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P-Unique & Krown (produced by IAMMXO) - Change     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 11/01/2019
P-UniQue, Krown and IAMMXO are 3 Proud Voice For Change mentors who have joined forces to create an inspiring track promoting acceptance, change and the power harnessed inside yourself.
'Change' is a special collaboration between three Voice For Change 2 mentors; P-UniQue, Krown and IAMMXO who have come together to create an inspiring track with its sights set directly on the youth of today. Lyrically, ‘Change’ focuses in on everyday struggles, how to face them, rise above and develop your own powerful narrative

Tetrahedra - I Wouldn't Mind     Pop, Jazz, Electronic 20/03/2018
Eclectic electro-pop outfit Tetrahedra are becoming increasingly recognised for their distinctive brand of ‘future-pop-math-jazz’. Their off-kilter sound defies genre, conjuring bustling dance floors while simultaneously leaving audiences in awe.
‘I Wouldn’t Mind’ is a vibrant pop track with all the right measures of oddity, intrigue and unexpected treats oozing in and out your ears. Showcasing Tetrahedra’s proficiency of musicianship; bells, driving electric drum beats and layered synth lines play with bright colours and daring ideas.

Tiaryn - Falling     Pop, Soul, Electronic 20/03/2018
Melbourne based soul-singer Tiaryn has always deeply connected to the emotional release of singing. Creating work that perfectly blends electric and traditional instrumentation, Tiaryn explores life's questions through musical expression.
Combing feel-good vibes and rich harmony, Falling is the new single from Tiaryn’s upcoming EP. Falling expresses the evolution from initial infatuation to the discovery of true connection. “Its being in that thrilling but nervous limbo when you have to trust in this feeling enough to leap without really knowing”.

Dom Youdan - Tigerlily     Pop, Atmospheric, Folk, Easy Listening 15/11/2017
Dom Youdan brings unique style of heart, lyrics and vocals to contemporary-pop. With killer hooks, and vibrant melodies, make sure you listen with the windows down and the volume UP.
Dom’s global crossing was sparked by love, as he followed an Australian girl to her home town of Sydney. Tigerlily talks of the profound impact this move had on his life, leaping into the unknown and the inner secrets of falling in love.

Chymes - Shade     Electronic, Pop, Ambience, Chill 13/10/2017
Electronic duo Chymes create intimate music full of gently flirtatious beats and haunting lyrics. Set for success, Chymes have captured an audience around the globe.
Shade is a romantic love song that explores the vulnerability we feel when becoming intimate with someone. Airy, light and flirty, the track perfectly blends male and female vocals through intricate layers on intertwining synth lines.

Blessed - My World     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 15/09/2017
unforgettable songwriting - Pigeons & Planesincredibly dynamic - Hilly Dilly
My World is "adventurous future soul with crisp production and astute songwriting” - CLASH

Chymes - All Time Low     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 25/08/2017
Comprised of songwriter Kiersten Nyman and producer Cameron Taylor, Chymes are an electronic duo known for their instinctive and rare ability to draw a listener into their own intimate world.
All Time Low is a charming electonic cover of Jon Bellion's hip hop orignal. Sparse and open, the version celebrates Chymes ' knack for perfetly blending male and female voices over a airy backing track.

Kathleen Mary Lee - The Dreamer     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 25/08/2017
Kathleen Mary Lee is an alternative folk artist from Melbourne. Her nostalgic sound, simple arrangements are reminiscent of 60’s folk. Intricate and intense, Lee writes with beauty that transcends storytelling.
Lovelorn, charming, and evocative, The Dreamer is iconically Kathleen fuelled with nostalgia and inspiration. Lyrically, the thoughtful and poetic execution is reminiscent of Dylan and Cohen Recorded using only the human voice and a nylon sting guitar, what appears to be a more complex recording is manipulated guitar effects.

Matthew Kenneally - Would You Do It Again     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 25/08/2017
Canary songwriter and frontman Matthew Kenneally offers us the first taste of his solo work.
A delicate love song that paints an intricate picture that journeys love through the humble beginnings of picked guitars, through waves of romantic strings to choral lines. “It is about the irrationality of love. It is about the sweetness that can be found in the pain of longing, and jealousy."

Small Voices - Russian Letter Syndrome     Electronic, Pop, Chill 03/08/2017
Small Voices is the product of blue skies and daydream from somewhere in Far North NSW, creating a breed of glittery chill-wave unheard of until now.
The track is uncomplicatedly cool, equal parts airy and flighty, with all the right mix of popping bass and lush guitar lines. Lyrically, the track explores the illusions we create to fool ourselves into believing our experiences are more meaningful than they are; but ultimately giving in to the inevitable.

