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Boox Kid - Sentimental Dreams     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, First Nations 15/11/2019
Visionary Electro Pop - First Nation singer songwriter. Beat creator. Releases 'Hold my hand', 'It's Just a Dream, Wake Up' placed on Spotify's Deadly Beats, airplay 4ZZZ, FBi Radio, RTRFM.
Sentimental Dreams reflects on relationships, faith and as an individual, finding strength and empowerment to overcome stereotype or another's expectations or pre determined thoughts and views. Fighting to keep something alive, proving others wrong and instilling faith.

Butternut Sweetheart - Eggshells     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Experimental 15/11/2019
Butternut Sweetheart is the musical project of Sydney based multi-instrumentalist producer Luke Moseley. Moseley creates a sense that the songs have evolved from dark, smouldering embers of a dying fire.
“This is the saddest song that I've written. It's about my lack of awareness of existing inside a fragile reality that can be human relationship. Not having the opportunity to solve problems because you weren't aware there was one. It's about an inescapable feeling of sorrow waiting to greet you around every corner.” - Luke Moseley / Butternut Sweetheart

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Garage Sale - Let Me Down     Indie, Rock, Punk, Pop 15/11/2019
Garage Sale are a young 3 piece indie band from Lennox Head
Let Me Down is the feature track from the EP. It is about someone letting you down as perceived by a young man recently left home and doing it on his own.

Other tracks by Garage Sale:  IDK  -  Could But I Can't
Hannah Campbell - Blue     Indie, Folk 15/11/2019
Hannah Campbell is warm, discerning, and joyfully vulnerable. Her trademark honest humility is the undercurrent of her songs. She writes stories of failings and hopefulness, emotional vacancy, and unspoken truths.
Blue is a love letter to the power of enduring friendships. It captures the cyclical loyalty, unspoken understandings and expansive safety reserved for the most important of friendships.

High Tropics - Changes     Indie, Dance, Rock 15/11/2019
Dubbed as “infectious garage pop” by Rolling Stone magazine, High Tropics is the moniker of Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his live band.
Mixed by long-time collaborator Elliot Heinrich and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the Elephant, Liam Gallagher), the song is a teaser for the band’s highly anticipated debut EP – which recently took 2nd place in Happy Magazine’s coveted nationwide Needle in the Hay competition. despite being unreleased.

Kitten Heel - Something Simple     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock, Dance 15/11/2019
Wollongong band Kitten Heel are purveyors of swagger and masters of synth. Their guitar & synth lead indie-dance music is equal parts floor-filler and heartbreaker.
“In pursuit of your dreams you often find yourself waving goodbye to friends as they follow their own paths. This song is about that moment of uncertainty where you question if you should have become a tradesman because being an artist provides no certainty.” – Kitten Heel

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LUUNG - Fallout     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
Sunshine Coast based musician 21 year old Bailey Jeffs, who operates under the stage name LUUNG, anticipates the release of Fallout from sophomore Ep “For When I Find The Words”.
People give up on relationships so easily. “Relationships require work and don't come easy. They often just require you to ask more questions.” This is where the concept of 'Fallout' came from.

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Nancie Schipper - Take Out The Trash     Indie, Rock, Pop 15/11/2019
Having wowed crowds at BIGSOUND 2019 and coming off a support slot for Alex Lahey, 19 year old Nancie Schipper is back with her new track 'Take Out The Trash'.
Take Out The Trash is a song about getting your shit together, one step at a time. It starts with cleaning the trash out of your room, and continues by dealing with emotions head on. Produced by John Castle (Angie McMahon, Vance Joy), Schipper’s take on indie rock-meets-pop sounds better than ever, driven by big crunchy chords and infectious melodies.

Salarymen - Please     Indie, Rock, Pop 15/11/2019
Taking cues from The Strokes, The Beach Boys and Arcade Fire, Salarymen combine vintage and modern influences in just the right balance, featuring jangly guitars, catchy melodies and lush harmonies.
‘Please’ combines vintage and modern influences in just the right balance, featuring jangly guitars, catchy melodies and lush harmonies. The track is an upbeat, bittersweet commentary on modern love and dating, with the seamless combination of female and male vocals providing a perfect contrast and authenticity to the song’s lyrics.

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain (live)     Indie 15/11/2019
Before embarking on a solo career, Sarah spent a decade fronting Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, she shifted her focus to songwriting independently.
Recorded live in the Triple R Performance Space, 23rd July, 2018.

