal jam at Port Fairy Folk Festival and have become festival favorites country wide.
Flap! are proud to announce the release of their new single ‘Rock in Space’ and its accompanying east coast launch dates. A tale of war, peace, love and astrophysics, ‘Rock in Space’ is the first taste of the Melbournians long awaited yet to be titled second album, due 2012 .

Out of Abingdon - Slave To The Beat     Jazz, Funk, Blues 22/11/2011
A Duo with a passion for Jazz, Blues, beautiful Ballads and all things that Groove! Interpreting & blending old favourites with new, original material - a feel that's infectious.
'Slave to the beat' is a funky acoustic groove with bass and guitar bouncing off each other, fun lyrics about music being our heartbeat.

Other tracks by Out of Abingdon:  She Don't Love Me  -  One Of Those
Adam Rudegeair - Deja Voodoo     Funk/Soul, Jazz 16/11/2011
Adam Rudegeair is a Melbourne-based piano player/songwriter. Raised on jazz and becoming a funk autodidact as a teenager, Adam Rudegeair's music is infectious and addictive.
'Deja Voodoo' by Adam Rudegeair features the suave vocals from Henry Manetta. Infectious and quirky, this track will make you feel voodoofied.

Other tracks by Adam Rudegeair:  Come Get Wit Da Voodoofied  -  Bayou Boy
Mic Conway & Robbie Long - Street of Dreams     Jazz, Folk, Cover Version 10/11/2011
ARIA award-winning Mic is a singer, actor, musician, song writer, fire eater, magician, tap dancer, juggler. Robbie has jazz/rock foundations but has gathered tools from a spectrum of musical genres
An old Tin Pan Alley song , about Tin Pan Alley. In the 1920s and '30s songwriters created their own world there through song: surreal romantic mythology! I first heard Bing Crosby sing this tune, and later Tiny Tim. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are amazing and surreal.

Other tracks by Mic Conway & Robbie Long:  My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes  -  Winchester Cathedral
the Idea of North - Hallelujah I Love Her so     Jazz, Acappella 03/11/2011
Having won an ARIA Best Jazz Album Award for their collaboration with James Morrison in 2010, Australia’s leading a cappella vocal quartet The Idea of North, return to their roots.
The track is instrument-free, upbeat and catchy. A concert repertoire and songs that are requested time and time again by their fans.

Sarah McKenzie - You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (with James Morrison)     Jazz, Classical 03/11/2011
Sarah McKenzie has performed regularly with her mentor James Morrison, sung backing vocals for Michael Buble, headlined appearances at both the Stonnington and Melbourne International Jazz Festivals.
An upbeat and jazzy track that features the legendary James Morrison, marks a crucial milestone in the rapidly-developing career of the Bendigo-born, Melbourne-raised, Perth-educated McKenzie, whom critics around the country have identified as a once-in-a-generation talent.

Maddy Hay - In A dream     Pop, Jazz 01/11/2011
Maddy Hay is dazzling audiences and critics with her sophisticated compositions, celestial voice, vivid imagination and unique blend of Indie-Pop, taking her musical talents in exciting new directions.
In A Dream is taken from Maddy Hay's latest album Tell Me A Story - out now through Vitamin Records. The songs began during several months living in Amsterdam and Paris. She set to work with voice and a glockenspiel, the only instrument she had brought with her...

Tatu Rei - Forte     World, Jazz, Classical 26/10/2011
Tatu Rei are a 6 Piece Brazilian Jazz, Bossa and Samba outfit from Melbourne playing some of the hottest world music currently coming out of Australia.
'Forte' is the title track off Tatu Rei's second album. Featuring a string quartet comprising players from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Victorian Chamber Orchestra. Fusing Bossa Nova with an inspiring classical performance from some of Australia's best, this song represents the Worldly appeal of this Melbourne based group.

