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Emily Wurramara - Black Boy     Indigenous, Easy Listening, Australian Indigenous 29/06/2017
Emily Wurramara is a proud Indigenous performer originally from Groote Eylandt, NT, singing in English & Anindilyakw. Currently based in Brisbane.
Emily Wurramara delivers a breathy, jazz-inspired interpretation of Coloured Stone’s ‘Black Boy’.

"This song became an anthem that I still feel extremely connected with. It fills me with so much pride to be able to do my version of this historical and significant anthem."

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Jimblah - My Island Home     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Electronic, Australian Indigenous 29/06/2017
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia.He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
South Australian producer, MC and vocalist Jimblah's offers this synth-laden, new-age take on the Warumpi Band classic. As featured on the 'Deadly Hearts' compilation out June 30. The modern sound of Indigenous Australia - A landmark album from the next generation of storytellers.

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Tom E Lewis - Shifting Sands     Rock, Pop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae 22/06/2017
A prolific artist both national and internationally Tom’s been the Artistic Director of Beswick Community’s Walking With Spirits, since 2012 showcasing performances that blend traditional Aboriginal and contemporary artists.
Shifting Sands marches at an infectious pace driven forward with guitar and saxophone and a lush reggae vibe, all the while Tom E Lewis’ commanding voice implores you to tell no lies.

KnD - Cut Me     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous 17/06/2017
KnD are a hip-hop duo from Alice Springs. Karnage (Tristrum Watkins)is a Western Arrernte man Hermannsburg. Darknis (Corinna Hall) is a Ngarrindjera/Kokatha woman from Raukkan, SA and Ceduna.
'Cut Me' focuses on the cycle of domestic violence.
The track also features the serene vocals of Indigenous singer/songwriter Kristal West, who has also recently released a track as an ode to her grandfather and storied Australian land rights activist, Eddie Mabo.

Mamanta Crew - Paakatringa Waya     Indigenous, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Reggae 16/06/2017
Mamanta Crew was founded as part of a Desert Pea Media workshop program with the small community of Millikapiti, on Melville Island (Tiwi Island Group) located 200km North of Darwin.
'Paakatringa Waya' is a tuff, heavy, rap/reggae ballad that frames a conversation about serious social issues such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse, poverty and violence. It speaks of the importance of positive leadership and cultural revival as a key component to building a healthy, positive future for the Tiwi People.

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Ziggy Ramo - Same Script     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 09/06/2017
Tipped as an exciting new player on the Australian hip-hop scene, Ziggy Ramo has impressed peers and industry with his scything flow, effortlessly combined with a politically-charged focus.
'Same Script' opens up the conversation about mental health, addressing the associated and unnecessary stigmas. In his own words, Ziggy's track acknowledges that "regardless of race, gender or sexuality, we can come to an understanding that no one is ever truly alone in what can be an uphill battle.”

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Big Sexy - Yeah Right     Indigenous, Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 02/06/2017
Big Sexy captures his audience with his humour, soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics, while staying classy. He will have take you on a journey.
This track is entitled 'Yeah Right' and it is concerning Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and how they fit in society. Lyrics used in this song reflect what many of us are trying and wanting to say and it translates into a power political track featuring Chantal Henley.

Other tracks by Big Sexy:  We're Not Okay  -  Nothin To Gain
Casey Donovan - Lonely     Pop, Easy Listening, Australian Indigenous 27/05/2017
Much loved Australian independent Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Author/Performer. Winner of Australian Idol 2004 and 2017 Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.
Lonely is a melancholy, soulful song. Written from the heart it can be describes as a break-up or heartbreak song with a strong hook and showcases Casey's powerful vocals.

Kardajala Kirridarra - Ngabaju (Grandmother’s Song)     Indigenous 27/05/2017
The descendants of a mysterious bush woman from the Northern Territory, these compelling women are from the communities of Marlinja and Kulumindini (Elliott).
Sung in both Mudburra and English, together they tell the story of the connection between Aboriginal women and country as a reminder about the importance of women as creators.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Mau Power - Koiki     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Indigenous 27/05/2017
Mau Power is the first rapper to emerge from the rich musical traditions of Torres Strait, a leader & a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous & hip-hop culture.
Koiki opens with the arresting fanfare of the Conch Shell, the resolute march of handclaps and a spoken report of the 1992 Mabo ruling, describing a courageous freedom fighter who challenged the most powerful laws of the country. BVs by Radical Son and Benny Walker emphasis the circle of solidarity.

