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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Peter J Martin - Blue Seduction     Jazz, Blues, Chill, Instrumental 05/06/2012
Award winning arranger/composer and guitarist - Peter J Martin - presents a music that fuses jazz, blues, latin and contemporary classical concepts. Engagingly interwoven to sound deceptively simple.
A distinctive sound in chill-out jazz.

Other tracks by Peter J Martin:  Knight & Knots  -  The Long Manhattan
Tim Willis & The End - Lying On Her Bed Listening To Steve Reich     Jazz, Rock, Chill, Atmospheric 01/06/2012
The End bring with them all the things that make jazz great, but a rock edge that speaks to those who grew up listening to and loving Radiohead and Soundgarden.
Lying On Her Bed Listenin’ To Steve Reich is a love song and homage to Tims partner’s favourite composer. Inspired by the rhythmic patterns and structure of drummer Steve Reich's work. In all a subtle, lingering piece.

Other tracks by Tim Willis & The End:  Keep Your Chin Up  -  The Rose
Georgina Pollard - How to Film a Feast     Jazz, Pop 01/06/2012
Georgina Pollard is a quirky, fun, soulful singer/songwriter residing in lovely Lismore, NSW, Australia. Her lyrical voice serenades you in an often whimsical manner!
"How to Film a Feast" is a little ditty about someone who has developed a slight crush on a particular celebrity chef and loves everything about the way this chef performs in their shows, the types of food they cook and the way they dress and present themselves.

Other tracks by Georgina Pollard:  Where are you God?  -  Unreality
Leigh Barker & The New Sheiks - Sales Tax     Jazz 25/05/2012
Leigh Barker & the New Sheiks recorded by ArtSound FM 92.7, Canberra ACT
Recorded live at The Loft in Canberra by ArtSound. Leigh Barker - Bass, Matt Boden - Piano, Don Stewart - Trombone, Alastair McGrath-Kerr - Drums, Eamon McNelis - Cornet, Heather Stewart - Vocals & Violin

Other tracks by Leigh Barker & The New Sheiks:  Alabama Bound  -  Come Sunday
Niels Rosendahl Quartet - Step One     Jazz 25/05/2012
Niels Rosendahl Quartet recorded by ArtSound, FM 92.7 Canberra, ACT
Concert recorded at John Lingard Hall, Canberra Grammar School by ArtSound. Niels Rosendahl - Sax, Paul Dal Broi - Piano, Eric Ajaye - Bass, Gary France - Drums

Other tracks by Niels Rosendahl Quartet:  Carrie  -  A Journey with Dad
Reuben Lewis Quintet - FTS     Jazz, Classical 25/05/2012
Reuben Lewis Quintet recorded by Artsound FM 92.7, Canberra, ACT
Live performance at The Gods Cafe in Canberra recorded by ArtSound FM. Reuben Lewis - Trumpet, Max Williams - Sax, Aidan Lowe - Drums, Simon Melman - Bass, Luke Sweeting - Keys

Other tracks by Reuben Lewis Quintet:  Soul Of Things  -  For Three
Sydney Jazz Trio - In A Sentimental Mood     Jazz 25/05/2012
Sydney Jazz Trio recorded by Artsound FM 92.7, Canberra
Live performance at The Gods Cafe in Canberra recorded by ArtSound FM. Reuben Lewis - Trumpet, Max Williams - Sax, Aidan Lowe - Drums, Simon Melman - Bass, Luke Sweeting - Keys

Other tracks by Sydney Jazz Trio:  I Want To Be Happy  -  Beryl
James Annesley Quartet - E6     Jazz 25/05/2012
James Annesley Quartet recorded by ArtSound FM 92.7 in Canberra.
Live performance recorded at 'The Gods Cafe' in Canberra by ArtSound FM. James Annesley - Saxes, Hugh Stuckey - Guitar, Tom Lee - Bass, Hugh Harvey - Drums

Other tracks by James Annesley Quartet:  Settle Down  -  Giraffe
Grace Knight - Your Cheatin’ Heart     Jazz 08/05/2012
Grace Knight is one of Australia's finest vocalists with a stellar career spanning 35 years. "Keep Cool Fool" is Grace’s sixth solo album and is out now.
Grace Knight once again delivers a sublime album of cool jazz, as well as surprising us with a divine interpretation a Hank Williams classic track ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’.

James Hampton - Decent People     Pop, Retro 05/04/2012
James Hampton is Melbourne based singer, songwriter and piano player.Decent People album is "A feel-good retro fusion of jazz, funk, soul and pop." - Sunday Herald Sun
"Sometimes Decent People aren't so Decent"
Winner of Australian Songwriters Contest for pop song.
Energetic song - featuring piano, sax and great backing singers.