Other tracks by Small Voices:  Aquamarine
Josh Moriarty - R.T.F.L     Pop, Electronic 28/07/2017
Well known for as member of Miami Horror, Joshua Moriarty is unveiling his first release under solo project.
While some of War Is Over displays Miami Horror’s familiar lush vibes and disco undertones, “R.T.F.L” stands in a compositional lane of its own; the single is an immaculately produced piece of sophisticated pop. Centering around Moriarty’s croon, the track exhibits a beautifully hypnotic and romantic quality.

Dom Youdan - Don't Love Me     Pop 26/07/2017
Dom Youdan brings unique style of heart, lyrics and vocals to contemporary-pop. With killer hooks, and vibrant melodies, make sure you listen with the windows down and the volume UP.
Don't Love Me is a swelling pop tune with heavy driving riffs and enigmatic production. Fused together with Dom's unique, captivating vocal, Don't Love Me depicts a modern story of love, its insecurities and the search for something greater

Localles - Wishing Well     Rock, Pop, Grunge 02/05/2017
Localles' grunge pop sound has been honed through the collective experience of it’s members. No strangers to the music scene, Localles are excited to be bringing new sounds.
Grungy pop track Wishing Well is the second single coming from Localles. The high energy feel-good party track is about always wanting what you don't have. It is also a statement about positivity, about how things can be better if people work together.

Sophie Koh - Tiger Not The Hare     Pop, Classical, Ethnic, Easy Listening 08/03/2017
Sophie Koh is an enchanting singer songwriter that fuses for her love of pop and classical musical styles with through contemporary and classical techniques and instruments
Tiger Not The Hare explores Sophie's love for pop music and classical training. Paying homage to Koh’s Chinese Malaysian parents, Tiger not the Hare are two zodiacs in the Chinese horoscope. Koh’s father is born under the tiger, and her mother the rabbit.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Folk or Roots Album 'Book of Songs'

Angus Dawson - All The Things I Never Said     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Ambience 04/03/2017
Angus Dawson is an exciting and refreshing up-and-coming electronic artists. Dawson creates meticulously crafted layers and hooks, and masters blending of vocal automation with acoustic and electronic music.
All The Things I Never Said experiments with structure and phrases. Written around a saxophone intro, the track weaves through layers of synths and justling live tracks. Harnessing solid melody lines and clever vocal manipulations, embracing a solid groove that moves in motion and takes you along for the ride.

Private Life - Lost Boy     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 04/03/2017
Private Life are an enigmatic duo who write smooth, catchy electro-pop. As a recurring act on the Melbourne circuit, Private Life have drawn the attention of fans and aficionados alike
Intricate and intense, Lost Boy’s smooth, catchy melody moves effortlessly over atmospheric synthesisers, depicting the classic tale of love lost. Lost Boy grabs you from the acapella onset, with haunting lines, low-fi tones and a simple but clean production. Private Life know how to give and when to hold back.

Hayley Couper - Caught Up     Pop, Electronic 11/02/2017
Hayley Couper is a Tasmanian born, Melbourne based artists who write grungy, hypnotic pop. She is an intense performer who captures audiences with her recognisable sound and style.
'Caught Up' is a stunning taste of hypnotic pop that teams heavy synths, grungy guitar lines and Couper's smokey voice. 'Caught Up' is a groove driven track inspired by a cross-country move to follow a relationship, without knowing if the gamble will pay off.

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Mount Saint Leonard - Lonely Love     Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues 11/02/2017
Mount Saint Leonard are a four piece indie-folk band based in Melbourne. The group have a nostalgic and authentic sound with an emphasis on strong, meaningful lyrics.
Recorded live with no overdubs, 'Lonely Love' begins with Kathleen's vocals, leading a mix of somnolent guitar and dramatic stops. This teamed with the lyrical air of solace and Kathleen's ever emotive vocals creates a ballad reminiscent of a traditional folk track fuelled by heartbreak.

Broadway Sounds - Le Voyage D'un Vagabond     Electronic, World, Dance, Pop 08/02/2017
“Retro 808s, contorted synths, computer love phrases, and breezy lyrics combine for an irresistible dance jaunt.” – Stereogum
Lush, disco, french, lounge vibes.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Angus Dawson - Ocean in The Sky     Electronic, Pop, Soul, Atmospheric 12/10/2016
“Effortlessly emotive. That chorus really got me, Angus” – Lachlan Macara, Triple J"Battles" is all about build. Uptempo layers continually shift and grow’ – Indie Shuffle
Emotionally charged with warm vocals and engaging layers of sweeping soundscapes, Ocean In The Sky considers the compromises in relationships and the internal battle that can ensue. The iconically melancholy overtones engage, as you find yourself listening deeper and deeper, ensuring you are making the most of the sonic experience.