Other tracks by Tatu Rei:  Não Quero Prozac, Cadê Meu Buddha!  -  Pra Que Vingança?
Afro Habesha band - Tawusha Enure     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Jazz, Live Performance 13/10/2011
Afro Habesha mix outstanding local& Ethiopian born talent performing unique arrangements of popular traditional Ethiopian songs. They combine high energy live performances with traditional Ethiopian music, dance, jazz styles& instrumentation.
"Tawusha Enure" is a popular traditional Gurage Ethiopian love song.
Musicians include: Daniel Atlaw (keys/ vocals), Seble Girma (lead vocals), Duncan Foster (bass guitar), Nicky Bomba (drums), Ray Pereira (djembe), Leo Dale (alto saxophone/ baritone saxophone), Paul Coyle (trumpet/ trombone). Written by Abonesh Adenew, arranged by Daniel Atlaw.

J-Amaris - Far From Ambasel     Jazz, African, World 04/10/2011
Six-piece Ethio-Jazz instrumental, the J-Azmaris pay tribute to a style of music unique in its sound, skill and scale structure.
Ambasel is a city in Ethiopia and the song is written using the Ambasel scale to express a feeling you get when you are far from your identity, music and culture

Composed by Daniel Atlaw, recorded and mixed by Paul Coyle

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Iluka - Eyes Closed     Pop, Acoustic, Jazz, Folk 30/09/2011
Iluka gives the smoky retro jazz croon a captivating and youthful face lift with a sound that is both passionate and exciting.
Eyes Closed speaks of innocent tales, of tea parties and secret gardens ...always just out of reach.

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Elixir Featuring Katie Noonan - Snapshot     Jazz, Folk, Chill, Downbeat 27/09/2011
Exquisite Australian vocalist Katie Noonan's new release is the beautiful First Seed Ripening an album recorded with her trio Elixir. The Trio also includes Zac Hurren and Stephen Magnusson.
Snapshot is the first single from Elixir's new album First Seed Ripening and tells the story of a love Affair in New York ciy.

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Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band - Aurora     Jazz 21/09/2011
Following their ARIA-nominated "Tell It Like It Is" and appearances at the Tokyo Jazz Festival the award-winning Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band released their new studio recording "Aurora" with bonus DVD.
Hot performance, memorable melody

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Other tracks by Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band:  Bagatelle  -  Will-o'-the-wisp
Fifi Mondello - It's True     Jazz, Pop 14/09/2011
Fifi Mondello is not just your typical singer-songwriter. She is a fresh, new voice from a lost age, reminiscent of a bygone era, while rooted firmly in the present.
“It’s True” is a fun, quirky little 60’s flavoured treat - sweet, colourful and decadent.

On closer inspection, though, the upbeat, playful facade masks a lost soul navigating the fall-out from a failed love affair.

Defiant, joyous and uncompromising, “It’s True” celebrates overcoming adversity, and never settling for second best.

Other tracks by Fifi Mondello:  You Make Me Wanna Cry
The Bird's Robe Collaboration Band - Absolute Silence     Jazz, Rock, Experimental, Instrumental 30/08/2011
In 2010, Bird’s Robe conceived the first in a series of collaborative projects combining the talents of various musicians working in Sydney’s experimental / progressive rock music scene.
It may not live up to its name, but this track is the definitive example of collaboration in action. With its jazzy melody evoking Frank Zappa circa 'Hot Rats' it settles in comfortably before giving way to a crunching rock outro worthy of the best prog bands around. Whimsical, exhilarating.

Other tracks by The Bird's Robe Collaboration Band:  Work/Music  -  Equilibrium
Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra - Mr Jackson     Jazz, Swing 25/08/2011
An exciting new collaboration represented by many fine, dynamic, young Australian improvisers. Compositions and vocals by Krisin Berardi who, with The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra are jazz orchestral at its finest.
This groovy, hard swinging arrangement by Ross Irwin (Cat Empire). Features solos by wonderkind pianist, Steven Barry, and trombone legend Dave Panichi and some tough ensemble playing.

Other tracks by Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra:  Ode To Oli  -  Old Fashioned Way