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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Susy Blue - Baby I'm Bored     Folk, Rockabilly, Jazz, Pop 13/11/2013
The whimsical Susy Hull captains the mighty six-piece playing kooky pop calypso. Influences range from classical, jazz to folk and gypsy stylings and draw inspirations from Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor.
A sassy upbeat number with a baritone sax that's hard not to want to dance to. Straight to the point, this tongue in cheek track will have women everywhere singing to their husbands, boyfriends and lovers.

Allan Browne - Billy Goat Stomp     Jazz, Live Performance, Swing 29/10/2013
CW Volume 2 won the 2012 Jazz Bell Award. Allan has been inducted into Bell's Hall Of Fame, and won Don Banks Music Award for his contribution to Australian music.
A previously unreleased version of Red Onions performing Jelly Roll Morton's Dixieland classic Billy Goat Stomp, live on ABC in 1964.

Other tracks by Allan Browne:  Ford Dealer's Son From Deni  -  He's Not Much (But He's All He Thinks About)
Jessica Saphia - Lucid Dreams of You     Jazz, Blues, Easy Listening, Acoustic 29/10/2013
Smokey jazz vocals and songs for the soul with melodic lines and cathartic raw emotions.
Song based on the ability to manipulate you dreams. In lucid dreaming you become aware you are in a dream, so can change what happens, where you go and who you are with in your dream. Where would you go, what would you do?

Other tracks by Jessica Saphia:  Hello Day  -  Make Life Better
Mike Dooley Jazz Ensemble - The Grooving Magpie     Jazz, Funk 25/10/2013
The Mike Dooley Jazz Ensemble features some of the capital's finest musicians, playing Mke's original compositions which draw on an eclectic range of influences including jazz, funk, world and classical.
An upbeat jazz funk tune based on the song of a magpie. Sampled magpie song included on track. Grooving beat from a tight rhythm section and exciting solos from sax trumpet piano and bass.

Other tracks by Mike Dooley Jazz Ensemble:  Zymurgy  -  Soliloquy
Jimi Beavis - You're Much Too Young for Me     Blues/Roots, Jazz, Soul, Roots 24/10/2013
Jimi Beavis is all class. A gentleman giant of the Brisbane roots scene. New Album Gentleman Giant coming soon!
Returning to university in his mid to late 20s, Jimi found himself surrounded by younger women and this song was a way of convincing himself it was okay to date some of them (not at the same time).

Paul Williamson - Piece For Peace     Jazz, Atmospheric 18/10/2013
Connect Four is the 8th release by jazz trumpeter Paul Williamson. Featuring a series of duets with iconic Australian jazz pianists. Tony Gould, Paul Grabowsky, Andrea Keller and Marc Hannaford.
The opening track of the CD, Piece for Peace, features iconic Australian pianist, composer and educator Tony Gould, winner of the prestigious Don Banks Award and an Order of Australia (AM). This is their first recording together but their rapport is evident in the flowing, expressive, and evocative musical dialogue.

Other tracks by Paul Williamson:  Buzzby  -  Drift
Alex & Nilusha - Moments In Time     Jazz, World 16/10/2013
Percussionist Alex Pertout and vocalist Nilusha Dassenaike embraced a contemporary jazz/world sound created in Australia but informed by locations around the globe including their Latin American and South Asian roots.
Creative composition with strong lyrical content featuring masterful performances by established jazz performers, Afro-Latin 6/8 feel

Other tracks by Alex & Nilusha:  Falling  -  The Wind
L.A.A. - Coincidence     Jazz, Instrumental, Live Performance 15/10/2013
Emerging jazz trio based in Melbourne. Original compositions characterised by a lyrical and contemporary sound, with relevance to other musical genres and forms outside of jazz
Instrumental track, live recording by jazz piano trio. Very lyrical and dynamic, solo piano intro, followed by piano and double bass interplay. Reasonably pacey song, beautifully emotive.

Other tracks by L.A.A.:  Waltham Street Blues  -  Untitled
Parissa Bouas - Sad Eyes     Jazz, Retro, World, Rock 01/10/2013
A beautiful blend of Billie Holiday meets Tom Waits in a Parisian nightclub, where Gypsies play songs of love and loss, with a South American twist.
A sultry, gypsy jazz tune, of love & loss, which reached the ISC semi finals and won the coveted Song of the Year and Best Jazz Song categories at the 2012 Dolphin Music Awards. Features saw, velofoon, banjo, feetsband bass, banoneon.

