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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Johannes Luebbers Dectet - Opioid     Jazz, Instrumental 16/01/2020
The latest release from award winning chamber jazz ensemble Johannes Luebbers Dectet. Orchestral colours combined with leading improvisers creates something completely unique in Australian jazz.
Inspired by conversations with oboist Ben Opie and written to feature multiphonics and double trills on the instrument.

Featuring Ben Opie on oboe and Andrea Keller on piano.

Other tracks by Johannes Luebbers Dectet:  Other Worlds  -  Japes with Mapes
Mister Blue - Fever     Jazz, Pop 20/12/2019
Mister Blue are a Sydney-based trio, specialising in primarily acoustic renditions of blues, jazz, pop & rock classics, as well as a number of originals.
Mister Blue's unique take on the old Peggy Lee classic.

States of Chaos - Liminal     Jazz, Instrumental, Indie 17/12/2019
States of Chaos is a new band from drummer Ed Rodrigues, bassist Bill Williams and pianist Casey Golden. A truly equal partnership of 3 distinctive musical voices.
From States of Chaos self-titled debut EP. Ed Rodrigues - drums, Casey Golden - piano, Bill Williams - bass

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Other tracks by States of Chaos:  Scrumpet  -  Occupied Mind
Ed Ruben - Hyrule     Jazz 15/12/2019
Ed Ruben is an Australian pianist and composer. His latest project has brought to life a series of strange yet beautiful compositions featuring piano, drums and double bass.
Hyrule was composed to thoughts of drifting off into mystical lands far away from the monotony of every day life, combining rich harmonic soundscapes and memorable melodies as the setting for dynamic improvisation. It was composed in a room, rehearsed in a basement and recorded in a barn.

Other tracks by Ed Ruben:  Beales song  -  We are all here
WVR BVBY - Custard Shoulder     Jazz, Instrumental 13/12/2019
8-piece band Jazz band from Melbourne
‘Custard Shoulder’ is described by the band as a “reflection upon a breakup … a tribute to a favourite childhood dessert, the comfort of a shoulder to lean on and the value of friendship within music.” The track is a swirling, downbeat, jazz-funk reverie in which drums skitter and horns yearn.

Harry Tinney - Kingsnake     Jazz, Alternative, Instrumental, Rock 03/12/2019
Harry Tinney is an Australian guitarist and composer, forging a name for himself with his unique style of melodic instrumental music.
Kingsnake is a a distorted, effected instrumental rock tune, which features high-energy guitar and saxophone solos, over the top of pounding bass and drums.

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Other tracks by Harry Tinney:  New Balance  -  Doubleshot
Hetty Kate - On The Street Where You Live     Jazz, Easy Listening 03/12/2019
Pure of tone, swinging and sweet sounding, jazz vocalist Hetty Kate has performed internationally from New Zealand to New York and toured with James Morrison for four years.
Hetty Kate's album 'Under Paris Skies' is a collection of her favourite standards, carefully crafted into an intimate diary of her first year living in Paris. Lerner and Loewe's classic composition truly captures the magic of the grand boulevards in La Ville-Lumière, and features guitarist James Sherlock and bassist Ben Hanlon.

Other tracks by Hetty Kate:  Get Out Of Town  -  Azure-Te (Paris Blues)
Mister Blue - Still Love You     Jazz, Blues, Pop 01/12/2019
Mister Blue are a Sydney-based trio, specialising in primarily acoustic renditions of blues, jazz, pop & rock classics, as well as a number of originals.
Jazz ballad, with a laid back mood.

ELAURA - KINGDOM     Jazz, Soul, Pop, Indie 29/11/2019
ELAURA, is a Chilean/Australian songstress that calls the green forest of Gembrook her home. She sings of identity, self awareness, love and how to find a place in the world.
The crystalline arrow of ELAURA’s voice shoots straight and true, proving yet another powerful and unique vocal weapon in the arsenal of Melbourne neo-soul scene. There’s a cool and delightfully healing quality to ELAURA’s harmonies and an overall levitational force. The clip of the beat and the cocoon of the keys is perfectly produced, and spotlights her stellar vocals.

