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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: International Women's Day 2018 Playlist

International Women's Day 2018 Playlist


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Banks Of The Beautiful - Joy (Radio Edit)     Pop, Electronic 08/03/2018
Banks Of The Beautiful deliver driving beats and soaring synths over bouncing electronica that could lift even the heaviest of hearts with their moving melodies, lyrics and strong pop sensibility.
An ode to the big things in life that can simultaneously make and break you, Joy delivers driving beats and soaring synths over bouncing electronica that could lift even the heaviest of hearts with its moving melodies, lyrics and strong pop sensibility.

Bloods - Feelings     Rock, Grunge, Pop 23/02/2018
Since their inception, Sydney/Melbourne band Bloods – MC (lead vocals/guitarist), Sweetie (bass/vocals), Dirk (drums) and Mike (guitar/vocals) – have crafted high-energy punk rock to dance to.
Reminiscent of the energetic pop of The Go Go’s, ‘Feelings’ is about the complexities of new love when you’re trying to move on from a previous heartbreak and in that, not trying to rely on the new person to make you happy.

Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless     Rock 23/02/2018
Courtney Barnett shares her scathing lead single 'Nameless, Faceless' to her newly announced second studio album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, out Friday 18th May via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
First single 'Nameless, Faceless' is an infectious punk rock anthem simmering with indignation and sarcasm as it examines the phenomenon of anonymous internet trolls. Through song, Barnett is using the medium she knows best to return fire.

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Holiday Party - Dream State     Pop, Psychedelic 23/02/2018
Drawing influence from artists like The Avalanches, Beach House and JDilla, Holiday Party builds songs with homemade samples, creating junkyard pop music.
Describing it as a “lush, junkyard pop anthem”, HOLIDAY PARTY have given us a song that feels like something too utopian and too paradisal to be conjured in this world... ditch monotony and enter a hyper-colour wonderland. - Purple sneakers

Abbie Cardwell - Bad Hair Day     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Pop, Rockabilly 23/02/2018
The roots of her influences blend to form Abbie's signature style. Marrying resplendent vocals with guitar, banjo, ukulele, harp and electric guitar, Cardwell is a versatile chameleon that captivates.
This groove is reminiscent of 80's-does-50's pop with a hook that lingers!

A laid-back story of a bad-luck girl turning her day around.

"Bad Hair Days, they'll try to bring you down/They lead to broken hearts, busted cars/ So cut, comb & wash 'em out"

Totally Mild - From One Another     Pop 21/02/2018
Much loved Melbourne lush guitar pop band Totally Mild release their second album Her in February 2018.
From One Another, the third single from Totally Mild's new album Her, is a luminous pop gem. Despite the gorgeous, buoyant pop setting, singer Elizabeth Mitchell says "From One Another is about the toxic energy of a relationship that has outstayed its welcome."

Alexandra Gunn - Follow Through     Country, Pop 16/02/2018
Country-pop artist Alexandra Gunn, was born and raised on Southside of Brisbane, Queensland. The self-described girl from the suburbs who rides horses in her imagination writes all her own material.
'Follow Through' is all about action rather than words. Alexandra says, “This is my unconventional love song. Not the butterflies and rainbows type but love all the same. It's a bit of a last-ditch effort, get it together or I'll give you the boot”.

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Set Mo - Nightmares ft. Scott Quin     Electronic, Pop 16/02/2018
Sydney-based production duo Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner)
Written in London's acclaimed Tileyard studios "Nightmares" sees the duo venturing into tougher, darker territory, the grittier breakbeat indicating their subliminal influences from yesteryear.

Indigenoise - Euphoria     Hip Hop, Indigenous, Electronic 15/02/2018
The newest signing for Hydrofunk Records, INDIGENOISE are an Indigenous Australian Hip Hop act. Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a clique of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners.
'Euphoria' is the follow up to the band's debut single 'Wildfire'. INDIGENOISE vocalist Roslyn Barnett describes 'Euphoria' as a song that has "passionate outbursts of ecstatic eruption, and is a call to the band's ancestry, a reconnection to themselves, tantric and tasteful."

Kristy Cox - Sweet English Rose     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/02/2018
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
Sweet English Rose is the second official single from Kristy's Billboard #1 Bluegrass album, Ricochet.

