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Lakyn - Choir Boy     Alternative, Hip Hop, Pop, Indie 20/09/2019
Melbourne-based artist Lakyn returns with his new single 'Choir Boy'. Sonically and authentically, the single hears Lakyn reflect on his personal growth and writing / recording state of mind.
‘Choir Boy’ was written in a personal jam session with no real intention of releasing. What allowed the free-flowing emotions and rhythm to naturally articulate the direction, it was his close friends who encouraged to explore the song further. The single was worked on with Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I, Mallrat) from The Belligerents, who co-wrote and produced the track

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COTERIE - Where We Began     Alternative, Indie, R&B, Pop 12/09/2019
COTERIE (pronounced coat-e-rie), are a four-piece indie rock band from the windy willows of Perth, Australia, and they’re here to stay in the spotlight.
Honest and raw, ‘Where We Began’ was written by the band just hours after helping a friend as he struggled to carry the weight of a broken relationship, and the ramifications of it.

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Bag Raiders - Back To Myself feat. Tora     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Indie 11/09/2019
After three single releases and the completion of a sold out national tour across August, Bag Raiders (Jack Glass and Chris Stracey) unveil their long-awaited, sophomore album Horizons
"Back to Myself” feat. Tora, a shiny new feature track from Horizons, crashes into shimmying percussion work destined to keep the body moving.

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Other tracks by Bag Raiders:  Medicine  -  I Need You
Eliott - Find A Way     Pop, Chill, Easy Listening, Pop 22/08/2019
Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her music acutely captures feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.
Eliott describes her new single Find A Way’ as being about “losing all your insecurities and finally finding peace in who you are and where you are. Having trust in not only yourself but your surroundings, in a place where you’re intuition brings serenity and allows you to get your s**t together”

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The Million - Somebody Better     Pop, Funk, RnB 22/08/2019
Central Coast indie-pop trio The Million are a three-piece band that create infectious indie-pop tracks.
'Somebody Better’ is grounded in funk and R&B sensibilities, while remaining fundamentally pop. It is the ultimate example of making good-out-of-a-bad situation. After enduring mind games and an unhealthy dynamic with an ex-partner, the band's vocalist Jacob Thomas met his current girlfriend, herself coming out of a toxic-relationship and imagined what would happen if their respective exes got together.

Yuma X - Chasing Patterns     Electronic 22/08/2019
Sydney’s Yuma-X - comprised of Lucy-and-producer Jake Smith - met in-2009, at a NYE-party while they were-in-their-final-year of highschool. They-started working-on-music-together, combining Lucy’s powerful singing chops and Jake’s dexterous, comprehensive-composition-skills.
‘Chasing Patterns’ charts the joys and torment of a complicated, co-dependent and addictive relationship. Buttressed by propulsive, atmospheric beats and Lucy Washington’s vocals, song teases a relationship’s positives and negatives.

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ZEKIEL - Skipping School     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 15/08/2019
ZEKIEL is the newest member of the Australian alternative-hip-hop community. The 23-year old Queenslander singer/songwriter is dropping his new single ‘Skipping School’ that he wrote and co-produced with Jack Gray.
Opening with modulated vocals and subtle splashes of swirling synths, ‘Skipping School’ gradually builds with its steadfast bass and beats, before the commanding cadences and mesmerising melodies of ZEKIEL soar effortlessly above. ZEKIEL describes ‘Skipping School’ as a metaphor for when someone is too cool, or thinks they’re too cool, for you.

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Tori Forsyth - Be Here     Rock, Blues 08/08/2019
At Just 24 and numerous ARIA and APRA accolades under her belt, Tori Forsyth is back after releasing her debut album with her blistering new single and video, ‘Be Here’.
Based on her own experiences of dealing with a partner’s addiction, ‘Be Here’ is real, raw and honest in the vein of the best confessional rock, with Forsyth snarling over guitars as she lays down the law.

Guitar-lines spin through the mix, mimicking the all-consuming vortex of addiction, but Forsyth makes it clear: give it up, or you’ll lose me.

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Bag Raiders - How Long     Electronic, Dance, Chill 24/07/2019
Bag Raiders’ last 10 years have seen them travel the globe, playing at festival stages across the world. With a triple-platinum and global anthem under their belts in “Shooting Stars”
Continuing to dazzle fans with a line of singles from their much anticipated, forthcoming album Horizons, Bag Raiders today drop their third single “How Long” featuring Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer, Panama.

