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Brian Raynor - Autumn Nights     Instrumental, Easy Listening, Pop 28/03/2020
Brian Raynot is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter composer and entertainer.
Gently flowing almost wistful guitar melody perfectly matched with a superb backing.

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Robbie Thompson - Mas Fina     Instrumental, Latin, Classical, Contemporary Classical 27/03/2020
Nature tuned 432hz guitar music recorded in beautiful locations around Australia.
Spanish flamenco inspired finger style instrumental guitar piece recorded in 432hz to maximise fidelity and relaxation of the listener.

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Chris Ling - Transcend     Instrumental, Easy Listening 27/03/2020
I do both vocal and instrumental music
Transcend - aesthetic music
Happy aesthetic music in C# minor.
This track starts off slow with piano playing the melody. It then develops into more rhythmic with electric guitar taking the lead.

The Sons of Fitzrovia - Méditation (Thaïs)     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Classical 24/03/2020
A reimagining of nostalgia’s heart using the technology which has brought us here to glimpse forward to a better place, one that celebrates that which has gone before.
The Méditation is played by the electronic orchestra of The Sons of Fitzrovia.

Bold deep bass synths and swirling moogs reinvent the instruments of the classical orchestra in this deeply emotional piece composed by Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet in 1894.

Grievous Bodily Calm - Sync Step     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, Experimental 13/03/2020
Perth five-piece, Grievous Bodily Calm, have become renowned for their genre-blending signature instrumental sound and high-energy live show infuses IDM, beat music and jazz improvisation with modern electronic production.
Grievous Bodily Calm have released their new single, 'Sync Step'. The track is an interpretation of house music through the GBC lens featuring a blazing drum take, harsh synths and soaring melodies to thread a dynamic narrative. 

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James Tucker - Song for the Horse     Instrumental, Jazz, Experimental, World 01/03/2020
Guitarist: Primarily Jazz, Folk, and Blues-Rock, but also has an interest in Progressive and World music.
An instrumental homage to the Horse.
One of two versions that are included on the Aquarium L.P.
Accompanied on synth and percussion by dDarkwater.

Other tracks by James Tucker:  Grooveminor E  -  The Aquarium of Night
Juliet Vrakas - Ampelios Instrumental     Instrumental, Classical, Contemporary Classical, World 25/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Music Composer
The focus of her music is to create a place where one can dream up a dream, or feel a kind of emotion, a story telling of melodies.

Ampelios is dedicated to the Ancient Greek personfication of grapevine (grape gatherer). A short solo guitar arrangement for relaxing.

Juliet Vrakas - Agapito Instrumental     Instrumental, Classical, Contemporary Classical, Folk 22/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter. Solo Guitarist. Music Composer
Agapito is an ode to love (meaning agape in GK) and the music of Ancient Greece. A short string melody for the soul.

Juliet Vrakas - Luna Espanola Spanish Moon     Instrumental, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental, Latin 20/02/2020
Australian born Singer Songwriter
'Luna Espanola Spanish Moon' released 2019 comprising of three movements. The 2nd movement in particular was created using flamenco techniques on guitar. Originally it is about a conversation one is having with the moon, a kind of poem in melodic form. It may also include a conversation between two hearts. This track is so relaxing to listen to.

Brian Raynor - Mo Shíorghrá     Instrumental, Folk, World 03/02/2020
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter and entertainer.
Mo Shíorghrá is Gaelic for "My Eternal Love"

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Laceface - Stitch     Instrumental, Alternative, World, Contemporary Classical 03/02/2020
Laceface makes original sometimes avant garde and always emotional cello music.
A little bit of mellow cello. A stitch hurts. Is it real? Will this stitch ever go away? Or is it just her heart that hurts? Is Cello Laceface’s only friend? Maybe if she wanders some more, things may become clearer. Unless it’s a dream. "Stitch" is a heartfelt gentle song of yearning written and performed by Laceface the cellist.

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Bradfield Dumpleton - Clockworx Cannibals     Instrumental, World, Roots 01/02/2020
Multi-instrumentalist, based in the Huon Valley region of Tasmania.
Percussive piece featuring the dun and the balofon, with organ and bass lines supplied by dDarkwater.

