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FRITZ - Ghost Poke     Rock, Garage 10/05/2019
Newcastle based DIY-til-you-die noise pop for fans of Alvvays, Best Coast, and Fazerdaze. Bursting with charm, FRITZ captures with soaring guitars, twinkling synths and enduring lyrics.
Energetic, pulsing track that tackles a multitude of subjects, including people who only speak to you when they need/want something.

‘Ghost Poke’ is a term I coined that is basically when someone treats you like a ghost and only ever talks to you when they want something or when they’re desperate for someone to talk to." - Tilly Murphy (FRITZ)

Juno Disco - Darlin'     Electronic, Dance, Pop 03/05/2019
Melbourne duo creating interstellar soundscapes culminating in pop synthesis - FFO: Hot Chip, Harvey Sutherland, Giorgio Moroder
Glistening synths that channel the distinct modulations of Giorgio Moroder's finest dancefloor polishers culminate into a starburst of pop perfection.

RIVAH - Worry Bout It     Pop, Electronic, RnB 17/04/2019
Brisbane-based pop vanguard creating unabashed, inspiring pop with R&B inflections. Featuring production from people behind Jarryd James, Chet Faker, Flume, SuperCruel. For Fans of MØ and SZA
"Worry Bout It" is the latest single from Brisbane pop-vanguard RIVAH. Recently signed to Inertia Music, it features on her debut self-titled EP, which showcases an artist flourishing on their own edge of the pop spectrum.

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Annie Hamilton - My New Tattooed Chameleon     Rock 16/04/2019
Annie Hamilton emerges as a bold, colourful and vibrant singer/songwriter, Two singles deep, she has established herself as an artist flourishing with warmth and intimate songwriting
On her second single “My New Tattooed Chameleon” Sydney musician Annie Hamilton explores unfulfilled romance, nostalgia and self-discovery through propulsive, distorted guitars and cascading, melodic vocals.

Both the song and it's vibrant video were premiered on Sydney's FBi Radio,

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Mildlife - How Long Does It Take?     Electronic, Funk, Jazz 16/04/2019
Revered Melbourne four-piece who create kaleidoscope jams that walk the interplanetary path between jazz, funk and disco with the perfect amalgamation of cosmic electronics and soulful acoustic instrumentation.
‘How Long Does It Take?’ is a pulsing dark-matter-powered locomotive plowing through the upper atmosphere.

Ali Barter - Ur A Piece Of Shit     Rock, Pop, Garage 09/04/2019
Ali Barter is a Melbourne based singer songwriter, who emerged with breakout track 'Girlie Bits' in 2017, taken from her debut album 'A Suitable Girl'.
“Ur A Piece of Shit' is an ode to my best friends. It’s about the things we went through as teenagers and how they’ve affected us in adult life, and how those experiences have bound us together,"

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The Murlocs - What If?     Blues/Roots, Psychedelic, Garage 09/04/2019
Forged on Victoria's Surf-Coast, over two EPs, three albums, and a dynamic presence on the live circuit, The Murlocs have established themselves as a much-loved staple of the psych/garage scene.
The Murlocs continue to set themselves apart in this next single 'What If?' with their signature blend of old-world rhythm, blues and psychedelia, bolstered by the unmistakable vocals and harmonica breakdowns of Kenny-Smith.

Taken off their newest album, produced by Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard) and mixed by New York musician Jarvis Taveniere (Real Estate, Parquet Courts).

Other tracks by The Murlocs:  Comfort Zone  -  Withstand
Jordan Rakei - Mind's Eye     Electronic 14/03/2019
Back from studio hibernation, Jordan Rakei releases new single ‘Mind’s Eye’. His first solo material since 2018’s ‘Wildfire’ and with new music in what promises to be a busy 2019.
‘Mind’s Eye’ describes a future world in which wearable tech has been superseded by tech implanted in the human body. “The subject of the song is experiencing a technological malfunction which is flooding his mind's eye with projections of chaos causing him to question his reality,” explains Jordan.

The Murlocs - Withstand     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Blues 14/03/2019
5 piece garage psych blues fusion hailing from Victoria's surf coast, a staple in the Aussie psych scene and Flightless Records Family
Withstand is the second single to be taken from The Murlocs upcoming album 'Manic Candid Episode', out 22 March 2019. "The original version of 'Withstand' was a bit longer with what felt like too much space in between the parts, so we edited it down to be a shorter/snappier dance party." says frontman Ambrose Kenny-Smith,

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Shogun And The Sheets - Hold On Kid     Rock 30/10/2018
Riveting, downcast, charismatic, complex; the new band from the iconic ex-Royal Headache's frontman.
'How can you be a man, if you had no idea what a man is' - Shogun explores others projections of masculinity and chauvinism in this classic punk scorcher.