Baker Boy - In Control     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous 03/07/2019
Baker Boy is a Yolngu man hailing from Yurrwi in the Northern Territory and has taken Australian Hip Hop/Rap scene by storm.
‘In Control’ is the new single released by Baker Boy. Hotly in demand, the Melbourne- via – North East Arnhem Land artist co-wrote the single with award-winning writer/producer and multi-instrumentalist Pip Norman (Troye Sivan, CXLOE). Featured on the fresh track is the T.I.M.E (Thornbury Instrumental Music Experience) Crew of Thornbury Primary who contribute their raw and energetic vocals.

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Boy & Bear - Hold Your Nerve     Pop, Folk, Rock 13/06/2019
After the most tumultuous period of their lives both, Boy & Bear are back with a triumphant new single, ‘Hold Your Nerve’, their first new music since 2015.
Produced by Boy & Bear and Collin Dupuis (The Black Keys; Lana Del Rey) and mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Amy Winehouse, Beck, Adele), 'Hold Your Nerve' is an upbeat, optimistic song in which the Sydney band channels their trademark penchant for organic, seventies sounds into one of their most direct, modern and addictive songs to date.

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The Cairos - Shame     Rock 05/04/2012
Colours Like Features, the first EP by Brisbane band The Cairos since signing to Island Records, captures the sound of youth with all its heartbreak, vigor and curiosity intact.
Following up from their debut Triple J Top 5 single ‘We All Buy Stars’ is ‘Shame’, the exciting second single from The Cairos debut EP ‘Colours Like Features’.

With Ted Gardner (co-founder of Lollapalooza/previously managing Tool & Queens Of The Stone Age) managing the band all signs are pointing forth.

Tim Hart - Architects     Folk 15/02/2012
Tim Hart is a member of Boy & Bear and is now releasing solo material.
First single from Tim Hart's debut solo album.

Redcoats - Dreamshaker     Rock, Psychedelic 15/12/2011
In March, Redcoats released their debut single Dreamshaker which was added to the triple j playlist. A week later Redcoats toured nationally with legendary rockers Stone Temple Pilots.
According to Beat Magazine "(the Redcoats) sound like they’ve been playing together for thirty years, mind you, and there is no shortage of genius in this grinding, epic single. I don’t know much about the hard rock scene, but this band has got to turn a few heads."

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Other tracks by Redcoats:  Kaytrucker
The Cairos - We All Buy Stars     Pop, Punk, Rock 11/11/2011
Having kickstarted the year by winning the JJJ Unearthed competition, this four-piece from Brisbane have received great reviews from fans and critics alike.
The tune mixes vintage inspired sounds with a punk song. This song will get in your head with its unique sound as The Cairos prove they create music well beyond their young years.

Havana Brown - We Run The Night     Pop, Dance, Electronic 03/11/2011
Havana Brown has supported the world’s biggest artists including The Pussycat Dolls as a DJ and her solo album is part radio smash, part dance floor anthem and totally unforgettable.
Australia’s hottest DJ, Havana Brown makes her long-awaited solo artist debut with ‘We Run The Night’. Part radio smash, part dance floor anthem and totally unforgettable, ‘We Run The Night’ is one colossal tune.

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Clare Bowditch - Are You Ready Yet?     Pop, Rockabilly 01/11/2011
Clare Bowditch, who was crowned Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year 2010’ for her contribution to culture, as she manages to sex up, rock out in a sublime way.
‘Are You Ready Yet?’ is the title track off Clare Bowditch’s 7 track EP, and one of two track’s in which she collaborated with Wally ‘Gotye’ de Backer. It is a slow and beautiful track in which Bowditch showcases her impressive breathy falsetto & her musical versatility, decidedly different.

Boy & Bear - Feeding Line     Folk, Pop, Rock 27/10/2011
Winning Rolling Stone’s Artist To Watch of 2010 and Triple J’s Unearthed Artist of the Year, Boy & Bear natural, honest music resonates with listeners.
Nominated for ARIA 'Single of the Year' 2011.

A beautiful progression from their stripped back, folksy roots, ‘Feeding Line’ is a truly magnificent creation. Backed by a driving beat and filled with soaring melodies, this is a song that is everything you want it to be.

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Other tracks by Boy & Bear:  Milk & Sticks  -  Part-Time Believer