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Dhapanbal Yunupiŋu - Märi Wurrapa     Indigenous, World 05/04/2018
One of six daughters of Dr M Yunupiŋu, Dhapanbal is forging her own way in the music industry with her contemporary song songs sung in English and Yolŋu Matha.
Märi Wurrapa is about the travels of the whale. In 2010 my father began writing it in Galiwinku with Baninaylil Bukulatjpi. In early 2017, Baninaylil visited my family and sung Märi Wurrapa to me. Baninaylil entrusted Märi Wurrapa to me and asked that I complete and record it.

John Queripel - Recompense     Indigenous, Acoustic, Rock, Australian Indigenous 06/03/2018
John Queripel is an singer-songwriter, author, poet, educator, hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist. His songs touch everything from political satire, to love ballads, from social justice to 'feel good songs.'
How do we as 'whitefellas' reconcile and make genuine recompense to the original inhabitants of this land, Australia? The song raises the sad history of massacres, land grabs and the stolen generations. Will we listen to the voices of fear and hatred or make a genuine move forward?

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Other tracks by John Queripel:  Uluru Dreaming  -  Ladies' Man
Indigenoise - Euphoria     Hip Hop, Indigenous, Electronic 15/02/2018
The newest signing for Hydrofunk Records, INDIGENOISE are an Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act. Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners.
'Euphoria' is the follow up to the band's debut single 'Wildfire'. INDIGENOISE vocalist Roslyn Barnett describes 'Euphoria' as a song that has "passionate outbursts of ecstatic eruption, and is a call to the band's ancestry, a reconnection to themselves, tantric and tasteful."

Black Rock Band - Bininj Kunborrk     Rock, Australian Indigenous 31/01/2018
Black Rock Band, rising rockstars of Jabiru are keen to prove their hometown can produce a unique rock fusion of traditional & contemporary music that can make a splash nationwide.
Bininj Kunborrk is a celebration of culture, connection to country, the fight for social justice and the future Black Rock Band want to create for the next generation of children.

LamBros. - Do Something     Blues/Roots, Rock, Indigenous 02/01/2018
"LamBros." are a passionate brother duo that create music with meaning. Their highly distinct blend of blues, rock, pop and Indigenous sounds is real, raw, and unmistakably unique.
"Do Something" is about hitting back at the monsters in our head. It's about saying no to the people that tell you to forget your dreams. Life is short, and best lived happy. So do what you love, live how you want, and grow old with no regrets.

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Other tracks by LamBros.:  Home  -  Into The Future
B-Town Warriors - Rewrite Your Story     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Reggae 13/12/2017
B-Town Warriors are a group of diminutive, yet razor-sharp rappers from the remote town of Bourke NSW. Their music is aggressive and challenging, yet uplifting and inspiring.
Rewrite Your Story comes from a group of 100% Indigenous women who live in the constant shadow of grief and trauma. This story is a challenge to all Indigenous people to rise up and challenge the status quo. Through love, support, community and culture we can change our world.

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Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach, Emma Donovan, David Leha, David Bridie, Jida Gulplil, Illana Atkinson - Song For Elijah     Folk, Australian Indigenous, Atmospheric 11/12/2017
Song for Elijah is a collaboration of Australian musicians. Brought to life by Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach, David Bridie, Emma Donovan, Illana Atkinson, James Henry, Nao Anzani and Jida Gulplil.
Song for Elijah takes you on an emotional journey heard in the pain of Archie Roaches opening, the lingering questions of Tjimba Possum Burns and the strong statements of anti-discrimination by David Leha. And shared verse between Kutcha Edwards and Emma Donovan lends a powerful sense of spirit and resilience.

Kardajala Kirridarra - Warmala (Young Girls Song)     Electronic 30/11/2017
Sung in English and Mudburra, a rare Indigenous language, KK has received widespread acclaim earning six feature albums on Australian radio, praising their ability to meld the contemporary and traditional.
New focus track Warmala (Young Girls Song) an alternative arrangement by David Williams and Sooji Kim is a story of a young girl coming of age

Troy Jungaji Brady - Ancient Kings     Indigenous, Rock 15/11/2017
Troy Jungaji Brady keeps cultural fires burning through his lyrics and music, sharing these stories around the world.
Ancient Kings is a feel-good summertime road trip song, with a powerful message for those who listen twice. It’s got great hooks, is accessible on many levels, sung by a great singer songwriter…. and before you know you’ll be hearing the call of home too this summer.

Other tracks by Troy Jungaji Brady:  Munyarr  -  Diamond Lands
Dave Arden - Red Desert Man     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 11/11/2017
Dave Arden has performed in the Aboriginal and Australian music industry for 32 years and toured nationally with artists like: Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Paul Kelly and Shane Howard.
Dave Arden’s new single Red Desert Man is a beautiful story inspired by Dave’s wife Violet who is a direct descendent of the Arrernte/ Muthi Muth tribe and Dave’s Ancestors who hail from the Kokatha tribe. (Alice Spring Central Desert/ the Willandra Lakes/Ceduna Region).

