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Human Records

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Mickey - Clever Clones     Pop, Rock 02/05/2017
Mickey is a Brisbane based pop rock musician with a blend of charming catchy pop vocals, wild acoustic guitars and eccentric interweaving harmonies along with vibrant strings & brass.
Every person is a blend of many unique pieces that together make up one individual. Clever Clones is about these pieces. Essentially what makes us up are a series of clones of ourselves, each slightly different where it counts, but largely the same.

Charlie Rebel - The River     Metal/Punk, Rockabilly, Rock 20/06/2017
Charlie Rebel are a highly energetic band of 3 brothers, putting the punk-rock back into Aussie punk, destroying minds and leaving waste to all in their wake.
'The River' is the 1st single from the new EP Stare at the Sun. Immigration is an issue on the minds of Australians and in order to help the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters detained on Nauru. This song is a love story of two immigrants separated by politics.

Other tracks by Charlie Rebel:  Stare at the Sun  -  Nuclear Holiday
Mickey - Seethe     Pop, Rock, Funk 06/12/2017
Mickey is a Brisbane based pop rock musician with a blend of charming catchy pop vocals, wild acoustic guitars and eccentric interweaving harmonies along with vibrant strings & brass.
SEETHE is the second single release for Brisbane Indie Rocker Mickey featuring a bunch of guitars, a bunch of energy and as always, a sprinkling of drama.

Being Jane Lane - Next Step     Metal/Punk, Punk, Gay Alligned 24/09/2018
Being Jane Lane is a 5 piece all female punk band from Brisbane.
Being Jane Lane are taking the next step with the first single from their debut album ‘Next Step’ hitting the airwaves on Sept 28th. The song is all about knowing when it’s time to take that Next Step in a relationship… yes we’re talking about sex ;)

Being Jane Lane - Less is More     Metal/Punk, Punk 31/01/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all female punk band based in Brisbane. 'Less is More' is the 2nd single from their upcoming debut album 'Savage Sunday'.
The new single ‘Less is More’, a hard, driving punk/metal explosion, that expresses the existential angst of the band's attitude currently, as they charge into 2019 with a string of tours and shows, excited to share the new album with everyone.

Being Jane Lane - Be Okay     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 04/03/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all-female punk band from Brisbane.The 5-piece live power train saw them becoming a finalist in the 2019 QLD Music Awards.
The new single ‘Be Okay’, is a catchy punk rock anthem to inspire and remind that despite everything that is happening in our lives, it will Be Okay. They are charging into 2019 to drop the new single with a string of tour shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Charlie Rebel - You Know     Metal/Punk, Punk 01/04/2019
Punk Rockers Charlie Rebel are back with a brand new album 'The People's Republic of Earth' and their new single 'You Know' is 3mins of punk ska fun.
You Know is the 1st single from the upcoming album 'The People's Republic of Earth'. 3 minutes of Aussie punk ska energy. The new single embraces the bands punk attitude of calling out corruption, abuse of power, government absurdity and tackling life head on.

Charlie Rebel - Chutzo Creature     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 24/04/2019
Fronted by the 2 Torr brothers, Nick (guitar) and Chris (drums), Charlie Rebel have a connection that is clear on stage. Visceral lyrics, accompanied by gritty sweet sibling harmonies.
Chutzo Creature is a song written about our little sister Courtney. She is at all of our shows, supporting, screaming and cheering us on. As a band of brothers we wanted to show our love for Chutzo and there is no better way than through a song.

Other tracks by Charlie Rebel:  Deja Vu  -  Painted Numbers
Banks of the Beautiful - Hello     Pop, Dance, House 29/04/2019
Banks of the Beautiful, in a nutshell, create hyper-lucid and fun electronic pop music that ushers the melodic intricacies of Metric and the joyous pop outlooks of Goldfrapp.
From bubblegum electro to cinematic house, it’s fair to say that this diverse songstress will be keeping us on our toes with her new single Hello. An uplifting dance track perfect for the club or vibing on the weekend.

Being Jane Lane - Savage Sunday     Punk, Indie 23/09/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all-female punk band from Brisbane. Heavy punk power and melodic energy, catchy riffs and vocals that move from majestic anthemic highs through to face tearing.
The new single Savage Sunday blends the ladies unique heavy punk power and melodic energy. Catchy riffs and vocals that move from majestic anthemic highs through to face tearing riffs showcasing the power of the women in this strong 5-piece punk outfit. Savage Sunday is a sexual adventure, blending raw sexual energy with a punky attitude.

Other tracks by Being Jane Lane:  Yeah  -  All The Time
Sook - All That We Create     Pop, Rock, Alternative, Easy Listening 11/02/2020
Self confessed outsiders, Sook is all about creating something unique and meaningful. Expanding the musical landscape with esoteric pop rock in the hopes of igniting others to create something beautiful.
Best described as dreamy esoteric pop, Sook’s first single ‘All That We Create’ will resonate with fans of Smashing Pumpkin’s haunting melodies and Nick Drake’s soulful lyrics.

There is a gentle beauty that shines through the harmonies in Sook’s music making for unforgettable songs with certain timelessness.