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The Phosphenes - She Knows What She Wants     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 17/02/2020
The Phosphenes create imperfect pop songs from eclectic ingredients that – with catchy hooks, upbeat rhythms, quirky humour, and lush harmonies – stick in your head and rewire your brain.
A humorous story about a casual encounter going unexpectedly wrong. This guitar-driven bluesy-rock tune with blistering harmonica solos was a staple of The Phosphenes' performances for years, and still gets regular outings. Written by Dean Lombard, produced by The Phosphenes and Allan Neuendorf, recorded by Allan Neuendorf at Baker Street. Remastered by Jason Cutler.

Other tracks by The Phosphenes:  The Window  -  Hey
Andy - Let This Go Again     Indie, Rock, Pop 14/02/2020
"Andy" is the brainchild of Brisbane based multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Martin. His eclectic mix of catchy hooks, driving rhythms and textured layers amalgamate to produce music set for audiences worldwide.
"Let This Go Again" basically highlights the highs and lows of the point where a relationship is finally coming to a close. It delves into old, happy memories, and how they went from good to bad to worse. It sheds light on the situation at times, but ultimately, is a break up song.

Manor - Is This What You Really Want?     Indie, Alternative, Psych, Rock 14/02/2020
Caitlin Duff and Nathaniel Morse make up to halves of Australian duo Manor.
Layers of snarling, pissed off guitars serve as a foundation for cathartic vocal arrangement. Buried inside the siren like quality is a message of regret, despair and disbelief.

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Other tracks by Manor:  Architecture  -  Can You Hear Me Talking At You?
Mantell - St. Louis     Indie, Pop, Rock 14/02/2020
"Mantell prove they’re well on their way to securing a place as one of the most exciting up-and-comers to navigate their way through Melbourne’s notoriously overwhelming music scene.” Happy Mag
With its laid-back delivery and effortless charm, Mantell serves up a brand new taste of music in ‘St. Louis’. As the band’s first offering for the year, the single is bright and airy, giving listeners another insight into the band’s take on indie music of that sun-drenched variety.

Nathan MT - Every Ending     Indie, Alternative, Folk, Pop 14/02/2020
Blending folk and indie pop sensibilities to create his own brand of singer-songwriter bliss is Nathan MT​, a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist out of Brisbane, Queensland.
It reflects a reoccurring emotion of frustration felt by Nathan post-relationships. It's annoying enough having to go through the process of breaking up, yet the stages after a failed relationship lead to an increased level of frustration.

This indie/alternative track heavily relies on a percussive guitar technique to glue instrumentation together with vocal melodies.

Poolroom. - Tangerine     Indie, Dance, Pop 14/02/2020
Charlie Waldren is a Sydney based solo artist creating indie-dance bangers & sweet-tender moments under the moniker Poolroom. (yes the “.” is intentional.)
“‘Tangerine’ is the colour I associate with immense gratitude for my friends. I made this just after getting a coffee with one of my closest. I was going through a pretty tough time & they cheered me up so I ran home & wrote the song. It’s a huge ‘thank you’.” – Poolroom.

Ride For Rain - Like What You Do     Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock 14/02/2020
Sydney’s Ride For Rain formed in 2015 and bonded over a love for ’90s aesthetic culture.
Like What You Do burst right out the gate in proper Pop Punk fashion. Lush production, intelligent composition and a healthy amount of infectiousness are wrapped up in this new banger from Sydney's Ride For Rain. This one will have you singing along and moshing at your desk quick-smart!

Love Drunk Hearts - Park The Cars     Indie, Rock 13/02/2020
Influenced by The Black Keys, The War on Drugs and Neil Young, Love Drunk Hearts combine these blues, rock and indie influences to create their own unique flare.
Encapsulating the desire to explore and experience environments outside the sanitised urban cityscape, ‘Park The Cars’ speaks on behalf of the beauty, complexity and unpredictability of life. Produced by HOLY HOLY’s Oscar Dawson, this large sound is a fitting combination of the four-piece’s tight instrumentation and driving vocals; all of which creates the perfect catch-cry for those yearning change.

Alastair Leonard - Alice, I Remember     Indie, Pop 10/02/2020
Indie pop songwriter from Sydney, Australia.
It’s a sweet slice of jangle-punk about a childhood caregiver.

Claire Atkins - Eternal Return     Indie, Alternative, Soul, Jazz 10/02/2020
Claire Atkins is an emerging Byron-based singer-songwriter, with a voice fans describe as melted chocolate. Her story-driven songs are intimate conversations that pulsate with hypnotic beats and fantastical imagery.
Claire Atkins’s jazz infused title track ‘Eternal Return’ was inspired by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s thought experiment about eternal recurrence. Featuring a swelling Hammond B3, smoking sax solos and seductive vocals, the track has an almost Tarantino-esque cinematic feel that whispers to us as Nietzsche’s demon whispered, ‘Would you be my friend?’

