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Ivy League

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Hatchie - Sure     Pop, Electronic 22/11/2017
Brisbane artist-on-the-rise Hatchie is back and Ivy League Records is thrilled to announce that she has officially joined the label family and will be releasing her debut EP in 2018.
‘Sure’ continues the story that began with the runaway success of this year’s pop gem ‘Try’. The artist’s instinctual pop nous is undoubtedly on full display in ‘Sure’, but like all of Hatchie’s music, the track trades in shade as well as light.

The Rubens - Million Man     Pop 01/11/2017
The Rubens are a four piece from Menangle, NSW who's track 'Hoops' gain the #1 spot on triple j's hottest 100 in 2016.
The soulful, groove-fuelled new track follows on where their now certified platinum, #1 triple j’s hottest 100 single ‘Hoops’ left off.

Kyle Lionhart - What I Already Know     Folk, Soul, Acoustic 18/08/2017
Neo-folk and soul singer-songwriter, Kyle Lionhart, boasts one of the most incredible new voices in Australian music.
‘What I Already Know’ displays Kyle’s uncanny ability to blend laid back verses with irresistible hooks. His voice, rich and soulful adorns the rolling guitar strums as the track reaches the heartfelt chorus, where Kyle really gets to exhibit the power of his voice.

Cloud Control - Treetops     Pop, Rock 18/08/2017
Cloud Control has always been defined by a happy chaos, ever since they formed on a whim for a 2005 university band competition.
‘Treetops’ is comprised of everything that Cloud Control can do. It's profound but also flippant, euphoric but conceptual; spaced out layers of looped sounds and samples, with an anthemic, driving melody that's outrageously fun to sing to, and an improvised monologue delivered by a friend.

Other tracks by Cloud Control:  Zone (This Is How It Feels)  -  Rainbow City
Bad//Dreems - By My Side     Rock 03/08/2017
Bad//Dreems consisting of four boys from Adelaide, are one of the country's most exciting new guitar acts
‘By My Side’, a song about heartbreak and yearning, shows Bad//Dreems at their best – rough, powerful and vulnerable all at once.

Other tracks by Bad//Dreems:  Feeling Remains
Tiny Little Houses - Garbage Bin     Folk, Pop, Rock 13/07/2017
Lo-fi pop/folk act, Tiny Little Houses, is made up of Caleb Karvountzi, Sean Mullins, Clancy Bond and Al Yamin.
Tiny Little Houses return with new single ‘Garbage Bin’, a track that will surely be an anthem for the new slacker generation.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Tiny Little Houses:  Entitled Generation
I Know Leopard - Let Go     Pop 27/06/2017
After signing a deal with Ivy League Records, Sydney’s four piece I Know Leopard has spent the greater part of 2016 writing and recording new music.
Sydney’s I Know Leopard returns with new single ‘Let Go’, an evocative track inspired by the dreamy sounds of French synth-pop maestro, Serge Gainsbourg.

Josh Pyke - Into The Wind     Rock, Pop, Chill 02/06/2017
Five acclaimed top 10 albums, four ARIA Awards and countless sold out tours to his name, Josh Pyke has announced the release of his Best Of, B-Sides & Rarities album.
‘Into The Wind’, is a stunning new song co-written at his home studio with Dustin Tebbutt, and co-produced by John Castle. As if taking him right back to the beginning of his career, the track serves as a note to himself to keep at it and never stand still.

Tiny Little Houses - Medicate Me     Pop, Folk 21/02/2017
Lo-fi pop/folk act, Tiny Little Houses, is made up of Caleb Karvountzi, Sean Mullins, Clancy Bond and Al Yamin.
Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses return with ‘Medicate Me’ the latest single off their masterful Snow Globe EP. With lyrics that parallel love to addiction, it is a highlight on the band’s sophomore EP and powerful live.

Other tracks by Tiny Little Houses:  Song Despite Apathy
Toby Martin - Lim’s Song     Folk, World, Rock 21/02/2017
Singer-songwriter Toby Martin spent ten years as the lead singer of alternative rock band Youth Group before beginning his solo career. He returns with his second solo album.
Inspired by the suburban surrounds of Sydney’s South Western suburb of Bankstown, ‘Lim’s Song’ captures beautifully what is at the heart of Song’s From Northam Avenue – music inspired by the world, but not world music.

Other tracks by Toby Martin:  Spring Feeling
Kyle Lionhart - Call Back Home     Folk, Soul, Acoustic 08/02/2017
Neo-folk and soul singer-songwriter, Kyle Lionhart, boasts one of the most incredible new voices in Australian music.
Produced by John Castle (Vance Joy, Washington, Cub Sport), 'Call Back Home' is a soaring indie-soul meets folk ballad about self-reflection. “It’s about avoiding that darker side of yourself, the side of ourselves that we consistently distract and sedate only for it to explode at the worst possible moments."