Other tracks by Sarah Mary Chadwick:  Flow Over Me (live)  -  It's Never Ok (live)
Stevie Riff - Shot Down in Flames     Indie, Blues, Rock, Roots 15/11/2019
Stevie Riff is a Brisbane indie singer songwriter producing multi genre music using a unique way of real subjects and story telling.
Shot Down in Flames is a track written about hearing phrases and hearing the same thing over and over in your head like a refrain at the end of each line or chorus.

The Sea Gypsies - Mexico     Indie, Rock, Roots, Pop 15/11/2019
‘Their humble approach to songwriting translates well into their sound, providing the listener with upbeat yet relaxed vibes, whilst maintaining a relatable feeling within their music"- ToneDeaf
‘Mexico’ has all the hallmarks of an Australian release with longevity behind it. The band’s confidence shines, while their musicality has never been stronger than on this, the first taste of a whole chapter of new material still to come.

Dear Willow - Happy     Indie, Pop, Folk, Alternative 14/11/2019
Dear Willow originated as the creative voice of Em-J Dau. Since then Dear Willow has transformed from poet to solo act to full-band, embracing a love of all things indie-rock.
"I wrote Happy at a time when a couple of people in my immediate circle were going through divorces/separations. It made me question why we put ourselves out there and risk so much? But then I also saw those same people put themselves out there again despite the heartbreak. Love is scary as hell but we do it anyway."

Fenn Wilson - Eye On You     Indie, Rock, Pop, Roots 14/11/2019
Fenn taps into raw emotions, which seem to bubble just below the surface while waiting to be summoned. Attention to diction drives home each song's message, clarifying intent. 
"Eye On You addresses how terrible timing can be when falling for someone and how unavoidable someone is once they’ve caught your eye. Inevitably the feelings are far too strong and as you fall for them deeper, those things that made the timing so difficult end up being alleviated by your passions for one another." - Fenn Wilson

Other tracks by Fenn Wilson:  Sway  -  Wall Fall
John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers - In My Dreams     Indie, Alternative, Rock 14/11/2019
With John’s crooning baritone, and their blend of shoegaze and blues, John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers' introspective lyrics, dreamy atmospheres and indie-rock beats bring melancholy to the dance floor.
The latest release from Sydney alt-rockers John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers, 'In My Dreams' is a song about being with the one you love for the fleeting moment of a dream before awaking to reality. John's baritone croons over a dreamy landscape, as the song slowly builds to a crescendo of reverb soaked passion.

Majak Door - Alien     Indie, Alternative, Psych, Rock 14/11/2019
With influences that are broad and inclusive of many genres, Majak Door combine a mixture of surf-rock, 60's psychedelia and dream pop.
“'Samples from the Solar System' includes a handful of songs from the bands' ever developing catalogue, with the sounds ranging from upbeat surf-pop all the way to psychedelic slow-burners,” explains front man Frank.

Other tracks by Majak Door:  The Magic Door  -  The Snooze
This New Light - The Other One     Indie, Folk, Alternative 14/11/2019
This New Light is a recently formed indie folk music project based in Brisbane, Australia.
'The Other One' is the latest single for This New Light; a song of vulnerability and introspection, with a sound more experimental than anything we've heard from them so far.

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KIT HEPBURN - 5:AM     Indie, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B 13/11/2019
KIT HEPBURN is the hazy, melancholic solo project of singer, songwriter and producer Zac Kazepis.
5:AM is the debut single of singer, songwriter and producer KIT HEPBURN, which will feature on his forthcoming debut self-titled EP. With woozy, layered atmospheres building throughout the track, 5AM takes the listener on a journey detailing the darker side of partying, which closes with an explosive release.

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Pure Moods - Tide     Indie, Alternative, Rock 13/11/2019
Pure Moods is the recording moniker of Adam Madric; described by Stereogum as "languid and melodious" indie rock with a "knack for storytelling".
"Tide" picks up where Pure Moods left off on 2016's self-titled debut, and is as eloquent as ever in its songwriting. Tide doesn't shy away from the jangly guitar lines and savvy hooks that made their inaugural release so charming.

Tide is the first single taken from forthcoming album "Upward Spiral", out November 30, 2019 via Tear Jerk Records.

Other tracks by Pure Moods:  Backwards World  -  Overgrown
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Please Daddy     Indie 13/11/2019
Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Sarah Mary Chadwick is not a new face to Melbourne's music community.
Please Daddy is the title track from Sarah Mary Chadwick's new LP, out January 24 2020 on Rice Is Nice Records (AU/NZ) and Sinderlyn Records (US).