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Other tracks by Parissa Bouas:  Dance With Me  -  The Full Force of the Wind
Alice Humphries - The World Rushes On     Jazz 30/09/2013
Alice Humphries is an award winning jazz composer and arranger. She formed the ensemble Ecila in 2010 to perform and record her music, releasing a debut album in December 2013.
Featuring guitarist Brett Thompson, The World Rushes On takes inspiration from a Haiku by 10th century Japanese poet Izumi Shikibu.

Briana Cowlishaw - Paper Mache City     Jazz, Pop, Soul 18/09/2013
24 year old Briana is a Sydney raised vocalist and composer. Graduated the Australian Institute of Music (BMUS) in 2008, awarded ‘Artstart’ grant by the Australia Council of the Arts.
With influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and James Taylor to painters Rothko and Picasso, Cowlishaw's new sound is a heady brew of contemporary Jazz fused with melodic pop. A voice with a warm and silky timbre, lyrics that ooze honesty and contemplation and melodies that weave beautiful threads.

Jordan C. Thomas - Red Lights     Rock, Swing 10/09/2013
Beatnik Jazz and jump swing with an almost punk energy.
A raw and rocking big band sound with loud horns, loud guitars and gritty vocals about the down at heel side of late night drinking.

Other tracks by Jordan C. Thomas:  Her Name  -  Goin' Up the Hill
Nat Dunn - Fool's Fate     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz 07/09/2013
Nat is best known for her vocal chops but in the last couple of years she has developed into a songwriter, producing a sound she affectionately calls “Rock n Soul”.
A soulful track that gets you swaying along with Nat Dunn's heartfelt vocals.

Andrew Dickeson Quintet - Here And Now     Jazz 30/08/2013
Andrew Dickeson Quintet recorded by ArtSound.
Recorded live in ArtSounds studio for the Canberra program 'Friday Night Live'. Casey Golden - Piano, Ed Rodrigues - Drums and Bill Williams - Bass

Casey Golden Trio - Clouded     Jazz 30/08/2013
Casey Golden Trio recorded by ArtSound.
Recorded live in ArtSounds studio for the Canberra program 'Friday Night Live'. Casey Golden - Piano, Ed Rodrigues - Drums and Bill Williams - Bass

Leonie Cohen Trio - Five Sisters     Jazz 30/08/2013
Leonie Cohen Trio recorded by ArtSound.
Written by Leonie Cohen and recorded live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Leonie Cohen - Keyboard, Hugh Fraser - Bass and Toby Hall - Drums.

Lucy Sugerman - When I Was Your Man     Pop, Jazz 30/08/2013
ArtSound's 'Friday Night Live Series' recording of Lucy Sugerman.
Lucy Sugerman is an 11 year old singer/songwriter from Canberra who performs with a maturity way beyond her age, here is Lucy in concert doing a rendition of a Bruno Mars song.

Other tracks by Lucy Sugerman:  Simple Words  -  The Futures So Bright
Mark Lockett Trio - Crew Cutt     Jazz 30/08/2013
Mark Lockett Trio recorded by ArtSound FM, Canberra.
Recorded in concert at 'The Loft' in Canberra, the wonderful pared down Jazz of Mark Lockett on Drums, Julian Wilson on Tenor Sax and Alex Bonham on Bass.

Other tracks by Mark Lockett Trio:  Mr Pickles  -  Good Day for a Dog
Niels Rosendahl and Friends - Stella by Starlight     Jazz 30/08/2013
ArtSound's 'Friday Night Live Series' recording of Niels Rosendahl.
Recording from Canberra Saxophonist Niels Rosendahl's farewell concert before leaving to start further studies in the USA. Niels Rosendahl - Tenor Sax, Ben Marston - Trumpet, Luke Sweeting - Organ, Gary France - Drums

Party Gravy - The Kracken     Jazz 30/08/2013
Party Gravy recorded by ArtSound FM, Canberra.
Canberra's own Party Gravy plays thier brand of horn based Jazz with punchy contemporary arrangements. Fasten your seatbelts! Andrew Kimber & Tye Langford - saxes, Mark Slegers & Samuel McNair - Drums, Josh Hart & Patrick Langdon - Trombones, Ax Long - Trum.

Other tracks by Party Gravy:  La Cancion sin Nombre  -  F. Jam