Glen Heald - All Your Laws     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Reggae, Rock 08/11/2017
Glen Heald is a indigenous singer/songwriter who has a vocal style like Tom Waits and a guitar style like Jimi Hendrix and Ry Cooder. He has released 5 studio albums.
"All Your Laws" by Glen Heald is a political reggae track about the continued high incarceration rate and marginalization of aboriginal people in Australia. It is about how some Aboriginal people have traditional laws and white laws to deal with and how white education is largely continued assimilation.

Other tracks by Glen Heald:  Down to the Station  -  Uluwatu
Kinchela - Let's Get Wasted feat. Joyce Mcleod & June B     Hip Hop, Pop 08/11/2017
The release of Kinchela's debut single 'Let's Get Wasted', marks his true musical introduction to the world of Indigenous Hip Hop.
Let's Get Wasted is the debut single of Indigenous Hip Hop artist Kinchela, the energetic up tempo pop track sets the mood to make you wanna forget about work and drink the weekend away living every moment up.

Karnage N Darknis - I Love Hip Hop     Hip Hop, Rap 21/10/2017
KnD are a hip-hop duo from Alice Springs. Karnage (Tristrum Watkins)is a Western Arrernte man Hermannsburg. Darknis (Corinna Hall) is a Ngarrindjera/Kokatha woman from Raukkan, SA and Ceduna.
This song is a tribute to the 90s hip hop K 'N' D grew up listening to. They loved everything about the culture that surrounded it – the fashion, the sound, the art, the topics.

Ziggy Ramo - YKWD (You Know We're Done)     Hip Hop, Rap, Australian Indigenous, Pop 13/10/2017
Tipped by many as an exciting new player on the Australian hip hop scene, 22-year-old Ziggy Ramo continues to impress with his scything flow and politically-charged, insightful focus.
Ziggy Ramo aims to shift the dialogue with his new new single ‘YKWD’. Following suit from previously released singles ‘Black Thoughts’ and ‘Same Script’, ‘YKWD’ (‘You Know We’re Done’) is powerful, arresting and thought provoking.

Indigenoise - Wildfire     Hip Hop 30/09/2017
The newest signing for Hydrofunk Records, INDIGENOISE are an Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act.
Produced by Coedie McCarthy and recorded at Hydrofunk HQ in Byron Bay, ‘Wildfire’ brings the ancient wisdom of the old ways into the new age, drawing a raw and organic imprint of Hip Hop together with inspired conscious lyrics.


Kardajala Kirridarra - Abala Barlawa (Everything was at Peace)     Indigenous 29/09/2017
Descendants of a mysterious bush woman from the NT, these compelling women are from the communities of Marlinja and Kulumindini, together with Melbourne based producer Beatrice they form Kardajala Kirridarra.
Recorded primarily in the intense summer months in a hall in Marlinja NT and produced by Beatrice, Kardajala Kirridarra features sounds from the surrounding lands, such as seed pods, thunders storms and clap sticks made by Eleanor’s father.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

Spinifex Gum featuring Briggs & Marliya - Locked Up     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 27/09/2017
Spinifex Gum is a collective made up of Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill, Marliya (of Gondwana Choirs), an all-female choir of teenage Indigenous singers from Cairns and BRIGGS (A.B Original).
‘Locked Up’ is the new single from BRIGGS (A.B Original) and Spinifex Gum, a collective made up Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire), Marliya (of Gondwana Choirs), an all-female choir of teenage Indigenous singers hailing from Cairns.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Apakatjah - Irriti Nyinapayi     Ethnic Multicultural, Australian Indigenous 22/09/2017
From the desert of Central Australia comes Apakatjah, an acoustic duo combining intricate guitar work with ancient languages & stirring harmonies
With a slight hint of “dessert reggae” and their signature acoustic guitar riffs to drive the song home the duo fuse English lyrics and escape with their traditional language to create a contemporary yet ancestry rich masterpiece.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

George Telek and David Bridie - Tatabai     Indigenous, Atmospheric, Ambience 02/09/2017
a Bit na Ta is an outcome of the deep musical friendship spanning 30 years between Melbournian and ARIA Award winning David Bridie & PNG super star George Telek
George Telek sings this glorious song,”Tatabai" off the a Bit na Ta album and art installation. The song celebrates Rabaul village life. food, family and the cycle of life. A luscious song Tatabai is a collaboration between George Telek and David Bridie and features the guitar work of John Phillips.


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Mitch Tambo - Yidaki     Indigenous, Dance 23/08/2017
Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Showcases contemporary sounds and rythms of the Yidaki (Didgeridoo)

Other tracks by Mitch Tambo:  Dhiidhaan  -  Gulagama-Li