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Gulingi Nunga - I'll Always Be Here At Closing Time     Rock, Blues, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Gulingi Nunga recorded at the Keep Culture Fest, Beagle Bay 2013.
This band comes from Mowanjum community near Derby. They have been performing for many years.

Other tracks by Gulingi Nunga:  Jackson
Jadadi - No One Else Around     Folk, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Jadadi recorded at the Keep Culture Fest, Beagle Bay 2013.
This band were fresh from touring the Tamworth Country Music festival in January 2014. They wowed the crowd with their amazing harmonies. This is one of their originals.

Other tracks by Jadadi:  Cry Like A Baby  -  I Told You So
Oz Island - Perfect Love     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Oz Island recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A smooth track with smooth songwriting. This is about giving all of your heart to someone and experiencing that “Perfect Love”

Other tracks by Oz Island:  Better Life  -  Party
Rodeworx - Take Good Care of My Baby     Rock, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Rodeworx recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A cover song. This band is well-known for their love of ballads, old and new.

Other tracks by Rodeworx:  When It Rains  -  Permanent One Night Stand
Walkabout Boys - You Are The One     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 19/06/2014
Walkabout Boys recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A great original track by this great band. The crowd roared when this band walked on stage. Yabu Band love playing the cover of this song.

Other tracks by Walkabout Boys:  Dancing  -  Cruising Down The Highway
Cliffside Reggae - Desert Warriors     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 18/06/2014
Cliffside Reggae recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A great track with a message of empowerment for all Indigenous people.

Other tracks by Cliffside Reggae:  Come Back Home To Balgo
Family Shoveller - Brother     Rock, Australian Indigenous 18/06/2014
Family Shoveller recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
This beautiful song was written in memory of the band's nephew and brother who was tragically lost in a car accident. This song was dedicated at the festival to anyone who has lost someone suddenly.

Other tracks by Family Shoveller:  Eagle Rock  -  Halls Creek
Madjitil Moorna - Wanjoo Wanjoo     Indigenous, Folk 18/06/2014
Madjitil Moorna recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A Nyoongar traditional welcoming song.

Other tracks by Madjitil Moorna:  We Are One
Mary G - Pardon My Passion     Indigenous, Folk, Blues, Reggae 18/06/2014
Mary G recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
This song was sung by the famous “Black Queen of the Kimberley”, who also emceed the event. The song featured in the 2009 Indigenous film, Stone Bros and one its actor’s, Sherina Clayton, was a guest speaker at the event.

Other tracks by Mary G:  Redemtion Song
Peter Brandy - Have You Ever     Folk, Country, Australian Indigenous 18/06/2014
Peter Brandy recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
Peter Brandy, who is a local musician of Halls Creek, was asked by Neil Murray, of Warumpi Band fame, for a copy of Peter’s Kimberley Backroads cd. After meeting, Peter played him this tune and they wrote this song together in Darwin.

Other tracks by Peter Brandy:  Old Shire Hall  -  Kimberley Backroads
Sonic Band - Jaru Man     Rock, Australian Indigenous 18/06/2014
Sonic Band recorded at the Nguyuru Waaringarrem Music Festival, Halls Creek, 2013.
A very appropriate song for this music festival. Jaru people are the traditional owners of the Halls Creek area, so of course the crowd loved this track.

Other tracks by Sonic Band:  Home Sweet Home  -  I Said Rock
Caper - Crazy In Love feat Alex McKay     Hip Hop 14/06/2014
Caper has a unique and uplifting sound to deliver to the Hip Hop scene. Rapping insightful poetry inspired by the highs and lows of life.
Caper tells a powerful story about domestic violence on women.

