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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Entropy Quartet - Hidden Mist     Jazz 06/10/2018
Entropy Quartet is a four piece ensemble from Melbourne that merge elements of improvised jazz, funk and groove, roving through syncopated states and improvised landscapes.
An immersive, meditative track that contains beautiful sculpted solos and a rich textured musical landscape that takes the listener to another place.

Other tracks by Entropy Quartet:  One Day All This Will Be Yours  -  The Irrelevance of Time
Flora Carbo Trio - Good to Go     Jazz, Instrumental, Swing 21/09/2018
Flora Carbo’s debut album ‘Erica’ features Maddison Carter (drums) and Isaac Gunnoo (bass) .The music is inspired by aspects of Flora’s world, and her love of the saxophone trio sound.
I’ve always really enjoyed collecting paint colour cards from hardware shops. I love how inventive and interesting some of the names are! ‘Good To Go’ was the name of a creamy yellow colour. I thought that it was so quirky and unusually fitted that I had to write a song about it.

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Other tracks by Flora Carbo Trio:  Berlin Coffee Map  -  Erica
Bowlines - A Home Outgrown     Jazz, Classical, World, Instrumental 20/09/2018
3 of Australia's leading string players improvise music fusing jazz, classical and world genres.
Cinematic music with a variety of moods, from classical to rock music grooves

Other tracks by Bowlines:  When Every Door Is Closed  -  The Horse Knows The Path Through
Jonah Myers - Nevermind the Oxygen     Jazz, Pop 20/09/2018
I have been submerged in music my whole life. It's okay because I have gills, but I'm also learning to swim.
Nevermind the Oxygen is a sentimental bossa nova tune with some creative, modern arrangement and production elements.

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Other tracks by Jonah Myers:  Shy  -  Summer Pyjamas (& Some Are Not)
Sally Greenaway - Finale: 7 Great Inventions     Jazz, Blues, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 20/09/2018
Award winning Canberra-based composer-pianist Sally Greenaway works in a multiplicity of styles and genres, from orchestral film and concert works to jazz ensemble, big band, chamber and vocal music.
This Finale brings the return of several of the musical themes from each of the pieces in the suite together in a medley or overture. It reminds us of the journey we have taken, and bookends nicely with the final bars scored for solo ragtime piano.

Other tracks by Sally Greenaway:  Invention Reinvention  -  The Mechanical Brain
Tony Gould, Graeme Lyall - Heather on the Hill     Jazz, Easy Listening, Blues, Cover Version 20/09/2018
Pianist and composer Tony Gould is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. His career has embraced many styles of music: jazz and other improvisatory musics, traditional and contemporary classical musics.
It's not just the notes, but the space between them - the lovely space Tony Gould and Graham Lyall give to this standard treats the lucky listener to a beautiful, peaceful journey. It's the feeling of coming home, enhanced by one of Australia's most gifted melody makers.

Other tracks by Tony Gould, Graeme Lyall:  Someone to Watch Over Me  -  The Way You Look Tonight
Kurushimi - Yuruyaka na shi no ma no kanbi naru mezame     Jazz, Instrumental 12/09/2018
Kurushimi have rendered the boundaries between particular styles and genres meaningless. In doing so they have pushed us to the very borders of language, and the very borders of music.
'Yuruyaka na shi no ma no kanbi naru mezame' is the new single from deconstructionist noise jazz ensemble Kurushimi.

Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy - Invisible Kids     Jazz, Easy Listening 11/09/2018
Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy - 7 musicians rising quickly up the ranks of Melbourne’s improv jazz and groove scene.
Sinha explains: “Inspired by my work with at-risk youth. Through my own personal experience and through my work as a music teacher, I know music can help heal trauma. Dealing with identity and race as a young-person can be tricky, music gives us some agency with those issues as it allows us to express ourselves in ways that feel valuable.”

Evolve - Nexus of Polarities     Jazz, Instrumental, Dance, Funk 07/09/2018
"Evolve" is a proudly unconventional project that attempts to fuse the film score and music of a cinematic nature with other musical expressions.
Nexus of Polarities presents a junction where the vibrant rhythmic counterpoint of funk meets the lush sonorities of the jazz harmonic language. The lyrical, expressive aspects of the guitar's melodic content sounded against the exuberant but grounded bass lines are analogous to a union between the male and feminine principles.

Other tracks by Evolve:  Ra Ascends  -  Floating In A Dream
Renae Suttie Quintet - Scatter Brained     Jazz, World, World, World 03/09/2018
Talented singer Renae Suttie and her Quintet has teamed with award-winning songwriter Brian Ford to produce an album of crossover jazz. This eclectic mix of musicians do his songs justice.
This genre is what I call "Crossover Jazz". It's a playful interaction of instruments and vocal jazz scat, hence the name "Scatter Brained". We're all a little scatter brained sometimes which is a lovely part of making us human. :)

Other tracks by Renae Suttie Quintet:  Plain Clothes  -  Goodbye Itacaré
Line Matter - Into The Woods     Jazz 28/08/2018
Line Matter are an original Melbourne jazz band playing dynamic, driving and melodic music. Influenced by Pat Metheny, John Scofield, John McLaughlin, and others the quartet creates unique jazz/fusion music.
Into The Woods was inspired after a drive through the Californian redwood forest.