Firefly Soul - Taking Time Out     Jazz, Soul, Blues, Easy Listening 27/11/2019
Taking Time Out - A smooth groove with a catchy Lyric and melody that will take you spinning into a relaxed vibe. Suitable for the coming holiday season/Summer months
It's one of those songs that came to me in an inspired moment, the idea and lyric came to me in a flash and the basic song and lyric were composed in 10 minutes as myself and Ben Meeking were jamming. The production, of course, took a different turn trying many forms of instrumentation - Len Sharman

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The Magnificence - A Christmas Promise     Jazz, Comedy, Folk, Comedy 27/11/2019
Northern Rivers based band playing almost traditional jazz. They growl, they mewl, they cook – and they make audiences feel better about otherwise questionable life choices
A cautionary Christmas tale of growing up but not learning any lessons.

Shol - Amygdala Hijack     Jazz, Instrumental, Alternative, World 22/11/2019
Shol’s original compositions cover the sounds of hard bop and free jazz. The ensemble’s second album explores a range of emotions and sounds, building on compositions demanding freedom in improvisation.
A funky displaced beat and melody spilling into free improvisations with many textures, rhythms and sounds.

Other tracks by Shol:  Life's a Pitch  -  Strongman of the North
The Yugoslav Attack - Blackwood     Jazz, Rock, Indie 14/11/2019
The Yugoslav Attack are a jazz/Rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
A song about Brisbane. A really fun song about nostalgia.

Other tracks by The Yugoslav Attack:  Hut
Berardi/Foran/Karlen - No Shepherds Live Here     Jazz 08/11/2019
A true collaborative trio BERARDI/FORAN/KARLEN features the talents award winning jazz artists Kristin Berardi - voice, Sean Foran - piano and Rafael Karlen -Saxophone.
"No Shepherds Live Here' is a stunningly beautiful track showcasing the richness of Berardi's vocal tone. Intimate and lush, vocals blend with Saxophone and piano in a sound reminiscent of ultra-cool Scandinavian jazz. The Lyrics tell an emotional story of separation, touching and real and special guest artist, Vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher creates shimmering layers cascading over the trio.

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Harry James Angus - Streetlamps     Jazz 07/11/2019
Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpeter/ vocalist who also features in The Cat Empire has forged an impressive solo career pushing the boundaries of his musicianship to dizzying new heights.
Harry James Angus continues to push further on from jazz into a deeper musical space. Signposts on the way suggest disparate influences. His elastic vocals,warm and enticing coupled with his renowned haunting trumpet tone ride on another brilliantly crafted piece of music where the conclusion that he is an artist at home in his craft is an understatement

Refraction - Improvisation #1     Jazz, Instrumental 07/11/2019
Piano Trio
The first of three short improvisations taken from the recording sessions of our most recent album 'The Outsider'

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Other tracks by Refraction:  Improvisation #2  -  Improvisation #3
Solomon Sisay - Nat Yerso     Jazz, World 06/11/2019
Solomon Sisay is a world-class Ethiopian saxophone player who pays tribute to the rich musical history of his homeland
Translated as “belongs to you”, Nat Yerso uses a rhythm from the southern part of Ethiopia, it’s a song that calls for unity.

Other tracks by Solomon Sisay:  Gize  -  Bati
Freyja Garbett - MAYA     Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
Garbett’s heady compositions draws influence from a vast range of styles and musicians. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music.
Key changes, upbeat horn sections and an air of optimism tickle at every note, while small branches of improvisation colour the rest of the song's rich canvas. Finally, the song dives into a swampy finale - guided by low bass and clicking guitars before rolling to its end.

Foshe - Max's T-shirt (feat. Ella Haber)     Jazz, Soul, Roots 24/10/2019
Foshe read the room and respond through free improvisation. Blending house music and meditative soundscapes with heavy, afro-inspired, polyrhythmic grooves, the 'Foshe' sound is raw, soulful, funky and unique.
Max's T-shirt began as a live fully improvised jam. We then had frequent collaborator and talented songwriter, Ella Haber, to freestyle on top like she often does at our gigs. First take, she laid down these powerful lyrics, beautiful melody and striking poem, then layered some lush harmonies. The track is an instrumental journey and Ella punctuates it so well.

Other tracks by Foshe:  Stay Hydrated  -  Smiley Tom
Stevie Riff - Xmas Day     Jazz, Easy Listening, Indie, Pop 18/10/2019
Stevie Riff is a Brisbane indie singer songwriter who creates multi-genre music.
Xmas Day is a Jazz/chill pop song in the style of Burt Bacharach about coming home for Xmas.