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I Oh You

I Oh You

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DMA'S - Life Is A Game Of Changing (Orbital Remix)     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 21/03/2020
DMA’S latest single ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ features dance music royalty, Orbital. Orbital were central to London’s early rave scene from their humble beginnings in 1989
With ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing (Orbital Remix)’, the seminal English duo have taken the beautifully dark and euphoric track and further elevated it into another stratosphere with the addition of dramatic keyboards and emphatic drum programming.

Green Buzzard - Country Life (Masquerader Version)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 19/02/2020
Green Buzzard has teamed up with Sydney DJ and producer Ash Moses aka Tunnel Signs to release ‘Country Life (Masquerader Version)’ off his forthcoming remix EP Masquerader Versions.
Green Buzzard has teamed up with Tunnel Signs to create a sparkling and heady remix of the album track ‘Country Life’ from Green Buzzard’s 2019 debut album, Amidst The Clutter & Mess. Intertwining vocal samples and found sound with tweaked out 303s, endless feedback and rolling 090 snare fills, they have reached the perfect union between their two musical worlds

Violent Soho - Lying On The Floor     Rock, Alternative 18/02/2020
Violent Soho slunk back onto the airwaves in November with their first taste of new music ‘A-OK’and ‘Vacation Forever’. Their fifth album 'Everything Is A-OK' is out Friday 3 April.
‘Lying On The Floor’ is an energetic track packed with slacker attitude and the raw energy that Violent Soho are famous for. Opening line, ‘I don’t want to be a photograph / They’re like handing out brochures that a rapture is close’ burns into your brain like only a Luke Boerdam lyric can.

Andy Golledge - 1170     Folk, Alternative, Country 30/01/2020
With strong roots in country music, Andy Golledge's song writing is emotive storytelling; employing his tender vocals and trusty acoustic guitar to paint a vivid picture for the listener.
‘1170’ is a driving and sincere track that sees Andy Golledge seamlessly slip into his trademark crushing falsetto and masterfully execute long-perfected harmonies with band mate Caitlin Harnett. Like a whiskey on the rocks to cap off a lazy, late summer’s afternoon, Andy’s vocal delivers a smoky softness that is spirited yet comforting.

Jack River - Dark Star     Pop, Alternative 23/01/2020
Jack River delivers ‘Dark Star’, a cutting single about the murky depths of infatuation that is lifted off her Stranger Heart EP which is out Friday 14 February.
On ‘Dark Star’, River taps into long-past feelings and sings of the dark obsession underlying young love. When Rankin was 21 years old, she says she dreamed the bridge into being: "a racy, guitar-y, sentimental song that made you feel like you're driving past your ex's house".

Hayley Mary - Like A Woman Should     Alternative, Rock 17/01/2020
Hayley Mary shares her second single ‘Like A Woman Should’ off her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume - out Friday 17 January.
‘Like A Woman Should’ continues the contradiction of attitudes explored in ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ - which masterfully juxtaposes irony and optimism - this time masking a heartfelt love song behind wistful egalitarian social commentary.

Andy Golledge - When Your Mind's Away     Folk, Alternative, Country 17/12/2019
Andy Golledge shares ‘When Your Mind’s Away’, the follow up to his debut single ‘Run To The River’, both of which will appear on his forthcoming EP Namoi.
‘When Your Mind’s Away’ is a raw and emotive ballad that depicts the inner monologue that plays when you realise the person you’re with is more into it than you are. “It’s about wanting to connect with someone emotionally but being unable to because you can’t love yourself,” Andy explains.

Violent Soho - Vacation Forever     Rock, Garage 26/11/2019
Violent Soho are back with ‘Vacation Forever’, their anthemic new track and first official single since their critically acclaimed #1 multi-ARIA winning, Gold certified fourth studio album ‘WACO’.
Crashing back into the collective conscious of Australia, ‘Vacation Forever’ is everything you want from Mansfield’s favourite sons. A bold, much-needed dose of every day Australian honesty with lyrics like “There’s a baby boomer across the street and it won’t stop staring at me” and “Cause they all want the good life, but I just want to breathe”.

Green Buzzard - Clutter & Mess     Pop, Indie 13/11/2019
Green Buzzard unveils ‘Clutter & Mess’, the fourth and final single to drop from his forthcoming debut album Amidst The Clutter & Mess.
‘Clutter & Mess’ is a track about marinating in your blues, as Paddy sings about depression and the physical and mental chaos that surrounds it: ‘the waves are crashing on my head / no I don’t wanna know ya / I never wanna leave my bed / Amidst the clutter and the mess’.

Andy Golledge - Run To The River     Folk, Alternative 06/11/2019
Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul. He sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen and a vulnerability all his own.
Andy’s spectacular debut single ‘Run To The River’ was written for his twin brother Nick.

"My brother and I love to fish when we’re together. When I go back home to Tamworth where my brother lives and where we grew up, we spend most of our time by a river – usually the Namoi or Peel."

