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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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The Cat Empire - Steal The Light     Pop, Roots, Jazz, Funk 16/05/2013
The Cat Empire's new album, 'Steal The Light', is out Friday 17th May on Two Shoes Records through Inertia.
The title-track from The Cat Empire's forthcoming album, “Steal The Light”, follows the extraordinary success of lead single, “Brighter Than Gold”, which has dominated radio airwaves since February.

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Other tracks by The Cat Empire:  Brighter Than Gold  -  Am I Wrong?
Andy Vance - Joyful Joyful     Christian, Jazz 24/04/2013
One of Australia's leading jazz pianists and strong in his faith and conviction as well.
A wonderful solo jazz piano arrangement of this well known classic

Other tracks by Andy Vance:  For God so Loved the World  -  This is the Day
Takadimi - Into The Night     World, Jazz, Folk 24/04/2013
The group bring you into their worlds through inventive improvisations and evocative soundscapes. Takadimi exerts a genuine obsession for the possibilities within genres and their indefinite boundaries.
Bulgarian folk-style tune with an ancient line of Irish heritage, experimenting with being a Jazz musician on this particular night whilst drifting through the Blue Mountains and whispering 'Takadimi-takita, Takadimi-takita' quietly to itself. Shh. Listen.

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Other tracks by Takadimi:  You Know, You Know  -  Therese
Alanna & Alicia - Fly Like A Bird     Blues/Roots, Folk, Easy Listening 23/04/2013
Alanna & Alicia are twin sisters who blend folk, jazz and roots in their original, acoustic songs. and are known for their sweet, sibling harmonies, fine songwriting, and impeccable charm.
Taken from their recent release 'Twinlines' - twins Alanna and Alicia Egan display their infectious love of sweet harmonies and enchanting song writing on this track 'Fly Like A Bird'. joined by an impeccable band of musicians, the track brings about a nostalgia and emotive quality that is their own.

Other tracks by Alanna & Alicia:  Double Trouble (The Twin Song)  -  The Early Bird and the Night Owl
Renée Geyer - Baby Please Don't Go     Jazz, Blues, Swing 09/04/2013
Renée is back with the album of her career! For years fans have asked Renée to record a Big Band album. Now comes the long awaited new studio album SWING.
Produced by Renee Geyer, Paul Williamson & Dave Palmer and features the cream of Australia's top musicians.

Other tracks by Renée Geyer:  Comin' Home Baby  -  It's a Man's Man's
Trichotomy - Strom     Jazz, Instrumental 20/03/2013
Musically assured with bold music vision, Fact Finding Mission places the Trio at the forefront of modern creative jazz. The trio sound is inventive and exciting with spirited group creativity.
Meaning stream, current or flow. It's upbeat and joyful - which sums up the album as a whole and was an easy choice as an album opener. I'd been listening to a bit of Avishai Cohen at the time and was inspired by the sense of energy in his group.

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Other tracks by Trichotomy:  The Blank Canvas Pt 1 (Featuring James Muller)  -  Song For EV
Nikki Madden - Make Love Not War     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country 05/03/2013
While jazz/folk veteran Nikki’s songs deal with some pretty heavy topics – war, marginalisation of queer relationships, - she delivers them in humorous style, all couched in sensual, languorous arrangements.
Make Love Not War ...'you can wake up in the morning saying 'who's that in my bed' (country blues 2 step)

Other tracks by Nikki Madden:  Take Your Clothes Off  -  Next of Skin
Leigh Carriage - Mandarin Skyline     Funk/Soul, Jazz 21/02/2013
After a long hiatus from the recording world, Australian jazz fans can now revel in the new original album Mandarin Skyline from leading contemporary jazz vocalist Leigh Carriage.
Mandarin Skyline is the title track from celebrated Australian Vocalist Leigh Carriage. Proudly distributed by Vitamin Records, the album celebrates the first offering of original material by one of the country's leading Soul & Jazz singer/songwriters - accompanied by some of the nation's most respected musicians...

StormChasers - Someone Else     Funk/Soul, Ska, Blues, Jazz 15/02/2013
If ever there were a band who personified the exuberance, optimism & free-spirited nature of youth, it would be StormChasers. Listen up, Funk/Soul brothers and sisters!
New track 'Someone Else' from StormChasers is brimming with bold as brass horns and soul swagger, sexy lyrics and a longing for… you guessed it… someone else. 'Someone Else' is a funk/soul/pop number from the young 7-piece from Brisbane.

Ben Kelly - Super Sonic     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Rock, Rock 14/02/2013
"Ben is as close as you can get to being able to bottle and sell passion!" Ben creates powerful and uncompromising music, connected by his personal and spiritual journey.
Super Sonic is a funky uplifting song with a great reggae/ rock feel.

the message / energy of the song is 'together we can feel good, celebrate life and make a positive contribution to this crazy world full of darkness, here is a little light to lead the way.

