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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Clever Austin - Track 3 (Excerpt)     Jazz, Experimental 16/03/2016
Perrin Moss has a day job as Grammy Nominated Hiatus Kaiyote drummer/producer, by night he hides in the beat cave under the moniker Clever Austin.
A mismatch of crooked, percussion infused sound-bites. A plain of desire, deep thought and experimentation crafted in a synthetic world then brought to life by Clever Austin's wondrous plans and ideas.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Sex On Toast - Doubt     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Retro 12/03/2016
Melbourne's Sex on Toast are an irrepressibly charming 10 man organisation who specialise in raw early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing, blazing improvisation and heartfelt blue-eyed soul.
First listen of 'Doubt': you'll be hit in the guts by its Phil Spector-esque 'wall of sound' production. Second listen: you'll snicker at the flippant observational lyrics as they follow a protagonist who is an "unappealing git". Third listen: you'll view Sex On Toast in a whole new light.

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The Brow - The Mantra     Hip Hop, Dub, Jazz, Rap 04/03/2016
The Brow are a six piece party hip hop band with horns and have played with some of the best hip hop acts Arrested Development, De La Soul, Public Enemy...
The Mantra's a horn-infused hip hop number that pulls no punches. it gives a nod to many of the key musical aspects of Browism, from tubby textures and Latin elements to jazzy horn chops and back-and-forth rap verses. the lyrics move between party incitement and politically charged calling to arms.

Annie Bass - While I'm Waiting     Electronic, Jazz 02/03/2016
Annie Bass is a fresh, new feminine voice in Australia's electronica music scenes from Sydney (via Adelaide)
Annie Bass’ debut single has been a labour of love. While the track, slow-burning and seductive, perfectly setting to melody the sting of sadness from unrequited affection, effortlessly communicates an emotion – Sydney based singer Annabel Weston, and co-writer Matt Morrison have carefully taken their time getting here.

Brealyn Sheehan - Forbidden Fruit     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Rock, Jazz 19/02/2016
Described as “red velvet meets the wild west”, Brealyn blends jazz-fused blues with sultry ballads and a hint of spaghetti western to traverse a stylish path of contemporary music.
Forbidden Fruit is the debut single from Brealyn Sheehan. Produced by Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise), it features interwoven melodies of saw, guitar, double bass, vintage vibraphone and percussion, creating a haunting backdrop for Brealyn’s lush vocals.

Freda and Jackson - Sumluv     Electronic, Jazz, Instrumental, House 17/02/2016
Freda and Jackson are an emerging Sydney duo. Whilst taking influences from Jazz and Soul into their world of electronic music, they've managed to translate an alluring human feel.
Sumluv is a Jazzy, and slightly more playful cut with a steady breakbeat groove that weaves through a rich, social atmosphere. Jackson & Freda illustrate attention to detail in their ability to express a human touch with the tune shifting dynamically throughout the 4 and and a half minute.

Other tracks by Freda and Jackson:  Persius  -  Chump Feat. Oedura
The Awesome - Fire Doesn't Always Burn The Wood     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Jazz 10/02/2016
The Awesome are a dazzling duo . Mili Cifali's intricate guitar work leaves you mesmerised while her rich vocals impress. Jim Horvath complements with his velvet tones on upright bass.
Lively jazzy feel good song with funky guitar rhythm soulful vocals and lead smooth bass and interesting lyrical content. A real toe tapper!

Other tracks by The Awesome:  Dreaming Your Life Away  -  Moondance
The Cat Empire - Bulls     Pop, Jazz, Roots 10/02/2016
The Cat Empire from Melbourne have a sound they can genuinely call their own with splashes of Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop and more creating something very special.
'Bulls' is the new single from the band's 'Rising With The Sun' album (Rel, 4 March 2016). Part of the melody from the song came to frontman and writer Felix Riebl in a dream. Towards the end of the song the band really kick up a gear. PARTY!

Girl Friday - Remember What We Said     Folk, Jazz 28/01/2016
Girl Friday's folky jazz songs marry the old fashioned with new sensibilities. Her smooth, soaring vocals are sure to tug on your heartstrings.
'Remember What We Said' tells the tale of an enduring love based on a promise of simply being together. A simple ukulele and heartfelt vocals make this a song you can rest in.

Other tracks by Girl Friday:  Forget You Not
Voudou Zazou - Time To Swing     Jazz, Acoustic, Swing 15/01/2016
Voudou Zazou's Gypsy Swing is infectious and fun. Featuring acoustic guitar, double bass, accordion and sparkling female vocals, the band's debut "Time To Swing" is an upbeat and finger-snapping delight!
A joyous, finger-snappin' romp with a catchy beat and a happy sound. "Time To Swing" is an original tune with hot solos on guitar and accordion - and a memorable vocal hook that will stay with you for days.

