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Marlene Cummins - The Blues it Knows Your Name     Blues/Roots, Jazz 14/05/2014
Marlene knows the blues from an Aboriginal woman’s perspective. Koori Woman Blues is a biographical journey and Marlene's story is one of vulnerability, strength and survival, and laced with humour.
The Blues it Knows Your Name was inspired by Marlene's life and written for her by long time music colleague and friend Murray Cook.

Other tracks by Marlene Cummins:  Some Kind of Wonderful feat. Jerome Smith  -  Koori Woman
Tom E. Lewis - Reckless     Indigenous, Blues, Rock 30/04/2014
A veteran of the Australian stage and screen, Tom E. Lewis also has a distinguished career in music.
Rich and distinctly off-kilter mash-up of jazz, blues and country are Tony Floyd on drums, Stephen Teakle on keys, Craig Pilkington on various stringed things and producer Michael
Hohnen — best known these days as Gurrumul's right hand man — on bass.

Carl Stewart Band - Look At You     Rock, Roots 25/04/2014
Indigenous singer/songwriter Carl Stewart has had a diverse and unique life journey with great challenges and great joys along the way.
A song about a man in a relationship where he wasn't looked at or loved for his strengths, but was judged for his faults and short comings. A conditional relationship, doomed from the beginning.

Other tracks by Carl Stewart Band:  Where Is The Rain  -  Finally Over
Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse - Kalyakoorl     Indigenous, World 24/04/2014
Teaming up with her dear friend Guy Ghouse (Desert Child), Gina brings a modern take on an ancient tradition, merging evocative sounds, acoustic instruments and that incredible, beautiful voice.
Kalyakoorl = Forever
Sung totally in Noongar Language
The title track from debut Album by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse


WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Gina Williams - Best Female Vocalist, Best Indigenous Act

Other tracks by Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse:  Warangka  -  Nyittiny Boodja
Caper - Ready Or Not     Hip Hop 03/04/2014
Caper is a talented MC and Producer with a unique and uplifting sound to deliver to the Hip Hop scene.
This track touches on black people being battered and bruised in today's society.

Pirra - Paradise     Pop, Roots, Indigenous 25/03/2014
Pirra is the new name for the Jess Beck Band.
Sugary vocals contrast the highly energetic percussion parts, which evidently become the driving force throughout this song, hinting at an infusion of worldly styles and influences. Glistening folk finger picking shines through and gives the song its light and shade. Paradise is distinct, sharp and appetizing with an African flavour.

Other tracks by Pirra:  Dream On
Renegades Of Munk - Welcome Back     Hip Hop, Funk 15/03/2014
A new all-star funk/hip hop band from Sydney featuring members of Midnight Oil, Anne Kirkpatrick and Slim Dusty Band guitarist Charley Boyter just to name a few.
Gutsy female vocal hooks and funk beats work seamlessly with MC Munk's slick rhyme and rhythm to create Welcome Back.

Warangka Band - Kaya     Indigenous 14/03/2014
Warangka Band are an Indigenous band from Noongar country.
A spine-tingling Welcome To Country by Warangka Band, sung entirely in Noongar, the language of the first people of the area.

Other tracks by Warangka Band:  Koora
Tjintu Desert Band - Tjamuku Ngurra     Rock, Reggae, Australian Indigenous 07/03/2014
Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album Tjamuku Ngurra heralds a new era in the sound of desert rock coming from Central Australia today. Santana-like riffs make this track perfect for radio.
Tjamuku Ngurra opens with a Santana-like riff perfect for radio and expands into a powerfully resonant tribal chorus driven by more funk based riffs. Lifted off Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album of the same name this song & album showcase the new sound coming out of Central Australia right now!

Urban Sound featuring Sahara Beck - I Made It     Hip Hop, Soul 01/03/2014
Launching in 1998, Urban Sound is the project of brothers Nasty K and Capital G. Bringing the creative sound of old skool English hip hop to the global music industry.
The new single from Urban Sound featuring up and coming songstress Sahara Beck

Nancy Bates - Distance Between Us     Indigenous, Alternative Country 07/02/2014
Nancy Bates is a Barkindji woman from Far Western New South Wales who is fast becoming part of the national Aboriginal music community.
Distance Between Us is a gusty track written as way to express the betrayal, and the torment of a woman scorned. Accompanied by the fabulous Robert Champion on lead, this track is sure to get the toes tapping.

