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Stem Steller - Criminal     Indie, Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
Perth based Singer / Songwriter / Indie-Pop Producer, Bevyn.
Following his debut single ‘Who Am I’, ‘Criminal’ takes a look from a broader perspective at the crushing of dreams from toxic culture and society. It gives a feel good vibe that is contrasting to some of the lyrical ideas but it ultimately reminds the listener that everything is immaterial and to chase their dreams.

The English Rain - My Town     Indie, Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
The English Rain is a collective playing guitar pop, rock, country and electronica
My Town is a breezy guitar pop song as a tribute to both Brisbane City and Grant McLennan of the Go- Betweens.

Honest Dan - date night     Indie, Alternative 03/04/2020
honest and serious opinions/anecdotes from your pal, dan.
honest dan brings you a tale of lovers lost, distilled down in such a way that it is potentially relatable to your own experiences.

"date night" features smooth pulses of clean guitar over a pacing drum beat, with some nasal but sincere lyrics sandwiched in between.

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Other tracks by Honest Dan:  look down
I Have Four Names - The Other Hand is Always Greener (DX Version)     Indie, Rock, Alternative 03/04/2020
Indie rock from Sydney. One-person project. Maximalist and bass-driven, fun songs short enough not to overstay their welcome. New album 'IH4N (DX)' out now. Vinyl and cassette at
Lead single from 2020 album IH4N (DX). Catchy indie rock that goes to a few weird places at the end.

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Other tracks by I Have Four Names:  SOHCAHTOA  -  Technically Yes, Theoretically No
James Seymour - Fall Down     Indie, World 03/04/2020
Composer, singer with a smooth voice
A song about mutual support for you, your significant other and as a couple

An Hours Thought - Medusa     Indie, World 03/04/2020
Singer, composer, sassy commentator
Mobile phones are evil they are turning us to stone

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Millar Jukes - Fangs     Indie, Soul, Blues, Roots 03/04/2020
He might have grown up in Scotland and live in Australia, but it’s a distinctly soulful, bluesy voice that comes out of singer-songwriter Millar Jukes.
Fangs has a dark groove and feels like it should be played in a smoked-filled dive bar. It explores the darker side of the dr jekyll and mr hyde ego. Influenced by indie kings Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys has a got some bite to it.

The Public Holiday - Dyno     Indie, Rock, Alternative, Punk 03/04/2020
Thrashing guitars pair with breakneck drum and bass, creating a powerful vehicle for Anthony Wignall’s drawled lament over something that could have been.
Dyno is the upcoming fourth single from Adelaide based slacker-grunge rockers The Public Holiday. Thrashing guitars pair with breakneck drum and bass, creating a powerful vehicle for Anthony Wignall’s drawled lament over something that could have been.

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Black River Bell - For My Sister And Her Daughter     Indie, Folk 03/04/2020
Black River Bell (aka Sydney singer-songwriter Timothy Bray) writes dark folk songs that explore nature in crisis, existential dread, shadowy daydreams and the unlit spaces in between.
On an album that has no lack of shadows or dark corners,‘For My Sister And Her Daughter’isThe Great Unknowing’s solitary glimpse of sunlight. Sharing vocals with his sister Holly Bray, this delicate duet is an affirmation of maternal love and hope in the face of unimaginable loss.

Other tracks by Black River Bell:  Winter House
Hiaground - Figure It Out     Indie, Rock 03/04/2020
Following up from recent single "The Way That I Want You”, new single “Figure It Out” gives fans another taste of Hiagrounds' debut album
"Figure It Out" mixes metaphor with a more direct approach, with the chorus conveying a message that is straight to the point. "Figure It Out is all about energy, the sound is huge, and the message is bigger. If you are stuck you can figure it out, life will figure it out for you - just get on with it."

Kim Yang - Garden of Eden     Indie, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 03/04/2020
Kim is an acoustic songstress and songwriter in Canberra, Australia. Her soothing fingerpicking on ukulele, guitar and her ethereal voice capture the attention of passers-by.
Garden of Eden is focused on the invisible damage caused by the bushfires. Kim’s words highlight the trauma and anxiety caused by the oppressive smoke and uncertainty. This song was written as part of Kim’s healing process. Kim hopes to highlight the importance of talking about trauma and supporting each other.

