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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Evan Silva - Still Missing You     Funk/Soul 24/08/2013
Pro R&B Soul Jazz Latin Groove style songwriter /singer ...Session Singer also.
Great soul groove..

Other tracks by Evan Silva:  For You  -  You Dance I Sing
Charlotte Emily - Dreamstealer     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/08/2013
With a cheery demeanor, infectious songs and an extraordinary band, Charlotte Emily is guaranteed to leave you with your feet tapping and your lips infectiously upturned.
Fresh, catchy, cheeky and infectious, "Dreamstealer" throws a different light on the end of a relationship. Upbeat, with glockenspiel in tow, "Dreamstealer" is bound to leave you with a smile!

Other tracks by Charlotte Emily:  Joking  -  Bad Attitude
Quentin Angus - Perception     Jazz, World 13/08/2013
"Fresh, sophisticated, vibrant and formidable"- All About Jazz, "The future of jazz composition"- Paul Williams (ASCAP), "Stellar Playing"- John Abercrombie, "Jazz guitar prodigy"- John McBeath (The Australian).
An impressionistic piano introduction, leading into a soft, melancholy and melodic theme, before building to enter a hard hitting unison riff section. A bass and drum feature follows before the song tapers of, slowly building again to finish with a bang.

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Other tracks by Quentin Angus:  Red and Yellow  -  Restoration
Darth Vegas - Space Sounds     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Hardcore 10/08/2013
The soundtrack for a cult B-grade film about an opium-addicted ghost falling in love with a four-breasted robot, set against a war between vampire-gypsies and surf-­loving ninjas from outer space.
The first single from Brainwashing For Dirty Minds, Space Sounds is a musical adventure into outer space, full of synths, kooky horn fanfares and effected vocals. Part Space Odyssey, part Space Oddity, and just that tiny bit MacArthur Park..?

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Other tracks by Darth Vegas:  Vindaloo Boogaloo  -  A Night To Dismember
Resurgence - You Never Forget Love     Jazz, Soul, Pop 10/08/2013
Mark Isaacs’ Resurgence project has attracted two ARIA Award nominations and tours widely. Joining the stunning line-up of featured Australian instrumental talent is brilliant young Australian vocalist Briana Cowlishaw.
Beautiful ballad, soulful lyrics, gorgeous playing.

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Other tracks by Resurgence:  You Never Forget Love (extended mix)  -  New Lives
The Tango Saloon - Dracula Cha Cha     Rock, Jazz, Cover Version, Comedy 10/08/2013
Tango meets spaghetti western in this 9-piece ensemble, largely instrumental but with vocals from Elana Stone, Jane Sheldon and Mike Patton. Formed in 2005 and based in Sydney, Australia.
Italian novelty song, with vocals courtesy of Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle, etc)

Other tracks by The Tango Saloon:  Transylvania  -  The Chase
The Tango Saloon - Femme Fatale     Rock, Acoustic, Atmospheric 10/08/2013
Tango meets spaghetti western in this 9-piece ensemble, largely instrumental but with vocals from Elana Stone, Jane Sheldon and Mike Patton. Formed in 2005 and based in Sydney, Australia.
Featuring soaring vocals by Elana Stone, this is a soundtrack-style piece driven by clavinet, strings and the twang of spaghetti western guitar.

Other tracks by The Tango Saloon:  Rendez-Vous  -  John Doe
Adam Dunning & Tash Parker - Holiday     Pop, Jazz, Folk, Retro 03/08/2013
Recorded in Victoria, and backed with a rustic, beachy clip, ‘Holiday’ marks a coming together of two genres: Dunning’s laid back bossa/ surf jazz with Parker’s personal pop folk vibe.
This waltzy, summertime song, a collaboration by Dunning and Parker, features soft organic vocals that both are known for. The song was born on the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

‘Holiday’ marks a coming together of two genres: Dunning’s laid back bossa / surf with Parker’s personal pop folk vibe.

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Brian Bock - Heartaches     Jazz 31/07/2013
With a twinkle in his eye, he claims he’s not as old as Tony Bennett, but for fans of great easy-listening, you’ll enjoy Brian Bock just as much.
A happy bouncy uptempo classic from Australia's very own Tony Bennett - Queensland crooner, Brian Bock.

Other tracks by Brian Bock:  Georgia On My Mind
Rhonda Burchmore - Cry Me a River     Jazz 20/07/2013
Throughout her career Rhonda Burchmore has made a distinctive impression on audiences with her dazzling dance steps, superb comic timing, effervescent personality and impressive voice.
With her six piece “LA Combo” band, Burchmore takes the listener on a nostalgic saunter down the memory lane of Julie London.

