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Kiss Whisky - Miracle     Indie, Experimental, Garage 16/01/2020
Post-punk shoegaze, folky electro, moonlight, whisky, blood, dirt.
And finally, darkness at the lodge.

You've got a supernatural grace; I've got a miracle to chase.

Other tracks by Kiss Whisky:  Blacksand  -  O Funi
The Bell Streets - Fragile     Indie, Rock, Pop 16/01/2020
The Bell Streets is a musical collaboration between Nick Batterham (Blindside, The Earthmen, Cordrazine) and Josh Meadows (The Sugargliders, The Steinbecks). Their album Monument is due for release in April.
Fans of Nick Batterham's signature moody melancholy and Josh Meadow's distinct pop sensibilities can revel in the first released material from the album on the first single ‘Fragile’. After writing the opening phrase and accompanying ascending piano line, Josh took his humble idea to Nick who quickly put the flesh to it adding loungey licks and melodic charm.

Elder - Wabi Sabi     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock 15/01/2020
Elder are a progressive indie trio from Brisbane creating engaging and challenging pop music.
Perfectly imperfect, aiming to make sense of lukewarm dispositions – 'Wabi Sabi' is a display of vulnerability in the face of apprehension. Lulling rhythms debate brutal vocality in a protracted smattering of ebb and flow. 'Wabi Sabi' is the second single from Elder's upcoming album ‘Binoei’.

Sullie - Shine     Indie, Folk 12/01/2020
The inspiration for Sullies songs comes from many places. His songs are about hope, leaving, love, loss and broken hearts. Sullie is an Irish singer-songwriter based in Sydney.
Shine is a song about hope and love getting you through. Coming out of dark places and letting your light shine through. It’s a song about finding the strength to keep going no matter how bad times are. Dedicated to everyone who is fighting depression. It's ok not to be ok and you are never alone, just Shine.

San Mei - Hard To Face     Indie, Rock, Pop 10/01/2020
'Hard To Face' is another step forward in the guitar heavy, delay-ridden, dreamy pop world of San Mei and the Australian indie music scene.
San Mei: I wrote this song when I was in a bit of a tough place mentally about my music, my career, my future... it felt like every time I looked around everyone else was kicking goals and ticking boxes, and I just felt kinda stuck, and wanted to be where they were or have what they had.

Crocodylus - Feed The Shark     Indie, Garage, Alternative, Rock 08/01/2020
2019 has been the biggest year yet for Crocodylus, releasing their third EP, touring Europe and the UK with The Chats and Bad Dreems and landing a UK booking deal.
In September they released their third EP, the fan-focused 'Enjoy' which was released on The Chats' label Bargain Bin Records as well as featuring a special surprise single 'Feed The Shark' which showcases a more playful side of Crocodylus.

The Midnight Mules - Real Enough     Indie, Pop, Rock, Alternative 06/01/2020
The Midnight Mules are a 4 piece outfit from Perth WA offering a fun brand of indie rock their fans have come to know and love!
'Real Enough' exudes 'The Mules' innate ability to write a pop song with soul. A fun and upbeat summer banger that will not only get you moving but also give you the feels

Damien Johnson - Demons     Indie, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop 03/01/2020
Brisbane based, looping artist. One trained as a baptist minister, worked as a school teacher and studied psychology. Yet to work out what to be when I grow up
Slightly left of centre, dark yet catchy indie-rock/pop track with elements of hip-hop and soul. Has an infectious melody and foot tapping groove. Lyrically is based on personal struggles with mental health.

Other tracks by Damien Johnson:  Human  -  Fall
The Double Happiness - Wild Bikini     Indie, Pop, Rock, Psych 02/01/2020
The Double Happiness are two couples riding high on the waves of a surfgaze sound. Take the spooky mystique of Twin Peaks and the rollicking vintage cool of Pulp Fiction.
Inspired by 60s B-grade movies and loosely taking its namesake from William Asher's 1965 film 'How To Stuff A Wild Bikini', this track evokes the imagery of beach parties, surfing safaris and the enchantment of a genie bottle washing up on the shore. Look around... they're doin’ The Twist, The Hurly Girly, The Stroll, The Dog Paddle and the Watusi!

Other tracks by The Double Happiness:  Spooky Tiki [Theremin Remix]
Carey St - Little Things     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Psych 20/12/2019
Carey St is an Indie Rock band made of three 17 y/o school friends, our singer Abby , drummer Harris and Guitarist Henry. We make indie pop and love it!
Little Things is a funky, catchy indie pop/rock song with a psychedelic twist. From the get go the catchy vocal melodies over brash guitars bring the listener in, climatically ended by a passionate guitar solo. A complex but deceptively simple track with layers and elements leaving the listener wanting more.

