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Katanak - Life     Indie, Pop, Alternative 16/09/2019
Fresh, groovy & youthful. Blends of indie and alt pop combine for an irresistible groove. A multi-instrumentalist influenced by The Wombats, The 1975 & Two Door Cinema Club.
‘Life’ is not always so black and white. Love and connection is what brings colour to our life. This song is about a French girl who is now my fiancée, she happened to stumble into a bar I was playing at one night and then didn’t leave. C’est la vie. Here is life.

Baby Beef - Friction Burn     Indie, Pop, Experimental 13/09/2019
In 2018 Baby Beef finally realized something that had been true all along; they always were a band, now all they needed to do was make some music.
“Friction Burn first and foremost a breakup song. I was dishonest with myself and with a lover because I was unhappy but too scared to admit it. This song celebrates the moment I realised I had to turn things around and I was not afraid to accept my flaws.” – Baby Beef

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Grand Pine - Heart     Indie, Alternative, Folk, Rock 13/09/2019
Defined by tight harmonies that soar throughout the room, Grand Pine create an atmospheric sound filled with beautiful melodies, soft keys and a steady rhythm.
‘Heart’ was written about the fragility of relationships based on mutual emotional dependence, the need for emotional and physical comfort even at the detriment of your health.

Mixed by band member Connor Black-Harry (Greta Ray, Nancie Schipper) and mastered by Adam Dempsey (Angie McMahon, Courtney Barnett), ‘Heart’ has hauntingly beautiful vocals with ambient guitar swells and deeply echoing synth chords.

KYVA - Wide World     Indie, Pop 13/09/2019
KYVA is a brand new solo artist from Sydney, Australia, about to release his debut single.
The track is co-written with Sam Lockwood and Heather Shannon from The Jezebels

Wide world is a song of resistance in the face of cruel oppression. It’s an affirmation for all outsiders and social others, a reminder of the strength of our communities and that we must stand and rise together

Lilia - Mrs Jones     Indie, Pop, Folk 13/09/2019
With his infectious songwriting and rich, Haunting vocals, Lilia is one to look out for.
Mrs Jones is a warm, emotive song that will keep your head gently bobbing along for days to come.

Plotz - Not Alone     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Psych 13/09/2019
Weaving in and out of dreamlike states thier pop sensibilities hold you firmly in place. Plotz take indie bands like the strokes and take them on a synth psych journey.
Driven by dark 80s synths and sparse drums, Not Alone dives into some alt new-wave territory. Reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Joy Division, the song captivates from the opening lines. Then the song soars with the chorus into an incredible club floor singalong worthy of any 80s teen romance or Stranger Things soundtrack! Emotionally thrilling and uplifting.

Rees Lucia - Moving Arms     Indie, Folk, Alternative, Easy Listening 13/09/2019
Multi-instrumentalist songwriter Rees Lucia creates electric folk and poetic indie rock. Her new single, recorded with Ryan Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture), is a tribute to caring about mental health in relationships.
‘Moving Arms’ is a mesmerising tribute to dizzy feelings of euphoria and paranoia, exploring highs and lows in relationships, and reminds us that even the most strong-willed people in our lives struggle with mental health. Rees wrote all guitar, synth, vocal parts, the bassline riff, and worked with her drummer, bass, sax players to actualise the sounds she was hearing.

Sugar Jacket - Big Planet     Indie, Alternative, Psych 13/09/2019
Sugar Jacket hails from the border town of Albury, NSW where he grew up writing songs from a young age. Now living in Melbourne, Sugar Jacket delivers spacey synth-psych pop.
'Big Planet' was recorded at Sunset Pig Records in Collingwood. Chris Wright from Sunset Pig produced and mixed the track.

Other tracks by Sugar Jacket:  Sour
TASHI - Nothing On You     Indie, Pop, Roots, Rock 13/09/2019
Fremantle solo artist, TASHI is a multi-instrumentalist force to be reckoned with, personally playing and layering an abundance of instruments on her charismatic new track, Nothing On You.
Fremantle solo artist, TASHI is a multi-instrumentalist force to be reckoned with, personally playing and layering an abundance of instruments on her charismatic new track, Nothing On You. 

The Liquid Love People - The First Thing     Indie, Pop, Rock, Psych 13/09/2019
The Liquid Love People aspire to uplift their audiences with high vibing tunes and a healthy dose of outrageous shenanigans, for those who may be afflicted by the seriousness.
The First Thing is a super catchy anthem telling the all-too familiar story of someone who is rediscovering their self expression, after being put down. It is an invitation to create and express! and to recognise the profound value that this brings to the experience of being human.

Unknown Land - Cathedral     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 13/09/2019
Unknown Land a is pure Sci-Fi artistic collaboration between Lucia Fenix (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia), two musicians on opposite sides of the earth, making music through satellites.
Cathedral is a dark synth epic, a space opera in a few minutes. Hints of nostalgic post punk, goth, but modern and original all at once.

