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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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McSherry O'Brien - City To Live In     Rock, Pop 15/08/2015
McSherry O'Brien makes sounds from country, blues and even hints of folk rock. Their lyrics are intriguing and topical and at times offering interesting some semi-spoken word delivery.
An ode to the town of Melbourne.

Other tracks by McSherry O'Brien:  American Hotel  -  Donna
Grey Wing Trio - Guardian     Jazz, Instrumental, Atmospheric 12/08/2015
Forged in Sydney's suburban hustle and bustle, Grey Wing Trio draw from diverse influences; jazz with heavy interests from twentieth century and early classical, folk traditions and texture-based improvisational music.
Jazz, Medium paced instrumental song. Melodic and folky aesthetic that later develops into a strong groove and and improvised drum textures. Trumpet, piano and drums. Tells the story of the people in life who are are really great at looking out for others - especially when they need fighting for.

Barney McAll - Nectar Spur     Jazz 05/08/2015
Barney McAll (born Melbourne, Australia, 1966) is a jazz pianist and composer
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chelsea Wilson, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Barney McAll’s new album is both a homecoming and the story of a remarkable journey – a sonic reflection upon the distance in miles and in music he has travelled since leaving Mooroolbark, Victoria in 1989.

Other tracks by Barney McAll:  Non-Compliance  -  Apple Tree (recorded live at Wangaratta, 2013)
Samuel Dobson - Coda     Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz 31/07/2015
Sydney's emergent Samuel Dobson – MC, instrumentalist, composer, producer – is a scene unto himself. He explores narratives in his lyrics; musically straddling the lines between hip-hop, jazz and classical.
Coda is the first 'scene' from Samuel Dobson's upcoming debut album 'Samuel'. Composed entirely by Samuel and recorded with live instruments.
Musically, Coda is a unique fusion of hip-hop, classical and jazz, while the visceral lyrics lay the foundations the narrative that follows.

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Other tracks by Samuel Dobson:  Who You Run With?
Juliana Areias - Flecha ( Arrow)     Jazz, World, Ethnic, Roots 29/07/2015
The Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias, has been compared to Bebel Gilberto, the genre’s golden girl. Now this Sao Paulo-born singer is the toast of Perth’s jazz scene." The Australian.
A fast and energetic samba song inspired by Rio de Janeiro to celebrate its 450 years as a city. The city's full name is St Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro. St Sebastian usually is painted holding arrows in his hands. Also arrows analogies to The cupid Love Angel, Greek Centaurs.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016:Best World Music Act

Other tracks by Juliana Areias:  Night in Takapuna  -  Mare Cheia ( Full tide)
The Bean Project - Somebody Knows     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 24/07/2015
French horn-clad acoustic duo The Bean Project, blend acoustic sounds of folk and jazz with unique songwriting - the odd marriage of Cake, City and Color and Kings of Convenience.
The Bean Project's debut release Somebody Knows is an energetic acoustic folk/pop song that discusses the idea that we don't need to believe certain things in order to be good people. The song features aggressive French horn solos, anthemic chorus' and the relentless rhythmic momentum.

Kerbside Collection - Feather Duster     Funk/Soul, Jazz 22/07/2015
‘A gritty rhythm section of old school drums and fender or upright bass, alongside funky hammond and rhodes, with some sweet George Benson-ish jazz guitar licks on top.’
Tight, happy, skippy, dusty jazz funk groove.


Other tracks by Kerbside Collection:  Bogangar  -  Rabbit Hole
Allan Browne Quintet - Peace at Last     Jazz 29/06/2015
The Allan Browne Quintet features Allan Browne, Eugene Ball, Geoff Howard, Phil Noy and Nick Haywood. Ithaca Bound, their fifth release, celebrates Browne's favourite poem.
The closing track from the Allan Browne's fifth release features spoken word from Browne.

In2Deep - Just for the Heaven of it     Jazz 22/06/2015
The inimitable Canberra Jazz duo In2DEEP combines the stunning vocal talents of Rachel Thorne with the keyboard, composition and crooning abilities of Mike Dooley.
An upbeat swinging jazz duo with a hot rhythm and horn section about living life to the full.

Other tracks by In2Deep:  Symbiosis  -  Albatross
The Randy Anderson - Cooked On One Burner     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental, Soul 15/06/2015
The Randy Anderson: an 8-piece interactive powerhouse projecting a unique brand of funk energy into the ears of enthusiastic listeners. These passionate creators are dedicated to bringing their A-Game.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chelsea Wilson, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

A rhythm section driven explosion of heavy jazz funk. Tight horn section sounds, wailing guitar solo, original music with a dirty groove.