Adam Gibson - On The Punt     Indie, Folk, Alternative, Rock 03/04/2020
Adam Gibson is a Sydney writer, performer, lyricist, musician and artist. The voice behind The Aerial Maps, The Ark-Ark Birds & Modern Giant.
Opening track from the new "best of" 16 track compilation 'The Songs of Adam Gibson' releases May 29, 2020. Performed by The Aerial Maps.

"this is 20791900, he'd say,
this is 20791900, thank you,
race 5, Eagle Farm, number six, four units each way,
race 6, Flemington, number 12, there's two units each way
thank you very much"

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Other tracks by Adam Gibson:  Salvation Road
The Dollar Bill Murrays - Bye Bye     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 03/04/2020
equal parts poolside daydream and late night hotel antics. indie pop rock out of brisbane.
Swipe left, unmatch, and move on, because The Dollar Bill Murrays have no time to spare for half-hearted modern romance. An ode to self-care, ‘BYE BYE’ is all about feeling good, and doing what’s best for you in a world of booty calls, ghosting, and mismatched expectations.

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Brothers Bukowski - Dusty Mirrorball     Indie, Alternative, Psych 03/04/2020
Brisbane's Brothers Bukowski Art-Alt-Rock Banned. Art through sound and vision.
Dusty Mirrorball, is a metaphor for being too old and irrelevant on the dance floor. This track is a cry out to the uncertain sexual beings that we are.

It laughs at the loneliness on a packed dance floor. It mocks the fantasies of the sex-mind.

Jesse Madigan - Spring     Indie 03/04/2020
In recent years, Jesse Madigan has been performing and writing in several projects, simultaneously creating and refining his own unique sound.
Spring is the lead single from Jesse's debut album and was recorded through 2018-19 in Jesse's Newcastle home studio, as well as in Victoria with Greg Walker in November 2019.

Brian Baker - Grateful     Indie, Alternative, Rock 03/04/2020
Brian Baker is a singer/songwriter/producer living in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia. Brian has a passion for the environment and Buddhism, themes evident in his songs, music and videos.
A building track with guitars, bass, drums, piano and vocals. Starts soft, gets loud, ends up soft again! The lyrics are about being grateful and using gratitude to overcome fear.I wrote it as a simple, uplifting kind of track to chugging guitars.I'm hoping it's a useful thought for people in these times.

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Bonniesongs - 123+Reprise     Indie 03/04/2020
Putting her jazz background to use and beginning many writing sessions experimenting on guitar or utilizing her trusty vocal looper.
Building on the expansive dream-folk of her earlier material, the album has proven an unexpected but necessary evolution of Stewart’s sound, mostly with the addition of a full band to her previously solo ventures.

Noah Dillon - Mathew McConaughey     Indie, Rock, Alternative 03/04/2020
Singer-songwriter Noah Dillon blends elements of indie rock and alternative folk in a cathartic concoction that looks to juxtapose the mundanities of life with some of its deepest questions.
‘Mathew McConaughey’ is about changing oneself to better fit a relationship. All hidden within the ‘tongue in cheek’ analogy of me aspiring to be Mathew McConaughey (the famous Texan actor), the song delves into the idea that we often try to bend or change ourselves in order to fit an idealized and unrealistic idea of a partner.

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Resin Moon - Shake Your Booty (At an Appropriate Social Distance)     Indie, Alternative 03/04/2020
Resin Moon is a synth player / songwriter / producer based in Alice Springs, NT
This track is a response to COVID-19 from the Alice Springs music community. It's equal parts public health message and a call to shake one's booty in a time of uncertainty.

Dianas - Million Dollar Baby     Indie, Alternative, Rock, Pop 03/04/2020
Originally from Perth, now firmly planted in Melbourne, gritty guitars weave beneath Nathalie and Caity's vocals whilst Anetta's driving drums propel everything forward - a sound that is iconically Dianas.
"It's ultimately about wanting someone to be happy and to see themselves the way others see them, as a million dollar baby, baby" guitarist Caitlin Moloney says of the track.