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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Zoe K - Put It Down     Funk/Soul, Jazz 21/04/2017
With a new album recorded in both New Orleans and Melbourne, Zoe K’s new album is a welcome dose of old school substance and style.
This track features Mister Goldfinger aka Ray Angry who performs along side The Roots. The track is a crossover of soul meets a little bit of smooth jazz, written after a failed attempt of eye connect with a stranger on a Melbourne tram, Zoe wants us to put the phone down and notice her!


Other tracks by Zoe K:  Yes, I'm Leaving  -  Glad I stayed
Zen Panda - Cute Hand Touch In The Nutbowl     Rock, Psychedelic, Jazz, Pop 25/01/2017
Formed along South Australia's Fleurieu coast, Zen Panda have created their own signature blend of psychedelic jazz that has earned them a strong reputation after starting up in 2015.
"Cute Hand Touch In The Nutbowl" is the debut release from Zen Panda. Originally stemmed from a situation shared between band members, this song explores and exploits many possible outcomes that may occur when caressing anothers' hand at such a time of need.

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Other tracks by Zen Panda:  Prior Arrangement  -  Waiting For You / Console - Recorded Live @ Fat Controller
Zela Margossian Quintet - Mystic Flute: A Version     Jazz, Instrumental 16/11/2018
Zela Margossian Quintet is an ethno jazz band based in Sydney, performing original works and arrangements with influences from Armenian traditional music.
Originally composed by Alan Hovhaness, and re-worked / re-arranged + added to by Zela Margossian.

Zac Hurren Trio - Johphrow     Jazz 25/09/2009
The Zac Hurren Trio explores a contemporary Australian jazz sound inspired by the likes of Scott Tinkler, Dale Barlow, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.
Exordium's opening track, Johphrow is an appealing post-bop composition which features unison accents from the trio in the short opening exposition. Hurren's tenor growls and snarls its way through his improvisation as the rhythm section swings melodic and refined before Hurren takes the tune out. Review Music Forum Feb-Apr 2009

Other tracks by Zac Hurren Trio:  Tune No. 1 (of one of the first days of the rest of my life)  -  Birthday Suit
Xani - Red Violet Lake     Jazz, Experimental, Classical 06/07/2018
XANI's debut album, "Three" is an entirely improvised instrumental record featuring solo violin, live looping and electronic effects. "She is truly exciting, engaging and inspiring.” Paul Grabowsky
Red Violet Lake explores different pizzicato sounds as the violin is looped live to create beautiful, cinematic textures. The track twists and turns through different rhythms and harmonic centres before coming all together in the end. It is full of energy and excitement.

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Other tracks by Xani:  Code Orange  -  Sun White
White Wizard - BMX Bandit     Jazz, Funk, Reggae 17/04/2019
Bringing back the Old School Funk sounds of the 70's, Shannon Stitt's White Wizard features some true legends of the Sydney music scene.
Funky Blues

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Other tracks by White Wizard:  Rainbow Road  -  Crazy Mumma
Wayne kelly - Romance Is Not Dead     Jazz 30/08/2013
Wayne Kelly recorded as part of ArtSound FM's 'Friday Night Live' series.
Concert for ArtSound FM's Friday Night Live series featuring one of Australia's finest Jazz talents, Canberra Pianist Wayne Kelly playing an original composition. With Wayne is James Luke on Bass and Alex Raupach on Trumpet and Vocals.

Other tracks by Wayne kelly:  Mr Hank Jones  -  Body and Soul
Way Out West - Postcard From Footscray     Jazz, World 28/09/2009
Way Out West are an award winning, cross-cultural musical ensemble who blend Vietnamese and African influences with jazz. Their sound is refreshingly original!
“Vietnamese, African and a dash of the Middle East, all melded into Knight's original grooves, aided by Pereira's percussion and Beck's inspired drumming. Multi-instrumentalist Nguyen is a mainstay, also contributing some fine guitar work. Knight's inventive trumpet is beautifully restrained in a lyrical Aqua Profonda.”
John McBeath, The Australian ****½

Other tracks by Way Out West:  Old Grooves For New Streets 1  -  Old Grooves For New Streets 2
Way Out West - Music For April     Jazz, World, African, Instrumental 24/05/2010
Trumpeter and composer Peter Knight and Vietnamese traditional music virtuoso Dung Nguyen lead this six piece of talented cross cultural instrumentalists that infuse jazz melodies with international influences.
The longing nostalgia of Peter Knight's trumpet muses a soulful melody punctuated with long pauses with over an ostinato from the drums and mallet percussion.

Other tracks by Way Out West:  Blues For A Jungster  -  The Sedonista
Watchglass - Right Hand     Jazz, Acoustic 21/05/2019
Honing well-crafted songs that bridge folk and rock, Watchglass are creating a new sonic landscape. Ethereal vocals will take you on an emotional journey with elements of fun and soulfulness.
Right Hand is a moody jazz-infused tune done acoustically. It will take the listener on a journey of yearning for connection which builds and recedes in a most pleasing way, driven by a mesmerising bass riff which hooks you at the outset and rests you down gently at the end.