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Other tracks by Line Matter:  Let Me Tell You  -  Inner Life
Fonz Whaler - Some Days     Jazz, Folk, Soul, Psychedelic 18/08/2018
Fonz Whaler is the acoustic solo project of Tom Kakanis. Fonz produces raw, soulful songs about love, heartbreak, and growing wiser - delivered with crooning vocals and intricate guitar.
Some Days is a soulful, jazz track about the mixed emotions in the months after a big break up. Some Days you're hopeful and wish the best for the other person, and others not so much. It's a beautiful soul song with an unreliable narrator.

Kate Fuller & The Boys Club - Ain't No Sweet Man     Jazz, Swing 10/08/2018
Award winning Australian jazz singer Kate Fuller is joined by Alana Dawes on double bass and Kyrie Anderson on percussion, as they cheekily explore femininity through swing era tunes.
This is a uniquely uplifting and powerful feminist song for the swing era, telling the story of a woman who is rising up against being treated poorly by a man. Quite unusual lyrically for a swing-era tune. Written by Fred Fisher for the Paul Whiteman Orchestra in 1928.

Other tracks by Kate Fuller & The Boys Club:  Bewitched  -  A Man Around The House
Milton Man Gogh - XXXX Bitter Irony     Jazz, Atmospheric, Metal, Instrumental 10/08/2018
Experimental Jazz trio from Brisbane.
XXXX Bitter Irony is an assault of virtuosic experimental jazz.

Other tracks by Milton Man Gogh:  Doo Rocks  -  Cradle Failure
Kurushimi - A Glimpse Of A Thursday Afternoon     Jazz, Experimental, Metal 20/07/2018
Australian deconstructionist noise/jazz collective Kurushimi push listeners to the very borders of music.
‘A Glimpse Of Thursday Afternoon’, sounds as if Buckethead - twisted on DMT - burst into a smokey New York jazz club in the 1950s accompanied by a deranged robotic sidekick.

Milton Man Gogh - XXXX Bitter Irony     Jazz, Experimental, Metal 20/07/2018
Milton Man Gogh's new EP, 'XXXX Bitter Irony', is a virtuosic experimental jazz record with hints of prog, metal, deconstructionism and metre all in one.
'XXXX Bitter Irony' serves as a masterclass in pacing, mixing breakneck stop-start math-influenced work with smooth jazz, seasoned with a touch of bounding bass and fluttering saxophone.

The Currawongs - Coordinates     Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 19/07/2018
The Currawongs pour field recordings, ambient drones, guitar noise and other oddities into a mould that captures the spirit of 90s noise rock and more structurally relaxed instrumental soundscapes.
6 minutes and 35 seconds of post rock instrumental glory! The title track of The Currawongs' second album slowly builds to a crescendo before quietly mellowing out at the conclusion of the track.

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Other tracks by The Currawongs:  Escape Velocity  -  Into The Unknown
Xani - Red Violet Lake     Jazz, Experimental, Classical 06/07/2018
XANI's debut album, "Three" is an entirely improvised instrumental record featuring solo violin, live looping and electronic effects. "She is truly exciting, engaging and inspiring.” Paul Grabowsky
Red Violet Lake explores different pizzicato sounds as the violin is looped live to create beautiful, cinematic textures. The track twists and turns through different rhythms and harmonic centres before coming all together in the end. It is full of energy and excitement.

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Other tracks by Xani:  Code Orange  -  Sun White
deline briscoe - Heartbeat     Jazz, Roots 04/07/2018
Wawu is the realisation of Deline’s creative vision, nurtured over the last 20 years, her album and show are a spiritual experience as much as a musical journey.
Piano : Stephen Maxwell
Drums : Airileke Ingram
Dble Bass : Robert Finch
Harmony : Lou Bennett
Harmony : Emma Donovan
Harmony : Jessie Lloyd

Other tracks by deline briscoe:  Ignorance is Bliss  -  Ngadijina
Grievous Bodily Calm - Footwork     Jazz, Instrumental, Electronic, Funk 27/06/2018
Grievous Bodily Calm are a beat music band from Perth, Western Australia.
Footwork track punches with a bold dance groove reminiscent of D’Angelo. ‘Footwork’, referring to martial arts and boxing technique, opens with a sample of Muhammad Ali skipping rope. The sections progress tightly, layered with thick synth textures, which warp within a lo-fi lustre. Finally, it takes off
with an OutKast-like horn hook, over-emotive gospel harmony and choir arrangements.

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