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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: 2020 International Women's Day Playlist

2020 International Women's Day Playlist

To celebrate on 8 March, CBAA's Amrap has created a special playlist of standout new releases from female, transgender and gender nonconforming artists across Australia.


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Miiesha - Twisting Words     R&B, Pop 28/02/2020
"I make modern RnB/soul music designed to heal and educate myself and others." - Miiesha
'Twisting Words' is a the third single release from Miiesha (pronounced My-Esh-Ah). Miiesha's amazing soul vocal shines through this positive pop jam.

‘Twisting Words’ is a precursor to Miiesha’s forthcoming collection of songs, ‘Nyaaringu’, translating to "What Happened?' in Pitjantjatjara, released on May 29.

Various Artists - MissGenius - I Don’t Wanna Be     First Nations, Soul, R&B 28/02/2020
The CBAA and First Nations Media Australia are thrilled to release First Sounds Volume One, featuring 12 new and emerging First Nations artists from around Australia.
MissGenius is a Noongar and Maduwongga woman as well as a deadly hip hop MC. Featuring her signature deft flow, sharp lyrical danger and meticulous beat selection, I Don’t Wanna Be addresses the internal turmoil many feel around normative societal expectations.

MissGenius is adding her voice to those expressing body positive images and owning their own power.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Dblood - Tell Me Why  -  Kirra Voller - Stuck in the System
Merpire - Heavy Feeling     Indie, Alternative, Rock 27/02/2020
Merpire conjures magical moments of danceable introspection, in the studio and on stage. A powerful live presence has already seen her perform standout sets at BIGSOUND, PANAMA Festival & more.
'Heavy Feeling' is a snippet of a day, waking up in an anxious headspace and wanting it to end as soon as it starts.

"This song is more straight-up lyrically, melodically & production-wise than previous releases. Straight to the point of ‘anxiety is s**t so I’m going to write a loud, strummy song to get it out’." - Rhiannon (Merpire)

Sweet Whirl - Something I Do     Indie, Alternative, Folk 27/02/2020
Sweet Whirl is Melbourne artist Esther Edquist. She imbues bleak moments with space, mystery and romance. Sweet Whirl's debut album How Much Works will be released in late May 2020.
Something I Do is the first taste of How Much Works, and a languid lament. Esther says of the song, "To be honest I was inspired to write this song while I was seeing this total a-hole and felt like I had to carry the flame of my desire around with me all the time, lest it die."

Kristy James - Black Heart     Country, Rock, Alternative, Blues 24/02/2020
A Multi-Award Winning Country Singer with a punchy rock edge to her music.
A soulful, deep and meaningful track that peers into the heart of people who have no empathy, show lack of emotion and love. This song will have you thinking of all of the people you have ever met who bare the mark of the Black Heart.

Michelle Cashman - Guys Like You     Country, Folk, Rock 21/02/2020
Michelle Cashman is a singer-songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is raw, real and down to earth and has stories to sing from a life truly lived.
Finding strength to leave a toxic relationship is at the heart of Michelle Cashman’s rocking new single, Guys Like You. This is no man-hating song, Michelle hopes that anyone stuck in a terrible relationship can hear this song and leave. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, this song offers hope and encouragement.

Nat Vazer - Grateful (Radio Edit)     Indie, Rock 20/02/2020
Lilting oohs and grungy guitars - Nat Vazer is a Melbourne-based artist passionate about feminism, diversity and The Beatles.
A two-parter, 'Grateful' comes in drums thumping, guitars swinging, before melting into a Beatles-esque liquid-jam. It's an ode to inspiring female artists and role models, and the ongoing battle for gender equality, told with a sprinkle of sarcasm and the non-conformist attitude that used to make Nat's English teacher say, ‘girls like you are exactly what’s wrong with the world’...

Other tracks by Nat Vazer:  Grateful
RVG - I Used to Love You     Rock, Punk 20/02/2020
RVG are a four-piece rock band from Melbourne, fronted by songwriter-guitarist Romy Vager. Consistently packing out hometown venues and making a name overseas, RVG are not to be underestimated.
A goodbye that’s devasting in its simplicity ‘I Used to Love You’ is a song about displacing yourself from something and not feeling guilty from that.

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Eliza And The Delusionals - Swimming Pool     Pop, Rock 19/02/2020
Eliza & The Delusionals release new single ‘Swimming Pool’. The single follows their hit, named Alt Nation’s Critical Cut, ‘Just Exist’ and recent single ‘Pull Apart Heart’.
Eliza Klatt says “'Swimming Pool' is about diving back into bad decisions and feeling stuck in something you can’t get out of. I wrote the lyrics when I felt myself growing out of my relationship but I didn’t know how to handle it, so I would stay where I was and keep repeating the same things that weren’t helping me."

The Boys Club - That's A Big Guitar     Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk 15/02/2020
Three women, no chords, and one big guitar.
“That’s A Big Guitar” is the title track of Adelaide jazz trio The Boys Club’s latest album. The song is a tongue in cheek, call-and-response blues tune, that lays bare the almost comical treatment the trio have had to endure while on stage during their professional careers as musicians.