Other tracks by Nancy Bates:  Til the Morning Light  -  Take You Home
Leah Flanagan - Everything     Blues/Roots, Soul 05/02/2014
The new release from Indigenous singer / songwriter Leah Flanagan.
Recorded in Sydney at Oceanic Studios by Jim Moginie, mixed by Richie Belkner and mastered by Steve Smart at 301.

Glen Heald - Cross Roads     Blues/Roots, Blues, Rock, Roots 18/01/2014
Glen Heald is a blues rock singer songwriter. His songs feature electric and slide guitar drawing influences from Chicago and Texas blues players such as Buddy Guy and Johnny Winter.
Cross Roads is heavy blues / slide guitar track that features Glen's slide guitar and blues harmonica playing with vocals similar to Tom Waits and Howling Wolf.

Other tracks by Glen Heald:  No Way Out  -  Savage River
Tom E. Lewis - Can't Change Your Name     Indigenous, Blues, Rock 09/01/2014
A veteran of the Australian stage and screen, Tom E. Lewis also has a distinguished career in music.
'Can't Change Your Name' speaks of those days. "It's my pain coming out," says Tom. "Wherever I go, I am who I am. My blood is of my grandmother, who I respect, and my body and spirit comes from my Welsh background. And I can't change that neither."

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Other tracks by Tom E. Lewis:  I Can't Make It On My Own  -  Open Road
Jimblah - Fireproof     Hip Hop 11/12/2013
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
Fireproof is the second single from Jimblah's second album "Phoenix". Utilising a sample from Yothu Yindi's song "Fire", Jimblah gives this track spark and power in only the way that he can.

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Classik Nawu - So Tight     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 06/12/2013
Classik Nawu are the fresh breath of air that the Australian Hip-Hop scene has so desperately needed, employing a unique, soulful and carefree sound.
'So Tight' encapsulates Classik Nawu's fun-loving, soulful vibe at it's best. Fun lyrical content, coupled with a rhythmic drive to that will keep you moving makes for a new summer anthem.


Jacinta Price - Release Me     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous 15/11/2013
Dry River, Jacinta's debut album, is produced by Australian country music legend, Bill Chambers.
The first single from Jacinta Price's debut album 'Dry River' starts slowly - sultry and full of yearning - building to a crescendo as she pleads for release from 'these tears that blind me so'. Hints of Bill Chambers' country music influence can be heard underlying this folk/blues song.

Other tracks by Jacinta Price:  Don't Go Falling in Love  -  For The Ladies
Declan Kelly presents Diesel n'Dub - The Dead Heart (featuring Emma Donovan)     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Cover Version, Dub 12/11/2013
Highly respected and regarded musician and producer, Declan Kelly releases Diesel n’Dub, a major new release in support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
The Dead Heart is Emma Donovan's powerful and heartfelt rendition of the Midnight Oil hit, presented by Declan Kelly's Diesel n'Dub and mixed by dub legend Mad Professor. In support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation it features a chorus in Donovan's traditional Gumbayngirr language, resulting in a stunning dub-reggae anthem.

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Other tracks by Declan Kelly presents Diesel n'Dub:  The Dead Heart Xtended
Kaylah Truth - Oh Diva Me     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 07/11/2013
A Meerooni woman of the Gurang nation,leader, artist, performer, dancer – Kaylah Truth is a talent to be reckoned with.
Set to a floor shaking beat, Kaylah’s stinging vocal take on Oh Diva Me is brimming with attitude and confidence and captures an female artist well and truly coming into her own.

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Bart Willoughby - Aboriginal Reggae     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 05/11/2013
'Aboriginal Reggae' by Bart Willoughby. This song appears on Home Volume 5.
Bart Willoughby's 'Aboriginal Reggae'. This song appears on Home Volume 5. The Home compilation series is an initiative of Q Music.