Other tracks by Kyle Lionhart:  Sweet Girl
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - French Press     Pop, Punk, Rock 25/01/2017
Born from late night bedroom jam sessions and honed in Melbourne's live music venues, the band has garnered a reputation for rich, poppy guitar melodies with propulsive rhythm.
‘French Press’, the title track of the band’s sophomore EP, is a Skype call between two brothers. The contrast of one gallivanting overseas, the other sitting in tedious comfort in an air-conditioned office. Featuring driving rhythms, charging drums and an addictive bass line.

Other tracks by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever:  Julie's Place  -  Sick Bug
I Know Leopard - Rather Be Lonely (Radio Edit)     Pop 27/10/2016
I Know Leopard are a fresh-faced band 4-piece from Sydney, making shimmering dream pop.
From the swirling keyboard that leads the track’s intro, to the beguiling chorus; ‘Rather Be Lonely’ is destined to have young lovers with broke hearts the nation over, eyes closed, arms up in a cathartic sing-along.

Bad//Dreems - Mob Rule     Rock 07/10/2016
Bad//Dreems are four boys from Adelaide, who are one of the country's most exciting guitar acts.
'Mob Rule' paints a disturbing picture of Australian dystopia. "Face full of black soot, right wing, left foot" menaces Ben Marwe (vocals) "History doesn't mean a thing to you!". It's an unwelcome diorama, underpinned by muscular guitars atop the rocksteady bedrock of James Bartold (bass) and Miles Wilson (drums).

2017 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MUSIC AWARD FINALIST: Best Song, Best Group, Best Release, Rock Award


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Career     Rock, Folk, Punk 10/05/2016
Melbourne based soft punk/tough pop 5-piece return with first taste of their double A Side 7” 'Write Back/Career'.
Melbourne’s Rolling Blackout C.F returns with new single, ‘Career’. Released as part of a limited edition double A side on Record Store Day 2016, the track demonstrates their rich, poppy guitar melodies with propulsive rhythm have already earned them a wealth of international buzz.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever:  Write Back
Tiny Little Houses - Milo Tin     Rock 16/03/2016
A band of 4 from Melbourne display their unique and at times melancholic indie rock.
"Milo Tin is a tongue in cheek take on Australiana, the classic gap year and the effect it has on a young relationship,” says lead singer Caleb. Featuring Melbourne singer/songwriter Rosebud Leach on backing vocals, ‘Milo Tin’ is one of Tiny Little Houses’ catchiest and richest-sounding tracks yet.

Palms - No More     Rock 27/10/2015
Palms are four best mates from Sydney making music you want to dance around and sing along to with your mates.
Takes a left turn from the noisy magnificence we've come to expect from Palms, or to put it another way: it loses the noisiness and keeps the magnificence. On this track, everything is stripped back to Al Grigg's plaintive voice and an acoustic guitar.

Other tracks by Palms:  Beatdown  -  Bad Apple
Bad//Dreems - Bogan Pride     Rock 19/10/2015
Bad//Dreems are a rock band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia who busted onto the scene in 2014 with their modern take on Australian pub rock.
‘Bogan Pride’ further explores dystopian Australia captured so aptly on Dogs at Bay. Inspired by the ugliness of the summer dance festival "culture", the rise of Australian nationalism and late night inner city violence, it has been the centre piece of Bad//Dreems lauded live set for some time.

Most Popular Rock Artist                 
Best Song 'Cuffed & Collared'
Best Group
Best Release 'Dogs At Bay'                           

Other tracks by Bad//Dreems:  Hiding To Nothing  -  Cuffed and Collared
The Rubens - The Night Is On My Side     Rock 12/10/2015
Four-piece from NSW return with sophomore album 'Hoops' out 7 August 2015
Following the band’s breakthrough single ‘Hoops’, The Night Is On My Side is seeping with bravado and captures the swaggering blues/rock that The Rubens have come to own.

Other tracks by The Rubens:  Hoops  -  Hallelujah
Rolling Blackouts - Wide Eyes     Rock, Punk 26/09/2015
Rolling Blackouts, are a 5 piece from Melbourne, and the newest members of Ivy League family.
With its hypnotic beat and sprawling guitar line, ‘Wide Eyes’ perfectly highlights Rolling Blackouts’ unique brand of golden era inspired Australian soft punk/tough pop.