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Ivy League

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Bakers Eddy - T-Shirt     Alternative, Indie, Punk 14/03/2020
Bakers Eddy return with a cracking new single ‘T-Shirt’ – a melancholic anthem from the Melbourne-via-Wellington pop-punk powerhouse, premiered by triple j’s Good Nights.
Bursting into focus via the band’s addictive pop-punk energy, ‘T-Shirt’ is a melancholic anthem from Melbourne-via-Wellington pop-punk powerhouse Bakers Eddy and leans into the deep, unpolished feelings that come with a breakup.

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Mess of Me     Alternative, Punk, Rock 25/02/2020
A.Swayze & the Ghosts have unleashed ‘Mess of Me’, a rollicking punk anthem that’s as fun and bold as their theatrical live shows.
“This song discusses inheritance. Not the conventional heirloom, but the type of negative trait you learn as a child voyeur of your surroundings. Hendrik brought the song to us with the chorus "you're always trying to make a mess of me". I don't have any saboteur but myself, I changed his lyrics and wrote the rest around the new chorus.”

Shannen James - Collide     Pop, Indie, Alternative 25/02/2020
Melbourne artist Shannen James is the latest addition to join Ivy League Records' stellar roster of artists, alongside The Teskey Brothers, Hatchie, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Rubens and more.
Collide is an intoxicating blend of syncopated beats, uplifting instrumentation and cathartic, sing-along hooks, all brought together and made even sweeter with Shannen’s undeniably lush vocals. Drawing inspiration from friendship as much as romantic love, Shannen tells a classic ‘opposites attract’ tale that is as irresistible as it is relatable.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cars In Space     Alternative, Indie, Rock 19/02/2020
Ivy League Records are incredibly excited to reveal ‘Cars In Space’ – the first taste of new music from Melbourne outfit, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.
Set against the band's revered world of driving & passionate guitar pop, 'Cars In Space' follows the swirling words and thoughts before a break-up. Propelled by the chemistry of the five-piece and totalling 4.58, 'Cars In Space' is bold and classic Rolling Blackouts C.F. while hinting at a new chapter to come.

The Rubens - Live In Life     Pop, Alternative 20/11/2019
The Rubens are back in a big way with the release of new single & infectious summer jam, ‘Live In Life’.
Blending their signature hooky choruses with a shadowy undertone, ‘Live In Life’ was co-produced by the band and Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I, Mallrat) & recorded in the same WW2 bunker that birthed their last album. The song follows a guy over the course of one night as he comes to terms with the gravity of a relationship breakdown.

Youth Group - Erskineville Nights     Rock 18/10/2019
Ivy League Records are incredibly excited to release Youth Group’s first new music in over ten years, their celebrated fifth album Australian Halloween!
Ivy League Records are incredibly excited to release Youth Group’s first new music in over ten years, their celebrated fifth album Australian Halloween! To coincide with the release, the band have announced the next album single, ‘Erskineville Nights’. “Erskineville Nights is about the end of a relationship. But more than that, it is about the end of a home."

Lewis Coleman - Animal     Alternative, Indie, Psych 17/09/2019
Over the course of a few years, multi-instrumentalist Lewis Coleman has been quietly building a collection of songs; writing, playing, recording and producing them all in his inner-city Melbourne bedroom.
Written, performed, recorded and produced by Lewis in his inner-city Melbourne bedroom, ‘Animal’ is beautifully dark, undeniably melodic and the perfect introduction to the world of Lewis Coleman. Created while in his final semester at the Victorian College of the Arts, Lewis chose to deliberately limit himself when writing and recording ‘Animal’ in order to find unique sounds.

A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Connect to Consume     Rock, Garage, Punk 27/08/2019
The Hobart natives have amassed a fierce live following thanks to their raw, bold and at times, wild shows – heightened by the charismatic and enigmatic lead singer, Andrew Swayze.
In the words of A.Swayze & the Ghosts:

"We have accepted the prison and adorned the uniforms under the guise of convenience. We have connected and now we will consume.”

Hatchie - Stay With Me     Pop, Rock 27/08/2019
Following on from the release of ‘Without A Blush’ and ‘Obsessed’ comes ‘Stay With Me’ – the third single from Hatchie’s acclaimed debut album, Keepsake, released in June this year.
On ‘Stay With Me’, Hatchie offers up Keepsake’s most utterly rhapsodic track, all incandescent synth and unstoppable rhythm.

Bakers Eddy - Can't Afford It     Rock 16/07/2019
Melbourne via Wellington’s favourite punks, Bakers Eddy return with new single ‘Can’t Afford It’, a cheeky punk rock anthem!
"’Can't Afford It’ is a song about living pay check to pay check and trying to make ends meet. I wrote it in my bedroom after coming home from the supermarket, on a budget of $3.50, still managed to make a dope lentil Bolognese,” explains front man Ciarann Babbington.

