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Mambali - Yuwani ft. Emily Wurramara     Indigenous, Rock, Australian Indigenous, Dance 13/06/2019
Emerging in force from remote coastal community, Numbulwar in the Northern Territory, Mambali are a young and exciting band brings sounds from the edge of the Gulf Of Carpentaria.
Numbulwar party band Mambali have partnered with Groote Eylandt, now Brisbane-based, singer-songwriter Emily Wurramara to create their new single Yuwani; a modern take on a traditional song delivered with the unique balance of old and new that Mambali have made their own.

Yothu Yindi & the Treaty Project - Mabo     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Funk 25/04/2019
Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, is a contemporary ensemble which includes Witiyana Marika, Stu Kellaway, long-time collaborator Gavin Campbell (Filthy Lucre) and multi-instrumentalist Ania Reynolds (Circus Oz musical director).
Mabo is a joyous celebration with a driving, tribal funk groove, and a stomping crowd favourite at every Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project show. Produced by Filthy Lucre, the song features powerful yidaki (didgeridoo), deftly woven through layers of synths, percussion and anthemic group vocals, sung partly in Yolngu Matha (language), ably led by emerging Yolngu vocalist Yirrnga Yunupingu.

Lady Lash - Yadu     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, RnB, Soul 05/04/2019
Growing up in Ceduna, South Australia Lady Lash continues to evolve and open the space for Indigenous Women in the music industry.
'Yadu' (YA-DOO) from the Kokatha Language from the Far Westcoast of South Australia, means good or deadly.
This song is honoring her Kokatha Weena Mooga (All the women) who live on the Far West Coast of SA, the beauty in every woman and the essence and strength that she carries in life, we are water, earth, sun and moon.

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Wilcannia Barkindji Soldiers - Heartbeat     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Electronic 14/03/2019
Straight out of Wilcannia, NSW - the cultural heart of Western NSW. Created by elders and young people, this production aims to create a conversation about country, culture and community.
'Heartbeat' is an anthem for country - from the people of the river, the Barkindji Nation (Baaka means 'river' in Barkindji). This epic, haunting production fuses trap/ hip hop/ synth music to communicate a powerful call to action to protect country.

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Mambali - Fish Hawk     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Rock, Experimental 28/02/2019
Emerging from remote coastal community, Numbulwar in the Northern Territory, Mambali are a young and exciting band bringing sounds from the Gulf Of Carpentaria to a wider Australia.
The song is about the White Breasted Sea Eagle, the lyrics translating to the following...

"Fish Hawk flies along the coast
Watching and waiting
He calls out for his people
Ngarrk Ngarrk"

Fusing their traditional cultural songs and rhythms with contemporary sounds and beats, Mambali create a pulsating performance that has wowed local audiences since 2008.

Lady Lash - Shifted Midnight     Indigenous, Instrumental, World, Chill 12/02/2019
Lash's vocals color the ethereal sounds that drips sweet like bleeding fruit from the nectar of love
'Shifted Midnight' evokes the power of the dusk, the provocative dark goddess who howls at the moonlit skies.

380 Crew - River To The Sea     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Hip Hop 07/02/2019
380 Crew is a group of incredible young people of the Yaegl nation from Yamba & Maclean in the Clarence Valley, North Coast NSW. Repping their country, culture and community.
‘River To The Sea' is a soulful, melodic trap anthem for the people of the Clarence Valley - Yaegl Nation represent. This song is about respecting history, culture and tradition. It's about recognizing the impacts of history, and the generational trauma that affects First Nations people around Australia, and working together to heal and build a respectful and inclusive future.

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Coomie Crew - Where The Eagle Roams     Indigenous, RnB, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 18/12/2018
A group of young Barkindji artists from Coomealla/Dareton in Western NSW. Evolved from a storytelling project, coordinated with Elders and young people, and facilitated by Desert Pea Media.
‘Where The Eagle Roams’ is a West Coast R&B club banger with soul undertones, and an excellent attitude. Inspired by a community, of wonderful, sharing, caring connected people – this track takes a progressive and positive angle on some serious and debilitating social and cultural issues such as grief, trauma and suicide.

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Adrian Thomas - Turukawa & Degai     Indigenous, Easy Listening, Roots 12/12/2018
Fijian/Australian Coastal Roots blending the familiarity of the old with the vibrance of the new. A coming together of Melanesian, Indigenous, First Nations stories and sacred chants.
"Turukawa and Degai" is the ancient Fijian Creation story of the Serpent god Degai and Turukawa the Hawk, the song pays homage to Turukawa whom laid the first eggs that became the first humans, calling for her timely return. Produced by Nigel Pegrum(Seaman Dan), Percussion by Ben Hakalitz(Yothu Yindi), Lead Guitar by Giles Smith(John Williamson).

Katrina Connely - My Country     Indigenous 30/11/2018
Katrina Connelly is a Pitjantjatjara woman who lives in the remote community of Pipalyatjara in the north-west corner of SA.
My Country is a lament about missing home. From the confines of jail the distant [800k] homeland is pictured sitting at the 3-way border, SA-WA-NT. She misses her kin and country.

