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Bloods - U & M E     Indie, Pop 17/01/2020
Casting off society’s expectations and being free to express yourself, while having the best time doing it, is what Bloods are all about.
Inspired by the Nat King Cole classic ‘L-O-V-E’, ‘U & M E’ confidently sits in a new territory for Bloods. Displaying a slightly moodier direction than past releases, the band have presented a track capturing a nostalgic, love sick angst set against a palpable certainty and fire-in-the-belly, don’t-f*ck-with-us attitude. ‘U & M E’ features guest vocals from Seattle icon TAD.

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Bootleg Rascal - Lonely Times     Indie, Reggae / Dub, R&B, Hip Hop 17/01/2020
Bootleg Rascal are a Sydney-based band comprising of long-time collaborators and friends Carlos Lara and Jimmy Young.
‘Lonely Times’ is a feel good summer party anthem that shines a light on the duo’s unique genre-fusion. Melding their sun-soaked reggae and dub roots with modern day hip-hop, the track captures an unrelenting energy filled with infectious hooks, deft instrumentation and clever vocal cadences.

Driver - Spacesuit     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Driver are a two-piece Synth/Indie Electronic outfit from Brisbane Australia. The duo creates elaborate synth-driven soundscapes that are laced with an alluring sense of nostalgia.
Spacesuit opens with an ominous synth line that drives it's way into your cerebral hemispheres. The production is impeccable, from instrumentation through to spacey vocals. The song is about letting go of your exterior persona and embracing all sides of ones self.

Other tracks by Driver:  Winter Sun  -  Southern Land
Great ~ Falls - Ease     Indie, Rock, Alternative 17/01/2020
Fresh from the salty Southside sea, Great ~ Falls come with songs that are steeped with briny memories and sodden with a yearning for the past.
As described by Trouble Juice, ‘Ease’ ‘is an enthralling dose of their slowburning indie-rock and a stunning first taste of the emerging group.'

Recorded at A Secret Location Sound Recorders in Melbourne, VIC
Engineered & Mixed by Paul Maybury
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 in Sydney, NSW
Artwork by Australian artist and poet Bella Li

Mesmeriser - Trigger     Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Mesmeriser are a three piece Sydney indie rock trio with material evoking the likes of Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen.
Where previous material evoked the likes of Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen, ‘Trigger’ sees Mesmeriser tread a more Strokes-esque territory. The song centres on the concept of sexual assault - heavier territory for the band, but dealt with in their signature style, focusing on the cause and effect whirlpool of events that surrounds such an event when made public.

Oly Sherman - Madness     Indie, Folk 17/01/2020
“It’s stirring, world class folk and that pay off at the end is so worth it.” - Triple J
As with his previous material, ‘Madness’ has Oly Sherman’s sweetened tinge of introspection threaded through his songwriting. A songwriter who flourishes within a colourful and emotional narrative scope, he has continued to show off his versatility on ‘Madness’ - a perfect follow up to last year’s ‘Bones’.

Stupid Baby - Feline     Indie, Rock 17/01/2020
Stupid Baby is made up of four long-time friends, Liz Drummond (Little May), Jake Dobson (Desert Moons), Eli Milojkovic (Sea Legs) and Will Glencross.
Taking cues from the likes of The Kills, and Sonic Youth, ‘Feline’ is a brooding and thought-provoking slice of sophisticated indie-rock, that swiftly sets the pace with its immediate and unwavering consistency. Dynamics and structure are harnessed with finesse, as deft instrumentation provides an apt foundation for the dual vocal efforts of Liz Drummond and Jake Dobson to brightly shine.

Sunbather - Softly Spoken     Indie, Pop 17/01/2020
Sunbather sticks to strict parameters, using only guitars for texture, and experimenting with tones and layers to create their sound.
Inspired by the painting 'Twilight Conversation' by Ron Hicks, the song explores the small details that make up a life shared, and a reflection on the need to be gentle with and pay attention to one another.

The Safety Word - Dreamz     Indie, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 17/01/2020
The Safety Word perform as a digital/acoustic ensemble their works inspired by post rock, new romantic, chill wave and trip-hop sensibilities.
This song is a feel good, warm summer tropical vibes number. The lyrics are about how we can manifest our realities through our dreams. The song talks about stepping away from the darkness and into the light which references making a conscious choice of the values with which live yourlife and the people that you choose to surround yourself with.