Other tracks by Caper:  Goodbye feat Darren Mullan  -  Own Path feat Sophie Metcalfe
Cairns Murri Crew & Desert Pea Media - Built To Last     Hip Hop 13/06/2014
Desert Pea Media is a not-for-profit organisation established with the aim of identifying & breaking down social issues through collaborative storytelling, music & film-empowering Indigenous youth through truth & positivity.
A captivating HipHop beat layered by enchanting female vocals. Written as part of a collaborative process with DPM & young people from CairnsHighSchool (QLD) a.k.a Cairns Murri Crew it pays homage to Gimuy Walabura Yidinji people and the many elders & community leaders who fought for Indigenous rights for decades.

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East Journey - Bright Lights Big City     Rock, Australian Indigenous 13/06/2014
East Journey come from N.E. Arnhem Land & are mentored by Yothu Yindi.Bright Lights Big City heralds in a new cycle and comes with a stunning film clip.
Bright Lights Big City heralds in a new cycle for East Journey. A guitar driven song accompanied with yidaki beats that travel along a solid groove in the bass and drum lines. Features original members of Yothu Yindi
And released with a stunning film clip.

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The Painted Ladies - Stranger In My Country     Rock, Blues, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2014
Luke Peacock has brought together some of thefinest talents in Australian music to form “The Painted Ladies” - recreating the important songs of Vic Simms.
“Stranger in My Country” is powerful moment on the album, featuring the talents of Luke Peacock, and vocals from Peacock, Paul Kelly, Ed Kuepper, Kahl Wallace (The Medics), Roger Knox and Bunna Lawrie (Coloured Stone) delivering Simms’ powerful lyric about living as an Aboriginal man in 1973.

Other tracks by The Painted Ladies:  Get Back Into The Shadows
Radical Son - Human Behaviour     Funk/Soul, Australian Indigenous, RnB 30/05/2014
Radical Son’s mesmerizing voice seduces the soul and punches the heart. Forthcoming album Cause & Affect will deliver to Australia its first big black soul man with a capital M.
Human Behaviour boasts a roots/dub reggae feel & a solid bass groove. Verses are stark with a focus on lyrics, thus affording space for a catchy chorus to open up with multiple vocal harmonies creating a wonderful & powerful musical statement. Lovers of classic reggae roots will dig this track.

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Other tracks by Radical Son:  One Dream  -  Highest of Love
Dan Sultan - Kimberley Calling     Rock, Australian Indigenous 26/05/2014
Dan Sultan is an ARIA Award winning singer/song-writer of many talents. His latest album, Blackbird was released on April 4 2014, debuting at #4 on the ARIA Albums Chart.
Dan Sultan’s new single ‘Kimberley Calling’ is an ode to the west – a love song of sorts, for the land, culture, community, a place. A tribute to Sultan’s heritage, wrapped up as a powerful anthem. ‘Kimberley Calling’ is taken from Blackbird, Sultan’s third album.

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Other tracks by Dan Sultan:  The Same Man  -  Under Your Skin
Tjintu Desert Band - Kapi ft. Radical Son     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 23/05/2014
Tjintu Desert Band’s debut album Tjamuku Ngurra heralds a new era in the sound of desert rock coming from Central Australia today.
Kapi means ‘rain’ in the language of Luritja. The song introduces us to the spatial qualities of the CD with relaxed and open dub reggae grooves. Kapi's verses flow into an swelling, uplifting chorus & features Radical Son’s soulful baritone emphasizing the importance of water in the desert.

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Danny Bani - Your Love     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous, RnB, Soul 21/05/2014
Danny Bani is an emerging artist from Thursday Island with soulful harmonies set to soar beyond his island home. Soul-pop, with R&B, reggae & his own unique folk roots.
Your Love is soul music, with a reggae groove, a smooth Otis Redding style vocal leading a hot band with sizzling horns. This self composed debut heralds in a new voice in soul. ‘Your Love’ is a fresh and natural song about love, touching us all.

Sonny Keeler - Wayward Son     Rock, Australian Indigenous 17/05/2014
Exciting guitarist and gifted songwriter living in Adelaide, SA.
About growing up on the wrong side of the law, and what it is like for many Indigenous young men in community. Rolling with the punches and coming out the other side wiser and stronger.

Other tracks by Sonny Keeler:  Graces  -  Early Warning