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Freeform explorations, swinging big bands or moody instrumentals all
have a home with Amrap Jazz. Don't be a square Daddy-O, dive on into
these hep cats.


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Dan Webb - Lorazepam (feat. Daniel Mougerman)     Jazz, Instrumental, Experimental, Electronic 13/06/2019
Genre-smashing multi-instrumentalist, producer who for a decade has been producing music hailed as "the work of a genius" by Radio Adelaide, with spot plays on BBC6, Absolute Radio, Double J.
Featuring Daniel Mougerman (The Bamboos, Melbourne International Jazz Festival) performing McCoy Tyner-style piano and crazy synth over Webb's shifting metres. Lorazepam is a type of medication used to combat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal and trouble sleeping. It's the second single to be lifted from Dan Webb's third album, Exotic Erotic Concoction, out July 12 and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Sean Foran & Stuart McCallum - Panorama     Jazz, Ambience, Atmospheric, Chill 13/06/2019
An enthralling combination of modern instrumental ambient jazz featuring piano and guitar from award winning UK + Australian combo.
With equal parts chill jazz and ambient downtempo music PANORAMA deftly merges acoustic guitar, piano, fender rhodes and brushed drums to create a shimmering landscape of wonderfully textured sounds. Utterly engaging PANORAMA features the award winning Australian pianist SEAN FORAN and brilliant Manchester guitarist STUART MCCALLUM in a new collaborative project.

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Tango Noir - A Bit Noir     Jazz, World 13/06/2019
"Silent movies in black and white with smoke drifting across couples embracing to the Tango - this is the scene that Ruth paints with her music."
Featuring Joe Chindamo (piano), Philip Rex (bass), Phil Carroll (flute), Daniel Farrugia (drums) and Ruth Roshan on vocals. This song is essentially a 12 bar blues with an homage to tango in the middle. The lyrics transport you to a film noir set (or is it a set?). Instrumentalists let loose and improvise at the end of the song.

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The Slipdixies - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise     Jazz, Blues, Folk, Roots 12/06/2019
Making 1920s & 30s pop music popular all over again, performing old favourites and lesser known forgotten treasures of a bygone era with a mild modern twist!
Written 1919 as a post WW1 appeal for hopefulness, this pop ballad became a popular improvisation tune with many jazz musicians and countless recordings released.

Ours features the talented Alastair Carr with a stirring intro on tenor banjo before Susy Hull’s warm vocals take over. A series of band-breaks over a washboard solo and hot chorus out. takes it out!

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Refraction - Whiskey In Orleans     Jazz, Instrumental 12/06/2019
Australian Jazz Piano Trio
This single is taken from their upcoming fourth album, a recording which took place in 2018 just prior to Chris Broomhead’s relocation to Nashville in the United States. As with 2016’s Inerrant Space and 2017’s Reimagined, the recording once again features band leader and drummer Chris Broomhead, pianist Brenton Foster and bassist Jordan Tarento.

Milton Man Gogh - How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time)     Jazz, Ambience 04/06/2019
Art As Catharsis is proud to announce the release of Milton Man Gogh’s second full length album 'How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time).
How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time), a multi-layered perspective and powerful manifestation of the experimental trio's philosophy and sound; striking a balance between the precise and expressive, serious and ridiculous.

Paige Duggan - Stick with Love     Jazz, Experimental, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 25/05/2019
Paige Duggan is an Australian jazz artist. Apart from her work as a contemporary jazz vocalist she is also a songwriter/composer and multi-instrumentalist.
Initially composed for the Ballarat Baha'i Community. Based on quotations and teachings of Baha'u'llah, about love, unity, respect and peace. It explores that we are strongest when we celebrate and embrace diversity. When we are divided we are pained and cannot reach our full potential. An instrumental section of layered guitar and voice is a studio improvised component.

Other tracks by Paige Duggan:  Light of Unity
Leigh Collins - Here's Why     Jazz, Blues, Folk, Instrumental 24/05/2019
Mornington Peninsula based jazz/blues guitarist. Debut album "Here's Why" out 2019.
The lead single and title track of Leigh Collins’ upcoming debut album is a dynamic guitar ballad, described as ‘Beautiful’ by Adam Levy (Norah Jones).

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Oisima - Lovin You Was Easy Feat. Wallace     Jazz, House, Electronic, Breaks 24/05/2019
Oisima artfully bridges the gap between electronica and jazz, Anth’s crafts immersive, intricate and emotionally-charged soundscapes that situate him with the best and most exciting producers working in Australia.
The track is beautifully arranged, filled by with dreamy, downtempo beats, quiet piano, propulsive horns and the lush, evocative vocals of Sydney-based Wallace. “I saw [her] play a show around the time of writing this song and fell in love with her voice and stage presence” says Anth. Every instrument on the song was played and recorded by Anth himself.

Various - Tony Gould - Heritage     Jazz, Instrumental, Easy Listening 21/05/2019
A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.
A spontaneous recording to celebrate Move Records’ 50th by Tony Gould, played on the Yamaha C7 grand piano, chosen by him 25 years ago, which has lived in the Move studio ever since. A brief but delightful song, with warmth, sparkling light and sombre beauty - it leaves you wanting more!