Banoffee - Contagious     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Indie 14/02/2020
Banoffee shares the third single 'Contagious' from her debut album, Look At Us Now Dad, out Friday 21st February via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
On 'Contagious' Banoffee embraces glitchy-pop while exploring the complexities of a failing relationship. “If you want space, I’ll give you all I’ve got, think I’m contagious with something you don’t want.”

The video is about loneliness and the feelings of ostracisation that arise when your issues seem too much for the world to handle.

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Dani Young - Keep On Loving You     Country, Roots 14/02/2020
Dani Young is a singer-songwriter whose music can be described as gutsy, vulnerable and powerful. Infusing country and roots influences in her music, she is one to listen out for!
This Valentine’s Day, Dani Young releases a fresh take on this iconic love song originally by REO Speedwagon. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios in Sydney, this re-imagined classic uses Dani’s heartfelt vocal interpretation to capture a lover’s plight. There’s a tip of the hat to the classic power ballad style with a fresh twang and harmonic twist.

Christine Anu - Colours of Your Life     Pop, First Nations 10/02/2020
Christine Anu is arguably Australia’s most successful indigenous performer and one of Australia’s most popular recording artists, backed by an award-winning repertoire spanning across music, theatre, dance, film and television
Anu wrote the tracks with powerhouse song writing team Eddie Said and Chris Kamzelas for the forthcoming Australian feature film UNSOUND, which she also stars in. The film follows musician, Noah, whose romantic spark is ignited by a young emerging trans-man Finn, as they work together to save Finn’s community nightclub for the deaf.

Other tracks by Christine Anu:  Love Symphony
Alice Benfer - Cowgirl Rockin     Country 07/02/2020
Alice Benfer is a professional country music artist with many awards to her name. To date Alice Benfer has recorded and released two albums and two EP's with much success.
"Cowgirl Rockin" is an upbeat love song which many country people can relate to. Alice Benfer brings a fresh sound with all songs from this EP. The video clip for this single was played on CMC.

Other tracks by Alice Benfer:  Beautiful Sound  -  A Little Bit Flirty
CLYPSO - Sidestep     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, R&B 07/02/2020
CLYPSO is a Sydney based producer and vocalist, whose sound is a collage of hyperactive beats, grimey basslines and global tropical music culture inspired electronica, or “troppo chilli flakes”.
Premiering on triple j Good Nights, ‘Sidestep’ is about “that hottie you keep bumping into. It’s telling them you like them in a roundabout way with a lot of sidesteps in the process,” explains CLYPSO. Rolling on from the rambunctious, and woke single ‘D.Y.S (Defend Your Situation)’, CLYPSO continues her trajectory as a rising artist in the Australian electronic scene.

Jasmine Rae - Green Light     Country, Pop 04/02/2020
With over 18-million-streams consumed of her music and ten #1 Australian Country singles to her credit, Jasmine Rae is releasing her most pop flavoured track to date, with “Green Light”
Working with Lindsay Jackson and Joe Delahoyde (Zuzu) for “Green Light”, Jasmine shows a different side with a country pop flavour track talking about opportunities, SHE STATES, “there are always opportunities…the opportunity to take action, or to purposefully let something go; to make a call or leave things unsaid; to change or try again or try differently.”

Majestic Horses - Signal     Rock, Psych, Alternative, Indie 04/02/2020
Australia's Least Convenient Supergroup spanning the entire country with over 8 members in different cities!
Signal is the 3rd single from the album Away From the Sun. Written and recorded well before the bushfire season, it reflects on climate change and the general existential dread of the times. hypnotising guitars and mesmerising rhythms swirl around the question do we need to destroy it all to fix it?

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Loose Tooth - Lonely     Alternative, Rock, Indie, Pop 31/01/2020
Loose Tooth share new single 'Lonely', available digitally on a split single shared with Chastity Belt, through Milk! Records/Remote Control.
‘Lonely’ is about the power dynamics and manipulation of these relationships; where being young and vulnerable without realising you could be taken advantage of, and the lasting cycle of trauma that they can bring.

Chitra - Leaving     Alternative, Folk 30/01/2020
Drawing on elements of rock’n’roll, contemporary indie-rock and a hint of blues, Chitra’s music provides a rich platform for storytelling, an element of songwriting she is particularly passionate about.
Of the song, Chitra says: 'Leaving' is a song I wrote about someone wanting you only when you aren’t around. That confusion of wanting to stick it out but getting frustrated with the hot and cold headache. It’s a cheeky ode to leaving indecisive people to their own devices.

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Dianas - Going Gone     Indie, Rock, Alternative 30/01/2020
Dianas have been kicking between Perth and Melbourne since 2012, forming their unique DIY pop sound from a heady combination of cheap red wine, stolen guitars, heartbreak and boredom.
Tough and tender like rhinestones on a beat-up acid-wash denim jacket, 'Going Gone' flickers between desire and desperation. Gritty guitars weave beneath Nathalie and Caity's vocals whilst Anetta's driving drums propel the song forward - a sound that has become iconically Dianas.

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