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Other tracks by The Randy Anderson:  Bender  -  Suitcase Concert
Oméros - Surrender To Your Heart     Jazz, Ambience, Blues, Electronic 15/06/2015
Oméros is a Melbourne based producer and guitarist.Music Genre:Ambient-Jazz, Ambient-Blues, Sexy Electronic
This song is off the album FLUX. The song talks about acceptance and falling in love.
The album is a unique combination of electro-acoustic blues, jazz and rock, all mashed together into its own form. It explores love, self-worth, loneliness, identity and reality.

Other tracks by Oméros:  Clarity  -  Silence
Shorty and Chow - Suspension     Jazz, Funk, Experimental, World 12/06/2015
Shorty and Chow’s music is a unique blend of Jazz, Progressive Rock, Groove and Funk with a hint of Eastern influence.
Whilst listening to ABC’s DIG late one night, Luke was inspired by a piece performed by Perth based pianist Tal Cohen. Getting straight to work he amalgamated Jewish harmonics with Rock grooves, Suspension was written by sunrise. Featuring captivating solos, this piece highlights what Shorty and Chow are all about.

Robert Burke - Mercurochrome     Jazz, Instrumental 11/06/2015
This recording is based on free jazz with compositional context informing free improvisation; hence the title 'Power of the idea'. Burke and Melbourne colleagues are joined by New York luminaries.
Excellent opener from Burke's 2015 release Power of the Idea.

Phaedra - Sweet Sweet Love     Jazz, Acoustic 25/04/2015
Phaedra is the product of a musical collaboration between Aya Gerahty and Peter Salt. Strong contemporary jazz influences with powerful vocals and rich orchestral production supporting Peter's acoustic guitar
Think jazz club, sultry singer, big band, tuxedoes, elegant, classy. Think velvet curtains, champagne flowing with well-mannered gentlemen escorting beautiful ladies, an era that has been lost in today's chaotic world. Romance personified, indulgent and fun.

Other tracks by Phaedra:  Framed Pictures  -  Bravo Charlie Bravo
Visions of a Nomad - Baramundi Dreaming     Jazz, Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Instrumental 22/04/2015
Visions of a Nomad under the direction of composer Michael Cuming plays an eclectic mix of World jazz Fusion and Classically influenced Music accompanied by the didgeridoo.
Baramundi Dreaming was composed after visiting some Indigenous friends in Kununura in the Kimberly's, tragedy struck, this track reflects mourning as well as the beauty of the people and the landscape they call their home.

Other tracks by Visions of a Nomad:  Sasera  -  Butterflies
Strange New Folk - Giddy Up Mama     Blues/Roots, Jazz, Rock, Funk 31/03/2015
Don't let the name fool you - sure, we are a little bit 'folky', but we're also a bit jazz, a little bit rock and a nice dose of blues.
A song about the frustrations of a stale, slow moving relationship.

Other tracks by Strange New Folk:  Make No Fuss  -  Wrong Crowd
Rafael Karlen - The Promise of Postcards     Jazz 31/03/2015
Rafael Karlen is a Brisbane-based composer and saxophonist. His music combines elements of Jazz, Contemporary Improvised Music and Western Art Music.
The Promise of Postcards is taken from the Arrivals and Prospects Suite by Rafael Karlen which explores the charged landscapes of nostalgia and lingering reflection, across to the anticipation and excitement of a future destination. Performed live at the 2014 Brisbane International Jazz Festival.

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Coisa Linda - Para de Bobeira     World, Funk, Jazz 30/03/2015
Coisa Linda means “Beautiful thing” in Portuguese. The group plays samba and bossa nova, making the joyful and vibrant music from Brazil come to life:Brazilian music played by Brazilians!
Para de Bobeira is a Brazilian funk song with a contagious groove, a catchy riff and will put you in a happy mood. The song is an invitation to dance (and even if you don't understand the lyrics in Portuguese, that's what you'll feel like doing).

Laique - Closing Time     Jazz, World 24/03/2015
Original compositions in the style of speakeasy-era jazz with a fleck of French Manouche and a speck of Flamenco fuelled by espresso martinis.
Closing time is a song about the stories that unfold in the arms of a late night martini bar.

Other tracks by Laique:  The Last Bend  -  At First Blush
Lizzie O'Keefe - Leaden Heart     Jazz, Easy Listening, Pop 11/03/2015
Moving elegantly through jazz, folk, classical and Middle Eastern styles, Lizzie O’Keefe is a dynamic and commanding vocalist.
Leaden Heart, a jazz finalist in the 2015 QMA’s, is a poignant and heartfelt recount of lost love. Retold with a stunning piano arrangement, this song is honest and beautiful.

Other tracks by Lizzie O'Keefe:  Black Moon  -  Desert Flower