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Other tracks by Voudou Zazou:  Zoot Suit Strut  -  Coucou
Jasmine Nelson - Keep Her Close     Pop, Jazz, Easy Listening, Folk 18/12/2015
An engaging singer and songwriter with an eclectic mix of influences, an understated and beguiling style. Intimate, honest and musically captivating.
A vulnerable and moving song, and a sad goodbye. Featuring a beautiful string quartet, and an honest and intimate vocal performance.

Other tracks by Jasmine Nelson:  Sorry  -  Heart
Stu Hunter - Eagle Fish     Jazz, Instrumental 15/12/2015
Stu Hunter is a musician, composer and producer. He has worked as a player or producer on over 120 releases worldwide. He has a studio in Sydney called The Habitat.
A pulsating melting pot groove of driving horn melodies draped over a bubbling scaffold of interweaving riffs and rolling drums. Piano and baritone sax solos (Matt Keegan) punctuate this reflection of feeling connected to life force itself.

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Other tracks by Stu Hunter:  Twelve Stages OF Freedom  -  MDu Moonshine
Nicola Milan - Things I Do To Get To You     Pop, Electronic, Jazz 12/12/2015
Glitz, glamour and the roaring twenties, jazz pop artist Nicola Milan mixes 1920's swing with modern grooves and electronic elements; wrapped up in silky vocals.
Just a little tale about stalking, obsession and Grand Theft Auto, wrapped in infectious grooves and silky vocals.

jp - Running     Pop, Jazz, Roots, Soul 09/12/2015
Session drummer turned singer/eclectic songwriter, jp combines all his worldly influences into a platter of catchy songs that you can dance, sing-a-long, make love and break up to.
Running is the last song from jp's debut EP "Part 1". It explores themes of longing and heartache, cold winters and waiting patiently for our dreams to be fulfilled (if ever). Part Pop, part Jazz and part British Trip-Hop, this song pays homage to both fresh and vintage alternative music.

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Other tracks by jp:  Losing My Mind  -  Turtle Doves
Lisa Crawley - Up In The Air     Pop, Jazz, Atmospheric, Chill 04/12/2015
The five-track EP is produced by Ryan Ritchie (Kimbra, Oh Mercy, Birds of Tokyo), whose work with Kimbra on ‘Cameo Lover’ earned him an ARIA.
Up In The Air features sparse production and vocals that go from soaring to sounding fragile; lyrics that don’t just amount to hiding beneath the shade-cloth. It builds on the retro vibe, showcasing a singer-songwriter who has found her place in a dreamy, melodic pop world, with an edgy darkness.

Other tracks by Lisa Crawley:  Is There Something Wrong?  -  Showgirl
Lady Lash - Memory Chambers     Hip Hop, Jazz, Australian Indigenous, Rap 05/11/2015
A storyteller of Hip Hop & Jazz, Lash releases her 3rd Album 'Milky Way', with head nodding goodness and a candid heartfelt playlist; this is another classic for the collection.
This track is about my Childhood memories while growing up in Ceduna, West coast of South Australia.

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Other tracks by Lady Lash:  Clockwork Blue  -  Family All The Way
PAINTonPAINT - Two Mirrors     Pop, Electronic 03/11/2015
PAINTonPAINT is the celebration of two artists set keen on learning furiously about the world and the lived intersections between reason and emotional experience. Also, snacks.
'Two Mirrors' is an honest, pragmatic love song. There's no better kind, really. In this one, Hannah's voice soars golden genius. Go enjoy it already.

Steve Robinson - Always     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 03/11/2015
Labelled as Urban Folk, Psychedelic Jazz, blues, alternative indie and even “Bob Dylan goes to the circus” an engaging, brilliant musician with sharp insightful lyrics.
A celebration of diving into a new romance knowing that this is the romance of a life time. Simple beautifully crafted piece with a call back to the classic songs of Burt Bacharach

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Other tracks by Steve Robinson:  Rhyme No Reason  -  Easy
The Cope Street Parade - Liquorice Stick Rag     Jazz, Folk 03/11/2015
Blending the hot sounds of gypsy swing with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz to create a style of music that sounds both new and old yet always uniquely Australian.
Fiery traditional jazz rag.

Other tracks by The Cope Street Parade:  My Baby On My Mind  -  Dancin' All Night
Bush Gothic - True Blue     Folk, Pop, Jazz, World 01/11/2015
Darker, stranger Australian folk.Songs of criminal women and convict men, treachery and transportation: ‘Bold, inspired and beautiful in its intensity. Bush Gothic takes your breath away.’ (The National Times)
The first single to be released from Bush Gothic’s forthcoming album. Bush Gothic have given the song a defiantly original treatment with the vocal delivery and unexpected musical arrangement contextualising the familiar lyrics to produce a darker, deeper view of Australian identity. Drums, double-bass, piano with The Lonely String Quartet.


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Other tracks by Bush Gothic:  Botany Bay  -  Here's Adieu To All Judges and Juries