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The Silverbeets - I've got to get away (on an Hawaiian holiday)     Indie, Alternative, Pop, Rock 17/01/2020
The Silverbeets are a band that write songs that have universally recognised themes of love, hate, fear, addiction, environmental and political based content. Enjoy or move along it's your choice.
Due to the lack of leadership shown in this Country recently and that friends and family of ours were evacuated on the NSW South Coast we, The Silverbeets, decided to write a song in dedication to all the heroic people who work for the RFS and their families.

Vanessa Van Ness - True True Shot     Indie, Punk, Psych, Rock 17/01/2020
Melbourne-based guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Her debut single received its first airplay on 4ZZZ in Jan 2020. Style:"Gothic guitar pop with a post-punk twist."
An indie track about a storm that destroys a small city in 1994. Described by VICE contributor Chris Familton as "gothic guitar pop with a post-punk twist."

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Venice Queens - Punchdrunk     Indie, Pop 17/01/2020
Undeniable melodies, soaring vocals and a breezy indie-rock vibe; that's Adelaide’s Venice Queens.
Building on undeniable melodies, soaring vocals and a breezy indie-rock vibe that makes it playlist-ready, Adelaide’s Venice Queens deliver their first tune for a new decade in ‘Punchdrunk’. A long time in the making, the single is drenched in sunkissed vibes and primed for live shows, taken from a new EP in the making.

A Country Practice - The Inundation into Our Room     Indie, Folk, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 16/01/2020
A Country Practice is Kelly, Andrew and Joel who sing and play nylon string guitar, circuit bent Casio SK 5 & 8, drum pads, and electronics.
With significant parts of Australia besieged with bush fires currently, The Inundation into Our Room, reflects on past floods and storms that hit Queensland, and the media saturation it brought.

Swept by an unrelenting Casio pulse, into a torrent of beats, three part harmonies, and a sub-octave guitar-drone, the single captures the devastation of climate chaos and the consuming gaze.

BlackLight - Situation     Indie, Rock, Pop, Garage 16/01/2020
BlackLight is a three piece indie rock band. Made up of three friends in year 12 these boys play some loud and groovey tunes.
This track features a long build-up against a modern pop rock instrumental with the lyrics describing the feeling of lack of free will in life

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Other tracks by BlackLight:  Biting My Nails Off  -  Deer In A Swimming Pool
Glenorchy Bus Mall - Carnage     Indie 16/01/2020
Two souls one poet one music...
Love is an act

Kiss Whisky - Miracle     Indie, Experimental, Garage 16/01/2020
Post-punk shoegaze, folky electro, moonlight, whisky, blood, dirt.
And finally, darkness at the lodge.

You've got a supernatural grace; I've got a miracle to chase.

Other tracks by Kiss Whisky:  Blacksand  -  O Funi
The Bell Streets - Fragile     Indie, Rock, Pop 16/01/2020
The Bell Streets is a musical collaboration between Nick Batterham (Blindside, The Earthmen, Cordrazine) and Josh Meadows (The Sugargliders, The Steinbecks). Their album Monument is due for release in April.
Fans of Nick Batterham's signature moody melancholy and Josh Meadow's distinct pop sensibilities can revel in the first released material from the album on the first single ‘Fragile’. After writing the opening phrase and accompanying ascending piano line, Josh took his humble idea to Nick who quickly put the flesh to it adding loungey licks and melodic charm.

Elder - Wabi Sabi     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock 15/01/2020
Elder are a progressive indie trio from Brisbane creating engaging and challenging pop music.
Perfectly imperfect, aiming to make sense of lukewarm dispositions – 'Wabi Sabi' is a display of vulnerability in the face of apprehension. Lulling rhythms debate brutal vocality in a protracted smattering of ebb and flow. 'Wabi Sabi' is the second single from Elder's upcoming album ‘Binoei’.

Sullie - Shine     Indie, Folk 12/01/2020
The inspiration for Sullies songs comes from many places. His songs are about hope, leaving, love, loss and broken hearts. Sullie is an Irish singer-songwriter based in Sydney.
Shine is a song about hope and love getting you through. Coming out of dark places and letting your light shine through. It’s a song about finding the strength to keep going no matter how bad times are. Dedicated to everyone who is fighting depression. It's ok not to be ok and you are never alone, just Shine.

San Mei - Hard To Face     Indie, Rock, Pop 10/01/2020
'Hard To Face' is another step forward in the guitar heavy, delay-ridden, dreamy pop world of San Mei and the Australian indie music scene.
San Mei: I wrote this song when I was in a bit of a tough place mentally about my music, my career, my future... it felt like every time I looked around everyone else was kicking goals and ticking boxes, and I just felt kinda stuck, and wanted to be where they were or have what they had.