Nothing Really - Don't Know How to Stop     Indie, Alternative, Rock 10/02/2020
Nothing Really is a four-piece indie band from Melbourne whose sound is an amalgamation of indie and emo mixed with heart on the sleeve song writing.
‘Don’t Know How To Stop’ is an uptempo piece of indie catharsis which captures the frustration of feeling like you’re in a cycle of miscommunication and continual mistakes.

Other tracks by Nothing Really:  Contortionist
Dirty Motel - What Did You Hear When You Lived Downstairs     Indie, Alternative, Folk, Alternative 08/02/2020
Dirty Motel are a new evolving group based out of Launceston, Tasmania. The group write memorable captivating songs around the Tasmanian characters and culture.
'What Did You Hear’ was inspired by the experience of living in a unit complex on the outskirts of Launceston,Tasmania.The paper thin walls let the interactions of the different characters in the complex to be witnessed and felt.The song was brought to the band who added their own feel to the track.Milk! Records remarked ' the storytelling is very unique'.

Other tracks by Dirty Motel:  A Day on the Field
Ben Witkowski - Real Me     Indie, Rock, Pop, Folk 07/02/2020
Ben Witkowski is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist that creates epic, powerful music focusing on self-discovery and adventure. Ben combines bold, relatable lyrics with rich, mellifluous sounds to create a distinct, beautiful sound.
‘Real Me’ is about making bold and daring changes in your life to discover who you really are. It is an epic and gripping indie rock song that takes you on a journey of overcoming doubt and making the most of life. Real Me begins softly and builds into an inspiring epic, balancing heavy rock sounds with atmospheric harmony.

Charlie Wilde - Disquietude     Indie, Folk, Experimental, Alternative 07/02/2020
Charlie is a young songwriter living in Perth, he is inspired by the likes of Keaton Henson, Bon Iver and Patrick Watson. his debut single was streamed over 100,000 times!
‘Disquietude’ is Charlie’s forlorn response to the way performing ‘Low Fidelity’ makes him feel. Vulnerability and sincerity is at the forefront here, as the piece is deliberately engineered to be less than what it is capable of, a comment on how detrimental anxiety can be to a performance.

Darcy Hay - Iron Lung (Shenton Street)     Indie, Folk, Rock, Alternative 07/02/2020
Traditional blues, experiment indy and stripped back country music. exploring farm debt, meth use among deckhands, youth drug use and suicide in regional Australia - and, also, love, and loss.
A dreamy track about rural dereliction, deep depression, drugs and youth suicide, featuring ethereal vocals from Novac Bull, of Boom! Bap! Pow! fame

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Other tracks by Darcy Hay:  I Tried  -  Blues In The Country
Holly Sweeney - Sink     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 07/02/2020
18 year old Indie-pop artists making tunes from organic street sounds and the piano!
Sink is a song created using iPhone recorded street sounds! It is primarily about finding something that makes you feel so happy and content you feel like you are sinking into it.

Kitten Heel - Kisses Incapacitate     Indie, Dance, Rock, Alternative 07/02/2020
Wollongong band Kitten Heel are purveyors of swagger and masters of synth. Their guitar & synth lead indie-dance music is equal parts floor-filler and heartbreaker.
“This song comes from the important moments in life that revolve around kisses. From a mother’s embrace, loss of virginity or solemn farewell – all involve a kiss. Something as simple and timeless as a kiss is not petty, it’s euphoric.” – Kitten Heel

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Leonardo's Robot - Alien     Indie, Rock, Alternative 07/02/2020
Leonardo's Robot is a genre-experimental indie rock project produced out of a bedroom studio in Melbourne.
'Alien' is the first single off the upcoming LP 'Something Terrible Will Happen'. A relaxed Pavement/Built to Spill style jam with a big fuzzy chorus.

Lighthouser - This Year     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 07/02/2020
Fusing expressive harmonies and videogame-inspired synths with affecting lyrics, Lighthouser explores dark subject matter with sincerity and humour in a fashion appealing to any fan of 2000s indie, or Nintendo.
“I feel pulled in a bunch of different directions every time I think about New Year’s Resolutions, so I wanted to capture that with a song that does the same.

The sound world had to feel 3D and energetic too - so it took me a long time, haha. The year the song was written about eventually became multiple years."

The Bush - Purple     Indie, Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative 07/02/2020
Four late-to-the-game gals with straight-to-the-point songs on nineties nuance and amateur pop charm.
The four-piece dreamy guitar band lets loose the first of 4 diverse tracks recorded with Joey Walker (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard/Bullant). Finding influence in bright pop and nineties-inspired sounds, Purple speaks of the contemporary anxieties of paralysis by analysis, and is delivered with a calm eloquence thrown in with a wink.