Other tracks by Bradfield Dumpleton:  Driftwood  -  At play in the field of seagrass
Digital Trackz - The King     Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop 31/01/2020
Digital Trackz is a Hip Hop and Dance Music Producer from Sydney. He produces Instrumentals and is also looking for Artists to use his work.
The track is a positive and uplifting instrumental.
The King by Digital Trackz is a mid tempo synth driven track with lively drums.
It is a sparse track leaving plenty of room for a vocalist.

ROSS LOVELL - VERONIQUE REMASTERED 2020     Instrumental, Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, World 31/01/2020
An "outsider" artist with a love of classic pop, traditional folk music and small "c" romantic French film composers
A romantic instrumental track written and first performed while on holiday in France. Veronique will always take me back to the South of France and a pivotal time of my life. In my mind I am standing under the plane trees at the locks of Castelnaudary, watching the cruise boats in the late summer afternoon.

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Hidden Sky - Falling Into     Instrumental, Alternative, Experimental 29/01/2020
Hidden Sky is the ambient solo project of Carlin McLellan, a Newcastle-based composer, writer, and registered music therapist.
Falling Into is a sound collage of sparse guitar tracks melting into each other. The guitar was run through a vintage Melos Echo Chamber, if you listen carefully you can hear some lovely unexpected glitches. Time sort of stands still, is this the beginning or the end?

Other tracks by Hidden Sky:  Arc  -  Trust
Chris Ling - Friend     Instrumental, Easy Listening 24/01/2020
I do both vocal and instrumental music
Friend - Aesthetic Music
Original happy aesthetic music in A major.

Friends share your joy when you are happy.
Friends comfort you when you are sad.

Friends support you with what you are doing.
Friends catches you when you fall.

May your friends always be with you.
May your friendships never end!

Matali - Sacred Journey Pt.1     Instrumental, World, Alternative 24/01/2020
Matali is a multi instrumentalist who's beautiful compositions flow from the heart. A master of the native American flutes. Matali's music is beautifully melodic & sensual relaxation & healing music.
Takes listeners on a relaxing evocative sound journey...starting with gentle rain, thunder, running water, frogs & other nature sounds- which underlay the course of this beautiful piece. Main instruments are Chinese bamboo reed flute, ukulele, harmonium & hand pan. This is the 1st track from Matali's album 'Beautiful'

Other tracks by Matali:  Merging with the Light  -  Little Dove
riverkid - malacite     Instrumental, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/01/2020
riverkid is a Sydney beatmaker, DJ and broadcaster on Radio Skid Row
malacite is the opening track from dreams&memories, a mesmerizing, nostalgic lofi/chillhop album by Sydney beatmaker riverkid.

The beat tape features beautiful strings, chimes, harps, woodwinds, guitars and pianos drawn from stacks of old vinyl, along with found-sound dialogue and home recordings giving it a hint of Australiana.

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Other tracks by riverkid:  swiftlysoftly  -  window
Kerbside Collection - Yellow Fellow (Horatio Luna Remix) [Kerbside Collection]     Instrumental, Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Reggae / Dub 23/01/2020
West Coast styled jazz funk and rare groove. A gritty rhythm section of old school drums and bass, funky Hammond/Rhodes with sweetly phrased guitar melodies ontop.
Local raw jazzfunk ensemble Kerbside Collection’s 3rd album ‘Smoke Signals’ gets the re-use, re-cycled treatment with a variety of remixes and reworks. Opening with ‘man-of-the-moment’ Horatio Luna (30/70 Bass player / Mandarin Dreams / Sunnyside Up Brownswood compilation / Melbourne) clearing the air with his galactic space-jazz-beats and bit-crushed rework of Yellow Fellow.

Other tracks by Kerbside Collection:  Cajun Jollof  -  Little Mountain (Bakmahn Downtempo Jam) [Kerbside Collection]
Chris Ling - Blue Whale     Instrumental, Easy Listening 16/01/2020
I do both vocal and instrumental music
Aesthetic music in A major.

When my kids were young, we vowed to be Blue Whales next lives. Then we'll be the largest animal on earth. We won't have to be afraid of Great White sharks anymore. However, I told them to stay in local waters only. Otherwise, we'll end up on somebody's sushi plate. They went into deep thought!