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I Oh You

I Oh You

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Violent Soho - Vacation Forever     Rock, Garage 26/11/2019
Violent Soho are back with ‘Vacation Forever’, their anthemic new track and first official single since their critically acclaimed #1 multi-ARIA winning, Gold certified fourth studio album ‘WACO’.
Crashing back into the collective conscious of Australia, ‘Vacation Forever’ is everything you want from Mansfield’s favourite sons. A bold, much-needed dose of every day Australian honesty with lyrics like “There’s a baby boomer across the street and it won’t stop staring at me” and “Cause they all want the good life, but I just want to breathe”.

Violent Soho - No Shade     Rock, Garage 28/09/2016
Violent Soho are: Luke Boerdam (Lead Vocals & Guitar), James Tidswell (Lead Guitar), Luke Henery (Bass Guitar), Michael Richards (Drums)
Carrying the suburban charm Mansfield’s favourite sons have become so well loved for, ‘No Shade’ drawls in to your ears with Boredom’s familiar vocal, the sparseness of the track brings you in before rapping you in a shredding guitar blanket as it smashes in to the chorus.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Hard Rock, Heavy or Punk Album

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: Live Act of the Year, Hard Rock or Metal Live Act of the Year, Live Act of the Year (QLD)

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Australian Live Act

Other tracks by Violent Soho:  So Sentimental  -  Viceroy
Violent Soho - Neighbour Neighbour     Rock, Garage, Grunge 09/11/2012
Violent Soho is a four piece rock band hailing from Mansfield, Queensland. Their single “Jesus Stole My Girlfriend” impressively peaked at #21 on the Billboard Alternative charts.
Mansfield's finest, Violent Soho, present the second single Neighbour Neighbour from their recently released double A-side. The track reeks of a QLD summer, featuring Luke Boerdam’s recognisable vocals, swirling guitars and the thought out pop structures which the band have become so well-loved for. Welcome to summer, Mansfield style!

Other tracks by Violent Soho:  Tinderbox
Violent Soho - Lying On The Floor     Rock, Alternative 18/02/2020
Violent Soho slunk back onto the airwaves in November with their first taste of new music ‘A-OK’and ‘Vacation Forever’. Their fifth album 'Everything Is A-OK' is out Friday 3 April.
‘Lying On The Floor’ is an energetic track packed with slacker attitude and the raw energy that Violent Soho are famous for. Opening line, ‘I don’t want to be a photograph / They’re like handing out brochures that a rapture is close’ burns into your brain like only a Luke Boerdam lyric can.

Violent Soho - Like Soda     Rock, Garage 13/10/2015
Mansfield’s (4122 represent) favourite sons Violent Soho return with highly anticipated new material.
‘Like Soda’ opens with little fanfare, simply Luke Boerdam and his guitar. As the song builds, the rest of Violent Soho aren’t far behind and come steamrolling in at the one minute mark as the track explodes into all out chaos and fury.

Violent Soho - Fur Eyes     Rock 10/06/2014
Violent Soho is four school friends hailing from Mansfield (Qld), reviving the fuzzed-out rock of the early ‘90s. They released their third LP ‘Hungry Ghost’ in 2013.
Violent Soho is four school friends hailing from Mansfield (Qld), reviving the fuzzed-out rock of the early ‘90s. They released their third LP ‘Hungry Ghost’ in 2013.

Other tracks by Violent Soho:  Covered In Chrome  -  In The Aisle
Snakadaktal - Dance Bear     Pop 08/06/2012
Snakadaktal's music is built out of raw talent and memories they are too young to have, a distillation of all your favourite records, with a little something else.
Coming in at just under 4 minutes, Dance Bear showcases Sean and Phoebe’s delicate vocals in the verses while proving the power they can pack in the choruses and the fantastic musicianship of Barna, Joseph and Jarrah which far extends beyond the collars of their school uniforms.

Snakadaktal - Air     Pop, Atmospheric, Ambience 22/11/2011
Five fresh faced teenagers from Melbourne's Rudolf Steiner High School and former Triple J Unearthed High winners writing intricate indie pop tunes.
The song is about young love and it’s naïve ways. It is not a personal song, rather an observation. It was a simple tune that evolved quickly with the interaction of everybody’s involvement. Sean wrote the lyrics.