Other tracks by Shogun And The Sheets:  Pissing Blood
Johnny Hunter - Cult Classic     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/10/2018
Johnny Hunter are a 5 piece outfit from Sydney - delivering glam-pop theatrics with a metallic, post-punk sheen, alongside clever lyricism and sardonic wit.
Cult Classic is Johnny Hunter's personal signoff on scene vanguards and the ever bitter pursuit of success. Singing out to the prickly subject of fame, the song takes inspiration from a year full of high profile blunders in every corner of the world.

MEZKO - Guess Who     Electronic, Rock 16/10/2018
MEZKO are the duo of multi-instrumentalists Kat Harley and Laura Bailey. Together, they create a collision of futurist pop and electronica that casts one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock.
'Guess Who' emerges as an ode to the catharsis of acknowledging and eliminating negative forces from ones life. In MEZKO's words "This is a song for the people you leave behind. The ones that got you really hard and then dragged you right down. It's about moving on from someone toxic, a kind of a soundtrack for removing the dirt"

The Delta Riggs - Fake That     Rock 22/08/2018
4 piece rock band from the Gold Coast via Melbourne.
'Fake That' is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming self-produced album #4 from The Delta Riggs.

Bleeding Knees Club - Kitchen     Rock 31/07/2018
From its front-cover photo of four hooded hoodlums setting a street ablaze to the incendiary anthems contained inside, Fade The Hammer is the sound of a band on fire.
First single 'Kitchen' is a duet featuring Sophie from Sydney shredders Body Type. It's a curveball song from BKC - a swoonsome strummer that makes you want to fast-forward to summertime, when cold winter nights become warm memories.

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Sannia - Go And Get Over     Pop 20/06/2018
Soulful Melbourne artist Sannia has today announced her debut single Go And Get Over, a strikingly vulnerable track that documents the trying and slow process of moving on.
Go And Get Over is resigned and raw – and it comes from that special place of unwavering sincerity; so intimate that the listener can instantly hear the reverberations of tumultuous pasts, just through her emotive vocals. The melody climbs and peaks in all the right spots, buoyed by gentle production that allows space for that distinctive voice to shine.

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Body Type - Arrow     Rock 16/05/2018
Sydney four piece specialising in a unique brand of scuzz rock.
Returning with their take on scuzz rock, ‘Arrow’ immerses the listener with dreamy distorted guitars, infectious basslines and angsty vocal lines to deliver their self-described “pop-rock tantrum.”

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Juno Disco - Do What You Want     Electronic, Dance 11/05/2018
Freedom in your disco. Do what you want.
Their debut single Do What You Want features some classic synth-funk playing and a very modern vocal sound, begging for cool and calm approach to disco with the message “I’m seeing the funny side of it, so just do what you want.”

Nice Biscuit - Captain     Rock, Psychedelic 27/04/2018
Electrifying, cinematic and delivered with intergalactic gusto - Nice Biscuit are the storm that breaks the heat of a summer’s day.
Through rolling guitar solos, walloping bass riffs, and the double-barrel harmonies of front women Billie and Grace, ‘Captain’ sees the band create a psych-pop haven of their very own, ripened under the sweltering Queensland sun.

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Other tracks by Nice Biscuit:  Fairfield Of Dreams
MEZKO - Come & Go     Electronic 10/04/2018
A collision of futurist pop and electronica that casts one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock.
'Come & Go' is a tribute to MEZKO's love of the early 70s glam era - where David Bowie, The New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and more blurred the divide between gender through their music and aesthetic.

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Hockey Dad - Homely Feeling     Rock, Pop, Garage 17/11/2017
Hockey Dad are best mates Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson, a surf/grunge duo from the NSW South Coast, popular for their infectious, unmistakable brand of rock-pop and high-energy live shows.
"Homely Feeling" is their boldest output to date, it combines Hockey Dad's quintessential Australiana surf rock sound with darker grunge elements, punk drums, confident and anthemic vocals, and pop-rock guitar. It's an ode to their roots after relentless national and global touring took them far from Windang, their coastal hometown.

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