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M. Hofmann - You Don't Have To Stay     Indie, Rock 24/02/2020
M. Hofmann is a singer/songwriter from Sydney who grew up playing music in various bands, but now finds himself going solo. His sound crosses Americana, Heartland Rock, and British Jangle.
This song is about a moment in time when you need to break free of something, maybe a circumstance or relationship that's holding you back. It's a self realisation that no matter what decisions placed you in your current moment in life, you have every power within yourself to rid yourself of them and move forward in your life.

Oz Harte - Beautiful Night     Indie, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Easy Listening 24/02/2020
Oz Harte is a sound designer, music video creator (Oz Harte Productions) and record producer (Mind Freeze Records).
Ah, romance. That comfortable evening relaxing in front of a gentle fire and drinking in the beauty of your loved one. An antipodean couple embraces basking in the glowing sunset across the turquoise water. Through muted voices, the shimmering bells separate to allow the soft sweet saxophone to caress the ear. And the night drifts away...

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A Star Pilot from Saturn - RED     Indie, Indie, Pop 21/02/2020
Born in an 80's disco tech on Titan but educated via talk back technicolor TV by Tom Waits and The Everly Brothers.
A multifaceted song regarding my / my muses impulsive reactions and experiences with blind rage and frustration.

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Autosuggest - Straight to the Bottom     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 21/02/2020
Autosuggest is an indie three piece from Sydney born out of an electronic post-punk project.
Raunch-led bass and squealing guitars amongst cowbells and a familiar croon the single offers a catchy framework to let oneself fall to bits in. Lyrically inspired by the wreckage of a toxic relationship, an absolute failure to self-help and attempting to cope with all of the above on top of a volatile world.

Blue Lucas - Train Station     Indie, Rock, Roots, Country 21/02/2020
Blue Lucas are an Indi-rock/alt-country outfit that create a myriad of soul-crushed country, wandering alternative guitar and 60's influenced drumming that longs for lost love.
Train Station’s sound strays from the archetypal heartbreak / lovestruck continuum that presides in popular song, instead greeting the listener with a bass groove built on the foundation of a rolling calypso.

Bronte Public Housing - Banana     Indie, Alternative, Rock 21/02/2020
Bronte Public Housing (BPH) is a project by Jimmy Heathwood, who began his songwriting and stage craft as the singer of Hiaground.
"Banana", following BPH's debut single "Sleepyhead", is like most of Jimmys’ writing. Being from the affluent Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Jimmy has always felt different and torn by the common pressures of living in such an area; get a good job, make good money, look good and make sure everyone knows about it on Instagram. That internal conflict is reflected.

Death by Denim - Homemade     Indie, Alternative, Psych, Rock 21/02/2020
Death by Denim are a four-piece alt-indie formation known for their high energy live shows, versatile song writing and tendency to wear outlandish combinations of denim.
Homemade captures the refreshing feeling of an evening sunset with your close ones and dips it in a barrel of psychedelics. The signature wavy synthesizers and fluttering guitars of the band are tossed over a driving beat whilst the slick and steady vocal paints the picture.

Dorah Jacson - Lurking     Indie, Folk, Alternative 21/02/2020
21 year old Dorah Jacson (a.k.a Kayla Smart) is quite the mellifluous soul, and a talented songwriter to add, possessing a heartfelt yet whimsical writing style.
"Lurking" was written within half an hour, with Dorah explaining the track "is for anyone that’s had someone get in their space when they are not welcome.

Fancy Face - Slip Up     Indie, Rock, Psych 21/02/2020
Fancy Face is a brand new 5-piece, indie rock outfit emerging out of Melbourne. Influenced by the The Growlers, Dope Lemon, The Murlocs.
“Slip Up is tale of temptation... because eventually we’re all going to!” Says Aaron Bach. An upbeat indie-rock number to bop around to.

Fletcher Gull - Deciduo     Indie, Pop, Rock, Folk 21/02/2020
Fletcher Gull returns today with a poetic second single 'Deciduo', steeped in subtle natural wonders. Further showing his flair for pushing lyrical norms, the track was premiered on KCRW.
Fletcher explains he was awestruck to witness a meeting of the seasons one afternoon in late Autumn."Where I’m from there’s always this one day in the year when the seasons spill over into one another.In late afternoon the air is so dense with magic and fragrance, nudging around breezes that carry breath of the Antarctic,muddled with salt and wilting jasmine."