The Teskey Brothers - So Caught Up     Funk/Soul, RnB 09/07/2019
New single ‘So Caught Up’ is the centrepiece of The Teskey Brothers’ forthcoming album Run Home Slow, and perhaps the most prominent departure from the band’s sound to date!
When the four-piece first started jamming on ‘So Caught Up’ they were a bit disarmed by the poppy new territory they found themselves in. “I guess we were a bit worried about it being too much of a pop song and wanted to make sure that it didn’t sound like a huge departure from our previous stuff,” Liam says.

Kyle Lionhart - Holding On     Blues/Roots, Soul 02/07/2019
To celebrate the highly anticipated debut album 'Too Young' on Friday 20 September, Kyle Lionhart has released the album’s anthemic new single, ‘Holding On’.
Ivy League Records are thrilled to announce that Byron Bay artist Kyle Lionhart will release his highly anticipated debut album Too Young on Friday 20 September! To celebrate the news, Kyle has released the album’s anthemic new single, ‘Holding On’ – accompanied by the stunning video, directed by Nick Maguire and shot in the height of Japan’s cherry blossom season.

The Teskey Brothers - Man Of The Universe     Country, Blues, Soul 13/06/2019
The Teskey Brothers have released their new single & video, ‘Man Of The Universe’ from their upcoming second record Run Home Slow, scheduled for release on Friday 2 August.
‘Man Of The Universe’ touches on the dislocation you can feel when you’re constantly on the move, not sure where you call home. “The simple subject of the song is, stop trying to label everything, and say we’re from here, or this place is better than that or these people are better than those,” singer and guitarist Josh Teskey says.

Hatchie - Obsessed     Pop, Dance 21/05/2019
To coincide with her return to Australia for a sold-out east coast tour, Brisbane artist Hatchie has unveiled her stunning new dream-pop single, ‘Obsessed’.
Hatchie says, “‘Obsessed’ is a song about friendship. I wrote it when reflecting on my teenage tendency to cling to a new best friend for support, until I eventually convinced myself I wasn't worthy of their friendship. It's ultimately a celebration of meeting somebody who you look up to who helps you grow into a more adventurous person.”

The Teskey Brothers - Hold Me     Blues/Roots, Rock 16/05/2019
The Teskey Brothers will release their timeless record, Run Home Slow and to celebrate, the band has revealed the album’s celebratory first single and equally powerful video, ‘Hold Me’.
‘Hold Me’ feels like a fitting introduction to what is a raw, honest and masterfully crafted album. The Teskey Brothers strip back to their most rudimentary form; boots stomping on floorboards and claps holding the beat. It’s a primal, haunting reminder of what The Teskey Brothers can do with just their voices, hands, feet and a few instruments.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Following on from recent single ‘In The Capital’, Rolling Blackouts C.F. are back with the new track & video for ‘Read My Mind’
The track (which is now live on all digital platforms) will also feature on a limited edition 7inch alongside a second A-side single, titled ‘Read My Mind’. ‘Read My Mind’ is a simple song of devotion told from two sides.

I Know Leopard - Seventy Lies     Rock, Dance 10/04/2019
The Sydney band I Know Leopard have revealed a new track, ‘Seventy Lies’ – the third song released from the LP, following ‘Heather’ and ‘Landmine’.
Lead singer, Luke O’Loughlin says:
"I was getting good at presenting a fabricated version of who I was when entering new relationships, that only lead to hurting and disappointing others down the track and in turn further alienating and hurting myself. Learning to love yourself before you can successfully love someone else is an idea that this record touches on".

Hatchie - Without A Blush     Pop, Rock 14/03/2019
Brisbane artist Hatchie, aka Harriette Pilbeam, will release her highly anticipated debut album, Keepsake, on Friday, 21 June.
On lead single ‘Without a Blush’, jagged guitar riffs and woozy rhythms meet in a sprawling piece of industrial-pop, with Hatchie’s gorgeous airy vocal channelling loss and longing, regret and self-doubt.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In the Capital     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
After a landmark 12 months for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, who released their debut album Hope Downs to worldwide critical acclaim in June 2018.
Fran Keaney describes how ‘In The Capital’ came together:

“I first had the idea for the melody and some of the lyrics when I was swimming. It’s taken a while to finish the song, to make it feel like the initial feeling. I can’t neatly describe it, but something like connection despite distance."

I Know Leopard - Heather     Pop 19/02/2019
I Know Leopard’s debut album, Love Is A Landmine, will be released on 5 April, To celebrate, the Sydney four-piece reveal a brand new single, ‘Heather’, with an accompanying video.
I Know Leopard’s sparkling new track ‘Heather’ is the second single from their forthcoming debut album, following the stunning lead single ‘Landmine’.