Other tracks by Watchglass:  Room Enough  -  At the Moment
Wanninashvilles - Impossible Possibility     Jazz, Blues 30/08/2013
Wanninashvilles recorded as part of ArtSound's 'Friday Night Live' series.
Canberra band Wanninashvilles are inspired by the early jazz and blues music of the 20's and 30's. Crystal Barreca - Uke & Vocs, Joey Panucci - Guitar & Vocs, Phill Jenkins - Bass, Tim Bowyer - Trumpet, Pat Langdon - Trombone, Mitch Preston - Percussion

Wanninashvilles - Comes Love     Jazz, Live Performance 04/01/2013
Wanninashvilles recorded live by ArtSound.Crystal Barreca - Uke/Vox, Joey Panucci - Guitar/Vox, Phill Jenkins - Bass, Tim Bowyer - Trumpet, Pat Langdon - Trombone, Mitch Preston - Percussion
Canberra band Wanninashvilles are inspired by the early jazz and blues music of the 20's and 30's. Crystal Barreca - Uke & Vocs, Joey Panucci - Guitar & Vocs, Phill Jenkins - Bass, Tim Bowyer - Trumpet, Pat Langdon - Trombone, Mitch Preston - Percussion

Other tracks by Wanninashvilles:  Let's have another Cup of Coffee
Voudou Zazou - Time To Swing     Jazz, Acoustic, Swing 15/01/2016
Voudou Zazou's Gypsy Swing is infectious and fun. Featuring acoustic guitar, double bass, accordion and sparkling female vocals, the band's debut "Time To Swing" is an upbeat and finger-snapping delight!
A joyous, finger-snappin' romp with a catchy beat and a happy sound. "Time To Swing" is an original tune with hot solos on guitar and accordion - and a memorable vocal hook that will stay with you for days.

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Other tracks by Voudou Zazou:  Zoot Suit Strut  -  Coucou
Visions of a Nomad - Mirabooka     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Jazz, Live Performance 06/07/2011
Visions of a Nomad plays an eclectic fusion of jazz world groove music sometimes accompanied by the didgeridoo and Aboriginal singer Shannon Ruska.
Mirabooka or the formation of the southern cross, sang in traditional Aboriginal language . The haunting and powerful voice of Shannon Ruska in collaboration with eclectic fusion ensemble Visions of a Nomad makes for an unusual overtone of jazz mixed with Classical influences, Indigenous chants and rhythms

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Other tracks by Visions of a Nomad:  Zindzi  -  Return
Visions of a Nomad - Baramundi Dreaming     Jazz, Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Instrumental 22/04/2015
Visions of a Nomad under the direction of composer Michael Cuming plays an eclectic mix of World jazz Fusion and Classically influenced Music accompanied by the didgeridoo.
Baramundi Dreaming was composed after visiting some Indigenous friends in Kununura in the Kimberly's, tragedy struck, this track reflects mourning as well as the beauty of the people and the landscape they call their home.

Other tracks by Visions of a Nomad:  Sasera  -  Butterflies
Virculum Collective - PJP – Little Monkey     Jazz 02/03/2012
Virculum Collective recorded for 2ser's On The Corner.
These tracks in order are the 2nd and 3rd parts of the PJP Suite, composed by Mark Lauand inspired by his young son. Recorded live at 505 on 15/7/2009. Mark Lau (bass), Richard Maegraith (tenor sax), Mike Kenny (trumpet), Tim Firth (drums).

Other tracks by Virculum Collective:  PJP – Staunkin’
Violet - (wo)man     Pop, Blues, Jazz 31/05/2017
Violet is a 20 year-old vocalist & producer from Sydney who makes 'cinematic-sadcore'. Last year she amassed attention with her track ‘Ivory’, receiving substantial airplay on Triple J Unearthed.
Violet’s latest single '(wo)man’ explores the unequal treatment of women throughout history and the subtle ways our culture still instills this inequality today, in-particular the way some women are treated when in positions of authority.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Other tracks by Violet:  1995
Vince Jones: The Monash Sessions - Union Man     Jazz 01/07/2014
Vince Jones' joins the esteemed artists who have recorded with the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University. An Australian musical icon who has influenced legions of singers.
This Vince Jones fan favourite has been arranged by Jordan Murray and includes a performance by the talented Monash University Vocal Ensemble (Directed by Jacqueline Gawler).

Vince Jones and Paul Grabowsky - Oh My Love (John Lennon, Yoko Ono)     Jazz, Classical 01/10/2015
Provenance, new album from two legends of Australian music – a survey of intimate ballads that showcases the craftsmanship of platinum-selling legendary singer Vince Jones and multi-ARIA-winning pianist Paul Grabowsky.
Oh My Love, written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, takes on touching poignancy in this new rendition, and from there the album presents classic songs from a variety of genres as well as a number of Vince’s own compositions.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Jazz Album

Victor Rufus Reverberation - Wheres One     Jazz 30/08/2013
Concert featuring recent graduates from the ANU School of Music led by Guitarist Victor Rufus recorded for ArtSound.
Concert featuring recent graduates from the ANU School of Music led by Guitarist Victor Rufus, Victor is playing with Luke Sweeting - Piano, Jared Plane - Bass, Henry Rasmussen - Drums and Thomas Sly - Trumpet

Other tracks by Victor Rufus Reverberation:  Too Soon For Ascension