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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Helen Fenton - Come Away With Me     Jazz, Pop 30/07/2016
Helen Fenton is a jazz/big band singer based in Sydney, has her own 16 piece Big Band and is a jazz music presenter on Eastside Radio.
A joyful uplifting original bossanova with an ensemble featuring and energetic brass section with a vibrant flute solo from Graham Jesse.

Other tracks by Helen Fenton:  I've Got Your Number  -  How Little It Matters How Little We Know
Steve Crump - Broken Walls     Pop, Instrumental, Blues 30/07/2016
Steve Crump's piano music has a lyrical quality, it is "stunningly beautiful music without being contrived or over-constructed", "mesmerising", with "attractive melodic and harmonic ideas" and "catchy melodies".
"Broken Walls" is a piano-led track that expresses both the joy finding love and the ache of losing love. It has been compared to the mood on Neil Young's "Harvest" album, partly because of the wonderful melodica part played by Heath Cullen, that echoes the harmonica breaks on that album.

Other tracks by Steve Crump:  Marrkap  -  April Days
Jeremy Rose and The Earshift Orchestra - The Marauder Within     Jazz, Soundscapes 20/07/2016
Sydney saxophonist/composer Jeremy Rose is at the forefront of contemporary jazz and creative music.
Iron in the Blood is a captivating new album exploring the rich tapestry of Australia’s colonial past. Featuring music by award-winning saxophonist/composer Jeremy Rose.

Other tracks by Jeremy Rose and The Earshift Orchestra:  Norfolk Island  -  The Melancholy Bush (Wild Colonial Boy)
Tom Combes - The Spark In My Day     Jazz, Acoustic, Live Performance, Folk 01/07/2016
Guitar has been a passion of Tom’s since the age of 10, phenomenal finger style playing and seasoned musical taste push the boundaries of what's possible on an Acoustic guitar.
The Spark in My Day is Tom's first track on his solo debut album 'Spark'. It features a fun sense of play and groove which was inspired by the games that he plays with his Daughter. A light fun tune with a lot of groove and virtuosic guitar technique.

Other tracks by Tom Combes:  Labradorite  -  Hide And Seek
Levingstone - First Taste     Pop, Jazz, Soul, RnB 21/06/2016
Hailing from Sydney, eclectic progressive soul five-piece Levingstone is a band blurring boundaries. Pulling colours from jazz, neo soul, rock and progressive pop with a unique brand of storytelling.
"First Taste" is the lead track from Levingstone's debut EP "Modern Burials". Written on the floor of an empty room where the high ceilings sounded like a church, this lush aural space is evident in the track - sweeping guitar drenched in hymnal reverb set to an infectious groove.


Paul Grabowsky, Daniel Ngukurr Boy Wilfred, David Yipininy Wilfred, Monash Art Ensemble - First Dawn     Jazz, Indigenous, Soundscapes 17/06/2016
David Yipininy Wilfred, the traditional djunggayi (manager) of the manikay of the country of Nyilipidgi, and his brother Daniel Ngukurr Boy Wilfred, with the Monash Art Ensemble and Paul Grabowsky.
Nyilipidgi presents an almost transcendental integration of jazz and Wagilak manikay - which both have a shared foundation in the musical and aesthetic principles of freedom and expression; the rhythmic groove of their respective instrumentation's further add a sense of shared time.

Other tracks by Paul Grabowsky, Daniel Ngukurr Boy Wilfred, David Yipininy Wilfred, Monash Art Ensemble:  Cycles  -  The First Dance
Paige Duggan - Body and Soul     Jazz 01/06/2016
Paige Duggan is a unique jazz voice, emerging onto the Australian scene. Paige’s personal style channels the female jazz greats, and has soulful undertones but is a truly contemporary sound.
A classic jazz standard, written by Johnny Green in 1930. This interpretation based around 3/4 time-signature, rather than it's original 4/4, has a unique lilt and mood. This rendition showcases an example of the maturity of vocal tone Paige can achieve, within her diversity.

Other tracks by Paige Duggan:  Dindi  -  Mood Indigo
Jane Cameron - Rising Sun     Folk 25/05/2016
Blending folk, blues and jazz influences, Jane Cameron and her band, the Crazy Carnival, create their own unique sound that is as captivating as it is hard to categorise.
Rising Sun starts with a simple strummed uke and builds to a gloriously uplifting carnival of drums, strings and rich vocals. It is a story of hope in the face of hardship and shows the power we hold to transform our perspective on the daily challenges of ordinary life .

Other tracks by Jane Cameron:  Away  -  Picket Fences
Cathy Menezes - Waves of Seven     Jazz, Dance, African, Blues 22/04/2016
Being inspired by the Great Masters of Music such as George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Chick Correa and Russell Ferrante, this album possesses a combination of Latin and Jazz genre.
Waves of Seven starts off with hand clapping, which instantly drives the infectious rhythmic beat that sets off a soulful Latin and Jazz blend. Because of its unique introduction and complex rhythmic pattern, it seemed worthy to be the 1st track of the Album "A Dream".

Other tracks by Cathy Menezes:  Will You Be Here  -  Don't Know Yet
The Idea of North - Flame Trees     Jazz 18/04/2016
The Idea of North are an Australian a cappella vocal ensemble founded in Canberra.
The classic Cold Chisel ballad, re-imagined for a Capella voices.