Tasman Keith - Might Snap     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Indigenous, Electronic 23/05/2017
Tasman Keith proudly represents the legacy of the Gumbaynggirr Nation and Aboriginal Hip Hop. Truly epitomising everything that is dope about the newest generation of these cultures.
Might Snap sonically mimics the intensity of Tasman’s lyrical content with razor sharp snares and a pulsating buzzing bass line. Produced by Nooky (Bad Apples Music), Might Snap taunts you to the edge of reason and grabs you to dance at the edge of snapping.

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Briggs - Here featuring Caiti Baker     Hip Hop, Pop, Australian Indigenous 05/05/2017
Briggs is a Yorta Yorta man, rapper and CEO of Bad Apples Music, whose solo records Homemade Bombs, The Blacklist and Sheplife have made him a pioneer of Australian hip-hop.
Briggs has teamed up with Fox League to create the channel’s new anthem for the 2017 NRL season, ‘Here’, featuring Caiti Baker. The song reflects the journey of the indigenous players – who give so much excitement and leadership to the sport and community

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

B-Town Warriors - Dreams     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae, Indigenous 04/05/2017
B-Town Warriors are a diminutive group of razor-sharp rappers from the remote Indigenous community of Bourke, NSW. This is an outcome of ongoing Desert Pea Media songwriting projects.
This track is a lilting, uplifting reggae/hip-hop ballad. The B-Town Warriors open fire with double-time raps, smooth vocals and a story about resilience, pride and ambition.

Hopelessness is pervasive, and this song is about reminding people that no matter where or who you are - you can realize your dreams.

Baker Boy - Cloud 9     Hip Hop, Rap, Indigenous 04/05/2017
In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. His totem is the Olive Python/ Rainbow Serpent, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/Gela boy.
I am Baker Boy, young man not a boy,
You can't control me like a toy,
I'm a human being just like you and me,
They see you really humble, don't ever change or you might crumble,
We gonna fly high like and eagle,
Don't wanna see no ego

2017 NT SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER: Urban/Hip Hop Category, Native Tongue Award

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Apakatjah - Down The Road     Rock, Indigenous, Pop 25/04/2017
From the desert of Central Australia comes Apakatjah, an acoustic duo combining intricate guitar work with ancient languages & stirring harmonies
With shades of pop-rock influences, the new single explores the pain of rejection at the hands of partners, family, or friends. It’s about facing your problems, picking yourself up, and being okay with going down new roads to find yourself again.


The Lúrra Collective - Homeland Calling     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous, Hip Hop, Indigenous 05/04/2017
A group of young people, songmen, dancers, artists, poets, creators, singers, lyricists and truly wonderful people, representing 14 language groups of Maningrida NT. 'the place where the dreaming changed shape'.
Homeland calling is truly a cultural artifact - a culmination of four projects in the community and built on trust, hope and on a vast cultural history of music, song and dance. This song forges the old into the new, echoes of the past creating the future.

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Cairns Blues Explosion - Charlie Rainmaker Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues, Australian Indigenous, Roots 04/04/2017
Cairns Blues Explosion is a five piece Cairns-based blues/rock/soul band formed in 2013 playing gigs in Cairns, Port Douglas, Cardwell and Mareeba, in Far North Queensland Australia.
Narration of an Aboriginal myth set to didgeridoo and blues music.

Other tracks by Cairns Blues Explosion:  Two Tickets on the Boat to Heaven  -  She's a Mind Reader
The Wilcannia Mob: Intergeneration - Our Country, Our Way     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Dub, Reggae 21/03/2017
Written, recorded and filmed over 5 days in September 2016 as part of a Desert Pea Media community media production in the remote community of Wilcannia in Far Western NSW.
The Wilcannia Mob: Intergeneration is a project that builds on the hugely successful 'Wilcannia Mob' Indigenous hip hop group. This project features family members from the original group, including young people, community leaders and elders involved in an important inter generational conversation around social change - through music.

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Joe Geia - North South East & West     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Ambience 17/03/2017
Geia is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music. He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling Aboriginal life in Australia.
This is a song about home but also my concerns about the environmental destruction. Indigenous people respect the land and lived in harmony with the Earth for thousands of years. The world is learning that First Nations People are the leaders in protecting the land not destroying it.

Other tracks by Joe Geia:  Freedom West Papua  -  Funky Didj
Rayella - Warlu Ka     World, Roots, Classical, Country 10/03/2017
Indigenous father and daughter music duo, Raymond and Eleanor Dixon deliver a journey into the heartbeat of Australia’s centre with lyrics of life and history from the Mudburra people’s homeland
Warlu Ka in Muburra language translates to fire. Fire is an important element in Aboriginal history as you couldn't so much without it. People depended on fire to keep warm, cook food, use the smoke for ceremonies and signals. This song pays homage to this element of fire (Warlu Ka).

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Other tracks by Rayella:  What Am I doing Wrong  -  Goodbye Song