Other tracks by Ben Kelly:  Patern Paint  -  Nature Boogie
Joseph Tawadros - Freo     Jazz, Funk, World 13/02/2013
At just 29, Egyptian-born Australian Joseph Tawadros has established himself as one of the world’s leading Oud performers and composers. Tawadros won the 2012 ARIA for Best World Music Album.
Tawadros’ new album has a truly gratifying and contemporary fusion where world, classical and jazz seamlessly create a new sound.
This track features solos by Joseph Tawadros, Bela Fleck, Richard Bona, Roy Ayers and James Tawadros.
Written in Fremantle, WA this track is lively, bluesy and funky.

Other tracks by Joseph Tawadros:  Gypo Blues  -  Rose in the Sky
Samantha Morley - The Nearness Of You     Jazz, Easy Listening 15/01/2013
Recorded at ABC Studios in Melbourne and launched to a full house at Paris Cat, 'The Nearness of You' is Samantha's debut, a combination of originals and exquisite arrangements.
A delicate number, Samantha's vocals float ethereally over pianist Rory Clarke's arrangement of Hoagy Carmichael's The Nearness Of You, made famous by Glenn Miller.

Other tracks by Samantha Morley:  Golden Brown  -  Me, Here, Now
Ben Carr Trio - Koroit Street     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
Recorded live in ArtSounds Studio A for local program 'Friday Night Live'. Ben Carr - Tenor Sax, Phil Collings - Drums and Georgia Weber - Bass
Recorded live in ArtSounds Studio A for local program 'Friday Night Live'. Ben Carr - Tenor Sax, Phil Collings - Drums and Georgia Weber - Bass

Other tracks by Ben Carr Trio:  Jamie
Wanninashvilles - Comes Love     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
Wanninashvilles recorded live by ArtSound.Crystal Barreca - Uke/Vox, Joey Panucci - Guitar/Vox, Phill Jenkins - Bass, Tim Bowyer - Trumpet, Pat Langdon - Trombone, Mitch Preston - Percussion
Canberra band Wanninashvilles are inspired by the early jazz and blues music of the 20's and 30's. Crystal Barreca - Uke & Vocs, Joey Panucci - Guitar & Vocs, Phill Jenkins - Bass, Tim Bowyer - Trumpet, Pat Langdon - Trombone, Mitch Preston - Percussion

Other tracks by Wanninashvilles:  Let's have another Cup of Coffee
Niels Rosendahl and Friends - Israel     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound tecording from Canberra Saxophonist Niels Rosendahl's farewell concert. Niels Rosendahl - Tenor Sax, Luke Sweeting - Organ, Gary France - Drums
Recording from Canberra Saxophonist Niels Rosendahl's farewell concert before leaving to start further studies in the USA. Niels Rosendahl - Tenor Sax, Luke Sweeting - Organ, Gary France - Drums

Other tracks by Niels Rosendahl and Friends:  Moon River
Rasrufus - Turbanic Plague     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound's recording of Rasrufus.Henry Rasmussen - Drums, Victor Rufus - Guitar, Jared Plane - Bass, Thomas Sly - Trumpet, Andy Butler - Piano
Recorded at 'Jazz at the Gallery' featuring emerging artists from the ANU School of Music. Miles O'Connell - Tenor Sax, Daniel Kim - Guitar, Luke Keanan-Brown - Drums, Max Alduca - Bass.

Other tracks by Rasrufus:  Wing Man
Miles O'Connell Quartet - Prism City     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
Miles O'Connell Quartet recorded live at 'Jazz at the Gallery' for ArtSound
Recorded at 'Jazz at the Gallery' featuring emerging artists from the ANU School of Music. Miles O'Connell - Tenor Sax, Daniel Kim - Guitar, Luke Keanan-Brown - Drums, Max Alduca - Bass.

Other tracks by Miles O'Connell Quartet:  Zen Sickness
Daimon Brunton Quintet - You don't know what Love is     Jazz, Classical, Live Performance 04/01/2013
ArtSound's live concert recording of the Daimon Brunton Quintet at the Gods Cafe in Canberra.
Live concert recorded at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Daimon Brunton - Trumpet, Adam Orlando - Guitar, Andrew Boyle - Keyboard, Adam Donaldson - Drums and Nick Delaney - Bass.

Other tracks by Daimon Brunton Quintet:  Madeline
Andrew Dickeson Quintet - Byrdlike     Jazz 04/01/2013
ArtSound's recording of Andrew Dickeson Quintet live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra.
Recorded live at the Gods Cafe in Canberra. Andrew Dickeson - Drums, Steve Barry - Piano, James Muller - Guitar, Alex Bonham - Bass and Warwick Alder - Trumpet

Other tracks by Andrew Dickeson Quintet:  Embraceable you
Corey Stewart - Seeing Stars     Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Soul 20/12/2012
I am a singer/songwriter, Musician and blogger from Adelaide, South Australia
This song attempts to encapsulate the feeling of loving someone so much that it physically hurts (in a good way).

Other tracks by Corey Stewart:  Don't Turn To Me Now  -  Half Hearted Man