Other tracks by Various:  Michael Bertram - Iconoclast 2  -  Linda Kouvaras - Northcote Days
Watchglass - Right Hand     Jazz, Acoustic 21/05/2019
Honing well-crafted songs that bridge folk and rock, Watchglass are creating a new sonic landscape. Ethereal vocals will take you on an emotional journey with elements of fun and soulfulness.
Right Hand is a moody jazz-infused tune done acoustically. It will take the listener on a journey of yearning for connection which builds and recedes in a most pleasing way, driven by a mesmerising bass riff which hooks you at the outset and rests you down gently at the end.

Other tracks by Watchglass:  Room Enough  -  At the Moment
COAST - Of The River     Jazz, Rock 21/05/2019
Every aspect of COAST embodies what ''modern' jazz should represent.
With ethereal guitar-work and a focus on creating rich atmospherics, Of The River drifts into three distinctively different segments. The summation of these segments reveal a band able to masterfully deliver journey-driven instrumentals and rock-styled riffs before adding a splash of mathy rhythms to taste.

Milton Man Gogh - TV Was Better When I Was Younger     Jazz, Blues 16/05/2019
An experimental trio, formed as an outlet for the members to play the original compositions that no-one else wanted to. Equal parts bogan and avant. MMG
A focused, yet wild experimental jazz outing that pulls the often far spread constellations of musical genres drastically closer together.

The Biology of Plants - Moss     Jazz, Ambience 15/05/2019
The Biology of Plants take the skills of two classically trained musicians next to two jazz educated performers to create a platform where both can shine.
Vol 2. is more than a rare and impressive addition to a promising catalogue from The Biology of Plants. This unexpected harmony between proficiency and emotion, delivered through cunning instrumentation, easily matches the standards of Sigur Ros and Mogwai. The EP is well worth exploring – the definitive ending of this journey being a new high-point for Australian instrumental music.

Robyn Archer - Red City     Jazz, World 10/05/2019
Robyn Archer is a multi-award winning artist whose long career encompasses singing, writing, direction and public advocacy of the arts. Robyn is arguably the greatest cabaret artist in the country.
‘Red City’ is a chilling portrait of Paris at odds with today’s romantic cliché. Robyn Archer’s 'Classic Cabaret Rarities' LP is not comedy, not burlesque and definitely not lounge; but it is very funny, musically exquisite, and Archer’s voice is robust, tender and typically articulate as each song becomes a little drama all of its own.

Other tracks by Robyn Archer:  The Deep Sigh Of A Lady In A Troubled Night  -  Song Of The Rag And Bone Man
Sean Foran & Stuart McCallum - While the Trees Waltz     Jazz, Instrumental, Chill, Ambience 10/05/2019
Australian pianist Sean Foran and British Guitarist Stuart McCallum collaborate on a project combining sounds of jazz and ambient music. Textural and dynamic, with captivating layers of guitar and piano.
While the Trees Waltz is a beautiful ballad coming acoustic guitar and layered piano/keyboards. Melodically engaging, yet simultaneously meditative, the dynamic layers of the piano and guitar draw similarities to the work of Olafur Arnalds and Pat Metheny.

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Kumar Shome & The Punkawallahs - Shromer     Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, Rock 03/05/2019
The Punkawallahs are a guitar band melding jazz, funk and world. Led by Kumar Shome, for this project he has assembled some of the best talent in Melbourne.
Shromer is the 2nd single off Kumar’s upcoming album Kanya. Kumar enters a new dimension with this track, plucking delicate sonic drops to fiery power riffs. Shromer is a psych rock banger that just builds and builds. Combining his signature technique layering melodies and effects with jazz/ funk rhythms.

The Hamiltons - Comme Deux Petites Filles     Jazz 03/05/2019
The siblings can any given time they can be seen in a jazz club in London winning over audiences with their quirky jazz set.
Drawing on their beginnings in their fathers’ folk band, “Comme Deux Petites Filles” is deeply rooted in a folk tradition, harmonies that only siblings can master, dirty accordion riffs,and pulsing rhythms. This self-produced track (from a bedroom in London) evokes dirt under the fingernails topped with meliflous vocals, and a hook-laden chorus that demands that you play it again.

The Biology of Plants - Basmati Rice     Jazz, Ambience 01/05/2019
The Biology of Plants take the skills of two classically trained musicians next to two jazz educated performers to create a platform where both can shine.
“Basmati Rice is an ode to the wonderful grain that accompanies many delicious (plant-derived) meals,” continues Svoboda. Composed by myself, this track builds from a unison melody in the cello and bass guitar. Add a hectic octave pedal, heavy drones, breakbeat groove, and there you have it: a grain-inspired piece of music. Rice has never been groovier.”

Ella Haber - Responsibility     Jazz, Soul 26/04/2019
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ella Haber is a rising star in Australian jazz & soul music, turning heads with her incredible voice and raw lyricism.
“Responsibility” speaks to the pain of when heartbreak hits too close to home and betrayal costs both a lover and a friend. At first glance, the track shines with slick basslines, silky keys and funk-filled grooves, all the while veiling a story of anger and deceit beneath in Ella’s striking falsetto.

Other tracks by Ella Haber:  Behind Closed Eyes  -  Puppet