Fleur - Sunset Melancholy     Indie, Folk, Pop, Psych 21/02/2020
Fleur uses art and music as her weapons of self-expression. Fleur’s love for retro fashion, folk, and art all serve as a mirror into her larger ideas about the world.
Sunset Melancholy encapsulates a personal story about Fleur's friendship with her afternoon depression. Her single will compel people to float alongside their demons rather than swim against them, through its ethereal harmonies and honest reflection on her struggles with mental health.

Go Get Mum - Freeman     Indie, Pop, Rock, Alternative 21/02/2020
Go Get Mum are a four-piece band of Melbourne that play a jangle pop, with excellent melodies and ingenious lyrics that make you have fun.
The song questions the need to live life to the max, and ponders that fine line between enjoying yourself, and trying to live a lifestyle that has long since passed you by.

Hollie Col - She Knows     Indie, Folk, Pop 21/02/2020
Fun, Hook based guitar pop that has seen this young songwriter rack up an army of passionate fans worldwide and over 4 million Youtube Views for her original music
Featuring Hollie’s most upbeat arrangement and strongest vocal hook, heavily inspired by classic songwriting of the ’60s. Contrasted with the song’s melancholy lyrical content of lost love. 'She Knows' is a letter to the person who has the one you love. It's bittersweet and screams 'you'll never know her like me

Produced by Steve Schram (San Cisco, Paul Kelly)

Michael Dunstan - Parallel Universe     Indie, Easy Listening, Folk 21/02/2020
Venturing far from his quaint regional upbringing in the vast Western Australian Wheatbelt, Michael Dunstan has accomplished a huge amount for being only 24 years old.
“‘Parallel Universe is a representation of one of the worst experiences of my life.” said Michael. “Written amidst a bout of intense panic attacks, I found myself in a place that I hadn’t been in years. A place where ‘everything appears the same, but you’re a stranger to your own face’."

Remy Boccalatte - Virtues     Indie, Folk 21/02/2020
Remy Boccalatte is a Brisbane based musician, whose solo work sits in the indie folk/indie rock genre, with a focus on thoughtful lyrical narrative in addition to interesting melody.
Virtues tells the story of loss and loyalty if one is forced to leave. While it can be inferred as a relationship, the final product coincided with the passing of Remy's beloved husky, Ezio. Thus, the video turned more into a homage to a loyal friend. Filmed by Paul Voge.

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Ruby May - Be My Ghost     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Easy Listening 21/02/2020
After releasing first EP she underwent two major jaw surgeries. Developing her songwriting and sound over the last few years, Ruby May comes out with Be My Ghost.
Ruby May's new single Be My Ghost speaks of lost love and the desire for it’s return - whether that be a relationship break up or the loss of a loved one. The track starts off stripped back - showing off the acoustic style that Ruby grew up playing. Her sweet-toned vocals will carry you on a journey.

Steve Smyth - Stages     Indie, Folk, Blues, Pop 21/02/2020
Blending a variety of influences into his earthy, soulful sound; from the bar room grit of Tom Waits to the wistful melancholia of Jeff Buckley.
Stages is about the different challenges that we all face in our life, the contemplation of those, how they connect us and simultaneously isolate us'.

The Flowers - Summer Saviour     Indie, Rock, Pop 21/02/2020
After connecting online via triple J Unearthed, The Flowers began jamming, writing and finding their unique ‘sad-happy’ sound in 2018.
“I've always wanted to write an unreserved, heart-on-your-sleeve type love song, so ‘Summer Saviour’ is my attempt at that,” explains vocalist Agnes O’Dwyer. “Having always adored songs like ‘'Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes and ‘Think About Love’ by Dolly Parton, I wanted to sort of write my own serenade-y type track.“

Ed Reed - Getting Warmer     Indie, Rock 20/02/2020
Ed Reed is an independent musician from Melbourne, writing and recording music as a ‘solo project’ since 2012, releasing a debut album, 4 track EP and various singles.
The latest single is the 3 ½ minute upbeat tune ‘Getting Warmer’. A celebration of the little, magical things in your life that can sometimes go passed as a mere moment in time, but on reflection are the most important things in the world…life, love, friendship, happiness!

Nat Vazer - Grateful (Radio Edit)     Indie, Rock 20/02/2020
Lilting oohs and grungy guitars - Nat Vazer is a Melbourne-based artist passionate about feminism, diversity and The Beatles.
A two-parter, 'Grateful' comes in drums thumping, guitars swinging, before melting into a Beatles-esque liquid-jam. It's an ode to inspiring female artists and role models, and the ongoing battle for gender equality, told with a sprinkle of sarcasm and the non-conformist attitude that used to make Nat's English teacher say, ‘girls like you are exactly what’s wrong with the world’...

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