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Future Romance - Want-You     Indie, Rock, Pop 03/12/2019
Future Romance is a 4-piece Melbourne indie-rock outfit fronted by singer/songwriter Bec Birchall (Paper Planes/The Phantom Hitchhikers). ‘Want-You’ is the first single from their debut album coming in 2020.
A straight-shooting, up-tempo banger with 80s synth pop hooks, shredding guitar and a no-holds-barred view of modern romance. Described by frontwoman Bec Birchall as…’an honesty pill washed down with a healthy dose of pop’, Want-You is a paean to being a brave, unapologetically single woman in 2020.

Nothing Really - Breathe     Indie, Pop, Punk 03/12/2019
Nothing Really is an introspective indie-rock band from the inner north suburbs of Melbourne.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Newlyn (Paradise Club), new single Breathe is a song about creating a world of good in spite of the scary realities around us; a message that entwines itself around ethereal guitar lines and delicate intricacies, before colliding with a chorus of pounding drums and distortion.

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Ride For Rain - Rules On Envy     Indie, Pop, Punk 03/12/2019
Sydney’s Ride For Rain began to share a passion for their music and a love for ’90s aesthetic culture in early 2015.
Rules On Envy is the bright new single from Sydney Indie Pop band Ride For Rain. The single is catchy as all hell from start to finish! Lush production, mature songwriting and killer delivery. This is the perfect summer jam to forget to troubles and move your body!

Lannigan - Where Do We Go From Here     Indie, Pop, Rock 02/12/2019
Delicious guitar tones and soaring vocals. For the last four years, Lannigan has been writing songs in the solitude of his bedroom.
‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a song about when you have been dating someone for a little while but the relationship doesn’t seem to be progressing anywhere. The song captures the feeling of uncertainty experienced in a relationship when you’re not sure whether staying or going is the right thing to do.

Sebastian Roca - Nobody Else     Indie, Soul, Alternative, Jazz 02/12/2019
Sebastian Roca is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Sydney finding the spaces between alternative jazz, latin and soul.
This is the track that best sums up the feeling behind the EP. It's about a one and only love

Other tracks by Sebastian Roca:  Airliner
Benjamino - Big Things To Come     Indie, Soul, Alternative, Pop 29/11/2019
Hailing from the sunny shores of Wollongong NSW, Benjamino is a singer/songwriter who just wants to make you bop your head and think about life at the same time.
Big Things To Come is about the increasingly competitive nature of social media. With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter littered with posts from bands and artists boasting of their success over the year and the "exciting things on the way" for the new year, social media has now become less about providing followers with content and more about self-promotion.

Bobby Maguire - Black Dog     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 29/11/2019
Queensland independent artist Bobby Maguire showcases his infectious brand of rock with a sound evocative of The Strokes, Thirsty Merc and Bernard Fanning.
'Black Dog' is an upbeat, yet emotive composition themed with aspects of mental illness and suicide from a loved ones perspective. Listeners will be buoyed by the energetic rhythms and sweet lyricism of this dynamic track which encourages inner strength and self love.

Other tracks by Bobby Maguire:  Ifs and Maybes  -  Get What You Take
Don West - Money     Indie, Rock 29/11/2019
The enigmatic Don West is an indie-rock musician hailing from Sydney Northern beaches. His debut single 'Money' sets his honeyed and rugged vocal against crunching guitar and nostalgic piano.
Outwardly innocent and endearing, ‘Money’ tells the tale of a quiet night that took a turn on account of profound escapism. It’s a song of prolonging the present to avoid the future and rationalising one’s decisions in the interest of pure unadulterated passion.

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Lighthouser - Blue Light     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 29/11/2019
Lighthouser is the synthpop alias of James Gales, a jazz-trained classical pianist whose recent collaborations with Cleopold and Yeo position him as one of Melbourne's most promising emerging talents.
‘When I wrote “Blue Light” I was having trouble sleeping and would often find myself up late on my phone,’ James says.

‘I wanted to transform that hopeless experience - using screens to distract from anxious thoughts - into something of humour and maybe even joy.’

‘Blue Light’ is the second single from Lighthouser’s debut EP coming early 2020.

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Maz Green - Moving Slowly     Indie, Pop, Alternative 29/11/2019
Melbourne singer/songwriter Maz Green has a unique vintage-pop sound. Her debut single ‘Somewhere Else’ showcased her talent and she has worked alongside producers Chris Collins, Joel Quartermain and Jon Reichardt.
Produced by Jon Reichardt (Bliss n Esso) and mixed by Chris Collins (Middle Kids, YORKE, Skeggs), its reminiscent of early-noughties Lily Allen, with vox that suggests Sylvan Esso and Purity Ring made a love-child. Green was inspired by her OS experiences making her realise the need for Australia to operate differently surrounding climate change, sexism, racism and equality in general.