The track was co-written with Allan Caswell (On The Inside) and features the creme of Bluegrass music under the helm of producer, Jerry Salley.

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Mallrat - UFO     Pop, Hip Hop 15/02/2018
2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Mallrat, with the release of her new single ‘UFO,’ featuring her friend and hip-hop star in his own right, Allday.
In stark contrast to the shimmering, acoustic guitar driven sheen of ‘Better,’ ‘UFO’ falls into darker, more brooding territory. Its dense production and layers of hypnotic melodies highlighting her vast development as a composer and producer since the release of her debut EP, Uninvited, back in 2016.

Mia Dyson - Fool     Rock, Blues, Roots 15/02/2018
Award-winning singer-songwriter Mia Dyson is thrilled to announce her new album If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back, out March 9.
Produced by Alabama Shakes keyboardist Ben Tanner and Dyson’s longtime drummer Erin “Syd” Sidney, If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back adds a stylistic unpredictability to her soulful, introspective strain of rock music.

Rackett - Alive     Rock, Pop, Punk 15/02/2018
RACKETT make loud and experimental punk-pop. In one year, the band have moved from virtual anonymity to playing in major theatres and festivals throughout Australia.
Alive is a truly existential track tackling themes of material mortality and the infinitely evolving attention of popular culture!

"Alive celebrates the life and death cycle of an adopted trend and empowers you to re-decide your identity and to let go of the past," said vocalist and guitarist Rebecca Callander.

Suss C*nts - Temper     Rock 08/02/2018
Suss C*nts are Tahlia, Nina, and Helena.The dynamic three-piece was born in 2015 following banter about whether or not starting a band called Suss C*nts would be a good idea.
Suss C*nts, and with their single "Temper", cover themes of disappointment, illness, friendship and bad tastes in your mouth,

Charlotte Roberts - Dr​. ​Lalalulu     Reggae/Dub, Experimental, Roots, Hip Hop 01/02/2018
An ever evolving creatrix, sound weaver, musician and explorer of the spirit of play, Charlotte Roberts has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.
Written by Charlotte's friend/uber-ego - a voice weaving Doctor of Musical Medicine - 'Dr. Lalalulu' explores how we might express our aliveness through voice, traverse the thresholds between music and life and wield the alchemical power of music for personal and social transformation.

The CrashCats - Existential Blues     Funk/Soul, Soul, Retro 01/02/2018
Hailing from Brisbane’s fertile West End, The CrashCats’ sound is a collision of Soul, Doo Wop and Beatnik Noir coated with a film of Psych drenched Swamp slime. Yum.
Existential Blues is the lonesome feeling at 1am, listening to a freight train rumble through your sleeping town, writing to your muse to come back and keep you company - but all you have is a box of 33's and some bittersweet memories.

Other tracks by The CrashCats:  Seven Days  -  Abrakazam
Jess Holland - Australian Dreamer     Country, Folk, Blues, Roots 01/02/2018
It has been a four-year process for singer-songwriter Jess Holland to bring her third long-player – Miss Demeanour – to the world.
This track is about the hard-working Australian culture, how we are all working for a better future. This song ended up being harder hitting once we worked out the drums for it. I wrote the song with the syncopated rhythm and in the studio, that rockier vibe came out.

Black Rock Band - Bininj Kunborrk     Rock, Australian Indigenous 31/01/2018
Black Rock Band, rising rockstars of Jabiru are keen to prove their hometown can produce a unique rock fusion of traditional & contemporary music that can make a splash nationwide.
Bininj Kunborrk is a celebration of culture, connection to country, the fight for social justice and the future Black Rock Band want to create for the next generation of children.

Hurst - Rattle Kids     Rock 31/01/2018
Jumping on stages across Australia since 2014, Hurst have been winning over strangers with their brand of butt shaking, foot stomping rock
Up tempo with crunchy guitars

Thando - Numb     Pop, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop 30/01/2018
In her first collaboration and with one of the fastest-rising Hip Hop acts in Australia, Zimbabwean born Thando has released her brand new single ‘Numb’ ft Remi.
On a personal level Thando explains "I’m addressing being an ‘African Youth’ who has grown up in Australia. Topics concerning ‘belonging’ and ‘race’ have been focused on by mainstream media, (especially as of late) and this had me reflecting on my place in this country and where I truly belong."