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Other tracks by Unknown Land:  Fireflies  -  Tau
Wilderglow - Outside     Indie, Pop, Rock, Alternative 13/09/2019
Active since 2015, Wilderglow are a Melbourne-based 5 piece making a name for themselves with their catchy, guitar-driven, synth-drenched indie rock sound.
Outside is a frantic up-tempo indie pop tune tinged with an angst that hints at some of Wilderglow's punk influences. With somewhat opaque lyrics, the song deals with frustration around feeling stagnant in one's choice of company, and the insecurity that comes with trying to please everyone whilst bettering oneself.

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Air Land Sea - How We Gonna Get There     Indie, Roots, Pop, Easy Listening 12/09/2019
Acclaimed friends and musicians Lior, Nadav Kahn and Tony Buchen unveil their new project ‘Air Land Sea’, a triumphant and joyous celebration of harmony that signposts their upcoming self-titled album.
How We Gonna Get There is from Air Land Sea's debut, self-titled album.

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Ali Barter - January     Indie 12/09/2019
Australian indie-pop singer and sugar-dusted shredder Ali Barter returns in 2019 with her second album, 'Hello, I'm Doing My Best' following up her acclaimed debut record 'A Suitable Girl'
'January' is Ali Barter's ode to New Years resolutions and depicts the well intentioned, yet largely unsuccessful attempts we all make at change come January 1st. Indeed, some things never change, including Barter’s vocal elasticity; evidenced as she sends her breathtaking falsetto to dizzying heights and reels it back in with razor sharp precision.

Cloning - Melanin and Melatonin     Indie, Rock, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/09/2019
Perth band Cloning combine elements of rock, pop, shoegaze, trip hop. Featuring Felix Parker (vocals/guitar), Nic Rollo (synth/bass guitar), Jack Brett (drums) and Bevan Green (guitar).
Recorded in Blackbird Studios with Dave Parkin (who also engineered the EP), the band had most of the songs written and arranged prior to heading into the studio. Due to their great chemistry with Parkin, he helped shape the sounds and ideas into fully realised recordings while still keeping to their overall vision for the EP.

Other tracks by Cloning:  Something You Never had  -  Nights Likening
Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton - Love For Myself     Indie, Alternative, Folk 12/09/2019
A collaborative project from Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party) and Emma Russack. The pair are preparing to release their third album, ‘Take The Reigns’, on October 18 via Spunk Records.
"Love For Myself” is the lead single from Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton’s new collaborative album ‘Take The Reigns’. Sung by Emma, the track is a self-love anthem in the form of a melodic indie-pop song.

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Hazel Mei - It Is(n't) Real     Indie 12/09/2019
Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music, creating her own sound filled with poetic lyrics, moody tones and a jazzy twist.
Beautifully eclectic, cozy, and quaint, 'It Is(n't) Real' eases listeners into an introspective depiction of  Hazel's inner struggles. Contrasting the soothing, jazz-tinted underlay, Hazel harnesses a raw expression of vulnerability, lamenting on freeing her mind from the insecurity which affects her ability to admire the beauty of her surroundings.

Mode Atlanta - Don't Bother Me     Indie, Pop, Rock 12/09/2019
Mode Atlanta are a three-piece indie pop and rock act hailing from sunny Brisbane Queensland. They inventively and effectively blend concise, 60's- style melodies with a 90's-style instrumental approach.
Launching at Brisbane's The Yamaha gig night later this month, 'Don't Bother Me' features an assortment of Mode Atlanta's signature catchy guitar riffs and lively harmonies. Driven by an upbeat backbeat and accented with a healthy hint of 90s nostalgia, the energy of this indie bop is undeniable. Short, sweet, and carefree, 'Don't Bother Me' is a positive spin on the underlying theme of voluntary isolation from general troubles.

Various Artists - Halfway - Square Ruled Pages     Indie, Pop, Roots, Rock 12/09/2019
Shake Yer Popboomerang 3 is a 37 track Australian artist compilation that documents and celebrate the Australian music scene. The bulk of the songs featured are exclusive or rare recordings.
Written with a view to holding a bit of a mirror up to songs of our album Any Old Love, and tells a similar story to the songs of that album, albeit through slightly different eyes. Like seeing the reflection of something in water, the song lives in the same world but musically and lyrically is a little bit inverted.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos - Horatio Hornblower  -  The Killjoys - I Want to Tell You Something
Various Artists - Lucinda Shannon - Long Adolescence     Indie, Folk, Alternative, Punk 12/09/2019
‘Not Just A Pub’, a digital only compilation of unreleased and rare songs, demos and live recordings from Tasmanian & mainland artists
Languid solo folk indie track with female vocals

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Filthy Little Star - Bed Of Nails  -  The Native Cats - Wordless Drive