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The Vitriots - I Wanna Be Somebody     Indie, Alternative, Pop, Garage 29/11/2019
80s Narcotic Drone Pop with a Modern Swag. Blur meets Primal Scream with a Fat Boy Slim / Beck style sample production.
80s Narcotic Drone Pop with a Modern Swag. Blur meets Primal Scream with a Fat Boy Slim / Beck style sample production. The guitar riff melting perfectly over the newfound drum samples. A take off from Sydney to London via Manchester.

Amy Pollock - What If     Indie, Folk, Pop, Alternative 28/11/2019
Dark folk musician and creative from Melbourne.
We can spend our whole lives being someone we aren't. We feel that our true-self is not good enough. We perform to please people. This cycle can leave us empty and broken because we spend so much time maintaining that mask. Once drop the facade, strip back, we can feel free and rest in the space of who we are.

Brett Voss - Inside     Indie, Rock 28/11/2019
Brett Voss could be described as an indie guitar pop artist, heavily influence by late 70's/ early 80's new wave guitar rock that's constantly searching for a hook.
Inside is an up-tempo rock track that features a wall of guitars, backed up with a solid, energetic rhythm section.

Other tracks by Brett Voss:  Either Way  -  Time to Begin
Divebar Youth - Obsess     Indie, Alternative, Rock, Pop 28/11/2019
Divebar Youth is an indie/alternative project by Australian musician, Vinnie Barbaro. Debuting in 2019, the Adelaide musician established a sound that incorporated indie hooks, hip-hop mannerisms and a lo-fi aesthetic.
'Obsess' is the third release of 2019 for Divebar Youth. The track expresses its character through a tight groove and tones that would sound at home on vinyl. With a blend of indie rock hooks and lofi hip hop mannerisms. Lyrically, the song depicts a gloomy reflection that is interrupted by tongue-in-cheek moments that juxtapose the instrumental arrangement.

Forces & Fury - My Affliction     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 28/11/2019
Forces & Fury are an alt-electronic rock indie piece from Sydney. Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz have created a sound completely their own in navigating a myriad of creative influences.
Channeling broodiness in with some expertly crafted and executed instrumentation, ‘My Affliction’ balances heaviness in music with a delicate flair in the vocals.

The song itself, centred around a love gone bad, draws darker tones in with a stunning live sound in the percussion and rhythmic elements that Forces & Fury have done so well in the past.

Güs - Do You Feel Me     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 28/11/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based electronic producer Angus Hayes.
Güs first stand-alone single, “Do You Feel Me” channels Chet Faker to explore finding intimacy on a night out. The track is funky, ambient, and builds throughout.

Love Drunk Hearts - Let It Flow     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock 28/11/2019
Love Drunk Hearts are on the verge of releasing new music produced and mixed by renowned Australian producer and musician Oscar Dawson of HOLY HOLY.
‘Let it Flow’ was born out of the realisation that, despite our best efforts, there are times when you can’t control everything in life.

Mum was taken to emergency with heart issues. This was surreal and frightening. The whole experience shook me and highlighted the need to strike a balance between control and letting things go.

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Ghostgums - For Now     Indie, Pop 26/11/2019
Innerwest Sydney band of five young fathers/indie crooners
For Now, like most Ghostgums songs, began its life as a love song for Jamhound’s son. But it quickly ripened into a tender account of the isolation he felt in his newfound parenthood. After starting its life as a humble demo recorded in the Blue Mountains, the song now features production from Winston Surfshirt, mixed by Total Giovanni’s Matt Hadley.

Gio - Your Face     Indie, Alternative, Rock 26/11/2019
“The music I write comes from somewhere in me that I can’t feel. As if something from deep inside speaks to me.”
Your Face gives the account of a lost lover or friend whose face remains deeply ingrained in the heart and mind of Gio, dancing on his peripheries and haunting his dreams. Gio exposes himself, revealing his vulnerabilities to produce a work steaming with undeniably raw heartache.

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Nick Pes - If It’s About Love     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 26/11/2019
Sydney based artist Nick Pes creates an endearing and infectious brand of Indie Electronica.
A synth soundscape makes way for a huge intro verse. Lush production, soaring vocal melodies and lyrical content that grabs your heart by it's strings are key components of the new single from Sydney's Nick Pes. The chorus is absolutely outstanding and will swirl around in your head for days.

The perfect summertime heartbreak jam.