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It Records

It Records

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Primitive Calculators - On Drugs     Metal/Punk, Electronic, Experimental, Industrial 13/04/2018
Aussie/ Melbourne proto-post-punk band Primitive Calculators have been making music for 40 years. Tough, brutal, hard to love music. Always challenging but always brilliant. Seminal noise.
A boogie rock, soul-inspired scorcher of a track that is going to ignite their fan base and convert the rest to the church of PC. The industrial thumping funk familiar to their previous work relentlessly punctuates a track that sits somewhere between a confession and a fire and brimstone sermon.

Other tracks by Primitive Calculators:  I Wish You Were Dead  -  Competition
The Metronomes - Taking the Longer View     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 29/03/2018
Legendary Melbourne Minimal Wave trio The Metronomes formed in 1980 releasing 2 highly acclaimed albums before disbanding for nearly 30 years, 2016b saw them back with brand new material.
Sophisticated and beautiful electronic pop from masters of the art. In the vein of New Order. A slowly building crystalline spiral of a song, with reflective and humorous lyrics.

Primitive Calculators - Power     Electronic, Punk, Experimental, Pop 17/03/2018
Primitive Calculators are an Australian post-punk band, formed in Melbourne 1978. Described as sounding like "a very aggressive Suicide", their signature is a mix of harsh guitar noise, fast, repetitive drum machine beats, and abrasive synthesizers.
Ahead of the long-awaited 3rd album (ON DRUGS) from proto synth punks Primitive Calculators, It Records brings you the industrial stomp of POWER. It's an absolute belter, an angry, thumping, juggernaut of a track. You can dance to this, it's viscous electro punk, but it's got a real groove.