Other tracks by James Hampton:  Coconut Soap  -  Wings of Love
Astrid - Nothing New     Jazz 02/04/2012
Astrid is an experienced vocalist with a Debut Album 'Secret Of Life'. Delighting listeners with an ability to connect with many audiences in fusions of Jazz, Folk & Vocal music.
Nothing New is a co-written original for Astrid and her producer Phil Tweed. Inspired by a West Coast Jazz style, this playful tune is fun and soulful. Featuring Dieter Kleemann on Guitar, Aaron Michael on Saxophone and Phil Tweed on Piano.

Other tracks by Astrid:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow  -  No Frontiers
Sound Gun - Traveling     Jazz 02/03/2012
Sound Gun recorded live for 2ser's On The Corner.
Recorded Live at 8 O’Clock Sharp on 5/3/2009. Jonathan Zwartz (d. bass), Tom O’Halloran (piano), Evan Mannell (drums). Sound Gun play the space between song and free music. Traveling is from Jonathan’s Bell Jazz Award winning CD, The Sea, on Vitam

Marcello Maio Group - Two     Jazz 02/03/2012
Marcello Maio Group recorded by 2ser's On The Corner
Recorded at Jazzgroove Live at The Excelsior, 7/7/2009. Marcello Maio (keys), Ngiarre Joseph (vocal), James Greening (trombone), Junichi Shiomo (bass), Steve Marin (percussion, drums), Rodrigo Galvao (drums). Marcello’s latest CD is called Samba Mundi

Showa 44 - Goin' Home     Jazz 02/03/2012
Showa 44 recorded for 2ser's On The Corner.
Recorded at Jazzgroove Live at The Excelsior, 7/7/2009. Simon Barker (drums), Carl Dewhurst (guitar). Check the latest Showa 44 CD, Orneon, or Simon’s film, Intangible Asset No.82 ( by Showa 44) through Simon’s label Kimnara

Adam Simmonds - Ryebuck Shearer (traditional)     Jazz, Folk, Experimental 02/03/2012
Adam Simmonds recorded by 2ser's On The Corner.
Recorded live at Bohemian Grove in Sydney, on 21/6/2009 during a tour where Adam loaded his car with more than a dozen instruments and played solo concerts all over Eastern Australia, in support of his self-titled solo CD.

Phillip Johnston’s Page of Madness band - The Dancer     Jazz 02/03/2012
Phillip Johnston’s Page of Madness band recorded by 2SER's On The Corner.
These tracks are the 2nd & 4th movements respectively, of Phillip Johnston’s original score for Teinosuke Kinugasa’s 1927 Japanese silent film masterpiece Kurutta Ippeiji, (A Page of Madness). This was recorded live at 505 on 25/5/2009.

Other tracks by Phillip Johnston’s Page of Madness band:  The Visit
The Darts - Improvisation     Jazz 02/03/2012
The Darts recorded for 2ser's On The Corner.
Recorded live at 505 on 25/5/2009. Scott Tinkler (trumpet), Phil Slater (trumpet), Steve Elphick (bass), Simon Barker (drums).. Scott plays on a new CD, Chiri, with Simon Barker and Korean Pansori singer Bae Il Dong (

Virculum Collective - PJP – Little Monkey     Jazz 02/03/2012
Virculum Collective recorded for 2ser's On The Corner.
These tracks in order are the 2nd and 3rd parts of the PJP Suite, composed by Mark Lauand inspired by his young son. Recorded live at 505 on 15/7/2009. Mark Lau (bass), Richard Maegraith (tenor sax), Mike Kenny (trumpet), Tim Firth (drums).

Other tracks by Virculum Collective:  PJP – Staunkin’
Nicola Milan - Little Rendezvous     Jazz, World 13/02/2012
Velvety and warm, like hot chocolate; Nicola Milan's voice sends tingles down your spine as you relax into her blend of jazz, Latin, blues and folk.
A sultry bossa. Low, sensuous vocals combined with beautiful latin guitar and the tinkling of piano. The song reminds you of that delicious feeling you get just before a first kiss.

Other tracks by Nicola Milan:  Take Your Chances  -  A Real Man
Charlotte Clare - White Christmas     Jazz, Ambience, African, Australian Indigenous 22/12/2011
From the Gold Coast, Australia comes Charlotte Clare band leader of natural Jazz
White Christmas a nice Bosa version like you have never heard before with rich chordal progressions and island flavour to make your Christmas special this year

Other tracks by Charlotte Clare:  Oh holy night  -  The First Noel