Better Than The Wizards - Coming Back Your Way     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk 05/07/2013
Better Than The Wizards are a happy go-lucky Melbourne based six piece that have been casting their blended pop, funk, jazz sound wands all over Melbourne’s iconic music scene.
With a hint of the old school, latest single from Better Than The Wizards ‘Coming Back Your Way’ throws you back! Blues Brothers horn lines, gravelly vocals, all sexed up with a burnin' Hammond organ solo. In short, a bangin' pop tune that'll have you coming back their way.

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Monique diMattina - Dig A Hole     Jazz, Blues 05/07/2013
Singer/songwriter, pianist Monique diMattina is back, this time with Nola’s Ark. Recorded in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, accompanied by an incredible all star ensemble of musicians.
This song was written after a huge storm flooded outer suburban Melbourne the 3RRR listener wanted a song to bemoan the Saturday morning loving he missed out on because he had to get up out of bed and dig trenches.

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Other tracks by Monique diMattina:  Bring On The Rain  -  Numb Fumblin'
Susy Blue - Wish in My Dish     Pop, Folk, Jazz 05/07/2013
Hailing from a studied musical background, Susy Hull captains the mighty six piece to present listeners a kooky pop calypso. Hull draws noticeable inspirations from Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor.
“A kooky, stream of consciousness flow, written one summer in my garden, with all the dandelions/ wishes floating through the February air. A happy celebration of being young and free.” Susy Blue

Katie Wighton & Brian Campeau - The Last Polka     Jazz, Blues, Instrumental 04/07/2013
‘Song Reader – Sydney Sessions’ is a compilation featuring some of NSW’s most critically acclaimed musicians. Each track is an interpretation of songs originally featured as sheet music on Beck’s ‘Song Reader’ album.
Katie Wighton & Brian Campeau's interpretation of USA musician Beck's 'The Last Polka’ from the compilation 'Song Reader - Sydney Sessions'

Belle and The Bone People - The Boy     Folk, Rock 02/07/2013
Sydney based Indie/Folk/Rock, we are proud to be releasing our self titled first E.P! Its a bit fun, a bit melancholy, and occasionally spine tingling. We're excited.
A folky amped up hoedown to get everyone tuned in sure to dance, sing and pour their hearts out with this fast paced anthem.

Other tracks by Belle and The Bone People:  Industrialisation  -  Johnny
Fiona Joy Hawkins - The Journey     World, Acoustic, Instrumental, Easy Listening 18/06/2013
Celtic/New Age pianist, composer and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins celebrates her most epic and significant album 600 Years in Moment recording with a handmade Australian piano and ancient world instruments.
Very "Lord of the Rings" and Enya'ish. Acoustic instrumental with vocals.

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Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins:  Naked Love  -  Running on Joy
Flap! - The Apocolypse     Jazz 11/06/2013
Flap!’s virtuosity and lyrical sophistication draw the ear of the intelligent listener, whilst exuberant energy and hard-driving rhythms compel audiences to dance. The band effortlessly combines musical integrity and entertainment.
“The complexity of the instrumentals, both on their own and combined with the vocal tracks, create a depth to the music that we have come to expect from larger jazz groups. Flap! has successfully presented [an] original take on this genre by adding [an] eccentric Australian flair...”

The 59th Sound

Other tracks by Flap!:  The Boogieman
Martin Stuart Clarke - Fuego     Jazz, Instrumental, Experimental 07/06/2013
'NuStream' jazz trio featuring Peter Martin (guitar), Hamish Stuart (drums) and Brendan Clarke (bass).
Mixing free improvisation with mainstream jazz elements (NuStream?), the trio of guitar, drums, bass on this track display a strong undercurrent of energy whilst flickering above the "Fuego" (fire).

Other tracks by Martin Stuart Clarke:  So This Is It  -  Mr Cool Jam
Nicola Milan - The Scent of Her Perfume     World, Jazz 22/05/2013
Sophisticated, sensual and romantic, Nicola Milan’s blend of easy listening jazz combines the sultry cool of Melody Gardot with the elegance of Diana Krall.
A dramatic and passionate tango that tells the story of a man haunted by the lingering memory of his lost love. His love’s memory is personified as her perfume which lingers tauntingly throughout his apartment. Sung with Nicola Milan’s sultry vocals, this magical track features a soaring violin solo.

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Other tracks by Nicola Milan:  Love Me More  -  The Waiting Game
Valar - Astronaut     Rock, Jazz, Alternative Country 22/05/2013
Sydney 3 piece that bring together incredible song writing, free jamming and great production. Inspired by Neil Young, Radiohead and Talk Talk.
It unfolds, one layer at a time with old man Parsons doing his part to move things forward in his irregular yet mightily constrained way before the whole thing flattens out with Blackwood’s dulcet sweep atop a bed of harmonised howls. - Sound Doctrine 2013 RECOMMENDED BY: 3PBS, MELBOURNE

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