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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Sarah McKensie - That's It, I Quit!     Jazz 31/10/2014
ARIA Award-winning singer-pianist-composer Sarah McKenzie returns with a stunning new recording ‘We Could Be Lovers’, to be released on October 31 through ABC Music/Universal.
‘We Could Be Lovers’ boasts some of the finest music to come out of the international jazz scene in recent years. ‘That’s It, I Quit!’, one of Sarah’s most appealing new compositions, combines catchy rhythms and tight groove in an irresistible combination.

Black Jesus Experience - Ichilalo     World, Hip Hop, Jazz, African 29/10/2014
Afro-Jazz, funk and poetic rap form a mystic brew of intoxicating grooves taking traditional Ethiopian forms into a new era for ears and rears.
A light-hearted and uplifting tale of the journey from Ethiopia to inner-city Melbourne.

Other tracks by Black Jesus Experience:  Migration  -  Ethiobop
Shol - Don't Know     Jazz 29/10/2014
This uniquely Australian ensemble explores ranges of emotions and sounds, creating from the musicians' hearts and minds, melodic themes of free jazz to world music, soul funk and bold improvisations.
This piece was named Don't Know, as after it was written someone asked me what its name was and I replied "Don't Know". He replied, "That's a good name" so the name stuck. My homage to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Up tempo modern jazz.

Other tracks by Shol:  Inner Sense of Beauty  -  A Journey Within
Lauren Lucille - Tuk Tuk     Jazz, Funk 04/10/2014
Lauren is a story teller and with her soothing and soaring voice, she tells tales of her inner most secrets. She's blessed with a magnificent voice and writes solid songs.
This track has no lyrics. It's latin/funk/jazz and it's just a fun song that reminds me of the tuk tuk rides in India

Other tracks by Lauren Lucille:  Words Fly Out The Window
Nicola Milan - Crazy     Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Swing 01/10/2014
Alluring, seductive and cheeky, Nicola Milan’s music is a bohemian melting pot of swing, Celtic, Latin and blues mixed with modern grooves and wrapped up in Nicola’s silky vocals.
A riotous fusion of jazz pop mixing 1920's swing with electronic elements and modern grooves. A fresh sound and super catchy.

The Dawn Chorus - Plain Song     Blues/Roots, Blues, Jazz, Soul 30/09/2014
The Dawn Chorus have toured nationally, sharing the stage with the likes of Donovan Frankenrieter, Bonjah and You Am I they have toured the US and played Woodford Folk Festival
Blues meets jazz with roots influences.

Omelette - One For Four     Jazz, Instrumental 27/09/2014
Omelette play an eclectic mix of music – from African folk, to reggae and jazz influenced grooves and original compositions that serve as vehicles for collectively improvised explorations.
Mark was straight in with driving bass and lots of attitude, Ronny joined quickly with a broken groove around the toms and Steve's lusciously dissonant guitar chords added to the mystery. Guttural plunger mute tones of trombone plunge the tune into world lost between skanking reggae and New Orleans dirge.

VanderAa - Ochre Red     Pop, Reggae, Acoustic, Jazz 18/09/2014
Feel the sun shining down on your skin, like the ball of energy it derives from, VanderAa’s Acoustic/Indie/Pop sound radiates fun.
‘Breaking Heart’s’ is inspired by Plato’s philosophical text 'The Symposium'. “According to Greek Mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and heads with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves”.

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Damen Samuel - Noah's Ark     Funk/Soul, Roots, Soul, Pop 05/09/2014
Damen Samuel is a Singer-Songwriter of German/Nigerian origins. He is a traveling troubadour who is spreading his soulful and powerful tunes with a guitar and a velvety voice.
A soulful and funky tune, that deals with the state of the world in a rather uplifting way. Imagine Red Hot Chilli Peppers are having lunch with John Butler.

Other tracks by Damen Samuel:  My Way to You
Miss Elm - Bitter Taste     Pop, Jazz, Folk 19/08/2014
Miss Elm is a quirky mixed bag group who have just the prescription for those wanting something refreshing in their music.
The track explores the bitterness of a jilted lover, a discarded relationship, and the feeling you get when somebody just walks away.

The Flumes - Sweet, Sweet Rain     Folk, Soul, Roots, Pop 16/08/2014
Electric Harp pouring out psychedelic melodies over a stylin rhythm section laced with soulful vocals. The Flumes conjure up a lushly funky, dark and sparkling, intoxicating brew.
With a breezy latin flavour, Sweet, Sweet Rain celebrates dancing naked in the rain.

Other tracks by The Flumes:  The Place Is Now  -  Star of the Sea
Steve Clisby - Walking These Streets     Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues 25/07/2014
From a 50 year career in a world besotted with rock n roll to taking the leap to audition for The Voice while holding true to his musicianship.
“Walking These Streets” is a big, bold statement, coupling his unmistakable, soulful vocal with a driving beat, strings and a funky attitude.

The Terence Koo Trio - Eye of the Tiger     Jazz, Instrumental, Cover Version, Acoustic 19/07/2014
Jazz piano trio from Newcastle, NSW. Terence Koo (piano), Andrew Wallace (Bass), Rob Coxon (Drums).
Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" meets Paul Desmond's "Take 5", (and Take 6, is there was one!). A creative and innovate reinvention of a rock classic.

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Other tracks by The Terence Koo Trio:  Smells Like Teen Spirit  -  Hallelujah
Jim Yamouridis - Body of Proof     Folk, Blues, Jazz 14/07/2014
"Cult artist... a unique singer who can electrify without resorting to the usual box of tricks... yield to the talent and impeccable melancholia of Jim Yamouridis." Rock'n' Folk magazine Feb14
Swing beat, great deep voice and groovy arrangements. RECOMMENDED BY: PBS, MELBOURNE

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Other tracks by Jim Yamouridis:  The True Blue Skies  -  White Linen
Casey Golden Trio - Unmentionable     Jazz 12/07/2014
Casey Golden Trio recorded by Eastside Radio.
This track is a very melodious piece featuring Casey Golden on piano.

Other tracks by Casey Golden Trio:  Library Adjacent
Dahlia Dior - Padam Padam     Jazz, World 12/07/2014
Dahlia Dior recorded by Eastside Radio.
The piece culminates everything that made the Parisian influence on music great.

Other tracks by Dahlia Dior:  Mon Dieu (My God)  -  La Foule
Lauren Lucille - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood     Jazz 12/07/2014
Lauren Lucille recorded by Eastside Radio.
This is a classic Jazz Standard and Lauren does it justice.

Other tracks by Lauren Lucille:  I Put A Spell On You
The Alister Spence Trio - Felt     Jazz 12/07/2014
The Alister Spence Trio recorded by Eastside Radio.
'Felt' is a very melodious piece featuring Alister Spence on piano.

Other tracks by The Alister Spence Trio:  Seventh Song
Collider - A Night on a Roller Coaster Turns a Woman's Hair White     Classical, Jazz 05/07/2014
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Collider recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in October 2011 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.

Other tracks by Collider:  Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov  -  Homeland
Stephen Magnusson - Untitled Improvisation     Jazz 05/07/2014
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in July 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.
Stephen Magnusson recorded live at the Triple R Performance Space in March 2012 by Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7FM.