Allara - Wala Is Life     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 29/11/2018
Allara Briggs Pattison is a Yorta Yorta woman, composer, double and electric bass player who stresses social justice through her music and story telling.
Wala is life is a song that stresses the sacredness of water (wala in Yorta Yorta language is water). With a focus on different perspectives - Yorta Yorta eyes; eyes of Mother Nature and through Government’s actions, which often comes across as using nature as a commodity that can be used for profit without giving anything back. Climate Justice Now!

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BoggaMish - Where Ya From?     Indigenous, Hip Hop, Jazz, Australian Indigenous 10/11/2018
BoggaMish is a collective of young people, elders and community members from the Kamileroi Nation of Northwest NSW., Diminutive, but razor-sharp political hip hop that frames a big, important conversation.
'Where Ya From' is a tuff, driving, political hip-hop ballad that draws influences from 90’S acid jazz/ west coast hip hop. This track is about strong cultural identity and pride in the face of a brutal and oppressive social and political history, racism and trauma. An important articulation of a very relevant conversation about rights for Original Nations people, Australia-wide.

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Indigenoise - One Mob     Indigenous, Hip Hop 26/10/2018
Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The five-piece featuring Coedie McCarthy, Minjarrah Jarrett, Roslyn Barnett, Jannali Doncaster and Benjamin Robinson.
‘One Mob’ is the fourth single lifted from the Indigenoise debut album ' Old Ways New Age' and is the celebration of all people of earth. ‘We may be separated by race, religion and sexuality but we are united as human beings. One Mob is our anthem to sing up EVERY human’s experience.’

Other tracks by Indigenoise:  Welcome  -  Rectified
WAM Music - Mick Berry – Keeping’ Afloat     Indigenous 24/10/2018
Demos From The Northern Goldfields showcases songs by 9 predominantly Indigenous songwriters and musicians from communities in the Northern Goldfields, including Laverton, Leonora, Mulga Queen, Cosmo Newberry and Mount Margaret.
Dirty blues jammer that pulls on personal experience. A moment within a personal journey.

Other tracks by WAM Music:  Ash Smith – Mood in D  -  Dadawarra Harris – The Sleeping Giant
WAM Music - Green Gem – I Don’t Know What Happened     Indigenous 24/10/2018
Demos From The Northern Goldfields showcases songs by 9 predominantly Indigenous songwriters and musicians from communities in the Northern Goldfields, including Laverton, Leonora, Mulga Queen, Cosmo Newberry and Mount Margaret.
Shy community musician, first-time professional recording. Reflecting on a person who has self-abused over a long period.

Other tracks by WAM Music:  Mark Gleeson – Red Dirt, Blue Skies  -  Barry Shaun Redmond – Saturday Night
WAM Music - Izzie O’Brien - Letter     Indigenous 24/10/2018
Demos From The Northern Goldfields showcases songs by 9 predominantly Indigenous songwriters and musicians from communities in the Northern Goldfields, including Laverton, Leonora, Mulga Queen, Cosmo Newberry and Mount Margaret.
Young indigenous female first-time songwriter. An upbeat song about a breakup.

Other tracks by WAM Music:  Jeffrey Wicker – Leonora Sweetheart  -  Bert Hayden - Untie These Ropes
Deni Mob - State Of The Heart     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Dub, Reggae 03/09/2018
From the Berapa and Wemba Wemba community of Deniliquin in Western NSW. This production brings together Elders, community and young people to create a conversation about culture, country and sustainability.
A brave, uplifting future dub/reggae anthem. This rootsy, lilting track was written for anyone who struggles to fit in to ideas of ‘black and white’ in Indigenous Australia. Supported and informed by local elders and community members representing the Berapa and Wemba Wemba nations - this song articulates an important inter-generational conversation about belonging, country, identity and culture.

380 Crew - Yaegl Biirrinba     Indigenous, Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap 02/08/2018
The 380 Crew is a group of Yaegl Nation community members. 'The 380 Crew' refers to the bus running from Maclean to Yamba, which is a modern link between communities.
‘Culture trap’ in it’s finest form. A celebration of culture, community and country. In a context where mental health and suicide rates are at a crisis point for Indigenous young people around the nation, this song is a reminder of the strength, resilience and cultural identity of the Yaegl people.

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Waak Waak Djungi - Mother, I'm Going     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 13/06/2018
The recordings of three Yolngu songmen from Northeast Arnhem Land - Bobby Bunnungurr, Jimmy Djamunba and Peter Milaynga (d. 2007) - working in collaboration with Victorian musician Peter Mumme.
Jimmy Djamunba: vocals
Peter Mumme: synthesizer
Jimmy's tribute to his Earth Mother as he departs. 'Mother, I'm going, but I'll be back soon!'

Other tracks by Waak Waak Djungi:  Black Crow  -  White Cockatoo
The Mob - Speak With Me     Indigenous, Reggae, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 01/06/2018
The Mob is group of young, Indigenous, razor-sharp rappers and angelic vocalists from the remote community of Walgett in Western NSW. Evolving from an ongoing Desert Pea Media mentoring program.
'Speak With Me' is an invitation from the Kamileroi people to local services. In a context where mental health is at crisis point, and the pressures of living in two worlds are bigger than ever, 'The Mob' want us to connect around the fire, by the river, where we belong.

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