DMA'S - Silver     Rock, Pop 30/10/2019
Following a period of non-stop touring abroad, DMA’S have today unveiled a brand new single ‘Silver’, an anthemic love song, accompanied by a captivating video.
‘Silver’ is DMA'S first new release since their three-time ARIA nominated, critically acclaimed sophomore album For Now was presented to the world in April 2018. Produced by Scott Horscroft and mixed by Stuart Price, ‘Silver’ is a polished and lustrous track that dawns a new era for DMA’S as they step centre stage on the global arena.

Hayley Mary - The Piss, The Perfume     Rock, Roots, Indie 24/10/2019
‘The Piss, The Perfume’ is the debut single from Melbourne-via-Sydney artist, Hayley Mary.
Written when Hayley was residing/living above an old heritage listed pub in Sydney’s inner west, ‘The Piss, The Perfume’ was designed to turn a page between two eras of Sydney life. Packed with all the optimism and irony that nostalgia can afford, Hayley sings, “I find bitterness through love, and I find, through bitterness, true love.”

Jack River - Later Flight     Pop, Rock 09/10/2019
‘Later Flight’ is the dramatic return of alt pop powerhouse, Jack River. The track marks the first new music from River since the reissue of her debut LP Sugar Mountain.
Where Sugar Mountain saw Jack River reflect on a fantasy youth she never lived, ‘Later Flight’ sees her shift focus to the present and revel in the everyday moments that are missed by an absent mind. "For so long my songs have revolved around the past and future, this marks a new chapter from the present and the heart.”

Green Buzzard - To Be Like You     Pop, Indie 24/09/2019
Green Buzzard (AKA Paddy Harrowsmith) serves up ‘To Be Like You’, the second offering from his debut album Amidst The Clutter & Mess.
‘To Be Like You’ continues the post breakup narrative (and list of things that Paddy doesn’t want to be) as he croons ‘I never wanted to be like you’ over layers of fuzzy guitars and popping percussion. “To Be Like You and much of the album is introspective lyrically. It’s a break up song essentially."

Brightness - Feathers     Alternative, Indie 17/09/2019
Brightness' (AKA Alex Knight) self-titled sophomore album is out Friday, October 25th and is the much anticipated follow up to his 2017 debut album Teething.
‘Feathers’ recalls the bewilderment of being a child and watching his mother struggle amidst the collapse of her marriage. Guided throughout by delicate piano, he paints an image of a woman who despite being at the very edge of her wits is able to endure in being a protective wing to those who vitally need it.

DZ Deathrays - Still No Change     Rock, Punk 17/09/2019
Australia’s favourite thrash-party hoons DZ Deathrays are getting back into what they do best since wrapping their 10-year-anniversary tour: serving up head banging, party anthems.
‘Still No Change’ packs a punch of raw punk insouciance. Alongside singer Shane Parsons’ documentation of feeling directionless, “it always feels like the time is wrong, all in all I guess it’s just a little unresolved,” the track is sprinkled with hopeful moments in the form of an underlying pop melody that leaves you humming and tapping along.

Brightness - Year Of The Goat     Indie, Alternative 27/08/2019
Newcastle-based singer-songwriter, Brightness (aka Alex Knight), has unveiled a second taste from his forthcoming, self-titled second album that will be released to the world on Friday 25 October.
On ‘Year Of The Goat’ Knight see-saws between the apocalyptic and the mundane in what he’s summarized as “a song about rebirth.” In the chorus, he chimes ”Asphalt heaving…Heavens are leaking,” while later, blankly describes being “parked outside of Arby’s” while “something by Rihanna is playing”.

Brightness - Dallas     Pop, Rock 23/07/2019
“Wilted on a Murphy bed with 3:10 glowing Kubrick-red and Robert Tilton on TV”, so goes the stark opening line to ‘Dallas’, the heady new single from Newcastle singer-songwriter Brightness.
‘Dallas’ is - by Brightness' description - “a song about being spiritually hungry…the volatility and fragility of being in that state.” Its slanting melody, baritone guitars and erratic squalls dunk you in this cloudy space for the bulk of its duration, then slowly lifts you out in its final phrases to the sound of rapturous falsetto and luminous French horn.

City Calm Down - Flight     Pop 16/07/2019
City Calm Down share the third song 'Flight', off their forthcoming third studio album Television – released Friday 23 August via I OH YOU.
‘Flight’ is the third single to come from City Calm Down's forthcoming third studio album Television, produced by Burke Reid

DZ Deathrays - Year of the Dog     Rock 16/07/2019
Teaming up with The Bronx front man Matt Caughthran ‘Year Of The Dog’ is a pedal to the floor thrash-party banger.
Teaming up with The Bronx front man Matt Caughthran ‘Year Of The Dog’ is a pedal to the floor thrash-party banger.

Adding his distinctive scream to the track, “Matt from The Bronx, one of our all-time favourite bands, drove an hour from his house, came into the vocal booth and nailed his part on, like, the first go,” laughs Shane.