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Garagee - Brekkhus     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock, World 15/11/2019
Garagee (gar/adji(y)) is the alter-ego, musical medium and outlet of Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist, Rob McPherson. Garagee presents concise emotive instrumentals like small vignettes to films you haven't seen yet.
This EP came about from a recent creative patch brought to being through an inspiring mountain hike.

Armed with an intentionally limited palette (Synth, guitar, EP3 Echoplex), setting about trying to express some of the profound impact of this experience was both liberating and cathartic. These ambient, largely improvised experiments were culled down to the Volahytta EP you hear.

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Other tracks by Garagee:  Experiment No.3  -  Ageless Beauty
Sarahjane Cromarty - La Famiglia Distrutta     Instrumental, Christian, Contemporary Classical, Easy Listening 14/11/2019
Musically illiterate pianist/composer. Just playing the music God gives me. Wife of one, Mum of five.
La Famiglia Distrutta ~ The Broken Family. Who among you have not experienced dissension within the family? With the many diverse connections - parents, children, siblings, cousins, grandparents... When communications break down in any of these relationships, the fallout can be grievous.

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The Silverbeets - Watching The Sun (Instrumental)     Instrumental, Indie, Alternative, Rock 14/11/2019
Hobart based alt-rockers The Silverbeets latest release is an instrumental version of their debut album Stay Tuned. The concept-album inspired recording features performances by musicians from The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.
Watching the Sun is an acoustic-rock ballad that traverses though contemplative piano guided verses, rock anthem electric guitar peaks and a groovy 70's keyboard driven juncture.

Other tracks by The Silverbeets:  UBT (Instrumental)  -  The Calm Before The Super Solar Storm (Instrumental)
Los Bitchos - The Link is About to Die     Instrumental, Psych, Dance, Alternative 08/11/2019
Los Bitchos are a 5 piece instrumental Psych Cumbia band hailing from Australia, Uruguay, Sweden and UK.
A healthy mix of chicha swagger and indie-pop tunefulness. And some good bongo moments.

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Other tracks by Los Bitchos:  Pista (Great Start)
Antiphon - Fawkner Hustle     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, House 06/11/2019
In this unconventional age, Antiphon have blended the lines between the old, new, and yet to come under a cacophony of creative rhetoric, abolishing the expectations of a jazz trio.
Fresh instrumental sounds of the Melbourne underground crossed with UK Club scene.

Other tracks by Antiphon:  Spartan  -  Chelsea Smile
Garry Havrillay - Walk Me Through This     Instrumental, Alternative, Roots, Rock 07/10/2019
Musician, Producer, Sound-Engineer, Technologist & Broadcaster. Garry aims to make accessible eclectic electronic music that doesn't sound overtly electronic. He is influenced by ambient, jazz, global and traditional music.
Hand drums and slide guitar guide a big walking stomp tune.

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Other tracks by Garry Havrillay:  Spirited Away  -  Train of Thought
Sarahjane Cromarty - Remember     Instrumental, Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Classical 24/09/2019
Wife of one, Mum of five. Just playing the music God gives me with the instrument He has gifted me, the piano.
This song was written in memory of the ANZACS who sacrificed so much for the good of their countries. Lest We Forget.

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Other tracks by Sarahjane Cromarty:  Little Ballerina  -  How Do I Know
Sarahjane Cromarty - Roxy Blue     Instrumental, Blues, Easy Listening, Jazz 24/09/2019
Wife of one, Mum of five. Just playing the music God gives me with the instrument He has gifted me, the piano.
Roxy Blue is an instrumental piece that was composed drawing on inspiration from the Roaring 20's, "Flapper" period. A slightly melancholy tune with a jazzy, bluesy feel to suit the era.

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Peter Miller - Forest Walk     Instrumental, Folk, Easy Listening, World 18/09/2019
Australian award winning guitarist has yet another release for 2019 entitled Passages. This album selection of previously unreleased tunes ranging from 2006 to 2019
A solo guitar arrangement entitled Forest Walk. thoughtful, contemplative and relaxing music

Other tracks by Peter Miller:  The Dance of the Butterfly  -  Winter's Eve
Sarahjane Cromarty - Chloe Butterfly     Instrumental, Classical, Christian, Easy Listening 17/09/2019
Wife of one, Mum of five. Just playing the music God gives me with the instrument He has gifted me, the piano.
I wrote this song for toddler Chloe Wiegand of Indiana USA, who sadly lost her life in a tragic, Royal Caribbean cruise ship accident in July 2019. I didn't know her, but I have felt the heaviness of this sad event and just wanted to play something for Chloe and her family. May God's peace rest upon them.

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Cone of Confusion - Seas of Titan     Instrumental, Jazz, Rock, Psych 14/09/2019
Listen with deep awareness: The system has turned irreversibly corrupt; not knowing where it’s leading us to, the inevitable emancipation has taken place.
Second single from our upcoming album, this track encapsulates most of our sound. It started from an electronic demo and was further developed through improvisation to be able to perform it live the way you hear it.

The name, Seas of Titan, is after the frozen lakes on the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

Gavin libotte - Ocean     Instrumental, Jazz, Contemporary Classical, World 13/09/2019
Gavin Libotte plays a Beautiful mix of instrumental Jazz, Groove Brazilian, Classical and Contemporary Guitar styles. Astonishing versatility and technique. A shimmering high class act.
"OCEAN" wins Silver Medal in Global Music Awards
Semi Finalist UK song Competition Honorable Mention

This is a track reflecting the human journey. Our relationship as a separate entity but connected to the entire life. An Ocean of Joy.

From a new album of original guitar compositions.

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Other tracks by Gavin libotte:  Playtime  -  Espirito Livre
Sarahjane Cromarty - Forever Love (John 3:16)     Instrumental, Christian, Easy Listening, Classical 27/08/2019
I am a wife of one, mum of five from Newcastle. Just playing the music God gives to me, using the instrument He has gifted me - the piano.
A gentle piano instrumental song with a light strings ensemble backing. Easy listening.

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Other tracks by Sarahjane Cromarty:  My Treasure (Matthew 6:21)  -  Temptation (Luke 22:40)