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Other tracks by Snakadaktal:  Boy
Mossy - Ginsberg     Pop, Electronic 21/04/2016
Introducing you to the newest member of the I Oh You family, Sydney’s very own Mossy
Inspired by his two favorite Allen Ginsberg poems ‘An Eastern Ballad' & ‘Cosmopolitan Greetings’, ‘Ginsberg’ see’s Mossy move into a wistful down tempo psychedelic groove, provoking images of a New York winter.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Other tracks by Mossy:  Electric Chair
Mossy - Dumb Terror     Pop, Rock, Electronic 15/02/2017
Sydney based, Jamie Timony aka Mossy, has been a songwriter since 16, has acted in acclaimed stage plays, expresses himself through visual art and is an incredible musical artist.
"For me, the song is about the never-ending conveyer belt of useless politicians and backwards world 'leaders' and our tendency to turn against each other instead of those with whom the power lies... I'm left leaning, can ya tell?” - Mossy

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Montgomery - Piñata     Pop, Ambience 01/10/2014
Newest member of the I OH YOU label family, a young artist from the Gold Coast in Queensland.
A harmony filled, emotive track with subtle synth sounds with a slow driving beat. The track references the failed relationships the artist has witnessed crumble around her as a young adult with a great innocence and melancholy.

Jack River - Talk Like That     Pop, Electronic 13/07/2016
Jack River is the alias of Holly Rankin who hails from Forster on the NSW Mid North Coast.
‘Talk Like That’ was produced by Holly Rankin and Xavier Dunn. It was written the night before it was recorded in Dunn’s Sydney studio.

Jack River - Palo Alto     Pop, Rock 07/10/2016
Jack River, aka Holly Rankin, is not only a fully-realised songwriting talent, but an architect of singular design.
“Palo Alto” veers from indie-rock pomp to a cascading pop chorus which draws on Rankin’s life experience – from Forster, to Sydney, to frequent music-seeking trips overseas. It announces Jack River as an artist not beholden to any one genre.

Jack River - Later Flight     Pop, Rock 09/10/2019
‘Later Flight’ is the dramatic return of alt pop powerhouse, Jack River. The track marks the first new music from River since the reissue of her debut LP Sugar Mountain.
Where Sugar Mountain saw Jack River reflect on a fantasy youth she never lived, ‘Later Flight’ sees her shift focus to the present and revel in the everyday moments that are missed by an absent mind. "For so long my songs have revolved around the past and future, this marks a new chapter from the present and the heart.”

Jack River - Fool's Gold     Pop, Rock 27/06/2017
Jack River, aka Holly Rankin, is not only a fully-realised songwriting talent, but an architect of singular design.
Written in NY, produced by River and Xavier Dunn in Sydney & mixed by Spike Stent in LA, the track marks a significant shift in sound as she creates debut album - she plans to craft from the strings of her guitar layered with a cosmic level of production.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (NSW Awards) - Holly Rankin, Live Bassist of the Year (National Awards) - Gus Gardiner, Live Drummer of the Year (National Awards) - Tom Myers

Other tracks by Jack River:  Fault Line
Jack River - Dark Star     Pop, Alternative 23/01/2020
Jack River delivers ‘Dark Star’, a cutting single about the murky depths of infatuation that is lifted off her Stranger Heart EP which is out Friday 14 February.
On ‘Dark Star’, River taps into long-past feelings and sings of the dark obsession underlying young love. When Rankin was 21 years old, she says she dreamed the bridge into being: "a racy, guitar-y, sentimental song that made you feel like you're driving past your ex's house".

Jack River - Ballroom     Pop, Rock 08/05/2018
Jack River, aka Holly Rankin, is not only a fully-realised songwriting talent, but an architect of singular design.
An electric sense of steadfast determination exists within this track, carrying on that raw beauty that continues to remind us that Jack River is a musical force to be reckoned with in the alt-pop landscape.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist, Best Pop Release

Jack River - Adolescent     Pop, Rock 16/04/2019
Jack River dips her toes into a hazy ‘90s rock essence and emerges with ‘Adolescent’, demanding to be heard through blasting speakers and sung at the top of your lungs.
Born in New York City a couple of years ago, ‘Adolescent’ is a boycott to conventional pop subject matter, questioning youth’s age old obsession with love and lust. Calling out the façade of social media culture's infatuation with aesthetics, this is a song for all the boys and girls chasing something deeper and grittier, something with meaning.

Hayley Mary - The Piss, The Perfume     Rock, Roots, Indie 24/10/2019
‘The Piss, The Perfume’ is the debut single from Melbourne-via-Sydney artist, Hayley Mary.
Written when Hayley was residing/living above an old heritage listed pub in Sydney’s inner west, ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ was designed to turn a page between two eras of Sydney life. Packed with all the optimism and irony that nostalgia can afford, Hayley sings, “I find bitterness through love, and I find, through bitterness, true love.”

Hayley Mary - Like A Woman Should     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
Hayley Mary shares her second single ‘Like A Woman Should’ off her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume - out Friday 17 January.
‘Like A Woman Should’ continues the contradiction of attitudes explored in ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ - which masterfully juxtaposes irony and optimism - this time masking a heartfelt love song behind wistful egalitarian social commentary.