Other tracks by The Idea of North:  Angel  -  A Sailor’s Lament
Berardi Foran Karlen - For How Long     Jazz 14/04/2016
Queensland Music Award Winners - nationally and internationally acclaimed Australian musicians Kristin Berardi, Sean Foran and Rafael Karlen combined and created their debut album 'Hope in My Pocket' (Released Oct-2015)
For How Long - Off the Debut BFK Album 'Hope In My Pocket'

Developed to explore the powerful experiences and emotions contained in the correspondence of men & women involved in our military past. The songs explore themes of hope, fear, separation, loss, love, and conditions of war.

Other tracks by Berardi Foran Karlen:  A Mothers Plea  -  Hope In My Pocket
Shorty and Chow - 43rd Minute     Jazz, Instrumental, Ambience, Easy Listening 12/04/2016
Shorty and Chow’s music is a unique blend of Jazz, Progressive Rock, Groove and Funk with a hint of Eastern influence.
43rd Minute invokes images in the listeners mind of dimly-lit, smoky rooms and film noir scenes, perhaps a beautiful woman. Seductive saxophone with a gritty, experimental guitar and a solid, driving rhythm section.

Other tracks by Shorty and Chow:  Pignose  -  Sun's Flower
Tanzer - Johnny     Pop, Jazz, Electronic 06/04/2016
“Tanzer can sing and channels the mega singers of the ’60s – belters like Shirley Bassey and Kathy Kirby with a good measure of Eartha Kitt’s sultry allure” ­-Daily Review
‘Johnny’ is an ode to a performer whose brash public persona is at odds with the real man behind the mask. Written and arranged by Tanzer, produced and arranged by Angus Leslie and mixed by Jean­Paul Fung, ‘Johnny’ is a densely orchestrated epic with 1960s Phil Spector-inspired orchestral pop sensibilities.

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Abbreviations Orchestra - Quiet Wisdom     Jazz 01/04/2016
The Abbreviations Orchestra brings an orchestral conception to small group jazz, with wild harmonies, intricate counterpoints and thrilling improvisations.
This track is dedicated to Elephant Rock at Currumbin, Queensland.


Other tracks by Abbreviations Orchestra:  Golden Sands  -  Dumpers
Chris Abrahams - Receiver     Jazz, Experimental, Soundscapes 30/03/2016
Known widely for his piano work with post-everything trio The Necks, Chris Abrahams output as a composer orbits an otherly sonic sphere.
Abrahams charts out a divergent course through lilting piano flows, distended organ passages, thunderous electronic eruptions and focused concréte explorations. Fluid To The Influence spans a huge spectrum of sound, each movement calling forward to the next in a flowing motion.

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Other tracks by Chris Abrahams:  Scale Upon The Land
Clever Austin - Track 3 (Excerpt)     Jazz, Experimental 16/03/2016
Perrin Moss has a day job as Grammy Nominated Hiatus Kaiyote drummer/producer, by night he hides in the beat cave under the moniker Clever Austin.
A mismatch of crooked, percussion infused sound-bites. A plain of desire, deep thought and experimentation crafted in a synthetic world then brought to life by Clever Austin's wondrous plans and ideas.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Sex On Toast - Doubt     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Retro 12/03/2016
Melbourne's Sex on Toast are an irrepressibly charming 10 man organisation who specialise in raw early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing, blazing improvisation and heartfelt blue-eyed soul.
First listen of 'Doubt': you'll be hit in the guts by its Phil Spector-esque 'wall of sound' production. Second listen: you'll snicker at the flippant observational lyrics as they follow a protagonist who is an "unappealing git". Third listen: you'll view Sex On Toast in a whole new light.

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The Brow - The Mantra     Hip Hop, Dub, Jazz, Rap 04/03/2016
The Brow are a six piece party hip hop band with horns and have played with some of the best hip hop acts Arrested Development, De La Soul, Public Enemy...
The Mantra's a horn-infused hip hop number that pulls no punches. it gives a nod to many of the key musical aspects of Browism, from tubby textures and Latin elements to jazzy horn chops and back-and-forth rap verses. the lyrics move between party incitement and politically charged calling to arms.

Annie Bass - While I'm Waiting     Electronic, Jazz 02/03/2016
Annie Bass is a fresh, new feminine voice in Australia's electronica music scenes from Sydney (via Adelaide)
Annie Bass’ debut single has been a labour of love. While the track, slow-burning and seductive, perfectly setting to melody the sting of sadness from unrequited affection, effortlessly communicates an emotion – Sydney based singer Annabel Weston, and co-writer Matt Morrison have carefully taken their time getting here.

Brealyn Sheehan - Forbidden Fruit     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Rock, Jazz 19/02/2016
Described as “red velvet meets the wild west”, Brealyn blends jazz-fused blues with sultry ballads and a hint of spaghetti western to traverse a stylish path of contemporary music.
Forbidden Fruit is the debut single from Brealyn Sheehan. Produced by Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise), it features interwoven melodies of saw, guitar, double bass, vintage vibraphone and percussion, creating a haunting backdrop for Brealyn’s lush vocals.