Georgia Marley - I'll Believe It     Indie, Pop, Alternative 20/12/2019
Bedroom indie-pop from Western Sydney. Heavily influenced by Australian Women in music. Mostly writes about herself and the people she loves.
A happy-sad song about lacking self-confidence, whether that be in relationships (romantic or otherwise), religion or just ones-self & the future. It was a very personal song to write, especially the bridge, because it details such an intimate unknowingness of how things are and are going to be. It's very much a scream into the abyss of existentialism.

Kids At Midnight - Can I Come Home     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 20/12/2019
Kids At Midnight is a solo singer/songwriter/producer making epic 80s inspired indie synth pop in her bedroom.
An epic nod to overblown 80s anthems complete with a howling guitar solo and a glam stomp invented for hot summer nights and misbehaving. Thick with shimmering synths, epic layered choruses and Kids At Midnights trademark at once graceful and power ballad worthy vocals, ‘Can I Come Home’ is a brash and beautiful electro-glam celebration of drama and regret.

Sam Fletcher - Travelling All This Time     Indie, Rock, Folk, Pop 20/12/2019
Indie folk and classic rock performed with a laid-back thoughtful air is the signature sound of young acoustic singer/songwriter Sam Fletcher.
“Travelling All This Time” is an acoustic rock sentiment to the road and the joys of life. Written while travelling around Australia and recorded at home, the piece features warm acoustic guitars and storytelling vocals. Earthy instrumentation retains an overarching air of honesty, while multi-layered vocal choruses float the listener into an operatic dreamland.

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SCUFFS - Downer     Indie, Rock, Garage, Psych 20/12/2019
Introducing Port Macquarie’s newest band SCUFFS. The garage pop four piece are made up of Cristian Campano (Food Court), Jarin Pennial, Jayden Heaney and Peter Gill.
SCUFFS debut single ‘DOWNER’ is a garage pop singalong with elements of 90’s power pop. Recorded by Michael Lynch in Beechwood, NSW and mixed and mastered by Lachy West (Walk The Moon).

Sleepflowers - Violet Sea     Indie, Rock, Alternative 20/12/2019
Sleepflowers are a calm ocean, they are great sea, ebbing and flowing, they are a wave crashing down. Doing the indie-rock thing in Melbourne, Australia
A dreamy melody that ebbs and flows between soft lows and energetic highs. As the track builds to a crescendo, a great wave of sound crashes down in a fuzzed-out guitar solo.

Lyrics explore the often-hushed theme of pining to escape life’s darker moments, highlighting that beauty is often found after cresting the waves of sadness.

Mia Mazzarella - Pool Of Lies     Indie 18/12/2019
An Angelic voice. Stunning lyrics. Pool of Lies will stay with you!
Pool Of Lies is a deeply moving ode to the betrayal of a loved one. Simply told and uncluttered Mia delivers a heartfelt performance wrapped in a beautiful melody and stunning voice.

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Timberwolf - Winnie Blues     Indie, Alternative 18/12/2019
Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a young singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia. 2015 was a breakout year for Timberwolf; he independently-released his “Flux EP” (which has-over 1-million-Spotify plays)
“The Winnie Blues” is one of those songs that hits you instantly between the eyes with its sheer “Aussie Larrikin” witty lyrics and tone. The song is reminiscent of the iconic tunes from the 1980’s where storytelling about the Australian way of life was celebrated.

Maisie - Pink Sunrise     Indie, Psych, Rock 17/12/2019
Maisie are a Zeppelin worshipping six piece Psychedelic-Rock'n'Roll band based in Adelaide. Their sound consists of big guitars and groovy beats helping you experience something you've never felt before.
Pink Sunrise is a song about love and reminiscing about times shared with a lover when things seemed more simple.

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Other tracks by Maisie:  Uncle Syd's Mushroom Factory Part 1  -  Uncle Syd's Mushroom Factory Part 2
Mal Smith - The Second Son     Indie, Alternative, Folk, Roots 17/12/2019
Mal is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
The Second Son is inspired by a timeless story of regret and redemption - the story about a dad who never gave up, and a young man fuelled by passion, freedom, opportunity, and eventually remorse. The high tides of the verses, with their soulful beats and swirling guitars recede to the low tides of the chorus echoing regret.

Other tracks by Mal Smith:  Love Makes a Way
Middle Management - Change of View     Indie, Punk, Pop 17/12/2019
Middle Management are an indie/dream rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
Change of View is the third track from Middle Management's debut EP 'Caught Up in the Colours'.

Other tracks by Middle Management:  Pilot Me  -  Vacated